Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nate's a big brother!

Alright, well now we have told our immediate families so I guess that it is safe to say that I am pregnant. I know I know, you hear this every other week on facebook, or from work (especially if you work at my work), but in my defense, Nate has to have brothers or sisters eventually and I don't want them spaced too awfully much! And hey lets face it, we're in the baby making age here! Especially for Utah because we're awesome like that! This baby was completely planned and it's going to be amazing.

Oh and it's a boy! Yep it sure is! I'm only 6 weeks along and I'm Due October 21st, but I already know it's a boy. Not based on any scientific fact or reasoning, purely because I just know that's what it is going to be. We have a girl name picked out and would love to have one because we have a boy and Phil has been dying for a girl since he was born I think, so naturally, it's a boy. :D

So like I said, I'm due October 21st! Nate was born 10 days early, and I went into labor naturally, but I most likely could have had him 11 days early, but did no physical activity or tried any methods of going into labor because my niece was being baptized that day which was 6/7/08 and I didn't want my mom to miss her baptism to be with me...yeah that would have been a cool birthday. Instead Nate was born 6/8/08. Ok so this time around 11 days early would make his birthday 10/10/10!!!!! HOLY CRAP! So guess what, there is no stopping me! I'm going to do everything in my power to go into labor on that day! If it doesn't happen, I'll live and I'll be happy with life and it won't really matter, but I'm going to at least give it a try! And here's the funny part, my parents are going on vacation from the 5th to the 10th so they'll be coming back that day and I told her straight up that I am going to try to have this baby on that day and if she's not there tough luck Shauna (my sister) will be my mom! :D I mean at least she IS coming back that day so it's not like she'd be missing that much.

Anyway we are SUPER excited! We LOVE LOVE LOVE being parents and since Nate is such a piece of cake, we can take on a new one even if they're a huge stinker, we're ready (and if he is...we'll wait longer for the next! :D).

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feeling SOOOOOOO overwhelmed lately....

...with LOVE for my Natey!!!! Seriously!!!!! I just feel like I need to write about how much I have enjoyed being his mother so that I can remember this forever! Every age and stage he goes through I think "this has GOT to be the best age" and then it just keeps getting better! So far 20 months is BY FAR the BESTEST BESTY BESTEROUS BEST age EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never ever in my life did I ever think motherhood could ever be this fabulously AMAZING!!!! For one thing, so many people complain about their kids, which I can understand, it's not like it's awesome every single second (although it actually kind of is...just not at 4 in the morning when he wakes up for no good reason) but that's just life. People tend to focus on more negative things...not really sure why, but I know I've been guilty of it before. I also think a reason I thought motherhood would be so hard is because when you're a teenager everyone tells you ALL of the terrible things about it so you will be scared out of having sex! haha! So you just think it's going to be this awful journey and it's not like having a baby doll that you can dress up and fun with like teenagers think. Well guess what! It's exactly like having a fun little toy to dress up and play with only WAY better because it talks back, gives kisses and hugs and says I love you, but it sounds more like "i-uh-u" :D. I JUST LOVE IT!!!!!!

Maybe I just have a freaking awesome kid. Yeah that's probably just it! :D

So Nate has been quite the entertainer lately. I'm pretty sure that everyone that reads my blog also has access to my facebook so you can see Nate's fun little dancey dance he does when Phil turns on this silly little song he made (just go to my videos it's the only one). Well today he did something HILARIOUS! I was playing this silly little ipod touch game called doodle jump and he was watching (he loves the sound effects) and I fell and messed up and he went "crap!" hahahahahhahahaha! I was SO glad that he picked up THAT word and not another one!!! I'm afraid that a swear word is just around the corner too! And honestly, how do you discipline a not even 2 year old for that?? You can't really. I have been warning Phil for months! I hope it's an eye opener! haha! Then it was REALLY funny cause I took Nate into our room to show Phil how he said that so we were both just sitting there staring at Nate hoping he would say it again and he was just sitting there in silence and out of no where he just lifts up one arm and smiles! hahaha like he was entertaining us! It was SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!! He is our comedian!!!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

I SWEAR this really happened!

Nate seriously changed the DVD in the DVD player! He took out the one that was in and put in a new one! DEAD SERIOUS! I was lightly sleeping on the bean bag in his room and all of the sudden he climbs over to me turns around and sits down to watch a movie. I look up and it was a different one than was in before! I couldn't believe it! What a funny kid! And so observant!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I'm so proud of my little Bub! Today he said his first short sentence! First he said "Hi mommy" then he said "Bye Daddy!" Although said when asked to say it, it is still a big step in language development! He'll be quoting Shakespeare before we know it! Then like two seconds ago I swear he was saying "who is it?" He's such a character! LOVE HIM!!!! :D

Also...he think's he's a cat apparently!

Although he looks stuck, he isn't! :D
Yeah he did that on his own! He's such a climber!