Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A few minor happenings :)

Well, if you didn't already know this, I'm going to repeat myself again. My husband is the most amazing musician in the entire universe! Yes this handsome man right here whom I love oh so very much!
Well, this awesome dude made the most amazing song with his old mission companion Dustin and I cannot get myself to stop playing it over and over and over. So to do you all a wonderful service, I am providing a link so you can download the song and listen for yourself! :D Just CLICK HERE! To help you understand who contributed what to the song, Dustin is singing (Phil has a super deep bass voice which is amazing, but no good for this type of song) and he wrote the piano part. Phil wrote the lyrics based on a recurring character that shows up in his dreams named Rose, the drums, and any extra musical parts. He also wrote the melody. If you didn't know this, he went to school for recording arts so he understands how to record and master the songs and there is a lot more to it than you'd think! :D

Also, speaking of Phil's musical recording and making abilities, he is recording one of my really good friend Andee sing with her beautiful voice an album of spiritual adoption songs! And probably some other songs too eventually! Which is so awesome! She is incredibly amazing, not only in her singing, but just as a person (if you know the absolute best guy in the entire world that has absolutely no flaws that actually deserves someone as amazing as Andee, please send him my way so I can evaluate him and set him up because she deserves the best dude ever!!!). If you haven't read my previous posts, she made the ultimate sacrifice for her birth daughter by giving her two absolutely adorable, loving, and awesome parents who take amazing care of her! Why did she do this? Because she is the most amazing mother in the entire world and knew that she was not able to give her daughter what she needed at that time in her life. She is the most selfless person I've ever met! So it's really awesome to be able to help her record an album of adoption songs because it has so much feeling coming from a birth mother! She's also just a really cool girl! I love hanging out with her! She works at IMC with me and that's how I met her :D.

Another new development is that we got a new car! It was really inexpensive! Only 3,000!! It is a white 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer. I would take a picture of it for this post, but it snowed so I'll just wait for the snow to melt.

Lastly, Phil and I have been thinking about buying a house soon and last night I was looking at estimates of how much we could get a loan for and I was feeling a little discouraged about the whole situation. Not because we can't afford it, but we know we can get to a point where we have a really low monthly payment if we just save up some more money and give it more time. Of course I just want to move to one last place and stay there for a long time, so when I realized that it might be better to just wait, it was depressing me. So I felt like I should read the scriptures and I turned to 2 Samuel Chapter 7 in the bible and it literally made me laugh out loud and made me completely stop worrying about the whole situation. Ah the power of the scriptures! So let me explain: In this chapter Jesus tells the king, Nathan (haha yeah I know!) to build him a house because ever since Moses left Egypt and was wandering in the wilderness, his house had been a tent. If you recall the story of Moses when they were wandering in the wilderness, every time they would stop to camp out for a while, they would set up the tabernacle (which in our day would be considered the temple) which was a tent. So it was a traveling temple. So Jesus was pretty much saying that it was time for them to build him a permanent home instead of the temporary one he had been dwelling in for so long. Kind of like the temporary feeling of an apartment as opposed to a home. Then I came across this verse: "Moreover I will appoint a place for my people Israel, and will plant them, that they may dwell in a place of their own, and move no more; neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them any more, as beforetime," I was just laughing because I was like wow ok! How about I just stop worrying about trying to do everything myself and start relying more on the Lord?? Yeah that's a great idea because OBVIOUSLY he knows my needs and wants and knows how I feel and wants me to be happy! And so I am absolutely ok with whatever needs to happen because I will have a place to live and move no more in the near future!!! Whether that's in 6 months or 6 years (hopefully not that long, but still) I know my family and I will be happy no matter what! Oh and in a strange way I relate to the end of that verse where it says "shall the children of wickedness afflict them any more as beforetime." not because I've been afflicted by wicked people, but I just think I won't be afflicted by hearing music through the floor or ceiling, or by the neighbors constantly smoking outside ruining days when I just want to have a nice little valentine's dinner on my porch with my hubs! That's kind of a weird way to relate it because obviously that's not that much affliction, but it gives me hope!

One last thought that I just really need to express! NOTHING in this whole world feels better than having a terrible migraine and taking medicine that COMPLETELY takes it away! BEST FEELING EVER!!! :D :D :D Here's the deal though, when you're pregnant, you can't take ibuprofen (technically just in the third trimester), but tylenol does absolutely nothing for my headaches!! So, (promise not to judge me till you hear me out) I learned when I had a gall bladder attack with Nate that you can take Lortab! I still have a bottle of it from my gall bladder attack back in September of '08 (yeah I'm not addicted to it. In fact I had a refill on it that I never refilled). So when I get a headache I just take one and BAM! It's gone like *that*!! I love it! It's actually one of the least strong narcotic out there so it doesn't really do anything to me other than cure my pain so that's why I'm not addicted. I'm just so thrilled that my headache is gone, I had to tell someone!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I love my son I love my son I love my son

I just need to keep repeating that. I love Natey very very very much and nothing brings joy to my life the way he does! He's happy and cute. He's loving and sweet. He's adorable and smart. He's not afraid to try something new. He eats pretty much anything I give him. He loves to learn and sing. He loves to tell me shapes, letters, and numbers. He loves to dance and play. He's adventurous and wants to learn things for himself. He is very observant and learns very quickly. He is really a sweet perfect little boy. I just have to keep remembering all of the things I love about him! I wouldn't change any of it for the world! It sounds cliche to say it, but any mom will understand that their kids are the best things in their lives! And I sincerely mean that!

