Sunday, August 31, 2008

This week

Well this week was quite uneventful. Phil had that job lined up, the people who owned it acted like they really needed him. He kept calling them and couldn't get a hold of them and finally after a week got a hold of one. The guy told Phil he would call him the next day (this was last Monday) and they never did. So he went searching at other places and talked to some guys and found out that there are a whole bunch of studios and video game developers that he could make music for. So next week he's putting together a demo and resume and we're going studio hunting! We also went to the school district and orientation for substitute teachers is on Sept. 23rd so if he doesn't find a job by then, there's a guaranteed job there.
I'm finally done with orientation at my work! Its about freaking time. It was WAY too long of an orientation and I didn't need it! I technically should still be orienting, but I asked them to just let me be on my own! I have plenty of experience in it so its nice to not be following anyone around! :D
Nate's adorable still! He's doing good. Still sleeping through the night and smiling like crazy! :D My parents claim they got a laugh out of him while I was at work (I don't buy it). Phil says he heard it from the other room though. But it wasn't a very big one (probably cause I wasn't there! :D)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The latest

Phil, Nate and I just got back from our trip to the East Coast! Nate got to meet his daddy's side of the family and see the ocean for the first time! We had SUCH an amazing time! It was so great to see the family again! And this time I felt like I was actually part of their family. The last time we were out there was for our wedding and so I was just brand new to it and this time I actually got to sit down with them and get to know them a little better! It was so much fun! They are such an awesome group of people! They are a lot different than my family, but the same in a lot of ways. The things that make them different are the things that make me love them even more! One of my favorite things that we did was go shopping with the girls! And we went to an arcade! But by far my favorite thing that we did out there was go to the beach and swim in the ocean! It was so warm! We had a blast! We also went to Six Flags Great Adventure and got to ride the tallest roller coaster in the world! That was amazing! The thing I think I regret the most is that I didn't get to spend more time with his cousin Sue! Me and her have a lot in common and I wish we could have spent more time just talking! Also with his cousin Maddy! She is freaking hilarious! Of course I love everyone though!
We also just moved to West Jordan (where I grew up). St. George was too small of a town for us and didn't have many opportunities. I was really stressed about moving up here because I was worried about both of us finding jobs, finding a place to live AND trying to figure out who was going to babysit Nate! Thankfully my parents asked us to move in with them to take some stress off of the situation! My mom knew what stress I was under, but thought my dad wouldn't want us to move in. But one day he prayed about it and felt like us moving in would be the right thing for all of us! Thanks to them we can afford for me to work part time so I only have to have a baby sitter one day a week (I'll work one day and one night at the hospital so Phil can watch him at night. I really hate staying up all night so I figured I could handle doing that only once a week). Phil will hopefully be starting a new job at an audio/visual place, but they've been busy all week so he'll be calling them on Monday.
We are really excited that we're starting this new chapter in our lives! We're hoping to save up for a house and maybe work on our schooling in the meantime! We're excited to see what Salt Lake has to offer for us and especially for Phil's career!

Welcome to our Blog!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to start this blog for the people outside of the Salt Lake Valley so you could stay updated on our fast growing little family! (And by fast I mean Nate! I swear he grows an inch a day!). I'm going to start it as of August 23rd, 2008. It would be too hard to sit there and upload all of our past pictures so this blog is from here on out! :D (Although I will probably end up uploading some old pictures!) :D LOVE YOU ALL! :D