Friday, July 17, 2009

We're moving!

I have been such a slacker because I can't upload pictures from my computer so I put it off too much. So I am going to just post without a picture....I just have a ton of cute pictures and videos of Nate I really need to post soon!

Anyway so we are getting the keys to our new apartment tonight! We really weren't expecting to move this soon it just kind of happened! We were thinking September, but we're super excited and just want to do it now! So our new place is a two bedroom apartment at a place called Willow Cove on Redwood and 9400 south (technically the address is 9300 South, but our apartment is just off 9400). It has a swimming pool/hot tub, three play grounds, laundry hook ups, dishwasher, 1 and 1.5 bath, big pantry!, storage space, coat closet, and a deck! Those are all of the things that make me really excited to move! The place we had in St. George was a little less expensive (because we didn't have to pay for gas/water/garbage), but the ONLY thing I like better is that it came with a washer and dryer, but the door on the small bathroom was broken, there were cockroaches (that came with the apartment! Everyone thought it was our fault, but it really wasn't! The whole entire place was infested with them! Our neighbors had them too...they were the worst thing ever ever ever!!!!!), there were tons of holes in the walls, it may have seemed bigger, but its just because there were two levels (which neither of us really liked), the coat closet was TINY and right by the back door that opened IN to the house, the pantry wasn't near as big, and our closet now is in our bathroom (how cool is that? You can change, and brush your teeth all within 5 feet! haha!).

Anyway I'm just really excited! Living with my parents hasn't been bad at all, its just not the same. Even though we have our own kitchen and space, it still isn't the same! I seriously canNOT wait! YAYAY!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

PIctures I have been waiting 2 years for!!!!!

Phil's family friend is a photographer and took some pictures at our Beachwood, NJ reception and finally sent some of them to us!!!! I'm SO excited! So here they are for you to enjoy!