Saturday, May 29, 2010

A money order really?

I'm so annoyed! I got my marriage license application back in the mail saying that I need to pay in a money order. Do you really need it to be THAT secure for $16?? I'm so irritated!

So, now I'm really trying to decide if I should just fly out there and get it myself, but the only reason why I don't want to is because that's a lot of traveling to do in 24 hours. And I'm not sure that I'm really up for it. If I was staying a few days it would be a different story. UGH! Why does it have to take so long? I just want to get this over with.

MAYBE they will take this other marriage certificate we have that was signed by the person who performed our marriage. It's just not the official certificate. Honestly though, I got my social security card with this marriage certificate, so maybe they'll take it. That would be so awesome! I'll give it a try! I'm still going to send in for the real thing. I kind of want to go with Phil the first time I fly out there. I don't really want to go by myself.

Anyway that is all. So I'm annoyed.

Marriage License where are you?

So, in order for Phil to fly on my benefits, I have to turn in our marriage license. Well, I haven't seen our marriage license in nearly 3 years. I wish I knew what happened to it, but unfortunately I do not. I'm thinking it probably got thrown away with some mail. Or maybe it is packed in a box deep in the abyss of our storage boxes. I'm doubting it. I really wish I knew where it was.

So I ordered a new one. I sent in the form maybe a week and a half ago, maybe two weeks ago. I can't really remember. Well I have seen nothing in the mail.

So I called the marriage bureau in New York City to find out if maybe there was something I didn't do, or whatever and he told me it takes 5 to 6 weeks to process. Well normally I'd have no problem with this. However, Phil really wants to fly out and surprise his dad over a weekend (whether that will happen or not due to how heavily booked the flight is...well we'll just have to see). I'd like to have it in as soon as possible so that the option is at least out there if I happen to see a flight that would be easy for Phil to hop on.

Well, this whole time I was thinking that my training was 6 weeks. However I just found out today that it is 4 weeks and we just have to work our first two weeks in the call center. So that means I will have the ability to fly before the marriage license will be processed.

So now I'm debating whether I should just fly out there myself and get it! Haha!!! Why? Because I can! And I looked at the flights on the days I could go and, sure it's three weeks from now, but my chances looked good at this point in time (although not guaranteed). it really worth flying to NYC for the day? Maybe just for the heck of it. But whether I'll take Nate or not is still up in the air. (no pun intended!)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Please remember!

Although I am very open about the fact that we are having a girl on here, we still have not announced it to family yet because we are waiting for Nate's birthday party in a week. I have to have some sort of outlet to speak of this freely so that is why I chose to do it here. I know who can and cannot see this blog, so I feel I can trust you to not post anything about it on my facebook page cause if you do, it will be pointless to have Nate announce it, and as you can see from his invitation, it says he has an announcement to make so if they found out the sex....what announcement would he have honestly? haha! Anyway so please continue to be as awesome as you have been and keep it a secret for just one more week! I can't wait to be open about it! :D

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yes it is a girl!

I was too excited to make a new background for our new addition and so for those of you that haven't read my last post yet, it's now no longer as exciting! haha! However, if you would like to understand WHY it is so exciting for us that we are having a girl, read that post!

So just a tiny update on us:
Obviously we could NOT be more happy that we're going to have a complete family brother sister and all! My pregnancy has been going perfectly! I hardly even felt pregnant it was going so well except for the fact that I can't sleep on my back comfortably without it feeling like I'm going to suffocate and I can't sleep on my belly either of course. Luckily I like sleeping on my side! I feel Audrey moving ALL the time! But can't feel it on the outside yet so Phil of course hasn't had his share of the fun. I'm super happy I don't have to come up with a boys name cause there is no boys name that I like as much as Nate...except James, but that's Phil's brother's name and lets just say he's not on my good list! I never told the story I just realized that I promised in the last post! So we got the ultrasound done two hours before we picked James up at the airport. We decided that since this was the only time we'd be seeing him in person that it would be a good time to tell him. So we did and the first thing that came out of his mouth was, "good now you don't have to have another one for a while." UH...WHAT??? So the first thing that came out of my mouth is "I wish we didn't tell you!" What a jerk! That is such a typical James comment! Now that my blog is private I'm not afraid to say how much he bugs me when it comes to things like that. He just can't comprehend how incredible it is to be a parent because he thinks that kids are such an inconvenience to life. Plus he's athiest so he doesn't understand the religious side of it so it's just annoying. I hate how condescending he is when it comes to things like that. I just can't wait till we all get older and he will see how much more joyful it is to have children. He'll never admit it, but whatever I don't care. I just wish that even though he has these negative opinions that he'd just keep them to himself. NOTHING in this world is as fun and fulfilling and amazing as having children as much as they inconvenience your life, I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING AT ALL!!! It's like reliving your life again! You get to see everything you've already experienced through new eyes! It's incredible!

