Monday, February 23, 2009

Good news!!

I am excited to announce that I am going to get a new sister-in-law again! Its been 7 years since I have had the opportunity to attend a sibling wedding and I finally will again!....ok so it's Phil's brother that's getting married, but his family is every bit as much my family! :D I'm so excited (as is Phil...this is supposed to be his blog too, but he doesn't contribute! I still love him). We haven't talked to him about it yet, so I have no details (we just heard it through the grapevine). So who knows when they're getting married, but she said yes so YAY!

Such a cute couple! Isn't he handsome? She's gorgeous as well of course! The reason I say he is handsome is because usually he has weird hair, crazy beards and such. He just looks so handsome all clean shaven!

And of course what's a blog post if I don't talk about Nate?? I just took these cute pictures when I was playing with my nieces on Friday. Nate is Jaci's new doll. haha! She had a tiny doll stroller so we strapped him in.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I just have to say...

I was really nervous about posting the last post because there are so many people I know that are against home births (obviously because I work in a hospital! haha). But I was pleasantly surprised that people encouraged it! :D So thank you so much! :D I realize that its ok that I may want to have medicated births and still want to be a midwife/doula because even though I'm a whimp, I still wish I wasn't and want to encourage people to have what I wanted (I don't know if I would neccessarily want to give birth at home, only if I had a big bath tub). Its like the saying "those who don't do teach." So I'm looking forward to my new journey ahead and I'm really grateful for the support! It makes it easier! Also, I told my sister about it and since she is 8 years older than me, I've always looked up to her and her opinion matters to me more than anyone in this world and she thought it was cool! So that helped too! :D YAY!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My future career.

I think I've finally decided what I want to be when I grow up...either a midwife or a doula. I just don't think that nursing is what I really want to do. I want to work directly with patients as a support person, someone they can talk to and trust...and a lot of other reasons. So I was you think it is bad that I want to deliver my own babies in the comfort of a hospital with doctors and nurses with an epidural, yet I want to encourage others to go natural? What do you think? haha! I think I will try to go natural with at least one of my babies.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Route 66 you may have read in my previous post, I have a new found fascination with Route 66. So I watched Cars today and I did not realize that the movie actually was about Route 66. I mean if you know anything about the road, you would know it is about it, but I didn't realize that it actually mentioned the actual road. I hadn't seen it in a while obviously.

So it reminded me a lot of the road trip we took for New Years and I realized how awesome and fun it was! SOOOO we've decided that some time we are going to take another road trip back there, but this time we want to take like a 2 week vacation and take our time seeing the sights and actually stay in hotels and see America! And take more pictures! This way also Nate won't have to be in his car seat for such a large amount of time. Since he'll be older I don't think he'll like sitting all day and night.

Phil's cousin is getting married sometime this year...they talked about doing it in the fall, but I hope they do it closer to the summer so we can do it when the trees are still green, but I'm not sure if they will. So if not....we might have to postpone it for next summer.

So my question for everyone is where are some awesome places in America that we should try to visit? We want to go to the LDS historical sites, and most likely Washington DC again, but where else would be awesome? I kind of want to take a very southern route there and a more northern route back. Or visa versa.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pictures. Some to follow the last post and some that are just plain cute!

Our little musician! At least Daddy hopes!
He loves to strum the guitar!

Nate's new room. I know its not a very good depiction of it, and torn apart of course from our little explorer. I will get a better picture of it.

My mom bought a jumpy jump (as we call it) to have for her grandkids cause she knew Nate loves it. The first day he jumped in it so much that it wore him out! haha

This is what happens when the picture is SO dang cute, but nonetheless blurry. So I "water colored" it! haha! I usually don't like it when this is done to pictures, but in this case it was necessary. Look at that adorable little face!

Nate and Granny in Vegas

Here is the picture of him feeding himself Cheerios. I tried to get a picture of him gripping it between his thumb and finger, but he moved too fast!

Grandpa, the 55 year old kid, loves to fly his toy helicopter and Nate lvoes watching it! :D

Here is a picture of Nate clapping. I have a video of it below this picture. I love that he has one sock on. They just don't stay on his feet for more than five minutes! haha

Also, I need to get a shorter video for his crawling because it takes too long to upload.

I babysit my sister's kids on Friday's and I decided to bring crafts to do every time so they have fond memories of me in case I move away some day. So here are our crafts we did last Friday! :D
the four things at the top are door hangers, Jordyn and Jaci share a room so they are for their bunk bed. Jaci's is pink and Jordyn's is purple. They made their own, but I helped Jordyn's since we ran out of letters and I had to improvise and cut the letters to make other ones and I was thinking of cutting them into the stars, but this idea was better! :D Anyway and I made the yellow one that is for their door and the teal one is Nate's. The girls made their own frames and we also made jewelry! :D Jordyn made three BFF necklaces for her best friends! I thought that was cute! I made one too that Nate of course already broke and started eating the beads! haha!

Here they are posing in front of their projects!
And making funny faces (Jaci did NOT like that Jordyn was giving her rabbit ears)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nate's 8 months old!

