Monday, March 30, 2009

Nate's first step

My little stinker thinks he can grow up faster than he is supposed to! RRGH! :D A pediatrician (that I'm thinking of making Nate's pediatrician...depending on if I get the job at Alta View or not. If I do, then I'll keep the one I have) said that babies ideally should crawl for four months before they start to walk because it uses both sides of the brain, and since their brain is growing the most in the first year of life that it helps it develop better. He also said that the first and second months of crawling are usually just crawling and some pulling up, the third month they do a lot of cruising (which Nate does A LOT!) and in the fourth month they start to balance and try walking and thats when I should discourage him from walking just for one month. Well thats not exactly easy to do when you live with grandma who WANTS him to walk even though I've told her a hundred times that I don't want him to walk until he is 11 months old. For goodness sake he's not even ten months old yet!
Anyway, the other day (I think it was Thursday...maybe Friday...dangit I really want to remember for record keeping sake) He was "cruising" on the couch and Phil said he saw him take a step to the other couch. Then yesterday he was standing up to a chair and my mom was going "come here" and he let go and took two steps to her...and she kept trying to get him to do it again >:/ It was cute though!
Its also REALLY cute cause he does the incy wincy spider now! I kept trying to do patty cake with him and he would put his hands together and rock them kind of like he did with roll 'em and roll 'em, but he would raise his hands up and do it and he would put his hands over his head while still holding them together and I was confused cause usually he lets them go to throw 'em in the oven. So thats when I realized he was doing incy wincy spider. SO CUTE! Now if only he would sign too! I've been trying to teach him "more" forever! I think I need to be more persistant and consistent.
I'll try to get a video of it soon, its hard to get him to focus to do it. I got one, but I was slouching and I look terrible! haha! It was dark anyway so you can't see it that well anyway. I'll keep trying!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Going Private

I too have decided that I am going private. I was reluctant to do this in the past because I made it for Phil's family and was unsure if they would still look at it if it was private, but I realized that they probably still would if I sent them an invitation. Anyway, I'm going to do another blog that doesn't have any information about Nate on it because he is the one I want to protect. So once I get everyone's email, thats when I will do it. So please email me at so I can add you because I feel more connected to everyone when you know what's going on in my life and visa versa! Thanks everyone!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Patty Cake

I am SO excited because today for the first time Nate did the entire patty cake song and it was awesome! He doesn't mark it with a B, but thats a stupid part of the song anyway! You don't have to mark it with anything to still make an awesome patty cake!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Nate's 9 month's old!

So, my little Chubs is a grown baby now...and a cute one at that! (The pictures prove it! :D). Its getting harder and harder to get pictures of his latest things, I have to get video cause he moves so fast and most of them are sounds he makes or how fast he climbs up the stairs and its just hard getting video of a baby that's constantly on the move! So most of these pictures are random, but as always, adorable (I'm the mother, I have to think he's the most adorable thing to crawl this earth!).
Ok, so Natey Potatey turned 9 months old on March 8th. The first picture (above) was taken that day for record keeping purposes :D. Thinking about what he has accomplished since last month is hard to say cause I wouldn't really say he's done very much new, just perfected the things he's already learned. For example, he could crawl up the stairs, but now he does it like an Olympian! I swear he should win the Guiness World Record for a baby climbing the stairs! The other day Phil was sitting in the main room and theres a door that leads to the stairs, and he didn't realize it was open. So Nate was just crawling around and within seconds (seriously, I was in the other room and heard him crawling around and I didn't even hear this) Phil heard a little Nate sound, but it sounded like it was far away. So he looked around and couldn't see him so he looked up the stairs and sure enough there he was sitting at the top.
He's also getting a lot smarter with his movements and getting to where he wants, for example, the other day Phil said he was trying to get in between a couch and a rocking chair, but he didn't fit on his hands and knees, so he backed up, pulled himself up and side stepped out! He's getting too smart for his own good. I took the bumpers off of his crib to be safe! He also figured out how to crawl under our old couch, but he kind of got stuck and got mad, but got out on his own.
He takes after his daddy BIG time when it comes to food I swear! He LOVES to eat anything and everything....maybe not EVERYTHING, but if you're eating it, he definitely wants it. He pretty much feeds himself, I just put it in front of him. Unless it requires a spoon.
I'm trying to think if there's anything else...I talk too much, so I'll just continue on to the pictures.