Also, I'm loving my new job so far. I can't say I really LOVE training because it just feels like there is so much to remember, but I think once I start actually doing it that it will come more easily. I also found out that there are other work from home jobs where I could make more money. So after my maternity leave I might look into moving into a new position. I LOVE jetBlue though! It's such a great honest company! Hopefully one day we can move to New York cause there are SO many more flights out of there, plus we'd be close to Phil's family! And my parents have the ability to fly completely free on my benefits so it makes more sense to live away from them! :D I plan on working here forever honestly. We'll see how life goes! It may not always be my primary job, but it will always be my job!

Lastly, Nate's 2nd Birthday party is coming up! Everyone that reads my blog is invited! Here is the invitation!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Boy or Girl??? I decided that since my blog is private, this information is pretty safe!

And Erika, I told you you couldn't find out until Nate's birthday party since you and Bekah are invited, but I figure that if you make the effort to read my blog, it's only fair (but that doesn't mean don't come!!!)! It's mostly going to be a surprise for my brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews.

Well, this was originally supposed to be a surprise for all family members, but lets just say that it's not that easy to keep this a secret! So we decided to tell parents and James (Phil's brother) because he was here visiting and figured it would be better in person.....turns out we were wrong and I will tell the story later.

Alright are you all ready for this???????

Let me give you some background information to keep the suspense up even longer (although if you didn't already know the answer, you probably scrolled down already anyway :D). One day Phil and I were driving the road from St. George to Enterprise/Veyo. I can't remember why I just know we were on that road. I don't know what brought this up, but Phil said, "I've always loved the name Audrey, that's what I want to name my daughter some day." I thought that it was the most adorable thing in the whole entire universe that he already thought of things like that and I thought Audrey was such a beautiful name (because I imagine a little dark-haired Audrey Hepburn. Phil thinks she is one of the most classy ladies). So right away I said "deal!"

Fast forward a year and a half. We got engaged, married, then found out we were pregnant (sounds faster than it actually was). We anxiously sat down in the ultrasound room waiting for her to tell us boy or girl. Phil has always wanted a little girl because he doesn't have any little sisters. Plus he's deathly afraid of making a boy too whimpy (haha!). She scrolled over and said "do you want to know what it is?" and I nervously said "yes..." and she goes "it's a boy." My first sentence was "are you sure?" mostly because she did it so fast I always imagined them going to that area and studying it for a minute and telling us what she was seeing. So I was just surprised she already knew! I hate to say I wasn't more excited, I just wanted to keep up my family tradition of two girls then a boy. However, little did I know that gestating inside of my was the most beautiful, adorable, hilarious, talented, smart, perfect, perfect, perfect, loving, perfect, awesome, bestest, sweetest, most perfect little boy in the entire universe. Nothing in this world makes me happier and feel more fulfilled than Nathan Andrew Eger! But you all know this because you hear it all the time!

Fast forward two years and 4 months from the time we found out what Nate was (hey yeah that's funny I was 18 weeks pregnant with Nate that's why it's 2 years 4 months...that's how far apart these two will be). Anyway I just KNEW it was going to be a boy! I was so sure of it. There was this hope glimmering inside of me that it would be a girl because of my little Audrey I wanted so badly, but I knew it was going to be a boy! I KNEW IT!!!! But how much easier would it be to have a boy so that they could share clothes, share a room, etc. However, sadly I knew there was a part of me that would be more thrilled and excited if I found out it was a girl. We didn't have a good boy name I liked and I was just so nervous I'd have to come up with one. Plus I'm a daughter, I know that the relationship between a daughter and mother is stronger than a mother and son (when they grow up). So of course I wanted a girl, but I wanted another sweet little Natey too!