I can't believe that he is as old as my nephew Austin was when Nate was born! :D He's growing SO fast! So, although I post some of these things as he goes, I like to wrap them all up into one for my own personal record! :D So here are the things Nate has accomplished this month! I can't post pictures today because Phil is on our main computer right now and it has the capability to read my memory cards and the laptop doesn't. He is working on a big music project and has to finish it tonight, so I'm not bugging him. :D I'll just post them tomorrow. Moving along....

He did his first sign which was mommy of course! He does it all of the time now! Phil took him to St. George for a couple of days and he said that he would cry and sign mommy sometimes! And my sister babysat him so we could go on a date and when I was leaving he was crying and reaching out for me and signing mommy. It was SO cute! He also occasionally does Daddy, and I've seen him attempt to do milk. But now that I know he is catching on, I'm starting to teach him more signs. Some of them I just make up because its not like there is a certain way I'm supposed to teach him, its just so he can communicate with me so that its less frustrating for both of us until he learns to talk and as long as Phil does them too (and other people he's around a lot), they'll work just fine. What I don't think that people realize (I didn't either) is that babies do a lot more sign language than we know, but we don't know how to interpret it. I'm just so happy that people have figured this out cause I'll do anything that makes parenting easier for both us and Nate! :D

He started to crawl the traditional way this month. He is really really fast now too! Its cute, he chases us around the house! Its a game we play!

He figured out clapping today! Its so cute when he figures something new out because he does it all of the time! And when we see new people, he'll do it for them (we went to one of Phil's home teaching families and he kept doing it for them).

I know this doesn't seem like a big deal, but he can grasp things (food mostly) between his finger and thumb! So he is really good at feeding himself! I bought a whole bunch of things I can cut up for him to eat. So far he loves wheat bread and cheerios, banana (he will grab the whole thing and eat it! Its adorable), and he likes mango, but it was a little too slippery for him to grasp easily, but I also got avacado, plum, and broccoli, so it will be an adventure!

He stands up to anything and everything and now "cruises" the couch (meaning he walks along it while holding on). And he has learned that not everything is sturdy enough to stand up to....but he does it anyway....and has pulled things onto his head, but bumps and bruises are all part of learning and growing :D

Oh one new recent change that I LOVE is that he has his own room now!!!!!!! :D :D :D We moved most of the stuff out of the music room and my mom moved her stuff out and it is awesome! I absolutely love it! He can mess it up all he wants because it doesn't really get messy and its easy to clean up if it does. The bean bag is in there too so I can sit in there and read or watch DVDs (and he can watch Baby Einstein!) I love it!
Since we moved the music stuff out, we got a new desk and put the computer in our bedroom and the desk is AWESOME! It is an absolute perfect set up for Phil's music! :D I will post a picture of it as well! My favorite part is that it has wheels!

Nate is too active for words. He never ever stops going...only when he's eating or sleeping. I wish so bad that I could just sit there and cuddle him, but he always pushes away, so I sneak in a short hug all of the time before he gets mad. And he wants to get into everything and crawl everywhere and explore the whole world. So I let him do as much as he can without hurting himself! I love him so much!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Beachwood Pictures

When we went to Jersey last month our aunt gave us a couple pictures from last summer when we visited their house in Beachwood, I just now barely looked at them and my baby is so little in them! I had to post them!

Nate and our cousin Maddy

My little baby! AW so cute!

Aunt Karen and Maddy

Alone alone alone...

Phil took my Chubs to St. George with him for his mom's birthday and since I had to work I stayed here. I was really excited 'cause I would be alone for the first time in 8 months! I thought I would be really productive and clean and such, but I've just wanted to do nothing but relax. haha! Except that it wasn't real relaxing because I felt like I had a lot to do! But it has been amazing! And sad. I keep thinking about what I would do if they got in an accident (not a happy thought) and I hate that. But I decided that I would become a doctor because I would have nothing else in my life worth living for, so I'd distract myself with school. Sounds like a plan....hopefully not!

Anyway it has been SO wonderful to leave the house whenever I wanted to, watch whatever I wanted to on TV, sleep in without being woken up and disturbed by crying, but my favorite thing of all was to sing as loud and as much as I wanted without the fear of hearing that I'm off key, or that the song is stupid, or that I look stupid holding my pretend mic (musicians...they're so picky about music!).

At first I was really nervous about the whole thing and I missed my Chub like crazy, but I realized that.....I wish they would stay longer! hahaha I don't think I could really go one more day without kissing both of them a hundred times, but I've just enjoyed the relaxing freedom I hope they do it again sometime!

Oh one more thing! I've learned a valuable lesson through all of this. Although it has been nice to be free and not have to worry about my little monkey, I realize that life isn't that much different with him gone. I don't get more done, leaving the house isn't that big of a deal with him...I actually have fun taking him because he's fun to play with when I'm bored and I love it when strangers tell me he's cute! The only real thing I don't miss are his diapers! :D