Friday, April 24, 2009

Going Unprivate

Well...I gave it a little bit and decided it wasn't worth it. One reason is sometimes I just want to tell someone the address and not have to worry about getting their email to add them to the list and hope they approve it. Kind of a stupid reason I guess, but its just proven to be more of a hassle than its worth.

I've also been doing some thinking; 1. my address isn't on the blog anywhere, 2. most people that would find out the address to the blog would already know us and know we have a baby, and 3. the doors are always locked...I don't know, I'm just not sure that its worth having a private blog because I don't have any crazy ex's or anything like that.

So thank you for giving me your emails so I could add you and if I ever run into any problems, I have them so I will add you to my private list! :D

Monday, April 20, 2009

Walking Nate...and Uncle James

Up until last Thursday night Nate's record was three steps at the most. Then it went to five. Now...I don't even know! But here is proof of our determined little ten month old! :D

This video is longer, it doesn't have as much walking in it, but Phil likes it and wanted me to post it.

Also, Friday and Saturday Uncle James stayed at our house and we hung out with him all day on Friday and played disc golf at a local course (my arm was pretty sore the next day! haha). We took Nate around in the stroller on the grass and everything and he was awesome. He actually fell asleep for half of it and all the bumps of the grass didn't even wake him! haha! I also learned that I really suck at disc golf.
James left on Saturday afternoon. He was going to leave on Sunday, but him and his friend wanted to get started early on their next big adventure (I can never keep track of where he is and what he's up to next!) This time I think he is going climbing for a month...not really sure how you can spend a whole month climbing, but I guess he does. :D Its always nice to see him even though in the whole three years of being with Phil I don't think I've ever seen James for more than 2 days at a time. He's moving to Colorado again so we'll be able to visit him more often soon since its only an 8 hour drive I believe, but I have no idea how long he'll be there. Anyway, here are a couple pictures of Nate and Uncle Travlin' James (thats what he wants Nate to call him).

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

10 months...videos galore!

Nate is 10 months old tomorrow (April 8th...also my sister's 30th birthday :D). I feel like this month he has accomplished the very most! This is definitely by FAR the funnest age yet, but also the most challenging! Its so hard to get a picture of him cause he just goes goes and goes! So I have a couple videos for your viewing pleasure! :D But first a quick update on what he's been doing this past month:

As stated before, he has taken his first steps. The other day I was resting on the couch and Phil said he took three steps to me without even falling to grab on to the couch. I decided to just let him go at his own pace. If he starts walking this month thats fine. Its too hard to follow him around and keep him from balancing (and its too cute to watch him do it anyway :D) In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, a pediatrician told me that babies brains develop better if they crawl for a solid 4 months before walking. He's been scooting for nearly 5 months now and full on hands and knees crawling for 3 so I think we're good. I don't push him to walk or anything. Sometimes I tell him to come to me just for fun to see if he'll walk.

He plays lots of games with me now. Patty cake was favorite for a little while, but now he is into playing peek-a-boo ALL THE TIME! Haha! He'll crouch down on whatever he's standing up to (usually the couch) and bounce up! He'll also use a blanket. He also likes the itsy bitsy spider, but usually only does the climbs up the water spout part, if you say "how big is Nate?" he'll throw his arms up and we'll say "so big!", and he plays ball with us (rolls it back and forth). I've seen him push fire truck around, but I'm not sure if he was just trying to play with it and it was moving so he was going with it. He also does this really cute thing where I say "snuggle?" and he'll lay his head on my shoulder and I'll grab him and say snuggle a bunch of times while shaking him! I love it!

He gets in to EVERYTHING! His very favorite is to open drawers and pull everything out. So I made sure the towells and soft things were in the bottom drawers so he could pull whatever he wants out and not worry about it. He also really likes to shut doors and open them. But sometimes he locks himself in rooms and gets mad. And he climbs up everything. When he's on the couch, he'll try to get to the top...I'm not sure what he plans on doing once he's up there, but he sure is determined. He also climbs from couch to couch. If you don't know this, my parents have 4 couches and two rocking chairs that are in our apartment and we put them all together so we could keep him in one area sometimes (it doesn't really work, he crawls out) so they're all really close together. It makes me nervouse that he does that though! But he has figured out how to safely get off the couch. In fact today Phil saw him throw a pillow down to crawl down onto. Sometimes I think with things like that we think its coincidence or funny, but we underestimate how smart babies are! I know he did it on purpose!

Ok on to the movies and pictures!

Typical man...falling asleep during conference!

Nate's balancing act at the doctors office. It was cracking me up so bad how he was throwing his arms back. He's been doing it for a week funny!

Patty Cake! He does it a lot better, but this is the only good one I got on tape...I'm using words that are already next thought was on film, but thats just as bad. Anyway he kept getting ahead of himself. He would do this a lot during patty cake and thats when I realized that he was doing itsy bitsy spider too.

Playing peek-a-boo at my sister's house. And itsy bitsy spider. The (ADORABLE) little girl is my niece Jaci (cutest 4 almost 5 year old in the whole world! She's in the next movie too)

He loves to walk with his walker. He gets really mad when it stops! We have one at home that he likes too. It isn't as noisy and it turns into a car! I love at the end of this how Austin says "by by" So CUTE! He said it a couple of times before I pushed stop, but it cut it off :(.

On that short burst of awesome weather we played on my sister's swing set. It was definitely hard to get a good shot on my camera so this is the best I got! It was so much fun! I can't wait to take him to the park again now that its warming up again!

I was throwing bread on to his tray...I felt like I was feeding ducks!

He was pushing this stool around the doctors office.

While I was cleaning I turned on Baby Van Gogh (his favorite of all) and it was so cute how he was just lounging!

AAAAHHHH the best part of the whole day! When our explorer finally tuckers out! I love how his little toes are poking out!