Today has been one of the roughest days I have ever had with him. He is definitely getting into his terrible twos. He's getting more aggressive and hits when he's frustrated. He hasn't learned that from us, we would never hit him! I just realize after today that I really need to get a good disciplining book. I know he's not hitting because he's naughty, its just the stage he is at. That is the only way that toddlers know how to show their frustration is by hitting. It just seems like no matter how many times I put him in time out he doesn't seem to get it. So I need to figure out what I am doing wrong. Anyway, today was just rough because I went to Sunflower to get a few groceries, and I never buy diapers, wipes, or toilet paper there because their brand is weird and not to mention, way expensive. So I totally forgot to go get some at another store. And the reason we were out of wipes and toilet paper (we weren't quite out of diapers) was because he threw an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet (not unraveled), and also pulled a whole bunch off another roll, and he grabbed a whole bunch of wipes from the container so they were all dried out. Then of course, before Phil got home (he had wipes in the car he drove to work today) Nate had to go ahead and get a dirty diaper. So there I was wipeless. So that was a big source of frustration. Then I kept locking my bedroom door because any time he gets a chance to go in there he goes straight for the mascara (he can unzip my makeup bag) and starts putting it on his eyes. FOUR times today he got into it and got it all over himself. Any time I accidentally forgot to lock the door, left it a tiny bit open, or Phil left it open without me knowing, he would book it in there and put it on. And the last thing he did was throw a book right at my face and of course the corner slammed into my temple! It's pretty hard to not get angry and freak out when someone severely hurts you, but when you're a mom and they are so sweet and innocent, you can't get mad at them (I did put him in time out though!) He needs to listen to the words of Yo Gabba Gabba "Please don't throw things at friends. Just don't throw things at friends!"

I would have to say that 98% of the time with Nate is blissful and wonderful and I absolutely adore being his mother! But there are challenging days! And I hope that other moms know that I'm going through the same things. I'm excited for him to have a playmate and I know that it is important for him to have siblings close to his age because it will affect his whole life. I know that I will have challenging days, but that's ok. I can get through them. Just like I did today. I know there are many people that want to have babies that can't and I am so grateful for my Natey and how awesome and amazing he is!! And I'd never take him for granted! I just want you to know that when I have days like today your encouraging words help me get through it and I'm so grateful for such wonderful friends! Thank you!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Day Full of Good Things!!

Today has been nothing short of fabulous. Let me explain:
First of all my visiting teachers came over...they probably think I'm crazy, but that's ok.
Second, Nate may or may not have swallowed some toilet cleaner and he hasn't gotten sick OR died so that's good....I'm thinking that he may have just gotten some in his mouth and didn't actually swallow it. Now before you think I'm a terrible mom, I didn't know that it was in his reach. I think it was hiding behind the toilet and Nate, being the stealth little 21 month old he is found the unfindable!
Third, I got some sushi from my favorite place for it (yes I am vegetarian so yes the roll I got was an avacado roll...uh more like the three rolls I got!!! Yep I'm pregnant so I can get away with it!!).
Fourth (this is where it starts to get exciting). Let me explain: We are currently completely out of debt. Yep you heard debt at all whatsoever. We paid it all off with our tax return that we got this year. We also have needed to get rid of my car for the oh...3 years that we've been married! But it was never paid off and we wanted it paid off before we got a new one. The issue is that Phil is way too tall for my car and is already not super good at driving stick. So to cramp him up in a tiny car and make him push in the clutch on top of that was kind of scary for him. He can drive a stick fine though. Ok so there's that part. Secondly Phil has absolutely no credit at all whatsoever. Why you ask? Uh only because he has NEVER ever gotten into debt (and I love him for that!) However, the bank is kind of lame and they say that pretty much in order to get into debt, you have to have gotten into debt (in other word in order to be approved for a house loan, you have to have credit). So we decided that we would buy a new car jointly so we both have credit in hopes that we can soon buy a condo (hopefully this fall!). Sooo I applied for the loan for us online today and called them and we got approved! So tomorrow we are going to buy a new car! Woohooo FINALLY!!!!! This AWESOME nurse at my work (whom I absolutely adore!) told me about her brother's dealership that is SUPER honest and has really inexpensive cars. So we are getting a $3000 car (pretty inexpensive for sure!) and she told him to give me a really good deal because she is my friend and has to work with me! haha! So I'm super excited. The one we are going to look at is a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer! Woooooohooooo You have no idea how awesome it will be to have TWO cars that we BOTH can drive!!!
Fifth, I finally found out when my training for Jet Blue will be!!! Woohoo!! So I officially start May 11th!!! I'M SOOOOOOO ECSTATIC to finally have a set date! And know that me working from home is within my reach! It's going to be so much better to be pregnant and sitting down the whole time instead of on my feet for 12 hours like last time (not to mention I have serious back problems that are made worse with's still totally worth it to be pregnant though!).

So yeah, I'm feeling super optimistic with life and happy with the way things are going! Can't wait to drive our new car, and to fly to New Jersey!!!!!

On a more random note...Nate is eating my ginger from my sushi and he's putting it on the end of a chopstick first....yeah he will eat anything!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nate's language development

K yeah I know, two posts in a row, whatever! I didn't want to mush the two separate posts into one!
So in my infant growth and development class we were talking a little bit about language development. It's so fun to have a child that falls under the age group of children we're talking about in class because I can apply things to him! So it got me thinking about all of the funny and cute things he says and I wanted to post them, mostly for my own memory!

Today he kept asking me for something and I couldn't understand what he was saying, I wouldn't even know how to type it to make it sound how he was saying it, but I finally figured out he was saying "cracker". So I said "cracker?" and he went "K!!!" hahaha! I LOVE that his answer was "K!!" It was so cute!
My other new favorite thing he does is that he sings "head shoulders knees and toes" but for some reason he does it really fast so it he sings "head knees toes knees toes knees toes" but it sounds more jumbled because he does it fast, then he goes "eyes nose mouf!" It's SO flippin' cute! He also sings 5 little monkeys and it sounds like this "five monkeys jumpa bed, jumble jumble, mumble mumble head, mumble mumble said, monkeys jumpa bed!" haha and he does all the actions! And lastly the other song he does all the way through is this one my mom taught him that goes "five baloons up in the sky higher and higher, to reach the sky they all did try then...pop! goes one, then there were four..." and so on. So Nate sings " higher higher....then pop!!" It's so cute!
Another big step in language development is when they start speaking sentences. Of course when they start, it's very simple sentences and the one he says ALLL the flippin time is "where's it go?" But he changes it up "where daddy go?" "where mommy go?" "where ball go?" ALL the time! Like a hundred times a day! I love it! Also, when he drops something he goes "uh-oh grab it!" haha and I've even heard him say "what happened?" and a couple times I swear he has asked me "how are you?" haha!
The last thing I want to mention (again this is mostly so I can remember it too!) is that he talks on the phone all of the time (unless someone is ACTUALLY on the phone, then he wants nothing to do with it) he says "hi-yo um... bubye!" But sometimes he changes it. One time I swear he opened it and said "Hi-yo...sup?" haha! And then my personal favorite, "hi-yo jabber jabber...Grampa" *stops, folds his arms, says a quick mumbled prayer*, "Amen" and shuts the phone! hahaha! It was so funny! Maybe he was saying a prayer for Grandpa??

