Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I just have to write about this, its finally a post NOT about Nate! :D

I got an email from one of my bosses yesterday that said they are changing the patient ratios and making us take more patients. She used this exact phrase "In this time of budget scrutiny we are going to try tightening our own belts first." What does this say to you? First of all I would like to disect "budget scrutiny". That must mean that they have seen a drop in the budget....which is awfully funny because today I came in to work, a unit with 60 beds (which is A LOT!) COMPLETELY full! Labor and Delivery had to hold patients and wait for some of ours to go home. And as soon as they were discharged, the new ones came right up. I was working non stop today! We got 9 new admits on my floor alone (my unit is actually two identical floors with 30 beds each) and the average is about 4 or 5 maybe. This is supposed to be the slow time of the year! Well I haven't seen it slow down very much!
Ok, now lets move on to the next disturbing phrase "we are going to try tightening our own belts first." ..........meaning that she is predicting that we are not going to have control in the future. Well, as long as people are having sex, my job is going to have plenty of "customers" when you consider the medical field as a business (which it can be).

I am SO sick of America playing off the fear of an "economic crisis". Yes, there obviously is a lot of problems with money in our country, because of credit cards, debt, greed, etc. But the reason we are in a crisis is because the media tells us we are, so people are scared, which leads to people laying off their employees. Its a vicious circle! If the media would tell us that the economic crisis was over, things would restore to normal. Seriously. I don't like being controlled by fear. That is not God's way. And that is what America is being run on right now and it is sickening!

So what is my boss's real excuse? Good question. I doubt it is her that is deciding the budget. Maybe there is a decrease in the profits the medical field is recieving (highly doubt it). Personally I think the corporation is just using the economy as an excuse to cut back and get more money (seriously, the people that run IHC are idiots). Why do I think that? Maybe because we have crappy benefits, our raises sucked, and they over work us...RRGH! It makes me so angry!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nate's first sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

I am so proud of my little guy! I can't believe he finally did his first sign! Its the sign for Mommy! (I work with him on that word the most). He almost does Daddy and I've seen him kind of do milk. YAY! I'm so excited!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Nate Nate Nate...what else am I going to blog about? He is our life! ....also an observation on kids smiling for pictures.

I'm in for it! He's already figured out how to crawl the stairs!!! AAAAHHHH!!! Good thing we have a door that shuts him away from them!!!! This video is from a week ago from yesterday.

Here are some other recent cute pictures of him! :D

My little man and big man looking studly in their Sunday best!
Yeah he's wearing white socks 'cause I don't have any church shoes for him...or black socks.

Look at this face! haha! SO cute!

Nate's cousins (my neices and nephew) came over the other day and they all love playing with him! In this one, I don't know if its just a weird camera perspective or if this is their actual sizes! haha! Brookie is 7 and...well, either Nate is really big, or Brookie is really small! haha! ...and her four year old brother is about the same size as her (ok, so he is on the high end of the percentile chart and she is on the low. But she was a preemie and my sister in law had gestational diabetes during her pregnancy with Trevor).

I just have to point out something about the picture above before I can move on. There comes a point in a kids life when they can't figure out how to smile for a camera. I didn't realize it, but its a common fact. My other niece Jordyn always has the weirdest smiles and I couldn't figure out why. Then I over heard my brother trying to teach his daughter Destinee (Brookie's older sister, she's almost 9) how to smile for a camera and she couldn't quite grasp it. She couldn't figure out how to smile naturally! Let me give you a short demonstration of weird smiles I have caught (I only have examples of Jordyn 'cause I hang out with my sister the most)...

This one looks normal until you look at it up close

These two are exceptionally scary and funny! hahahaha!

But as you can see in the picture below, she really is a beautiful girl!

Ok, so my point is that Brooke is smiling weird in the picture above, but she really is a beautiful girl as well and I think its a funny observation. Here is a picture where she isn't trying and I think the perspective looks a little more correct too! :D

Here Nate is crawling over her. For some reason whenever she'd lay down he'd go crawl on her! It was so funny! Thats destinee laying down and you can see Trevor's legs behind them

He's been sitting up in his swing when we put him in it for a nap. He's probably past the weight limit for it (considering it doesn't swing the way it used to! haha). Well I guess he was sitting up in it and fell asleep!

I had a very heavy load of laundry today!

Having a baby is so fun! I pushed him around and carried him around in the basket while I did my laundry. It entertained him and I was able to get stuff done!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bath Time!

