Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Prelude to our cross country post

I have been dying to blog about our trip cross country, but I was trying to wait until we got back so I could post all of the pictures along with it (they few that we have taken). So this is the prelude to the real post just to update whats going on.

We did it! We survived 48 hours of travel (counting all the stops we made) with a 6 month old baby! And guess what! It was awesome!!!!!!! Nate was SOOOOO good! He never got into long crying fits because we had Baby Einstein there to play as soon as he started getting bored or fussy! It was a very pretty drive, I'm sure 20,000 prettier in the summer, but still awesome! I really want to go again in the summer time, but Nate will be older and harder to entertain, so who knows if that will ever happen. Maybe we'll end up sending him when he gets older on the plane and driving us....who knows, I don't.

So the states we went through on the way here are as follows:
Utah-New Mexico-Texas-Oklahoma-Arkansas-Tennessee-Mississippi (we drove 15 minutes out of our way just to say we've been there)-Virginia-Maryland-DC-Deleware-New Jersey!

I will be posting as soon as we get back!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The find of the century!!!!

I would have to say that the Baby Einstein videos are among the best inventions ever made. I first heard of them when my niece was a baby. They were a brand new thing then (she's 8 now) and have now become a lot more popular. All of you new moms, if you have not invested in any of them you are truly missing out. I call them my little baby sitters! :D When I want a break from Nate he will sit there with his eyes glued and not make a peep...except the occasional happy squeal.
When Nate was born, our aunt Robin sent a pack of 4 to us and they have been life savers (or shall I say sanity savers!).

...ok so you may be thinking this is the find of the century I was talking it is not. What I have to tell you is even greater than you will ever me at least! :D

I wanted to get Nate some more videos for Christmas, especially since we are driving across the country, I thought more would come in handy. So on "cyber monday" I went searching for deals (cause I am definitely not one to go shopping on black friday and get murdered by crazy shoppers). Well you will never believe what I found!!!!!

I found a box set of 26 Baby Einstein DVDs (which I think might be all or close to all of them), normally they cost $350, but I got them for $50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it? I couldn't! Thats $300 savings! Thats plain insanity. So I went for it just in case it wasn't a scam, but I had my suspicions. I thought, well if they come to me all scratched, maybe 5 of them will work and I'll get my money's worth!

So I was expecting a used, possibly beat up box of DVDs.....but you'll never believe what I saw!!! A brand new, never unwrapped box of DVDs!!!

Well since I have to work tomorrow we opened presents tonight so I opened up the box (with the thought still in my mind that there would be a possibility that they wrapped it back up to make it look like new) and not one of the DVDs are scratched!

Its a Christmas Miracle! :D

Exactly 2 years ago.....

....approximately to the minute in fact, Phil proposed to me! :D

So I will tell the short but sweet story.

Phil was staying over night at my parents house where I had just moved back to from St. George. You see, nearly two months prior to that we broke up and I decided I was done with St. George because Phil was the one and if he wasn't going to be the one anymore there was no reason for me to be there. Well about a week after we broke up (after I had decided for sure I was moving, I told my boss I was moving and gave my month's notice, I knew it was the right thing to do...and it was) we kind of got back together, but unofficially. We didn't officially get back together because I was moving and we knew it wasn't going to last (or so we thought).

Well a week after I moved was Christmas and Phil couldn't go visit his family in Jersey, but his mom went out there anyway so I made Phil come up to spend it with my family so he wouldn't be alone. After much convincing, he finally agreed to.

We were snuggling on the couch after midnight (so it was technically Christmas Eve) and talking about random things. We got on the subject of marriage (he knew I wanted to get married, but he wasn't ready) and I wasn't seriously talking about it because I gave up on the idea and planned on dating other guys.

Well in the middle of it the spirit came over him and he proposed out of the blue. We were both surprised and I didn't think he meant it, but then he stood up and got down on one knee and did it again!

At first I know he was really nervous about it because he did it so unplanned so he didn't want to tell anyone about it. But as time went on I think he realized inside that he knew that he wanted to be with me for eternity and no one else. He was really nervous because his parents were divorced and he didn't want to end up in that same situation. I think it was (like most people getting married) the realization of "once I make this decision and follow through, I have to be in it for the long run cause the only other option is divorce."