I have got one talkative little 21 month old! haha he definitely takes after his mommy (uh-oh!!). I don't know what made him this way! Seriously sometimes I wonder if it's really a good thing! haha!

Stress Free since 03 (March)

Sooooo. I have been feeling EXTREMELY overwhelmed with life lately! I just kept feeling like I couldn't get on top of all that I had to get done. The reason being that I have been babysitting my brother's kids for the past 6 months twice a week, and it just moved up to three times, and added one extra kid, my brother's niece. Of course I love them with all of my heart and they are the cutest freaking kids that walk this Earth! But it was getting really hard to have morning sickness, going to school full time, and working 2 twelve hour shifts a week (on the days I didn't babysit). So yeah, I was getting really stressed out. Finally after I called my mom the 20,000th time telling her how stressed out I was with everything I had to do, she decided, since I wouldn't talk to my brother and his wife myself, she would just step in and say a little something to force me to talk to them. So she told my sister-in-law that she probably should talk to me because of how overwhelmed I've been, etc, etc. and Cortney told her that she had a friend that wanted to babysit, but that she thought I needed the extra money (what a sweet heart she is!!)! So, lesson learned...just talk! I was too afraid to talk to her about it because I didn't think she had any other options! I didn't want to stress her out by having to find someone else to babysit!
So I am SO relieved! I love those kids so much, but it will be a lot lot lot easier for me to finish this semester, keep my house clean, and actually spend time teaching and interacting with Nate! Hooray! I was going to have to quit doing it after I had the baby anyway, I don't think I could handle watching five kids, one of them being a newborn! That would be way too stressful! So I'm glad to have an understanding sister-in-law and a mother who sticks up for me when I can't stick up for myself! :D

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Parenting Advice!!!!! I NEED IT!

Ok, they need to write books about this....maybe they have I don't know. But now that Nate can crawl out of his crib...bed time is a whole new ball game. I haven't taken the crib out because even though he could crawl out, he was still used to it for bed time and still went to bed ok....until last night. I fear this is the end of the crib forever for Natey. It was kind of funny though because this morning when the kids I babysit got here, they were noisy like always, and all of the sudden I hear Havynn go "Hi Nate Nate" and I looked and he was just standing there. He didn't cry that he was awake or anything, he just came right out.

Ok so here is where you come in. HOW on Earth do you get a child to go to bed in a regular bed??? What are the tricks of the trade??? I've never had to deal with this before I have no idea how to do it in the best way possible. Please help!!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Finally pictures of Nate!

It's almost been a month since Natey ruined my phone which means that soon I'll be able to take my regular lower quality pictures of him again! haha! Actually Nate just found our regular crappy point and shoot the other day so I can take pictures again! He is so funny he loves to have his picture taken! He likes to make faces, but he usually smiles. Some of these pictures are actual faces he was making! He's so dang cute! I just love him so much!

Oh and also. AAA insurance is the worst insurance in the entire universe....never go through them! Because their payment system is screwed up and wasn't showing me a correct balance, my policy was getting cancelled every month without me realizing it (mostly because the statements warning about the cancellation were still going to my parents house and that is my fault, but still, I thought I was paying them on time). And thanks to them, we had to pay $200 because Phil got pulled over for not having the car registered and didn't have a copy of the insurance in his car.....freaking awesome! Thanks AAA you officially suck and have sucked for the past 3 years, I just haven't bothered to cancel you until now! ....or sometime this week I hope!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Development

So Nate's concussion seems to be fine. Thanks to the priesthood! But now Nate's got a new trick up his sleeve. This shouldn't come to a surprise to anyone, especially if you read the last post, but now Nate is crawling out of his crib. I just tried putting him down for a nap and ten minutes later he opened the door and came running out. So he can open doors AND crawl out of his crib. Great. Why do kids have to grow up so fast?


Well, Nate had another first....this one I wasn't too fond of! Yep, a mild concussion. I almost had a heart attack! So Phil and I were in our bedroom talking and Nate walks out for ten seconds literally and started climbing the drawers (I'm 99% sure that's what he was doing, but I wasn't in the room) and we heard a bang and he started crying and rubbing his head saying "head!" (when he hurts a body part he rubs it and says the body part). So of course I held him and loved him and rubbed him. He was pretty restless for a while and whiny saying his head hurt more. He couldn't seem to get comfortable. So I gave him some Tylenol thinking maybe he just had a headache. He fell asleep in my arms (it was right around his bed time anyway). So I put him in bed. Usually once he goes to bed he doesn't make a peep until at least 8:30 am. However, he kept waking up crying for a minute, then he'd go back to sleep. So I was just thinking that Phil was being too loud or something (he usually sleeps through anything at the beginning of the night). Since he kept going back to sleep I thought maybe he was just having a hard time sleeping.
Finally I decided to look up the signs of a concussion. It said in small children they tire easily and have irregular sleep....well it was his regular bed time so that was kind of hard to tell, but since he was acting so strange I knew something was wrong. Then it said to seek medical attention for a few listed things and one of them was nausea and vomiting (a few of them were too hard to see on a toddler. I can't really just ask him if he has visual disturbances or increasing pain) so I decided to go check him in his crib since he started crying again and he had thrown up all over his bed! :( :( :( I felt SOOOOOOO bad! So I called my mom and she told me she's be right over. Phil gave him a blessing which made Nate and I both calm down. My mom came over and I called the on call doctor who told me to wait till morning and see if he still tires easily, seems confused, or can't focus, and if he keeps vomiting to take him in.
So I was supposed to work tomorrow, but called in of course 'cause honestly, like I'm going to leave my toddler that just had a concussion! He fell asleep in my mom's arms so of course I had her put him in my bed so I could keep a close eye on him all night.....aaand of course since he was in my bed he woke up at like 4:45.....awesome. But he was really happy and talkative and seems to not be showing in warning signs of a brain bleed which is a good sign. I'm just nervous because I know some symptoms of a concussion sometimes don't show up for like 24 hours. So I'll be watching him closely all day! He was pretty freaking cute when he woke up though he put his feet in the air and then put them under the covers and goes "where'd feet go?" it was adorable!
Overall I think he's doing pretty well for his first head injury...and needless to say we will be baby proofing the drawers (usually he just climbs up into them just fine....not that I let him, but sometimes I'll be sitting in the other room and not realizing he's doing it because he usually always plays with the utensils in the drawer anyway). Although I don't think I'll take any injuries any time soon. I'm just grateful for the priesthood because without it, I know it would be a lot worse! And I'm grateful for a husband that can give my family blessings!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blog Awards :D