Nate was being super cute in the bathtub yesterday!
He kept trying to stand up, but of course it was too slippery. I had to watch him closely! He loves the tub!

More pictures of his cuteness...and his new little teeth! :D

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New developments!

Like I always say, he grows TOO fast!!!! One day after the last post, he started crawling normal! And today he started "cruising" the couch! :D And Sunday I got this ADORABLE picture of him! :D We switched to soy formula just to see if he spits up luck so far. It has only been two and a half days. For some reason he loves it though! He doesn't stop at just four ounces! And when you give it to him he hurries and grabs the bottle and shoves it into his mouth! Its adorable! :D

He also got another first. A very sad first :(. He got sick for the first time! Usually breast fed babies (I breast and bottle feed) don't get sick (easily). But my theory is when he got his shots on Friday his immune system started attacking all of the viruses so when he was exposed to his cousin Austin's cold, his white blood cells were too busy to pay attention to the new bugs. I have to confirm that with a pediatrician at work tomorrow. Its so sad because I can't blow his nose for him. But its really cute how his voice is all raspy, but its also very sad. And its nice because he doesn't cry as loud because he has no voice! He's been surprisingly happy however, mixed in with crankiness. In the picture above it was his second day of sickness and he was in a super good mood. That was the happiest smile I caught on camera! :D (for the record I photoshopped the picture because the background was too busy...I don't have a black screen sitting around.)

I can't express on paper how much I love him! He's just SOOOOO DANG CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

7 month update!

Nate turned 7 months old today! Its SO crazy how fast time flies! I like to post updates on what Nate has been doing cause I am so bad at keeping a journal or book for him, this is a good way to document it for some day when I feel motivated enough to do it! So here is Nate's newest developments this month!

He had his six month check up/immunizations today...yeah its a month late, but the pediatrician always books up like crazy with well visits, and I made the appointment for today two months ago, but they were going to be gone for the holidays and that put it back two more weeks. Anyway, the doctor said he is doing great! He seems so big, but he's actually almost right on the center line on the percentile charts for height, weight, and head size for boys! So he's pretty average. He weighs 18 pounds 1 ounce which is exactly ten pounds more than his birth weight! Its funny too cause my nephew who is 8 months older than him weighs 19 pounds. He's a small kid I guess. He was really wiggly and I couldn't keep him still! He kept crawling around the table and sitting up and the doctor said that that was really good for 7 months (I read that its in their genetic make up to reach milestones when they do. The only thing I did was give him tummy time!). He also got shots today...he didn't like that very much of course.

Here are the other things he accomplished this month:

He gets better and better at crawling every day...he still doesn't do it the traditional way, but he gets around really fast and is REALLY active!
He never wants to be held, he just wiggles and moves and always wants to be playing on the floor, or eating a toy!
He won't even sit still for a picture! He just wants to move around and have fun! The latest thing is a couple days before christmas he started sitting from a crawling position. Now he does it so fast you wouldn't even know he couldn't do it a couple weeks ago!
His two bottom teeth cut through on the 20th. My mom first noticed it. There were little bumps there for a long time like they were ready to come through. They both popped up at the same time. You can see them if you look closely...

He eats pretty much anything you put in his mouth!
And anything that goes in his hand goes right into his mouth (this is what he does if you put a binky in his mouth)...he's actually been doing this for a while, I still think its funny! And he can now feed himself crackers or, as seen also in the previous post, celery! haha! But he doesn't really eat that. And he can drink through a straw! Great grandma Seeland bought him little apple juices cause I mix it with his cereal and they were little juice boxes, so I thought I'd let him try to suck it through the straw just for the heck of it and he figured it out! And he gets better every time! He also holds his own bottle when we feed him formula (I sometimes don't have enough breast milk for him, so I started supplementing with formula, which is fine with me because its less I have to pump at work. It does make me a little sad, but I'll live).

This picture is from two days ago.
It was the first time he had ever done this! Phil witnessed it. He was really mad because he was hungry, but I thought he was tired (hence him being in his crib). So Phil was getting his food ready and he said he grabbed the rail and was peaking over the edge, then all of the sudden pulled himself up! AAH! The crib was given to us by my sister in law and we haven't figured out how to put the side rail up yet, so we propped a box underneath it so he couldn't jump out!

