Wednesday, May 13, 2009


PHIL GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After six months of perilous torturous days of looking for terribly crappy paying jobs in this awful, disgusting, treturous, annoying, horrible economy!!!!! He finally got one interview (yes just one out of the fifty hundred jobs he applied for) and he got it! :D :D :D :D :D :D He is SO happy! You have no idea!!!!
He will be working for a company called Handstands (never heard of it before) they distrubute...stuff...all across the world and apparently the headquarters is in Bluffdale (perfect location for us! Right in between my sister's house (our babysitter on some days) and home!) We are SO happy because he will be making $2.00 more than his last job! :D HOORAY!!!

You really have no idea what a relief this is to us! A HUGE stress is off our shoulders and our lives will be getting a LOT easier! :D We will actually be able to save now! YAY!

Monday, May 11, 2009

11 months!

I can't believe that in one month my little Natey Potatey will be 1!!!! That is just crazy! It has gone by way too fast! :D His learning and growing is exponential! The more he learns, the faster he learns more things. Its truly crazy, but quite a wonderful journey! :D
So here are some of the things Nate has been up to this month:

-He says "go" when you say "ready...set..." although lately he won't do it on command, but I think if we don't give up, he'll start again. That was exciting for us because it is his first word other than crying "mama mamama" I kind of have a feeling that he will a little bit more behind on stuff like this (not too much behind) because he seems to be ahead with physical things, but not social things. It took him longer than most babies to really start smiling, so its just a guess (since my book says they should be able to say mama and dada by now, he doesn't really do it...just the mama thing when he cries. He might be doing it and we don't notice it because we think its baby babble....we'll have to pay closer attention).

-He walks like crazy. He started letting go to walk just before 10 months and he is a lot better at it now. However, he's not a full time walker, just half time. When he wants to go somewhere fast he crawls, but when he is already standing, he'll walk. I like to put him down and hold his hand to walk when we're out and about, but he's not super good at that because sometimes he wants to walk his own way so he'll try to walk the opposite way as me and he ends up falling because I pull him and his legs aren't coordinated enough to catch his balance every time. But it works great when we are both going the same way.

-He loves the swings. We take him to the park a lot, but he'll only play on the swings. I tried putting him in the play ground and he gets too nervous. He doesn't really like the slide either so we'll have to try it again in a month or two. He can be a pretty nervous baby with a lot of things. If I set him on a high counter for a second at the store or something (standing right by him of course) he'll grab on tight to me.

-Speaking of being outside, he is getting used to the grass now. At first he wouldn't even touch it and I think it was because it wasn't as plush and soft like it is now. He'll happily walk on it, but when he crawls he'll still go on his hands and feet sometimes. He loves being outside though especially when we blow bubbles.

-He safely gets down from a couch, bed, or a few stairs (I haven't tried a whole flight of stairs yet). That is REALLY nice because I don't have to worry about him so much because he's been climbing all of the couches like crazy for a while (he almost falls off the back....I've yelled no many a time! In fact one time I was standing behind the couch and he almost fell off the back trying to get to me (I was talking on the phone), but I have a feeling that he wouldn't do that if I wasn't standing behind him because he is such a nervous baby, I don't think he would dare go the whole way.

-He is really good at following commands like "give the phone to mommy" or "touch your nose" and stuff like that. He loves to talk back and forth and play games as well. I love it when he fake coughs at us! Its really cute!

-Within the last month he has gotten really bad separation anxiety which is NOT any fun at all! Even if I leave the room for five seconds to grab something he cries. He's starting to want me to hold him ALL the time. He'll crawl into the other room when I leave, but he'll still cry like he's mad that I did it in the first place. It seems to happen a lot more when he's in a bad mood (which I think is pretty obvious that he would, but still)

-Lastly, he gets into EVERYTHING!!!!!!! And fast too! I can't keep up with it anymore! I got all of the stuff to baby proof the place and will be doing that soon so I don't have to chase him around! I don't really care if he gets into most of the drawers because its something new for him to discover, just not under the kitchen sink and bathroom sink.

Here is my crazy baby playing with his food instead of eating it. He didn't like it at all...I think I'll have to try a new sauce...

Splash splash!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Aniversary!

Today (May 4th) is our two year anniversary! I can't believe its been two years. Phil pointed out that that's as long as a mission! Which is crazy because it went by much faster than my brother's mission did (then again I was 9-11 and life goes by slower when you're younger). Anyway, so I wanted to post some pictures of our wedding! :D

Before the wedding out side of the temple (bad luck we saw each other I guess) :D

Our marriage license. You can't see it, but the time says 1:59:48....exactly 12 seconds away from the 24 hour rule of New York State. Meaning you have to get a license 24 hours before you get married and we were scheduled for 2:00 pm!!! I thought that was really crazy!

We exchanged rings in Central Park so that everyone could be there!

I really love this one

I loved taking pictures under the bridges, but I just wish we would have spent more time doing so.

And this one isn't the wedding, but the honeymoon and this picture brings back nothing but good memories! :D

This has been an amazing two years! With its ups and downs that I wouldn't trade a second of! :D Sometimes I wish I could go back and live it all over again! :D I can't wait to celebrate many many many more anniversaries!