Well, the day arrived. We nervously went into the room. He squirted all that gel on me and there was my baby! It was honestly the first time this pregnancy that I actually felt pregnant! I could tell I was getting bigger, I could feel movements, but I don't get very sick. I didn't get very sick with Nate and thats why I knew it was going to be a boy. However, with Nate I craved protein which made me think it was probably a boy and with this one I craved noodles and orange juice and now all I crave is lemon and lime! Random! So there was a part that wanted to think it was a  girl, but I didn't want to get my hopes up! So he measured the head and the size was perfect, the brain was perfect, the heart was perfect, everything was great! He scrolled over to the bum and I could see a penis. Well, ok so I'm not an expert, but yeah it looked like a penis. And he asked me, "Do you see anything in between the legs?" and I kept saying "it's a boy" and he asked me several times (probably at least five) "no answer my question, do you see anything between the legs?" and finally I realized how he wanted me to phrase my answer and I said "I don't know kinda??" and Phil goes "I don't!" But who can listen to Phil? He just wants a freaking girl! And the doctor goes "Nope! That's because it's a girl!"

WHAT????? Can it REALLY BE????????
Phil jumped out of his seat and yelled "YES!!!!" We all cheered and I BAWLED my eyes out!!!!!! I'm going to have a DAUGHTER!!!!!! AGH! Nate is going to have a SISTER!!!!! We have the perfect little family!!!
My mother-in-law is so funny, she asked before, "if I pay for it can I find out what it is?" and we said "if you pay for it, you can be in there!"

Needless to say we're pretty ecstatic and thats why we couldn't keep it a secret from our parents! I cannot wait to give her the gift of a natural birth, I cannot wait to see her sweet little face and give her her first bath (yes I'm going to give it to her!!) I can't wait to see her daddy hold her and kiss her the first time, I can't wait to tell her I love her! This is so amazing! I'm just in complete AWE!!! We love her already!

Looking at my life now, there is absolutely NO WAY EVER EVER EVER I would change one thing! Nate is the big brother (as it should be) to protect his little sister! I loved having big brothers! I am SO happy that it turned out this way! It's perfect and I'm just SO THRILLED!!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The wonder of the radio

As I was driving home from work tonight I was reminded of something that I have been reminded of way too many times...why I can't stand the radio. There are no CD's in the van at all (cause Phil's been taking the car where my CD is) so I'm stuck with just the radio. Usually I will choose silence over the radio, but when you're driving at midnight, you just want to listen to music. So I felt like talking about why I hate the radio so much even though this does me absolutely no good and I'm not really trying to convince anyone not to listen to it, I just wanted to get it out I guess. I just want to note that I am talking primarily about top 40 stations (hit music or whatever you choose to call it...pop perhaps?).

  • First. Why do I want someone else to choose what music I listen to? I think of the radio as a playlist set to random...only the playlist is definitely not mine. It's chosen by popularity and I've decided that the majority of people just don't know what good music is I guess.

  • Ok ok, I guess that the people that play on the radio are talented singers....artists? Not a chance. But they have to have some talent to get on the radio right? But here are my issues when it comes to popular singers: 1-they don't write their own music. Therefore they are not artists, they are products. 2-if they do write their own music and it turns up on a top 40 station, they most likely are just trying to appeal to the majority instead of really writing what they feel passionate about and passionate songs are just better. HOWEVER, an artist is not going to be passionate about every song, so in that case, it takes some creativity. If I'm going to be listening to poetry, I prefer to hear creative poems. Let me put this into perspective. Here is an example of a break up song from a popular artist vs. a creative one (the postal service writes some of my favorite lyrics): Nothing Better by The Postal Service: (a little background to the song, a guy and girl are singing back and forth and this is the girl singing) "I feel I must interject here, you're getting carried away feeling sorry for yourself with these revisions and gaps in history. So let me help you remember, I've made charts and graphs that will finally make it clear, I've prepared a lecture on why I have to leave. So please back away and let me go." And then the guy sings "I can't my darling I love you so."  Alright now lets look at an Avril Lavigne song: "You've got your dumb friends I know what they say They tell you I'm difficult But so are they But they don't know me Do they even know you?" This sounds like I'm just having a conversation with someone who's immature and angry. And the best break up song in the whole world that makes life so much better and easier to deal with and DEFINITELY not immature would be Someday You Will Be Loved by Death Cab for Cutie (which ironically is the same guy from the Postal Service) and it says "In the morning I fled, left a note and it read: Someday you will be loved.   You'll be loved you'll be loved like you never have known and the memories of me will seem more like bad dreams. Just a series of blurs like I never occurred. Some day you will be loved." Can you see what I'm trying to say here? 