He can do this now.....
uh...we're not really sure what it is! Haha for some reason he was doing this yesterday...kind of weird, but cute! He looks like he's trying to do the splits. He just wants to stay flexible! Look how funny this one is! I wish it wasn't blurry! I just love how he's looking up at the camera!

I know I say this all of the time, but I just can't believe how fast he is growing! He isn't my little tiny baby anymore :(! But it is SO incredibly fun to watch him grow and figure out the world and his body! He has something new every week!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our voyage across America part 2 of 2 (our stay there and our ride home)!

Before I begin part 2, I did a little research on Route 66 and found out it WAS what inspired the movie Cars! Thats so funny! I totally felt it and I didn't even know! They did a good job of portraying that whole story! Its actually very interesting!

Ok moving on....

We were really preoccupied with family and vacationing, that I didn't get very many pictures of this part. At least not very diverse pictures! :D But here is what we got!

The first place we stopped was our aunt and uncle Penny and Ollie's (right over the Deleware bridge). This is Suzie hiding behind Nate. Her and I have so much in common, I just wish we could hang out more! Forrest's house. He has drums

We stayed at Forrest's house a couple of nights. And we spent New Years with him. He is one of our very best friends! He is musical like Phil and if it weren't for him, Phil wouldn't be the musician he is today! So we will love him forever! :D It goes the same for his brother! His whole family is pretty much part of our family. We visit them every time we're out there like they're our family and since their mom doesn't have any grandkids, we call her grandma! (she is THE sweetest person I have ever met! I can't describe a sweeter person!).

Our cousin Alayna. This picture doesn't do her justice! She is the most beautiful girl with downs syndrome I have ever seen! She is so sweet too, you can just feel her amazing spirit when you're around her! And it always surprises me because she always remembers my name. Our aunt Jenny and uncle Nick do a really really good job with her. She is truly lucky to have them as parents because they really work with her and she is so advanced! She LOVES Nate too its adorable!
Hey! Hanging out at Jenny and Nick's! We stayed there for three days! It was awesome!

Alayna holding Nate!
Being a good boy at Applebee's! We ALWAYS go there when we're out there because they have half priced appetizers after ten! They always give crappy service and the food is never hot, but at least its half price! Its a tradition!

He started to get fussy so I gave him my celery from my buffalo wings. I hate it, but he really loved it! He kept biting pieces off with his tiny new teeth so I had to keep a close eye on him!

Phil was so happy because he fell asleep on his chest! He hasn't done that since he was little! It was really cute!
This was at our aunt Robin and uncle Paul's house! We stayed there for two nights in the softest king size bed! It was hilarous because it got really cold in the house and Robin kept turning up the heat and nothing was working, so she called her friend who works in heating. She checked everything before calling him. Apparently there is an emergency switch that turns off the heater and it looks like a light switch. Well Phil turned it off thinking it was the light! haha! But the guy found a hole in their pipes that would cause a carbon monoxide leak, so it was a good thing he did that!
We got to visit our good friend Ben Giovine!
The Ride Home:
It was hard leaving Jersey (like always)! We went the short route home which went through Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Utah. We originally were going to take a route that went up by Chicago, but the toll for Pennsylvania alone was $20 and there were tolls all the way to Chicago, so we scratched that plan and went for a little more southern route. It took us 12 hours less this time (counting all of the stops). And luckily the only place we saw snow BOTH ways was in Utah and a little bit outside! Crazy I know! So here are the pictures from that trip.
Nate LOVED it any time we would stop. He was a REALLY good boy and didn't complain much that he was in his car seat, but he LOVED it when he could crawl around the pillows in the back! He would smile so much and be so cute! So I took lots of pictures of that!

I believe this is Iowa. I think Phil was just documenting how flat it was! Maybe its Illinois.
Nate in his new car seat that Great Grandma Seeland bought for him for Christmas! I was SOOOO glad to have that because it was bigger and seemed much more comfortable! I thought this picture was funny cause his foot was straight in the air. He was holding it like that.

This is honestly what he did most of the ride home! I thought it was cute the way he was sucking his binky (something he never does when he's awake! haha)

I was excited cause I had never seen the Mississippi River before, although this wasn't my first time (since we crossed it on the way to Jersey from Arkansas to Tennessee), it was still exciting. Also, we were in Council Bluffs, Iowa (which, for those of you who don't know, is a historical mormon site) So here is a video of the river.

Again with the playing around in the back! SO cute!