Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jersey Trip!

Phil's dad turned 50 last week so for his birthday James (Phil's brother), his fiancee Kirsten, and us flew to see him! There is nothing I love more than flying back to Phil's hometown (Toms River)!!!

Day 1 Sunday Aug. 30th (I don't really count Saturday because we just flew all day)

This day we woke up early to go to church! One of my main motivations for going was that my friend at work Vanessa's brother is on a mission out there and was in the ward my husband grew up in! So of course I had to take pictures for her!

Later that day we had a family party at Island Beach State Park. It was absolutely fabulous! The perfect beach day!!! Seriously it couldn't have been better! It wasn't too hot and not near too cold, the wind wasn't blowing too hard, and the sky was cloud free! Toward the end, however, the wind shifted slightly and all of the angry flies came attacking! They are the craziest meanest bugs I've ever encountered! They're relentless! And Off doesn't work!

Nate and Kelly (she wouldn't put him down!) She is Phil's adorable cousin!!! She's more like a niece to me though!

Hangin' out with Granny on the beach!

Playing in the sand!

Staring at the ocean...it made him a little nervous at first.
Cute little beach bum!

He caught it with his bare hands! ...ok not really he found it already dead. Everyone was playing with it!

James and Max taunting Nicolas! I'm so glad I caught this on video!

Day 2 Monday Aug. 31st, Neal's birthday

This day we went down to Wildwood which is one of the biggest boardwalks in America. We originally intended to go to the water

After Wildwood we went down to Cape May which is the southern tip of Jersey. You can find these clear rocks called Cape May Diamonds, its really cool. If you come to my house I can show them to you!

I jsut love this one so much! Its so funny!
Throwing rocks into the ocean

Those two days were the main events of our trip, the rest of the days we got to hang out with friends and family and here are the pictures to prove it! :D

Of course Phil had to have a jam session with Forrest!

One day we went to the beach with Brandon (Forrest's brother) to just hang out and talk...Nate just walked around and played in the sand...and layed in it.

Chasing the seagulls
Where are this kid's parents?

Don't ask...
That night we went to Aunt Karen and Uncle Al's for dinner (she is the most amazing cook in the world! She even cooked vegetarian for us! She's so awesome!) This is Max and Jill. They're getting married next year!

Maddy really wanted to give Nate a bath. it was adorable! There whole family are all some of my favorite people!

This picture below is out of place...something went wrong and I can't move it...Anyway I just thought he was so cute in this bed! Our last night we stayed at his Aunt and Uncle's house in South Jersey.

Jill and Nate looking at Sam's lizard

Maddy and Nate

Aunt Karen and her amazing Chutney!

And finally we had to go home :( :( :(

Nate playing with the people behind us! He was standing on the arm of the chair! :D Funny story is that the family he was playing with were on one of our flights out there! Then they happened to be sitting behind us. They're really cool. They live pretty close to us, but who knows if we'll see them again.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Toms River

Toms River is my favorite place in the whole wide world to visit! I can't wait to move here some day! More pictures soon to come!! I never ever ever ever want to leave! I just wish we could hurry and finish school so I can finally live my dream of being a professional beach bum!!!