I got an award my adorable friend Shawntae so I felt that it was my duty (or honor) to pass this along and award some of my favorite friends' blogs! I can only pick 7 so just know I love you all! 
Before I begin, since I have to give the award to 7 other people, I just want to say that Shawntae is the cutest new mommy I have ever seen! She loves being a mommy so much and has such and adorable baby! It's been so fun to see her transition into motherhood! (PS I did this before I read rule number 1 haha!)

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award and insert a link to their blog.
2. Pass on the award to 7 other bloggers who you think have a Beautiful Blog!
3. Contact the other bloggers and let them know they have been chosen for this award.
4. Say 7 things about yourself. 

7 things about me
1. I LOVE being pregnant! Even though right now I'm not in my favorite stage yet, I love planning and thinking about bringing a new baby into this world! I feel so overwhelmingly blessed to be pregnant because I see so many people around me who struggle with it and I wish SO badly that there was something I could do about it! 
2. I am so proud of my husband and his amazing musical talents! I love to brag to people about it, mostly because it's not my own talent so it's much easier to brag about. He's so incredible and I love how much of a passion he has for it! He's my favorite! He's been so great during this pregnancy so far! Much better than he was with Nate because he was so terrified the whole 9 months haha!
3. I am a super good goal setter and I follow through with the goals that I REALLY want to accomplish!
4. I love being a vegetarian...I only hate it when I'm SUPER hungry and only meat products are available...which doesn't happen often. But that's usually when I'm at the point where I'd eat ANYTHING haha!
5. I type nearly as fast as I think and I talk a its harder for me to make things short as opposed to writing a big long explanation. I wish I wasn't like that sometimes.
6. I'm taking a Spanish class and REALLY want to learn the language so I can teach all my kids. I want to have bilingual kids, I think it would be a great gift to give them because if you learn a language when you're young, you remember it you're whole life. It's a lot easier to learn it young too. 
7. I want to home school my kids until they're at least 8, but I'm scared about it at the same time. I just want them to learn more than school would teach them and really figure out their learning style so they can benefit more. Of course the social aspect is what scares me the most and I just wish I knew what the best thing would be for my kids. 

Ok enough about me now! On to my 7 8 friends! :D (seriously do you really expect me to only pick 7??)

Heather Kearl
 Heather deserves this award because:
1. Her (and her husband's) blog is very unique
2. The posts are always clever and funny
3. She let me live with her for a month before we got married and it really helped me out
4. She is an incredibly good example
5. Her family is adorable!!

Andee deserves this award because:
1. She is an incredible girl!
2. Her blog helps out SOOOO many people!
3. She is also a HUGE influence on me
4. Her blog always makes me cry. 
5. Did I mention she's incredible??

Erica deserves this award because:
1.She is an incredible military wife
2.She was my next door neighbor most of my life so therefore she's awesome
3. Her daughter is freaking adorable
4. Her posts are so fun to read
5. We have a lot in common!
Becky deserves this award because: 
1. Her posts always have AWESOME crafty tips!
2. She's has a natural talent for photography!!
3. She always makes me feel good!
4. She introduced me to PostSecret which is the BEST ever!
5. She's an amazing singer! 

Debbie deserves this award because:
1. She updates her blog often!!
2. She's my best friend's mom
3. She always comments on my blog which I love!
4. She has a cool accent
5. She's so supportive of her family

Ryan and Cam deserve this award because: 
1. Their posts are hilarious and clever!
2. They're the cutest new parents in the world!
3. They share their amazing musical talent with Phil which is awesome
4. Their daughter is freaking adorable!
5. They're super silly and I love it!

They deserve this award because: 
1. They're an annoyingly cute couple.
2. By annoying I mean it's annoying that I'm not as cute! haha
3. She always has great input on my blog which I appreciate!
4. Her posts are SO fun to read!!
5. She is a military wife and I think it takes a special kind of person to be one!!
Gisselle deserves this award because:
1. She is the sweetest person I've ever known
2. She always has something nice to write to me and I always love it so much!
3. She is an amazingly talented photographer!!
4. She will make an amazing mother!
5. I hope to become as awesome of a wife to my husband as she is to hers!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Phil's "Weemix"

Phil, my fabulous husband, is, as most of you may have heard at some point, an INCREDIBLE musician! One specialty he has is to take a song that is vocals only and writing music around it! He LOOOOOOVES to do it! So when his dad pointed out a competition that Weezer was having in which you do just that (write music around vocals) of course he had to do it just for fun.

Phil has been listening to Weezer since he was 10! To have a musician that you have looked up to actually hear your music is a BIG thing! So it would really mean a lot to Phil if he could even get up high enough to know that they could hear his music!! He is so amazing and has such a talent and needs to know that!