But he's said numerous times that marriage is so much better than he could have ever expected and that he wouldn't take it back for a second!

I am really happy that Phil would follow the spirit because I know that the holy ghost is the only one who could have talked him into it! :D I wouldn't want to be with anyone else! Phil has everything that I have ever wanted or asked for in a husband and if he doesn't do EVERYTHING the way I want it now, I know he will eventually learn! Thats why we have all our life to get it right and if he doesn't in this life I know he will in the next! One of the things I love about him the most is that he never thinks he's at the top. He knows he has a lot to learn and grow from!

I love my husband so much! Even though my proposal wasn't huge and planned out, it was just the way it needed to be for us! :D And we got married in a cool place to make up for it anyway :D!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The best sound in the whole world!

This is the first time we've really caught his laugh on video! :D He's so adorable! Don't you just love him? I do! :D

Here are a couple of him smiling so cute too! (this was right before the video!)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Feeling crappy...

I guess one good thing about a blog is getting feelings out that need to be gotten out. I think this will make me feel better.
Its really starting to get to me how much I miss St. George. I don't miss the city itself or the location thereof and don't plan on moving back any time soon, or ever, but we had a really great life there. Most of all I miss my job!!! I really actually like the way things are run here a lot better, but that doesn't replace the people! There are probably close to 150 employees that I work with and I still don't know everyone after 4 months! I don't feel like anyone really knows me. At all!
Ok the thing that is bugging me is that today I accidentally said something to a patient that she took the total wrong way and I didn't see anything wrong with what I said and had no idea I had offended her. I know that if she knew what I was actually saying, she wouldn't have given it a second thought!! Anyway someone told my manager I guess and they went behind my back about it kind of and I felt like they were gossiping about me. It just really bugs me because I work so hard and I try so hard to be a really good aide and I really truly care about my patients! You can do a thousand positive things, but the second you do one negative thing (which I swear if you knew the situation, it wasn't actually negative) then none of those positive things matter. My point is that if they really knew me, they wouldn't have given it a second though either. They probably would have just rolled their eyes and laughed. Things like that make me feel really crappy. This nurse was also talking about how she wanted someone else to work with her in the nursery today, but how that aide was pulled to do something else. That really made me feel even crappier! I don't know why she would say that in front of me! No one in St. George would ever EVER do that to me! They were all like my best friends and knew me really well! I really am good at my job seriously! I really care and I really try and that is what matters! Patients are much more likely to say something bad about their care rather than something good. And I really connect with my patients and thats why I do it, because its them I'm caring for!
I just take things too personally. And I know that about myself. I'm just hard on myself when I get criticism because I want to be the best Krista I can be and I hate it when I do things unknowingly! I feel like I have to start over from the bottom to prove myself to me and others! I also wish that everyone that worked night shift worked days too cause there are a lot more night staff that I really love! And I wish that everyone that I love in St. George would come up here and stay with me! Salt Lake is better anyway :D...except the snow.
I actually do feel a little better because it helped me to realize that it really isn't a big deal, it wasn't anything that I did wrong and it makes me want to gossip about others even less!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I've noticed a trend...

A lot of our pictures have something in common.................
Do you think maybe this is something we REALLY enjoy???? Haha!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Miscellaneous Pictures!

These are all pictures from mine and Phil's phone.
Some of these should have gone along with the previous post, but instead of editing it, I decided to make a new one.

Here is Nate's new hat! His diaper hat!

Here is my little squirt in his exersaucer! Its a little blurry, but doesn't he look adorable??

Here is a less blurry version, but you can't see his legs.

Here he is the first time he ever sat in a high chair at a restaurant! On my birthday!

Playing with the spoon after dinner! He always gags himself a couple times when playing with it though! hahaha

Sitting on the lone and dreary floor all alone. Doesn't he look so cute and tiny?

Hangin' out with mommy. Playin' on the floor!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Nate is six months old today!!

YAY our little squirt is growing up faster than we can keep up with it seems! So for his half birthday I will give a little bit of an update on a few things he has been doing!

First of all CRAWLING! Well...almost crawling! He gets around and thats the important part! He's refined it a little since the last video! Now he gets up on his hands and knees and rocks! (I'm going to post another video we took on Phil's phone soon). Every person that has a baby says that their kid got up on their hands and knees and rocked and crawling came soon there after! So here's our proof! :D This was taken this morning.

