Thursday, August 20, 2009

My attempt to update

So....Nate has somehow completely hidden my phone....which worries me greatly of course...and most of my pictures are on there because it is the most convenient of course and because we were moving and packed the here are a few pictures I've taken over the past few days with the camera. I hope you enjoy them!
I finally got a picture of his silly face...I've learned it is a LOT easier to get pictures of him with a flash camera because my phone delays and it blurs really easy!!! Thats why I couldn't get it before! He moves too much!

This was taken yesterday. My mom watched him all day and she took him to the park and swimming, and he also didn't take a very long nap, so he fell asleep eating a roll in his high chair at 8:30 (his bed time is usually 9:00 and he is usually not that tired at that time)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Long overdue post

So we've been super busy with moving and having no internet at our new apartment. I want to post pictures and video, but its kind of hard to do when you don't have internet and have to go somewhere else to get it.

So just for a quick update:
Nate will be 14 months old tomorrow. He is so crazy and says something new everyday! Some of his latest favorite things are: my belly button, handing stuff to me and saying thank you (tay too), and dancing (his favorite songs are: only in dreams by weezer and this song called fooba wooba john from a silly kids songs album he got for his birthday, and his daddy's music). I just gave him a haircut didn't go as smoothly as the first one, but at least he looks cute! He's adjusted to his new room. He didn't go to sleep very well at first, but now does just fine. And we covered up the room to make it darker because the room he used to sleep in was so dark all day long he wouldn't take as long of naps when it was light. He's starting to respond to me saying no better! And something that's really cute is when he plays with trucks or cars he makes a noise for the motor! Its super cute! :D He also does a "silly face" and its really funny. I wish I could get a picture of it, but every time I do, he moves! Seriously I really can't get a picture of it!

So hopefully we will be getting internet soon cause he is growing so fast! I want to document it for myself too! :D