So here is where you come in! So  Click Here!!! and it will take you to the website! Vote for his song! Just type in your email address, then go to your email to confirm it!

Currently he is 14th place!!!!!!! Incredible!! Everyone's support has been overwhelming! We really appreciate it and as his wife, I REALLY appreciate it! Thanks!!

 PLEASE repost this for your friends too!!!!

He was the drummer in his first little band! haha

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What a CAARRAAZZY weekend!!

Can I get a holy crap? Cause that's pretty much how I've felt ALL weekend!

So as you may or may not know, as a doula, I was going to have my first birth in March. Well, it's March. I have literally been stressing for the past two weeks that my "client", lady, patient, whatever you call someone who you're being a free doula for in the steps to certify (you have to do three births for free) was going to deliver. I have been CRAZY busy the past little bit because my sister-in-law's little sister got a job so they've asked me to babysit more (which is totally burning me out), I have school full time, I work two 12 hour shifts a week, and well, lets face it, there's not always time that is convenient for me to have a babysitter. I've realized that I need to wait till life settles down a bit before I really start seriously doing this doula business!

Also, this weekend (well, today) I had signed up for a doula conference with my friend that is going to be assisting me at my birth and thought it would be a great experience for us to go learn about different aspects of being a doula together considering that we are going to be each other's back up and since she's going to be at my birth. So I signed up completely unknowing that my mother-in-law talked Phil into going to this Sufi seminar the same weekend (lack of communication on both of our parts). So yes, we double booked ourselves with no babysitter...great.

So Friday was going to be my only day off from everything for a week and my client's due date was the 15th. Although I had great plans to clean my entire apartment, I was also hoping in the back of my mind that she would go into labor that day too!

9:00 Friday morning I get a phone call from her saying that she had a few contractions around 8 and some other things that may be TMI. So I decided I better hurry and do my homework (which is due every Friday by midnight) now just in case. LITTLE did I know that every POSSIBLE thing that my teachers could assign just freaking happened to be due the same day. I won't get into everything I had to do, but I will say that they are TERRIBLE at announcing things like that as my other classes had been in the past. So thinking it would maybe take me 2 hours....NOPE! 8 hours later at 7pm I was finally finishing my last big thing (I only missed one assignment and I am at the point where I could care less if its late). Right as I was finishing my last research paper she called me to tell me they had decided to go to the hospital! PERFECT TIMING!!!

So...thanks Phil's mom for making Phil drive to St. George because now I had to find a babysitter. If Phil wouldn't have been gone on a regular day, I would have had my client's sister-in-law babysit Nate because she had offered to do that previously. However, because Phil was gone I had to find someone that would take him over night just in case. So long story short, my mom was going to be taking Nate in the morning for a couple hours until the babysitter I had lined up for the conference would be available so she agreed to take him overnight (what an ANGEL!!!! I freaking love and appreciate my parents so much!).

So I went to the hospital and she was absolutely incredible! She did everything just right the way she was supposed to, although they had to put her on pitocin due to prolonged rupture of membranes, she handled them well. Sure there were times when she felt like she couldn't do it, but she did it and she did it so beautifully! I couldn't even believe it. She knew how to follow her body's instincts and gave birth naturally! It was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever witnessed and I feel so privileged to have attended her birth! I look up to her so much! I cannot wait to have a natural birth myself! I could make a huge long post about it, but I would like to protect her privacy.

So I got to bed that night around 3 am after I showered and everything and I had to be awake at 6:30!

The doula conference was great and informational on more levels than just how to help women, but how to help my own life as well as well as my own labor.

I feel like this post is getting too long, so I'm just going to summarize the rest. This weekend was non stop and I felt like I had to ask way too many favors and I'm so grateful for the people that came through for me!

A special thanks goes out to my brother Matt for letting me drop off Nate until my parents were done with their birthday dinner with their daughter on Friday, my parents for completely helping me out and even picking me up when my friend had to drop me off to make it to work on time (long story short, my friend and I drove together and I had to leave early so I left with another friend), Emily, Andee's sister who babysat Nate for me today, but most of all my beautiful client who gave me one of the most memorable experiences in my life!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba

Ok I know a lot of you tease me for liking Yo Gabba Gabba, and I feel that perhaps you just don't understand the show. I feel that I must do the duty of converting people to being Gabba lovers because they do such a great job at the show that they deserve viewers! Plus the creator is LDS! There is one episode where I saw a picture of the LA temple in the background! Yeah. It's a pretty cool show.

First I want to talk about things that turns people off from the show. 

1-"Muno looks like a penis". Yes I am aware of that, I thought he was weird at first too.

2-"The monsters are annoying". You have to realize that they are children. They act like children so that they can learn lessons like a child does and appeal to the younger audience.

3-"They sing too much". Uh....thats why kids like it. Plus, if you'd stop and pay attention you'd realize that the music is incredible and I will get to that later.

4. “It’s not educational.” If you’ve actually watched it, you’d take that back. It teaches about counting, colors, but its main focus is on social things such as not biting your friends and to be nice to everyone. Plus it encourages children to get up and dance and move around! Nate loves to do the dancey dances!

Now that that’s out of the way, I will explain all of the many more reasons why you should let your kid watch it (which is way more than why you shouldn’t).

  1. You can interact with them and encourage them to learn and exercise. Do the dancey dances with them, sing the songs with them, count with them, play the matching game with them. It is a great tool for you as a parent to reinforce the things it teaches.

  1. You can sing the songs from the show in regular life when you want to remind them different things. When Nate is being impatient at the store or at home I sing “You gotta be patient. You can’t have everything now.” Or when it’s time to clean I can sing, “clean it up clean it up, clean up the trash now…” and it makes it funner for him because he remembers the songs. I’ve heard him singing “please, thank you, please thank you, please thank you!”

  1. The reason why young children like interactive songs is because they can communicate with their hands more easily than by speaking. Sometimes Nate only does the actions to the songs and tries to sing some parts, which help him develop his language.

