Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Phil's Beard Transition

Every time Phil grows a beard, when he shaves it off, he always has to shave it into different facial hair types....he's so weird! But thats why I love him so much! :D

First the Goatee

Then the handlebars

And lastly...the creepy mustache

Which leads to...

Fully shaved!

The reason why Nate's eyes look shiny is cause the poor guy has pink eye! It was caused by his cold, so I put gentamiacin petroleum in his eyes and I'm giving him ampicillin by mouth (he is the weirdest freaking kid! He LOVES his medicine and always wants more! It cracks me up!) so thats why they're shiny. He's still cute though!

Monday, November 23, 2009

My new business!

I guess its time to start promoting my new business. I'm not an annoying sales person or anything, but just in case you didn't read my last blog, I am almost certified to be a doula.
For those of you who haven't heard of a doula, let me explain. A doula is a person who is trained in childbirth who provides physical, emotional, and informational support for a laboring woman. We support their partner's role during labor and don't replace it. Pretty much a doula helps a woman who wants to give birth naturally to be able to fulfill that goal. I would go into a lot of depth of why it is wise to birth naturally, but it would be long and possibly boring to read (unless you're me and you love to read about it! haha!)

Ok so anyway, the reason I need to talk about my new business in my blog is because I have to do three births before I can become a certified doula (in which case I will be on the official website, and can network with other doulas). So please if you know anyone that is planning on going naturally, I have to attend three births free of charge! I just want to get it started as quickly as possible so that I can quit the hospital and stay home with Nate. I will only need to take two clients a month to be able to quit! :D Thanks everyone!

My website is www.tenderbirthdays.com

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Family update Fall '09

Its been so long since I've posted because I know there is so much to say that I feel overwhelmed...I realize I don't have to say EVERYTHING! Haha! I have a serious problem and think I have to tell everyone everything that I think in my head....can you say extravert? Annoying. Anyway, I will try to sum it up quick!

Phil and I have been going to school full time this semester which has been a little crazy! All but one of my classes is online and Phil has two online and two at school. The class I go to every week is amazing! It is a childbirth prep/doula class and at the end of the semester I'll be able to certify and be a doula! :D I'm super excited! First I have to do three births without charge, read a bunch of books, write a paper, and I think do some other things, then I'll be set. I hope to certify ASAP! :D I'm excited to start my business and quit the hospital. :D Then I'll only have to work two times a month (since I'll only take two to three patients tops) and it will be awesome! :D So if anyone has a friend that wants a free doula you can give them my website address which is www.tenderbirthdays.com. My business name is going to be Tender Birth Days. :D I'm so excited! I've learned a TON about natural birthing and how amazing and important it is and although I had an epidural with Nate (in other words, I don't judge anyone that has had one) I'm excited to give birth without one! :D I'm not pregnant so don't get your hopes up...I've just been thinking about birth a lot since I'm taking this class.

Moving along, Nate is growing up SOOOO FREAKING MUCH!!! It is insane! He can almost count to ten. He can identify the letters A, B, D, F, H, I, M, O, Q, S, T, Y, Z. Its so cute! And he can say one, two, three, six, eight, nine, and ten. I'm sure he knows the order that the numbers go, he just has a hard time saying those particular ones. Every time he gets to six he says Shauna (which is my sister's name) and I think its because he's trying to say seven...not really sure. Anyway he says over a hundred words and learns new ones every day. He can step down a small step (about a curb size step) and down it without his hands (it surprised me the first time he did it! It was like nothing!).
He loves both his grandmas SOOOO much. Today we had to pick something up from my parents house and when we pulled in the drive way he started shouting "GAMA!!!" and he was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO mad when we didn't get him out and we drove away! haha! Also, the other day I went over to get something different, but went in for an hour or so and when I tried to leave I kept telling him "say bye bye" and he just kept reaching for my mom and crying, so she took him from me and he looks at me, waves and says "bye bye" hahaha! It was really funny! My mom loves it. While I'm on the subject, my mother in law came up to take him for the weekend and on the day she came up we went car shopping (she bought a new car and gave us her van, so we have a new van now and traded in our old one) and we were waiting in the car and she was outside the door and Nate kept knocking on the window and yelling "gama!!" It was cute!

I could seriously talk about him all day and all of the cute things he does, but I'll spare you! :D I need to get pictures of his halloween costume up here, but the really good ones are on my parent's camera and they just installed a new computer, so I haven't had the chance to upload any of them. For now, here are some that I took on our crappy point and shoot. He was DJ Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba (the best kids show in the world. Lovingly referred to by Nate as "wa gabba" It is his absolute favorite). Oh and my mom and I made the costume. She did most of the sewing. I sewed on the stripes and you can't see it, but he has a belt buckle that says "rock" which was pretty freaking hard to make. She sewed the hat and I made the radio and the star for the hat. Its impossible to find orange fuzzy material so I had to buy white fur and dye it orange!

Here is a random picture of Nate in the tub. He loves to blow the bubbles off his hand. I photoshopped it so you can't see his weiner...or "weino" as he calls it. As you can see, he now has molars on the bottom (and top) now.

Phil grew a beard and he's very proud of it...

Here are some pictures of the beautiful trees in front of our apartment. Of course they look nothing like this now....

I took this picture today. I told him to make a funny face and he did his silly face and it looked so funny!!!! I laughed so hard!