Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nate's Blessing...more pictures

Here is some more pictures. I couldn't post all of the ones I wanted all at once

Nate's Blessing!

Nate was blessed this past sunday! He cried through the whole thing because he was really tired! It was funny! But Phil says it was good because it made him less nervous! Here are some pictures of him in his little tux! He was SO adorable! :D
I also would like to state how much I love my sister! She is there for me for everything! One of my brothers came (he's awesome too!), but he couldn't make it to the after party and my other brother....has his own issues. Anyway I realized that Shauna is there for me for EVERYTHING! She was at my wedding, Nate's birth, she went to a whole bunch of my dance performances, and I think she was even at my graduation! She is so awesome and supportive! I'm so grateful for her! Also a whole bunch of our friends came there to support us as well and it really meant a lot to me! Thank you to everyone that came! :D

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Background Image

This is the picture that used to be the background image. I changed the blog layout, so if you want to see the collage picture, here it is! :D

Phil got the job!!!

Hooray! We're SO thrilled! He starts on Friday! :D

Buddy in da tub!

Isn't he cute? I figured out how to add pictures to this part! It makes me incredibly happy to have figured this out! :D This picture was from over a month ago, but he is still dang cute!


Recovery from my surgery has gone very smoothly! I'm almost completely back to normal, but still have some pain (usually more in the morning). I'm down to one lortab a day! :D Yesterday I did two laps around the neighborhood with my mom and felt great. I have dance class tonight so hopefully I'll be able to dance a little! I'm not going back to work for another week though.
Enough about me! Phil had a job interview yesterday at a youth rehab center and he says it went really well. He hasn't heard back from them yet, but feels confident that he got it. Its a great atmosphere! Very spiritual and religion oriented which is perfect for Phil. He will be working Monday through Friday which is awesome for us and baby sitting! We will only need a baby sitter for about 9 hours every other week and 6 the opposite weeks. I feel very strongly about having only family baby sit and being home as much as possible! When I was younger my mom had no choice, but to send me to a baby sitter and she had no idea what was going on. I was so scared of her that I didn't dare use her bathroom (logical I know) so I would pee my pants and it would get on the floor and she would spank me which only put fuel on the fire and made me even more scared of her. It was traumatic and I would have given anything when I was little to go to family every day. I'm lucky to have a sister that doesn't work that I would GLADLY trade babysitting with! Also my sister-in-law Heather (my oldest brother Matt's wife) agreed to babysit once in a while. I'd gladly trade with her as well.
Blah blah blah I ramble too much I'm sorry! I'll stop here and give updates on whether Phil got the job or not as soon as we find out! :D LOVE YOU ALL!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My gallbladder surgery

Today was actually the day I had surgery. I thought I was going to have it on Tuesday, but I was confused. I just went to the doctors clinic and scheduled the surgery for today.
It went really really well actually! I thought I would be in more pain than I am, however my mom said I might have more pain tomorrow. My surgery was at 1:00 and it took him a little longer than normal because apparently my anatomy was weird. There was a small artery he had to tie off because it was connected to my gallbladder and he was afraid it was supplying my liver, but couldn't see that it was. The nurses were surprised how fast I recovered and I was able to go home really fast. The breathing tube they had to put in during the surgery made my voice really scratchy and I feel like I need to cough stuff out, but there's nothing there. It was really hard for me to walk at first because my muscles felt really weak, but I'm feeling pretty good now. I'm just keeping ice on my belly and I'm doing good! :D

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So today I am going under...tiny cameras. Not the knife...I guess they'll make tiny incisions. Sunday night I started to have a gallbladder attack and it was pretty easy to ignore and then Last night (Monday night) my work asked me to come in for an extra shift and the pain kept getting worse and worse so after an hour and a half I was like "ok thats it I'm going to the ER" so I went home and got Phil and the baby and he drove me to the hospital (not the same one that I work at. This other one is closer, and its where my mom's work is and I was planning on having surgery there in October for this anyway). The doctor confirmed it was another attack and said I should get it out immediately. So I'm having surgery today at 1:30 which sucks only because I am SOOOOOOOOOO thirsty! This is cruelty! I'm glad to just get it out! Be done with it! Good riddance! I've never had surgery before, but I know I'll be fine. I generally don't get scared for medical procedures or going to the doctor or any of that crap. I think its cause I grew up around doctors and doctors offices because my mom worked at one since I was 2. Plus I work at the hospital. That alone states the fact that I love hospitals. I'm weird. However, I was NOT a big fan of the tiny catheter the nurse inserted in me last night!!!!!!!!!! OUCH! She says its not normally supposed to hurt, but I think she accidentally punctured something cause my pee is bloody now and stings like crazy! TMI I'm sorry! But anyone from the family shouldn't be too grossed out. I heard uncle Nick talking about his anal fissure openly like he had no problem. Of course it didn't bother me though, I thought it was interesting. Alright wish me luck!