  1. I learned in my human development class that shows like Dora and Sesame Street are good for the child because it encourages them to speak back. There are many times where Gabba will pause for the child to finish. Not quite as much as Dora, but it makes up for it in other areas.

  1. It appeals to adults too through several different factors. One is by bringing back sounds and video editing from the early nineties. Another is the Super Music Friends Show and Dancey Dance time where they bring in popular music artists (usually indie artists, occasionally some popular ones) and awesome actors for the Dancey Dance.

  1. Most importantly the music! The music is incredible. Not just the super music friends show, but also the melodies that they use for the kids music is amazing! I just can’t even describe it. I love the music so much that I put it on my ipod and listen to it on my own. 

Now for a list of all of the cool people that have been on the show:
Music artists: : MGMT, Chromeo, Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, The Salteens, The Shins!, “The Shineys” (Shiny Toy Guns), the Aquabats (the lead singer is the creator), The Postmarks, (wow a lot of “the…somethings”), The Tings, Hot Hot Heat, and Weird Al later this week!
Dancey dance people:
Jack Black (he actually did a full episode! It was super special!), Andy Samberg, Elijah Wood, Jan from The Office, and Angela from the Office (whatever their real names are). 

The Shins


I'll try to add more later. I just have four kids nagging me right now.

So if you’re into awesome music (and not crap music) and you want your kid to be active, smart, and cool, then let them watch Yo Gabba Gabba! And I quote “Yo Gabba Gabba is in the center of a burgeoning hipster parent movement”. Haha I thought that was funny! The last thing I’m trying to do is be “hipster”, or anything for that matter, just a good mom, but apparently it is hip to have your kids watch the show, so I’m cool with that. I just know good music when I hear it! 

And if you have more reasons you don't like it. Please share them.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Some ramblings about what I will and won't miss about IMC

I guess I have just been really into posting lately! Probably because I'm just excited where life is going at this point. Sure it's not perfect, but at least it is moving in a forward direction!

I just feel like rambling a little right now...Phil got a big Dr. Pepper at the store and I drank now I'm wide awake! :D Of course!

Yesterday I had a HUGE scare which made me realize a few things. Not a scare with the pregnancy thankfully (which of course is still in the back of my mind and probably will be until I'm 15 weeks probably). I got an email from Jet Blue and this is exactly what it says (tell me if I'm crazy for thinking that it meant what I thought it meant):


We previously scheduled you for the May 4 Orientation for Reservations Crew and the PM Training Class. 

Our Orientation and Training Schedule has changed, and we have moved our March Orientations and trainings to the below dates.  Due to changes in our staffing plans, these are the only two training classes that we are currently offering.  It is a possibility that we may have additional classes later in March/April/May, but we do not have confirmation of those classes at this time. 

March 16-17
Day One 0730-1600
Day Two 0730-1430
Training begins on March 18 and continues Monday-Friday 1600-2400

March 23-24
Day One 0730-1600
Day Two 0730-1600
Training begins on March 25 and continues Monday-Friday 1600-2400

Please respond with your availability for these classes.  After completion of training, please anticipate working in the Reservations Center for approximately 1-3 months. 

Thank you so much for your flexibility!

Ok so I started freaking out! I planned my life around starting in May and this would mean that I had to drop my spanish class, stop taking dance, and it would mess with my brother's family too because Ryan would have to go to work early every day and start picking up the kids at my house, he's planning on doing that in May already, but they just had a huge change in the babysitting schedule since Cortney's little sister got a job. Anyway so yeah I was almost in tears mostly because I already made it half way through the semester and now I would have to drop my Spanish class! Not to mention now I suddenly have to quit my job in two weeks as opposed to two months!!

Thankfully, I emailed them explaining that this would make it very difficult for me because I'd have to drop a class, and get an F because it was too late to drop it. (I even emailed my spanish teacher freaking out asking her if there was anything I could do!). They emailed me back today saying that they were just offering this training to me if I wanted to start sooner because they had an unnexpected need for more reservationists and had to start them sooner, but that they were still most likely going to have a training in May, they just don't have the times for it right now, and I can still plan on it! PHEW!!!

So here is the realization part. I complain to my husband a lot about my job. Not really because I don't like it, because trust me, there are MUCH worse jobs and MUCH worse people to work with, and as a CNA this is the BEST job you can possibly get! More because I hate waking up early and being away from Nate for 12 hours. I also hate being called in on my on call because I'm a brat and like my time off! :D And it can be very tiring sometimes. But over all the biggest reason that I complain is that I hate being away from Natey! My mom had to start working when I was a baby which is unfair because all my brothers and sisters had a stay at home mom until they were in school, but it wasn't her choice. I never want to give that to my kids. Right now Nate goes to my mom every Wednesday which he absolutely LOVES so those days don't worry me, and on the one Friday I work he goes with my brother which I also love because Nate likes him and Ryan always acts like he's pretty good for him, but on the Monday he has to go to someone who isn't family and it makes me so sad the whole day cause I know he doesn't like it. Its not that I have bad babysitters, its that I think it just stresses him out to be with someone that he isn't around much and the kids pick on him sometimes, and I've noticed even with me that he gets really whiny when we're at their house because he's around the other kids and doesn't get listened to as much. It really broke my heart one time the babysitter told me that he kept going to the window all day looking out of it hoping one of us would come. :( I remember that feeling and I never want Nate to feel that!

Anyway when I got this scare that made me think I would have to quit my job in two weeks I realized how much I will truly miss working there! I LOVE all of the people SO much! So I've decided to make a things I will miss and things I will not miss list for working in there!