  • Ok my next big issue is this: the radio corrupts bands from writing good music. I always think it's a great thing when bands get on the radio because it means they're making more money. That's so wonderful for them! However, is there something in the agreement that if you're on the radio, your music has to degenerate? Let's look at some prime examples: Weezer and Dashboard Confessional. Weezer's first few albums are exceptional. The Blue Album and ESPECIALLY Pinkerton! I could listen to them all day and never get sick of them. Then suddenly they get really big and they pump out crap like "Beverly Hills"?? What happened to the good stuff you used to write??? Then Dashboard. Oh man this one is even worse. If any of you know how passion-filled and captivating his lyrics and music was from the first few albums, you'd fall in love with him forever! Even the album "A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar" is still pretty high up there. Personally I like him better when he plays by himself, but it's still great music. His songs from that album were played on the radio very occasionally. He has a hit that was on Spiderman (Vindicated) and suddenly the next album that comes out is just this terrible mess of summery awful garbage that must have gotten a sunburn (The album name was something like Dusk and Summer....GARBAGE!) Holy crap why did you turn into an artist that just wants to turn on teenage girls? LAME! Why can't bands be as awesome as Ben Folds who doesn't give a crap and still writes amazing music?? 

  • Issue #4. Indie stations. Yes! There is some hope on the radio! Play me some music that isn't popular because it's probably ten times better! .....wait a minute WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING???? Just because a radio station is Indie...doesn't mean it's going to play what you think! It means it is going to play whatever the station feels like and it's NOT always good! In fact very rarely is! But hey, how can you be hipster if you're not ironic?

  • Commercials. How can these not be an issue? 

In closing, I just want to recap and summarize: Basically I hate the radio because it's someone with absolutely horrible taste in music's playlist set to random (with certain songs to repeat WAY too many times!), the singers that primarily show up on the top 40 stations are not artists, but a product...a product I want to get my refund back on!, it degenerates great bands into awful ones, and of course commercials. 

I'm sorry, but when I'm driving in my car, I really don't feel like scanning through every station fifty times to find a song that I'm only listening to because it reminds me of happy memories, but in reality I hate that I'm listening to this song. 

PS. So that you have the opportunity to listen to the songs I've mentioned I've put them at the top of my playlist. Number 1 is Nothing Better, Number 2 is Someday you will be loved, Number 3 is El Scorcho (my favorite song from Weezer's album Pinkerton). 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

There's gonna be a party in my city!!!!

I canNOT be more excited than I am for the fact that Yo Gabba Gabba is coming to Utah for a live show! Their tour starts in August, but they won't be here till November 9th (we could fly to another city to see it, but I'd rather just go to the one here). Nate will be SOOOOOO EXCITED! I canNOT wait to see the look on his face when he gets to see all the characters in REAL LIFE! It's going to be the most fantastic moment in parenting I think I'll ever have! Since the baby will be brand new, I think I'll leave him/her with a babysitter so we can spend some alone time with Nate since he'll be feeling left out. I just can't wait to see the look on his little face! I can't wait to watch him do the dancey dances and sing along! It's going to be SOOOOO AMAZING!!!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Balloons balloons balloons make me happy!

Balloons balloons balloons I love you!

That's a Yo Gabba Gabba song....which most correctly describes Nate's feelings towards balloons! He talks about them all day. He asks for them all day. I'm pretty sure balloons are his favorite things in the whole world.

If you think it's hard to get a toddler to sit still for a picture...just try getting him to sit still, look at the camera AND smile when he's surrounded by balloons!