He sits up like its nothing now and has for about a week or two. He doesn't even fall back anymore, only occasionally. He doesn't have to hold himself up either!

He loves to eat applesauce, bananas, cereal with apple juice or bananas, and oatmeal with the same, peaches, pears, sweat potatoes, and green beans. I fed him oatmeal with bananas that comes in the box that you mix. I tried mixing it with formula and he wouldn't eat it. I have to add other stuff to it. I guess it wasn't yummy enough.

EVERYTHING goes in his mouth! EVERYTHING! I LOVE it! Its so cute! It just means that he's learning and growing. Of course I give him things that are ok to go in his mouth and make sure things that shouldn't aren't on the floor, cause if they are, they will be destroyed! :D Like in the video above, he tried to eat the remote and we had to put it out of his reach, but he crawled over to it. Thats why we decided to record it! :D

We're teaching him sign language, and have for over a month. Of course he hasn't started signing back yet, I learned in anatomy that they start to read it at six months (I started early just in case) and they start signing it at like 9 months or something...I don't know for sure, we will see and of course I will let you know the second he signs for the first time!

He loves to watch Baby Einstein and play in his exersaucer! Which is so nice because it gives us a couple minutes of free time! Also he'll play on the floor by himself too!

We're also trying to set up a bed time routine so that he doesn't keep having to breast feed to sleep (which I HATE doing because it takes forever!! And then when I try to stop, he wakes up and has to start sucking again rgh!) So Phil plays the guitar for him every night so that he knows its time to sleep and I also put a certain lotion on his face. The past three nights I've put him in his crib with him awake and he's fallen asleep on his own!!! He also flips to his belly now to fall asleep! I think its SOOOOO adorable. Which means that he is very low risk for SIDS now! HOORAY!!!!!

More pictures are coming soon, I just can't upload them on this computer since its a laptop, and our computer that I can upload them is unpredictable, so I have to use my parent's computer. Anyway, I will try to get off my lazy butt to do that soon! haha!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

All about Phil!

Tonight Phil's ex-girlfriend Lori that he dated while he was in Florida at college, invited us over for dinner! We had so much fun and I just think its funny because everyone that I told about this thought it was really weird that we were hanging out with his ex, but it totally wasn't! But I learned some awesome things about Phil that I would like to share with you all!

1) Phil has taken a yoga class! I don't know how she tricked him into going, but he did! And he even remembers the different position names! haha! But apparently he was really pissed that he was there!

2) He once had a pet cockroach! But he claims he was mad at it and put it in prison. She had a picture of it!

3) He also learned to salsa. Again, how the heck did she get him to do these things? I tried once....maybe I need to be more persistent...or come up with better bribes.

4) He has a good taste in women! She has the best personality and was really fun to hang out with, and hey, what can I say? He married me! haha! I feel comfortable saying this because there was no awkwardness, no weird feelings, no jealousy or anything! But its just good to know that if he would pick a girl as nice and sweet as her, he must think I am equally as nice and sweet (I hope!)

5) The best thing of all that I learned is that they helped each other through some hard times. It really made me see how sweet and loving and caring my amazing husband is and how much I love and adore him! There was just something about hearing it from someone who really knows him well and that isn't just his family so they have to love him.

So since I got to know my husband just a little bit more and realize how much I love him, I want to write ten things I love the very most about him!!

1. Music isn't just a thing he does, it is his life and passion. Without it, there would be no Phillip Andrew Eger. It is a part of him and he does such a great job making it beautiful.

2. He loves other people. Sometimes it drives me nuts because I can't vent to him about someone who pisses me off because he always gives them the benefit of the doubt. He really truly cares about others and would do anything for someone else.

3. He has a true testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and he loves it! He doesn't have one of those lame weak ones like mine that is the product of being born into the church. He chose the church and really loves it!

4. He loves being a missionary and talking to other people about the church (because he knows its true). He wants other people to enjoy the happiness that he does.

5. He loves our little guy and is such a cute daddy!

6. He loves me no matter what. No matter how crazy I can get, no matter how many stretch marks I have, or how fat I think I am. He always tells me I'm beautiful and that he loves me.

