Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 2010

I've decided it is so hard to post in January because it is such a terrible and awful and horrible month! I really just HATE January! To be honest. The only thing good about it is that it is closer to spring and summer than December. It doesn't help that they make you start school in January.
Well, there are a few good things to report. I applied for Jet Blue months and months ago. Probably back in October...maybe even September. Then right before Christmas I got this email that says to call this number which I thought would be a "press one press two" kind of call, however, I was wrong! The computer started asking interview like questions over the phone. I was totally unprepared! Nate started crying at me half way through one of my answers and I started running into the other room and shut the door and he was knocking and crying at my door till I was done! So I thought they would for sure not call me back! Then I got this email around the middle of January saying that there were orientation/interviews on specific dates and times and I had to pick a day. So I went and they said that they were hiring 120 people! Then we had to do a drug test, a typing test (you had to do 25 wpm and I got 69! :D), and an interview. I'm pretty sure she said that if they wanted to hire us that we would get an email to fill out info for a background check. Anyway I got an email a couple days after that asking for a background check. However, the email never said "congratulations you got the job" so I'm still a little skeptical cause it was never officially confirmed. However, I'm about 90% sure I got the job.
So what does that mean? I get to work from home!!! :D And even better I get to fly for free to visit family in Jersey! WOO HOO!!!! That and the perk of working from home was the whole reason I applied. My parents get to fly for free too which is fun, but I wish that in-laws counted!!! They need to fly more than my parents do, but whatever rules are rules I guess.

So that's pretty much the only exciting thing about January thus far....other than that it is still the worst month of the year! At least each day is getting a little longer, a little closer to the BEST time of the year!

And here are some pictures just for fun! :D

Nate did this by himself! I tried to do this the day before, but he wouldn't let me, then I caught him doing it on his own! I had to take a picture! I turned on music too! It was cute!

Well that's all. And as a follow up to the last post....not pregnant yet unfortunately, but there's always next month!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I just found out....

That one of my bestest friends Tania (Pitcher) Greenhaulgh is pregnant! Aaaaand I'm SOOOO SUPER excited I can't even contain myself! If you didn't already know, Phil and I are trying to make Natey a little buddy so it would be freaking awesome if we could be preggie buddies! So pray that I get pregnant soon! :D And for all of my other bestest friends....Get pregnant now too! :D haha

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Eve

My brother just uploaded all of the pictures he took on Christmas Eve so here are a few for your enjoyment! :D

Classic Nate. Always has his finger up his nose!!!

Excited to open presents!

He looks real happy......??

This is how all family get togethers go! My nieces and nephews pile on uncle Phil!!!
This is every single one of them except Austin who wasn't feeling well (he's 8 months older than Nate)

I love this picture of Brynn! She's so funny (she's the one with the wide eyes and open mouth) It's a funny picture of Jaci...she's always the one that gets hurt some how!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mini Phil my EYE! :D

As Nate grows, it's fun to compare pictures of him to Phil and I so we can really see who he looks like (everyone thinks he is a clone of Phil) I don't have any pictures of Phil at 18 months, but here is one of me and Nate!

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Friday, January 1, 2010

A new decade!

Since it's a new decade I thought it would be fun to reflect on the one that's passed and make new decade resolutions as well as new year ones! I don't have pictures from every year, but the more recent ones I do :D

I was a measly little seventh grader :D. I was loving the new life that middle school brought and was smack dab in the middle of puberty. Nothing too exciting happened this year other than starting my period! hahahahahhhahha TMI for sure!!!

Eighth grade was a great year as well, and the beginning of ninth. This was a great year for me I really enjoyed all of middle school for the most part. Of course this was also the year of the 9-11 attacks which was definitely not a positive, but life moved on.

Ending middle school, starting high school...this is the year I learned how to drive! I turned 16 at the end, but didn't get my drivers license till....

I was a free woman! Now I could drive, but that brought on the responsibility of having a job.

This year was my Junior-Senior year. I became a Certified Nursing Assistant at the beginning of this year and became a senior at the end. This was a great year for music and it was the year we went to warped tour....that was a super awesome memory for me! :D

Me in my choir dress my Senior year!

Now this is where my life got interesting! I graduated from High School, moved out and down to St. George and started College! College was absolutely amazing! I lived around the most amazing people I have ever met and became friends with my current best friends! I also had my first kiss (haha I was old!) and my first real boyfriend!

Phil and I at the Seaside Heights Boardwalk, NJ

I met Phil right at the beginning of this year! This was my absolute favorite semester of college (spring). This is where I became really close with apartment 16 and had some of my best memories! Oh and I broke up with my boyfriend of course! :D This is also the year that I flew to New Jersey for the first time and met Phil's family as well as went to NYC for the first time!!! And I was proposed to at the end of this year!

This is the year I was married! :D Also the year I found out I was pregnant with the coolest kid ever!


Of course the big huge event of this year was Natey's birth! :D We also moved to West Jordan!

Nate's first time REALLY seeing the ocean this year on our NJ trip '09

This year has probably been the least eventful since 2005, but still a good one! Phil was unemployed for nearly the first half, but found an amazing job in May! We moved out into our own apartment and finished a semester as full time students!

New Years:
This year my resolution is to eat healthier for the baby we hope to get pregnant with soon :D, to keep the house cleaner, and to get Nate on a better schedule! He's on an OK one now, I just want to have a little better of a routine and also to spend more time sitting down with him and having one on one learning time!

This next decade I hope to graduate completely from college (with a master's degree preferably, but a bachelors would also be sufficient), to move out of state, to buy a house, and to finish having children. I hope to be done by 30 so that my energy and enthusiasm is high!