And here is the song I was quoting. It's not a video, just a picture the whole time, so don't think it's not working. The only ones I could find with video were ones where people recorded the TV with a camcorder (why they do that is still a mystery to me!)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Best Moment Ever!

I just had the best moment I've ever had in motherhood this morning. It was so special I had to put it on the record!
Nate came up to me, laid his head on me, then he kissed me and said "love you!" All on his own.

It was SO sweet! Nothing could be more rewarding!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Funny and cute things from Nate

I want to always remember some of the funniest things that my Nate says and does. So I'm going to start with what inspired this post:

[Putting the phone to his ear] "Hi Jesus! Whats up?" ....I guess he has a new way of praying!

This is just one of many things that he says and does that make me laugh daily! So now I'm going to make a list of things that I want to always remember him doing/saying.

-Today he was standing on a stool in the bathroom at my parents house playing with bath toys in the sink and he started ducking down behind the counter, popping up and laughing at himself.

-Every time he hears a fart sound he goes "wwhhooohh whatsat? fart!"

-His sentence that he says ALL the time is "where'd _____ go? Where is he?" sometimes when I change his diaper he goes "where'd penis go?" Or "where'd weiner go?...Where is he?" ...we're glad he's secure with his manhood :D. Such a boy! Always concerned with his 'part'!

-I can't ever go to the bathroom in peace. He's always running in there because he loves it when I turn the light on and off he goes "wight?...dart?..." for light and dark.

-He always drops things off the porch and runs into me to help him. The other day he dropped his foam F off and runs in, "where'd F go?" and he kept pulling me and I just kept saying, "I don't know, go find it" and he was so persistent, then he mumbles toddler attempts at sentences and goes "jumble jumble buh bye" and runs toward the door. Finally I realized that the F dropped off and we went to retrieve it. I love that he was smart enough to say he wanted to go buh bye so that I'd open the door.

-Yesterday Uncle James and Aunt Kirsten were in town and I dropped them off at the airport. He has since been asking me "where'd Kirten go?" or running on to the deck and yelling "James!!"

-My friend Suz came over today because she is a massage therapist and Phil tweeqed his back. I told him to do a somersault for her and after that he kept running up to her and saying "grama! jumble jumble suh-sault!" and as soon as she'd say "you want to do a somersault?" He'd run back and do one for her! Not really sure why he kept calling her Grandma! She's much younger than both grandmas...maybe she just has that grandma vibe. She does have kids my age. She's not one yet though.

-My mom bought a pack of balloons because he is obsessed with them. We blew a few up and when we were getting ready to go home he had one and he kept trying to blow one up and he'd get it pretty good actually! He would not stop! He was still trying when I put him to bed. I wouldn't be surprised if he was still in there trying to blow it up right now! So cute! He also kept walking up their stairs while holding on to a balloon! And he wouldn't fall either! It was nuts!

-Whenever people come over he LOVES to be the entertainer in the center of attention! He'll start doing all of the tricks and songs he knows! It's hilarious!

-I'll catch him singing Gabba songs all the time. Yesterday we were driving and I heard him whispering "inside voice quiet inside voice shhh" Of course it was slurred like a toddler would do, but clear enough that I could tell what he was saying. It was so cute! Last week I also caught him singing "hold stiiiill.....wiggle go wiggle stop!" And of course he always sings "don't don't don't bite friends! Bite bite bite? no no no. Chomp chomp chomp? yes yes yes!"

-When he's in time out, sometimes he'll knock on the door or randomly start asking for Grandma. He knows she'll always save him! :D

-His recent most common word he says is "funny" everything is so funny to him. He'll do something silly and he'll laugh and go "it so funny!" I love it!

-Whenever I give him cereal with the bowl that has a straw attached, he just blows bubbles in the milk and pops them. It keeps him entertained for a while!