7. He is SO hilarious! He always always always makes me laugh! He can do so many weird human tricks that always make others laugh (I'm not fascinated by them anymore, so they don't always make me laugh, but its fun to watch other's amazement!).

8. He is the opposite of conceited! He never thinks he's better than anyone, and he is very very humble!

9. He gets along with everyone! I don't think anyone has ever hated him ever, and if they did, it was from something THEY did wrong!

10. He plays the guitar for me and Nate! Its really sweet! I can request any song and he will play it. Plus he looks REALLY sexy when he does!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

My tribute to Cynda Min

Cynda S. Min, born Cynda Lee Sorensen on March 25th, 1986, grew up in the small, humble town of Gunnison, Utah. She was born to two humble folks, a miner and a nurse. She was very learned in their teachings, and they loved her very much. Little did they know that their sweet, innocent little daughter would grow up to be the most amazing woman to ever transpire humanity.
In her adult years she began to expand her studies. One fine, important day, in her profound ways of thinking, decided that she should study elsewhere. Perhaps Snow College wasn't the right institution for her and she needed to find greener pastures. So she moved to the exciting city of St. George (exciting to her since she was from such a small town).
Some call it the holy spirit, some call it the universe, she called it the Holy Ghost. It guided her to her destiny. It guided her to live in Raintree Apartments where her wildest dreams came true. Little did she know she would meet the love of her life. Yes...Krista Morgan, now known as Krista Eger.
It was one day at the student ward, when their love was realized. She must have been inspired by that same "Holy Ghost" that day. The day that she "scriptured" Krista. But their love was beyond a romantic love. No, it was stronger than that. It was the pure love of best friends!
They shared many amazing moments from that time forward. They witnessed each other find their second loves (meaning their husbands). They sang together, they went on drives together, they vented about their problems together. And even though they were destined to live away from each other, they never forgot about the other. They always remained in close contact. Though she could not be there when Krista gave birth to her first child, she texted a picture of herself coaching her through it. Without that text, she could not have pushed that baby out.
Krista was among the first that heard the amazing news. Not the very first, but one of them. Yes the news that she was to give birth to the next prodigy. The next amazing human to transpire humanity. And she knew it would be a boy. She saw it in the stars that it must be so. And she was very pleased to hear the news.
Cynda Min, Cynda Rella, Cinnamon, Sexy Cynda, call her what you must, but it will never change the fact that she is THE Cynda Lee Sorensen Min. The one and only. Yes THE one...and...only!

*end tribute*

:D Thanks for the Happy Birthday Blog Cynda! You're the bestest friend I could ever ask for! :D

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My mom update!

I had to do this in another post because the last time I talked about my mom's health issue, I reviewed another Paulo Coelho book, I didn't want to put them together again! They deserve their own blogging respect! :D

Ok so, my mom is doing awesome! She is such a fighter! You wouldn't even know she was sick half of the time because she gets up and does her usual thing. My sister, dad, and I (and even a little Phil) had to decorate for her so she wouldn't over-do herself and try to do it all!

So she got to come home from the hospital a day earlier than most patients! I guess she only pushed 18ml out of the pain pump and another patient that had the surgery the day after pushed 76ml! Thats my mom for ya! She's so tough!

She had her follow-up appointment today and the doctor told her that if she would have waited another hour, her bowel would have ruptured and she would have died! So you can't tell me that her ambulance ride was not inspired! If she would have gone by car, she wouldn't have been treated as fast! I guess when they did the CT scan my dad said they started to act differently because they knew it was serious and they got her into surgery right away! The doctor said (this is gross...) her bowel was black! So thank you Heavenly Father for guiding the events so that my mother could live and walk away from that like it was nothing (well sort of!). I know that death isn't scary and that life on the other side is probably a billion times better than here, but I still have plenty of years left here and I don't want to live them without my mom! I still have so much to learn from her and this has really made me appreciate how much she does for me and teaches me!

Yay for my mommy!!! :D

PS...its almost my birthday! Haha! I can never be the type of person that doesn't tell others when its their birthday because I am just plain crazy! And think that my birthday is the best day of the year and I really just want to celebrate it with everyone! I love other people's birthdays too!!!! I just love to celebrate people's existence!!!!!!!