Things I will miss:
  • All of the AMAZING people I've come to know and love!
  • Giving new moms advice and helping them have more confidence to be great parents
  • Congratulating people that are adopting on being a parent and telling them how much they will love it!
  • Being in random people's home videos
  • Talking to doctors during a circumcision and getting advice from them
  • Getting to know all of the doctors so I know which one is the best
  • Only working 2 days a week
  • Interacting with lots of people
  • Helping mom's do skin to skin with their babies and seeing how comfortable they are there
  • Free lunches/snacks from formula reps (even if I don't agree with what they do)
Things I won't miss
  • Being talked about and told on behind my back for dumb little petty things (from this nurse who is a drama queen and every other word that comes out of her mouth is a complaint about something saying she is going to go talk to the manager....seriously I hope she does it one more time so I can get pulled aside again and say "Seriously? Why do you guys even listen to her anymore??" Half of the things she says are exaggerations anyway! hahaha! I thought it was this other nurse for over a year and when I found out who it really was I was so relieved I just laughed! haha)
  • Getting too used to newborns. I don't get excited when I see them anymore cause I see them so often.
  • Changing beds. I don't hate it that much, but I won't miss it. 
  • Getting an admit at shift change or two in a row. 
  • Having too many patients
  • The DUMB policies
  • Education modules! 
  • 12 hour shifts
  • Waking up early
  • Not having internet access
  • Having to breast pump (when I have the new one)
  • The gross hospital food
  • Being away from Nate 
  • Having to do what is best for the hospital and not the mom or baby
So there you have it. I will miss it a lot, but at the same time, this new job will be really great for me and my family. I will still have to technically be away from Nate while I'm working, but not really. When I take breaks I can go see him, he will still know I'm there, and I will hopefully work evenings so Phil will be with him! And I'll be able to breastfeed the baby instead of pumping. I figure I'd have to take breaks to pump anyway so instead I'll take breaks to breastfeed! It will be fantastic! I'm very much looking forward to it!

If you made it this far, you're either brave to read all of that or very bored! :D

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Family!

My awesome friend posted about her family and it made me want to tell everyone about mine! :D Cause I think my family is pretty awesome and usually supportive of me and I just love them!

So starting with my parents:

John and Carma.

They are really outgoing nice people and very easy to get along with. We tease my dad a lot that he's become grumpy in his old age, but he's still a pretty fun loving guy who's too young for his age! He just LOVES that they are empty nesters and wants my mom to himself EVERY second! Haha it's really quite sweet! But it's hilarious when my dad goes away because my mom will comment how much she loves the freedom! hahaha! My mom is a lot like me (or vice versa). She is very supportive of me and what I think is best for us. We get along very well and she has a really special bond with Nate!

Matt and Heather.
Matt is my oldest brother and the one sibling that I am most like. We can talk on the phone for hours laughing about the same things! When we were little, (well he's ten years older than me, so when I was REALLY little and he was a teenager) we would watch Animaniacs together! haha! Heather and Matt have been married for almost 12 years now. I've known Heather literally for most of my life. They started dating when I was 7! She waited for him on his mission! Heather is one of my favorite people. She is hilarious and always has something whitty to say, she's gorgeous, she is SUCH a good babysitter for Nate when she does, and she is an AMAZING mom!!!

Shauna and Chase.

Shauna is my oldest sister. She is 8 years older than me and I have looked up to her my whole life. She is the best example of being a good mom that there is and I call her for advice ALL the time! It is so important for a girl to have a sister! I hope I can have at least two girls! Her and I are very different in a lot of ways which is good because we learn from each other. Shauna and Chase have been married for 10 years (yeah that picture is from 10 years ago, but I think it's cute. They pretty much look the same...its weird that she was younger than me in this pic!). Chase has been such a great brother in law and always has something to tease me about. He's doesn't show it, but I know he really loves me! :D Here's a more recent picture of them:

Ryan and Cortney.

Ryan is my do-it-all brother. He is 5 years older than me and has always been amazing at everything he tries! He is pretty much an engineer and co-owns his own company and he doesn't even have a college degree thats how amazing he is! He doesn't need one!!! Ryan and Cortney have been married for about 7 years. Cortney is such a great person. She's organized and always keeps to her word. She is such a sweet heart and loves to cook (and I love to eat what she cooks). She really cares about her family and wants them to have the best!

Now for my nieces and nephews! :D (in order of age)

Destinee: 10 (on March 14th) Matt and Heather's
I still remember the day she was born and the note I received from the office at school that Destinee Marie had arrived and weighed 5 pounds 7 ounces. I still remember the first time I held her in my arms. Anyway Destinee is a funny girl. She's definitely a tween! She is incredibly smart and funny. The other day I told her I was having a baby and she didn't act very excited. Then I talked her into telling her dad, brother, and sister and she didn't want to, but finally she goes "Krista decided to have a baby" hahahaha!! I was like TOO LATE!! :D

Jordyn: 8 Shauna and Chase's

She is my little sweetheart. Me and her have a bond that goes beyond any bond I could ever have with a niece! She took the dance class I co-taught with my dance teacher, she was at my graduation, my wedding, Nate's birth, and visited me several times in St. George. She is the first person in the family that I tell I'm pregnant to. And most of all, she loves me the most.

Brookie: 8 Matt and Heather's
Brookie is a lot different than Destinee. She's more affectionate and sweet. She's also very intelligent and gets more excited about things. She says really funny comments all of the time and quotes her favorite shows (she takes after her dad in that respect!!). I love hanging out with her!

Brynn: 6 Ryan and Cortney's

Brynn is a little fireball! She can be the biggest sweetheart (when she wants to). She has a saying "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit" and she really abides by it (which makes me happy!). She is good at ANYTHING she does just like her dad!

Trevor: 5 Matt and Heather's

Trevor was finally the first boy! And what a sweet one he is! He is really funny and loving! The other day he walked out wearing a dress, a tiara, high heels, and wings! haha and he was proud of it too! cause he knew it would get a few laughs!

Jaci: 5 Shauna and Chase's

Jaci is a mini Shauna! Gorgeous as can be and so helpful and lovey! I wish I could freeze her little body and little voice because it is SO adorable!

Havynn: 4 Ryan and Cortney's

Havy is such a good girl! I have to babysit her and her brother twice a week and she is always soooooo good! She's really a sweetheart to everyone and so pretty!

Drayson: 2 Ryan and Cortney's

Dray is so freaking adorable! He gives me hugs and snuggles with me when he's sick. He has the CUTEST walk (that looks just like my brother's!) and he just has this expressive cute little face! He says the funniest things and I just love being around him!

