Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ben Kweller!!!

Phil and Ben Kweller in Brooklyn back in 2002

Last night was amazing! Back in March I bought us Ben Kweller tickets for Phil's birthday present. I originally was going to buy Flight of the Concords (which would have been closer to his birthday), but by the time I got around to buying them it was sold I looked down the list and saw BK and I am SO glad that Flight of the Concords was sold out!!!! I would have never seen that he was coming here! Phil has seen him live four times now! Haha! The first time he saw him he was opening for Dashboard Confessional (in 2001 when he released his acoustic album....before he started writing all of the crap he's been writing the last few years). The above picture was the second time he saw him. So anyway, we had to see him together because he's our honeymoon artist! :D His album Sha Sha was the first CD we bought together as a married couple! Also Polyphonic we have to see them live! One of my best memories was driving around Phil's hometown Toms River listening to one of my most favorite albums of all time!

I can't say it enough, last night was AMAZING!!!!!!!!! That was by far hands down my favorite show ever! One of the main reasons is that I didn't hate the audience like most of the shows I've been to! But mostly because Ben Kweller is AWESOME live! He has an incredible voice that isn't ruined by live equipment! In other words he doesn't need fancy recording equipment that makes crappy music sound good.

There are three reasons that his show tops every other one I've been to:

1. It was a small venue and therefore more personal. He was so funny! Someone from the audience yelled that it was their birthday and his band played happy birthday to him! It was really cute! He was very interactive and not arrogant like most of the bands I've seen. It was also really sweet because he said that SLC was one of his top favorite places to go and that he just loved us!

2. I didn't hear ONE swear word! I was very surprised! That was a very pleasent surprise for sure!

3. (this is the number one reason) Once a whole bunch of people left, he came back on stage and he had his little three year old boy come out and play the drums and they sang the kids song B-I-N-G-O! It was incredible! I couldn't believe how well that little three year old played the drums! It was so cute too because he tried to get him to say something in the mic and he was shy and BK goes "its nighty night time". That just made me love him so much! Not to mention the fact that we have a drum set in Nate's room and that could be my little bub in two years (and oh it will be! :D). I just CAN'T stand it when people act like children are such an inconvenience to life, so to see someone like him with a three year old (which means he wasn't much older than Phil was when we had Nate) just makes me incredibly happy!

I love Ben Kweller!

Enjoy some of my favorites from the concert last night!!!! :D

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Nate's 12 month update!

Well, its a new month of things to talk about with Nate! He has been learning like crazy! He is just a little sponge! So lets get started!

He had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and he weighs 21# 7.5 oz and is 30 inches tall. So this year he has gained 13 pounds 5.5 ounces, and grown 10 inches! He is in the 30th percentile for weight, 61st for height, and 69th for head size.

She said he is doing very well developmentally so that made me happy! And its also good to know that he can eat anything now! Except nuts apparently, but I had no idea and have already fed him almonds. She acted like it wasn't a big deal especially if there is no allergies for them in the family.

Nate doesn't crawl at all anymore. He still falls a lot, but he can stand up without pulling himself up on something. And he gets into anything and EVERYTHING! :D And he climbs up everything and tries to climb into drawers and boxes! Its really funny! I've had to rearrange everything and always close the bathroom and bedroom doors. He also randomly turns in circles a lot and dances when music comes on!

I had kind of given up sign language because he didn't seem to be picking it up at all. I would do some things every once in a while. Suddenly out of the blue one day he started signing! And now he picks up really fast. I started signing banana and within a week he started doing it! So he signs milk, more, food, all done, banana, and he waves for hi and bye. I've signed the ABCs to him since he was really little because it would calm him down, and now he tries to do it! Its hilarious!

He also is starting to talk a lot. So far the words he says are: go (his first word), hi, grandpa (bapa), dada (he doesn't really do mama :( haha, eye (he points to his eye when he says it! :D), bird, duck, whats that (sounds more like "whatsah"), uh oh, wow, and I think thats all. If you ask him what a monkey says he hits his chest and sometimes he'll try to make the noises. We sing head shoulders knees and toes a lot and he can point to his head, toes, nose, eyes, ears and mouth. He also sticks out his tongue when you say "where's your tongue" Its really funny! He claps if you say YAY or clap, and he also knows what to do when you say "arms up".

Its unexplainable how much fun it is to have a baby this age! Every time he learns something new it feels like I have accomplished something! haha I don't know why! Its just so fun to teach him something new and know that he has learned it! And its so rewarding when he can say something and I know what he wants!

Now lets take a journey of Nate's first year!!!


1 Month

2 Months

3 Months

4 Months

5 MOnths

6 Months

7 Months

8 Months

9 Months

10 Months

11 Months

One Year!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nate's birthday party!

Here are pictures from Nate's first birthday party! :D They are in no particular order because they got all mixed up when I uploaded them and its too much work to fix them all!
The cake I made for Nate

I made the mistake of shopping during his nap time....this was the result. It was hilarious because when he woke up, he went right back to eating cake!
Grandpa Eger was watching via skype! So here is Phil and his dad looking at each other from across America

Nate's friend Gigi
Grandpa watching the cake destroying

Jaci, Destinee, and Jordyn watching

opening presents

Decorating cupcakes

My family minus Ryan and his family, Jordyn, Destinee, Austin, and Brooke

A better picture of the cake I made! I made the design up too! It was a jungle themed party because Nate is our little monkey

I let the birthday boy lick the spatula! :D

Monday, June 8, 2009

Exactly 1 year ago from this very moment...