The Alchemist!

Paulo Coelho is the best. Thats all there is to it. I NEVER EVER read, but one sunday Nate and Phil were sleeping and our TV is broken, so I picked up Veronica Decides to Die cause I had nothing better to do...and I have read two of his books in a little over two weeks. SO unlike me! I took the Alchemist to work today and read 100 pages! Its nothing short of amazing and it has so many lessons in it! Its a fantasy type book, but in a more realistic way. The things in it seem really out there, but the way he writes it really makes you think that maybe the things we think aren't possible really are and that God will do whatever you ask of him as long as you really have faith (that was my interpretation. I think whatever your beliefs or lifestyle is, you can apply it and learn amazing things!). I can't wait to read another one of his books!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Veronika Decides to Die....and luckily my mom didn't.

Well last night was a crazy one! Nate (being the stinker night owl that he is) woke me up at 2:30 last night. So I checked my phone to see what time it was and I had the craziest text message on my phone! It was from my dad and it said that my mom took an ambulance to the hospital due to severe abdominal pain. They thought it was stones at first. Apparently the pain started and got really bad within an hour(around 11:30)and so they decided to go to the ER, but my mom couldn't make it to the car and laid down on the garage floor (which is a surefire sign that it was definitely worse than normal). So they opted to calling an ambulance. She wanted to go to Jordan Valley because it was the closest (which is another surefire sign it must have been excruciating! I think I'd have to be on my death bed before I would go there!!). Well, come to find out, some of her small intestine had adhered to some scar tissue (most likely due to her hysterectomy that she had last year around this time) and twisted. They called it a bowel infarction which, judging by the name, I can only assume that the blood supply was cut off and some of the tissue had died. Anyhow, she is in the hospital right now and will be for 4 to 5 days. And considering she just had major bowel surgery, she won't be eating Thanksgiving dinner with us :(. We can't even take it to the hospital! It just sucks because she sacrifices so much for us and now she can't even be there to be a part of it! The other scary thing is that I guess she is at a high risk of infection and someone my sister knows died of an infection after this same successful surgery. So my sister is even more worried. Of course me, I'm always in denial and think life is going to be perfect, so I assume she'll be just fine, but when I think about her not making it, I get way too sick to my stomach so I prefer not to! Please keep her in your hearts and prayers!

On a more positive and completely different note, I just finished my new favorite book! I know I should be reading the Twilight series since that's what everyone else is reading and apparently it is SO GOOD, but sometimes I have a hard time doing the same thing that EVERYONE else is doing. I never read Harry Potter... But sometimes I do feel a little left out when people talk about it.
Anyway the book is Veronica Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho. It's intriguing, poetic, and really makes you think about how you view the way you live your life! It really kept me reading the whole time! Its a semi true, or perhaps all the way true (not sure) story about a girl that is 24 and doesn't want to live out the same routine her whole life.
Phil says she likes the routine she's living and doesn't want to get sick of it, but I got the impression that she was sick of her routine and didn't want to live it anymore. She is very cynical about life in general and about the way people live and she chooses to not be a part of it anymore and takes four packs of sleeping pills. Instead of dying she wakes up in a mental hospital because she was rescued (I never figured out by who) and finds out that the sleeping pills did irreversible damage to her heart and she only has five days to live.
I won't give away the book, but I just have to talk about one thing. They bring up the most AMAZING point!! Most of the people in this mental hospital don't want to leave it because they can completely be themselves and act on their greatest inhibitions because they have the excuse that "they're crazy" and no one judges them! It really makes you think about the things you hold back doing or saying because you worry about the invisible limits that society puts on you! Its amazing! Someone please read it so we can discuss it. I finished it before Phil and its driving me crazy cause I want to talk about it to him!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hooray for the Christmas season!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

In case you were wondering, the two little girls are my neices Jordyn and Jaci (my sister's girls!)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Look at him go!

This is a new development! Just last night did he start doing this! :D Full blown crawling is just around the corner (I don't know if I should be happy or sad...). Hopefully it will lessen his boredom, being able to get around!