A couple days before he turned nine months old he just got into a crying spell and I couldn't figure out what was wrong with him, I changed his diaper, he had just eaten half a bottle, so he shouldn't have been hungry, it wasn't his nap time...I couldn't figure it out. So I kept trying to give him the other half of his bottle and I noticed that he would eagerly grab it and suck on it, but then pull it away, so thats when I realized that his teeth were in major pain (poor thing). He's getting his two top teeth (I'm pretty sure its impossible to get a picture of it). He also had a really bad cold and was just sniffly and congested so I went to the store and got him a deluxe comfort pack (thats what I called it). I originally just went for some orajel, but when I was at the store I saw that soothing bath soap and I wanted to get something for his cold too so since you can't really give anything to a nine month old I found baby vicks vapor rub, and I also got some soft food for him to eat. Well as I was getting ready to check out I saw some shirts on sale and I thought I'd just browse and look at them and I saw this shirt! It was so perfect I had to get it! So cute!

Me and Nate! I was trying to get him to smile, but was unsuccessful cause he wouldn't look at me, so the one he IS smiling in I had to look ridiculous to get him to smile.

We have gotten a bunch of Costco brand diapers and it has this baby on the front, so we cut out the head to pull a prank on my parents (when Phil was in college he taped a cut out face of Lawrence Welk and taped it on the toilet lid as a joke to his we did that to my dad thought it was Nate haha!) So that is what this is! haha

This was the cutest thing EVER! We were babysitting my nephew Drayson at my brother's house and Dray wasn't very happy that his mom left so we had to snuggle him a lot (we didn't mind :D) and he ended up falling asleep on Phil's shoulder (SO CUTE!!) and at the same time Nate needed a bottle and he always falls asleep eating (and it was his nap time) so I couldn't resist taking a picture!

This is just plain cute!

Lastly, Nate makes all of these weird noises, and makes funny faces over and over (like he will suck his cheeks in like a fish, and click his tongue) and he was just sticking his tongue out like this for some reason one day! It was funny so we caught a picture of it!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My mothering instinct!

I know its been a while since I've posted, but I have to upload the pictures from the camera, and I need to take more pictures, and well, I've been lazy! :D But after writing my aunt (technically Phil's aunt, but they're my family too! It just wouldn't be fair if I couldn't call them mine! They're so awesome! :D) I rambled on about something that happened yesterday that I think needs its own blog post (and I'll try to get to the pictures tomorrow! :D).

Ok enough explaining and on to the story!

Every Friday I babysit my sister's kids Jordyn, Jaci, and Austin. You've seen pictures of the girls, but not a very good one of Austy, so heres a cute one I took of him after I was playing around with his hair cause it was getting so cute and long. He's 17 months old (8 months older than Nate)

...its pretty much my favorite day of the week! So yesterday the girls wanted to watch High School Musical 3 and they boys don't really care, they were more concerned with the fact that the girls were eating pretzels and they wanted in on the action. So they were doing just fine, usually Nate stays pretty occupied with the change of environment and new toys to play with....except when any type of food is involved. If you're eating, he MUST have some too, no matter if its a food he doesn't usually like (I swear he hates avacado unless I'm eating it). Anyway thats another story. So I walked into the other room to look something up on the computer really quick (seriously, its just a room away) and after about a minute Jaci yells, "Austin just put Nathan's hand in his mouth and bit it." Nate wasn't making a sound, so I thought maybe Jaci thought thats what he did, but he didn't really, or something like that. So I walk out (thinking its nothing really) and I see Nate standing up to the couch with his face beet red with a soundless scream! (Oh the horror just thinking about it). So I ran over to him and picked him up and he took a breath and just cried the saddest cry I've ever heard! He's hit his head before and cried, or fallen off things, etc. But there is just something about him being an innocent bystander getting hurt by another source that just melts my heart (similar to the feeling I get when he has to get shots). It was so sad! I just wanted to kiss it and make it all better!
Ok so here's the thing, Austin, he's a sensitive little boy. Usually when you tell him no (even if its something little like "no no don't touch that" he starts bawling (he doesn't like knowing he did something wrong). And he really is a sweet little boy and I love him with all of my heart, and I felt so bad that I had to yell at him, but I said "NO!! YOU DO NOT BITE OTHER PEOPLE! NO NO!" I did it a couple of times to make sure that he knew it was a bad thing to do. And he just sat there and took it! He knew he had done something wrong. He's just got sharp little teeth and it hurt Nate really bad! After a minute or so I sat down with Nate and he walked over to us and I put him at Nate's level and made him give him a hug and then I told him he was a good boy (I felt REALLY bad for yelling at him! He's such a cute little nephew!) When his mom came home I told her about it and she said he deserved being yelled at, but I still felt really bad! I've just never had that instinct come over me like that! I never ever want him to get hurt by someone else ever again! I love him too much! I mean look at this face!

What's not to love?