12:09 am June 8th, 2008

I was laying in my bed reading scriptures with Phil. Perhaps at this point we were talking in the dark.

12:16 am

I rolled over to go to sleep and....POP my water broke!

12:17 am

I called my mom and told her my water broke and I was definitely going to give birth that day! (I know this time because I looked at my phone to see what time I made the call because I knew the hospital would want to know when my water broke)

About an hour later I arrived at the hospital...very wet. They put me right into room 317, no triage necessary considering they were 99% positive my water was broken and I was in active labor....also considering I had to stop for a second while I had a contraction.

After I took my very wet clothes on, put on a gown and hopped into bed, I found out I was dilated to a 5! After about an hour and a half of labor (maybe was all a blur) they checked me again and I was dilated to a 6. My contractions were right on top of each other and I knew it wasn't ending any time I got an epidural. Which was quite a relief might I add!

My parents, sister, and niece Jordyn arrived at the hospital around 5 in the morning. They were afraid they weren't going to make it in time, but little did they know it was a waiting game from there.

About 10:45 am

My doctor finally came into my room after I had been completely dilated for a couple of hours and had been "resting and descending."

11:16 am

I gave one last push and my little Natey Potatey was finally apart of the outside world. After exactly 11 hours of labor! Which wasn't bad considering that only three of those hours I was in pain for. And I'm sure it would have gone faster if I went natural because I would have pushed a lot sooner, but hey there's always my next one!

He was 8 pounds 1.2 ounces and 20 inches long!

I still canNOT believe that was a year ago today! Thinking back is such an emotional experience. It was the best day of my entire life and I would do it over again a thousand times! Every night I woke up to breast feed, every diaper that leaked all over his clothes, every time he spit up on me...I'd do it all over again just to watch him grow again.
In the back of my mind today is my birthday too because I gave birth! :D Not in a selfish "I want presents" day, but a celebration of the best day and the best experience I could ever ask for!

I know he has so much more to learn and I have so much more to teach him, but I feel like he has already conquered the world! Every accomplishment he makes feels like its my own! Maybe because I was a successful teacher? More like he is just an awesome baby! :D

Happy Birthday Bubby!

In labor waiting for Baby Nate!

Proud new Daddy holding his son for the first time!

Aunt Shauna and Cousin Jordyn in the labor room

Holding my new baby in my postpartum room (where I worked....I was laying around on the job...I was actually supposed to work the day Nate was born!)

My little Wubby now! This was taken a couple weeks ago. New pictures are going to be posted tomorrow. We got our family pictures taken, but none of the computers at the house have a new enough version of Photoshop, so my dad has to take them to work to fix them then bring them home! I'm so lucky that my dad has a super expensive camera through his work that is awesome!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Things I'm looking forward to.

Its been a while....not that long, but still.... I just haven't been taking a ton of pictures lately...but no worries that is about to change. Nate's first birthday party was today and we got a lot of 'em! :D But we're also getting family pictures tomorrow (if the weather behaves) so I will be posting those as well.

Moving along. So what I wanted to talk about today are some things I am looking forward to doing as a mom! In no particular order (other than the order they come to me):

1-Taking Nate to the beach. Its either going to be a disaster...or really fun. He's either going to love the ocean or absolutely hate it. Who knows....either way, I think he'll have fun with the sand and the sand toys...or maybe he'll just eat it! I will let you know. Grandpa Eger is turning the big 50 this August and will be out there on the East side...which naturally means swimming in the ocean!

Which brings me to...

2-Having adventures! Real ones! Ok so for those of you who have seen Up! (we did last was awesome) I'm not talking about those kind of adventures, just ones that I didn't get to have growing up that I wish I would have! Utah just doesn't have very much culture at all. Its great if you live outside and you want to learn about pioneers or mormons, but living here all of the time you get to know it so well that its not an adventure anymore. Phil got to have so many more experiences as a kid because of where he lived and that is why I'm so grateful that we get to go out there so much!

3-Decorating his room! I can't wait to get to know his little personality and find out what he loves the most and decorating his room to fit him! Cause you know, when you decorate the nursery (which I haven't really done very much, but eh oh well) you just do it generically because you don't really know the baby! I'm excited to get him race car sheets, or basketball know, stuff like that! Then I can paint his name in wooden block letters and hang them up! And draw him cool pictures.

4-Nate says a lot of words, but I'm really looking forward to having conversations with him and teaching him about all of my life philosophies and observations. I'm excited to teach him something he's never thought about before. I teach him new things every day and that is very rewarding (especially when he shows signs that he is learning), but I'm looking forward to teaching him more than the ABC's and which body parts are what!

Don't get me wrong...just because I'm looking forward to these things doesn't mean I don't enjoy every minute I have with him! I think parenting is just an ongoing adventure! There is always something new and exciting and every day is better (or worse depending on the day) than the last. Every time Nate learns something new and makes accomplishments it feels like I am!

I'm tired and I can't think of any thing else...when I do....I will let you know! :D