Austin: 2 Shauna and Chase's

He is only 8 months older than Nate and talks SO well! He says the cutest sentences and I LOVE how excited he gets when I come over! He'll excitedly say "Hi Kreesta! Mom! Kreesta's here! And NATE! HI NATE!" It's SO dang cute! Man now I want to visit them!

So there you have it. Sorry it's a long post! My family has grown a lot in the past ten years! :D If you didn't notice, all of my brother's and sisters have two girls THEN a boy! Weird! I screwed up the whole order!!!! :D

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jet Blue!

So I posted a few weeks ago that I had interviewed for Jet Blue and wasn't sure if I got the job or not. Well, if anyone has heard the process of getting hired there, it's pretty extensive and it takes a long time! I can't remember if I explained it in that post, so I'll just explain it again. I applied last October and didn't hear anything for a couple months so I just kind of forgot about it and figured I wasn't qualified. So right before Christmas I get this email from Jet Blue explaining to call this number for an automated call. So here I am thinking I'm just going to push buttons and they were going to give directions or something (because it did say have a pen ready). So I call the number and the computer starts asking me interview like questions that I have to actually answer over the phone!! I was TOTALLY unprepared for it! During one of my answers Nate started to whine a little and I ran into the other room and closed the door...of course Nate was knocking and crying outside the door the whole rest of the interview! I was SURE they wouldn't call me back after that! So a couple weeks later I get another email that gave a whole bunch of times to choose from for a group interview/orientation where you would interview, have a drug test, and a typing test. So I scheduled mine and went. I was late to that because I had to drop Nate off, and then I couldn't figure out where to park and ended up on the complete opposite side of the building and had to walk completely around...and lets face it, who gets the job when they're LATE to the interview?? No one! So by this time my chances are not looking good at all. So they sit you down in a big room and explain how the job works and how the company works, and they explain that they are hiring 120 my odds are looking a little better! Then they took me back for the interview and I felt like I did a really good job with that. I clicked well with my interviewer and I talked to her about the phone interview and how I had no idea thats what it was going to be and that Nate started crying during it. She told me that the weed out a TON of people through those and that I did just fine (whew!).
Ok, during the orientation they told us there would be a training at the beginning of March (it would have started today) or there is one in May and we can choose to do the one in May, but we could only skip one training and if we couldn't do either then too bad. So I decided that March was a little too soon since I'm taking a night class I would have had to do the day training instead of the evening and that would have been REALLY hard considering I don't have a babysitter during the day! So I told them I wanted the one in May. They also said that if we didn't the job, they'd send us an email and if we did, they would do a background check. So a couple days later I got the email for the background check, but thats all it said. It didn't say "you got the job!" or anything like that.
For over a month I've been confused wondering if everything checked out and I was hired, or what. I emailed my recruiter several weeks ago about it and I didn't hear anything. So finally yesterday I emailed her again and I got a call that said they were awaiting my conformation on which training hours I wanted.....uh....yeah I never got one call and I listen to my messages....haha but she said I did get the job so I was SOOOOOOO EXCITED!

Long explanation I'm sorry, but I'm really excited! We get to fly for free and I get to work at home! And my insurance will switch to a non IHC one so I can choose to go to this one doctor that I really like! So yeah I'm pretty excited! :D And to be honest I really hate IHC. I LOVE working with the people I work with and the patients also, but IHC is not a good corporation to work for in my opinion. They're a non profit organization and ALL they care about is how non profit can you really be? They could care LESS about their employees, although they super fake that they do.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Terrible Twos

They've hit with full force today! Haha!

Any advice on how to correctly discipline a 21 month old? So that he still knows that I love him, but that his behavior is not acceptable? He's still the sweetest thing when he's flailing around the living room!

Taking Motherhood for Granted

I have this absolutely incredible friend that I just love talking to and being around because I look up to her so much. She had a beautiful little girl and gave her up for adoption, obviously not because she didn't want her baby, but because she loved her SO much that she wanted to give her the life that she knew she could not give her at that point. After reading her adoption story I gained an enormous amount of respect and love for her because she is truly a daughter of God who listens to the spirit and truly knows that she was meant to give her baby up for adoption. And the couple she gave her to....I strive to be like them and I don't even know them!

Anyway, I've been thinking about something a lot lately. Working in the hospital and seeing excited couples that tried and tried to have a baby and finally have their chance at parenthood through either adoption or fertility treatments really brings to light how easy it is to take motherhood for granted. And of course reading her blog and talking to her reminds me also. The fact that we only had one month of disappointment from a negative pregnancy test instead of a year or two or five or more just makes me feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude! The fact that I had the privilege to keep my precious son and give him a brother or sister with hardly any effort on my part is just amazing and incredible! I mean obviously I could have a miscarriage and it could all change in an instant, but the fact that I have a beautiful, healthy, fun-loving, entertaining, smart, happy, comedian of a child is the absolute GREATEST blessing I could ever ever ever ever ever receive!!! And I thank my Heavenly Father for him often! I don't care how long it takes for us to go through school because we have him, or how long it will take to save up for a house, or any other tiny inconvenience may have been caused by having my awesome kid, I never ever could care about any of those things even for an instant because every single day has been worth every single second of time I've had with him.

Today I had one of those moments that makes you think that there is absolutely nothing better than being a mother! Nate was gone to Granny's for the weekend (she loves to take him and spend time with him) and we met half way in Fillmore (she lives in St. George). When Nate saw me, he got even more excited than he does when he sees my mom (which is something he gets REALLY excited for! He won't go to me over her!) and he wanted me to hold him and when Phil would try to take him he'd freak out and want me to hold him and he just laid his head on my shoulder and hugged was the sweetest and most amazing thing ever! Of course he loves Phil too and got super excited when he saw him, he just wanted to give me hugs! It was the absolute best!!!

So mothers, my point is to not take motherhood for granted! It is a gift and I'm sure you ALL understand that! The hard times are worth every second because you have a child and not everyone has that blessing!