Also, he is starting to sit up! He doesn't do it for very long without falling backwards or to the side (hence the pillow in the background), but he really gets better every single day! So I got some pictures! :D Sorry for the red-eye, our camera really sucks when it comes to that!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


If any of you have ever had a photo shoot with a baby, you know that they don't hold a smiley face for the picture. I was just going through the pictures again today and noticed that some of the faces that we captured were hilarious! So I thought I'd post them for your entertainment! Enjoy! (P.S. Phil came up with most of the captions)
"Do you think THAT'S gonna get me to smile?"
"Is that a hot pocket? Mmmm yes I believe it is"
No caption necessary
"Ugh Dad! You shoulder smells like an elephant's toenail!"
The face of giddy satisfaction knowing one has urinated on his father.
The N in Nate stands for Narcolepsy.
Practicing for prom night.

Monday, November 17, 2008

As Promised!

Here are some pictures of Nate and Phil together! Nate DEFINITELY has Phil's head shape, eyes and feet!!! :D He looks SO much like Phil its adorable! My only point to the previous post about how much he looks like me is that he doesn't ONLY look like phil! Phil's mouth is bigger and his nose is shaped differently. And Nate definitely doesn't have his chin because Phil's is a slight butt chin and Nate's is cherry! But just look at how much he looks like Phil!
I made these two on different days and didn't realize I used the same picture. But thats ok.

Which one is Nate?? These two look SO much alike!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nate is five months old today!

Yay! Our little squirt is growing so fast!

Since he has turned another month, its time for his developmental update again! (I don't have pictures this time :( oh well :D)

This month, as you know, Nate started eating solid food! Because we waited for him to be ready, he has taken to it REALLY well! After the first time, he already started opening his mouth for each bite! I add apple juice to it now and he loves it even more! Just tonight we were in North Ogden visiting my grandparents and I didn't have his cereal so I ran to the store and bought some stage 1 Applesauce (organic too! It makes me so happy there is so much organic food available!) and he ate both containers of it! After one he was still acting hungry, and I was surprised that he ate the entire second one! He really loves it!

Eating solids was the only big milestone he reached. He also reaches out for toys now, holds himself up with his arms while on his belly, sits while supporting himself with his arms, and he makes (as my book explains it) a wet razzing sound...which he loves to do when he's eating so it goes all over me! :D He's also shown some early signs of teething, but isn't in full blown teething mode yet.

I can't think of anything else he's mastered, he just is smiling and giggling a lot more, and more aware of his surroundings and explores the world around him! We just love him so much!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I don't care what your stand is on politics! :)

No matter what you personally believe, Barack Obama is our president as of January 1st. So even if you didn't vote for him, he is our president and we can stop being "scared" of him and just be hopeful and optimistic about our future because there's nothing we can do anymore!

Ok on to what I originally wanted to write. Last night Phil and I watched the "I Have a Dream" speech given by Martin Luther King Jr. on August 28th, 1968, 45 years ago. I walked passed a TV at work with it on, so it made me want to watch it! He says the most amazing thing in it "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

How incredible is it that three of his four little children got to vote for a black president? I don't know for sure if they did, but just the fact that they were alive in a time when that was possible! When MLK gave this speech, blacks didn't even have the right to vote in some states!

Of course I don't believe that any president should be voted in purely upon the fact that they are black, or a woman. Their issues play an important role in why we should vote, but just look at what an amazing thing that it is, no matter how "scared" you are!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nate's first solid food!!

The beginning is hilarious! You'll see...

He did really well with his first few tastes of rice cereal. I've noticed lately that he wants to eat a lot more, he has watched me eat a couple of times and gotten excited, and last night he was whining a lot, but breast milk wasn't satisfying him, so I thought we'd give it a whirl. So we tested it and he didn't spit it back out, which means that his reflex to not choke is gone and therefore he was more than ready for that extra meal or two a day not from mommy's hoo-hoos! :D Which naturally makes me happy!! Enjoy

Monday, October 27, 2008

Once again, the background issue! :D

On some computers you can't see the background image fully and it looks confusing if you can't. So here it is if your computer doesn't show the full thing! :D I worked hard on it and it makes me sad that some computers don't show it. Plus it has more pictures that aren't posted on here! Love you all!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Photo shoot!!! :D

Here is a sampling of our new family photos taken yesterday! Enjoy! :D