-I'm not a huge fan of his problem solving skills. He's too smart for me! He figured out how to push a chair around the kitchen to get to what he wants. Often times I'll suddenly hear the faucett running! I know a lot of kid his age do this, but it's not my favorite thing! :D 

-He draws smiley faces! They're so cute! He always wants me to draw Gabba characters and I think he does the eyes the way he does because they're like those characters. Here is my proof!...Did I mention he's not even two yet? (I have to brag, he's my pride and joy! :D)

Ok that is all I can think of for now. I'll be adding to this list I'm sure! :D I sure do love my little guy!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Right v. Left

Politics is something that has been a big part of my life since we've moved up to West Jordan. Not by my choice, I personally hate politics! But because my dad and my husband disagree on so many things. The funniest part is that both of them want the same basic things and have the same basic hopes, they just think there are different ways that those things will come about. For example, they both want everyone to have health care. However, my dad believes that if we were to go to universal health care that people would have to wait months for treatments and won't get the care that they need. On the other hand Phil believes that universal health care will give everyone the opportunity to have care. Today I realized something that made me giggle to myself and got me thinking!
I definitely consider myself to be independent. I don't follow just one side and I don't think Phil really does either. He tends to be more liberal than conservative, but he doesn't agree with everything. I just realized that each side has a few contradictions! It's kind of funny! So, in the simplest of terms this is the way that I view a couple aspects of both political parties!

-They're pro choice, but anti war. How can you not care about killing an infant, but care about killing adults? Doesn't make sense.

-They're pro war, but anti abortion. Just like Democrats, how can you not care about killing adults, but you care about killing babies?
-They're (usually) religious, yet they don't care about the environment. If you love God, why wouldn't you want to take care of His creations? I understand when people say that they don't think the government shouldn't be controlling what we have to do about the environment, but just because the opposite party likes to take care of the environment doesn't mean you can't make personal choices to make your contribution.

When it comes down to it, my point is that I really hate when people are super loyal to one side and don't ask questions. They see ONE thing they don't like about the other so they think they're evil or stupid and don't bother to listen to what they're saying. I just can't stand ignorance. If you're going to stand for something, make sure you're being consistent. Of course this is an over generalization of the two parties, but this is the way I look at it.

This is an example of party loyalty that is just complete ignorance: The other day we were driving and I saw a bumper sticker that said something along the lines of this: "Millions of unborn babies are sad that you voted for Obama." I just have to sit there and think of how ignorant it is to say that. Why? Because what on earth did Bush do to stop abortion? I don't think it's in Obama's agenda to make it easier for people to get them, he's just doing the same thing. Nothing. Now this is not implying that I'm a fan of Obama, I'm just pointing out the ignorance that some people have.

All I want is for people to ask questions and think for themselves. If you do that and you still feel loyal to one side then hats off to you for doing some independent research! I respect you and your opinion because of it! I look at my father-in-law. Even though I don't agree with most of what he says, I respect his opinion and I am MUCH more willing to listen to what he has to say than I am many people. And he has helped me understand new perspectives that I would have never considered and he's changed my mind on a few topics. He is also Athiest, so of course he isn't going to have as many of the same viewpoints as I am, but I still respect him! And most of you are probably thinking he is liberal, but he's actually pretty conservative.

Anyway that's all. :D

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last post about the Weezer remix!

So they finally FINALLY picked the winners! They made it sound like they were going to pick several, but they only picked two. The best part is that the two they picked weren't even in the top ten. I just think that's awesome because they really picked which ones they liked the best not based on anyone else. They wanted really diverse songs and the two they chose really were very diverse so we both feel like they should have won. In fact one of them Phil thought should win before the voting even started! It's reassuring to see that the mixes that won were ones that we felt deserved it because it's always frustrating when you feel that you did a better job!

On a happy note, because Phil's was in the top ten, he got honorable mention and will get a signed copy of Weezer's newest album! He was happy to hear that. It was just for fun and that's exactly what we had! :D Thanks for everyone who supported him! :D

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I love my new job already!

You know how you hear about companies that try to get their employees to care about their customer service, but really you know that all these crazy evil people are behind the scenes running the whole operation? Walmart is a prime example. Well, I feel exactly the opposite about Jet Blue!!!!! They really are a company that I won't feel bad promoting. Why? For one, the better we do, the more job security I have right? Nah I'm not really worried about that! From what I hear from EVERYONE is that Jet Blue really is the best airline to fly with! Seriously, for once I feel like I'm working for an HONEST company! What does that mean? YES it means I don't think that the hospital is a completely honest and non-evil place. Yes, I do think that out of all the health care corporations in the country, IHC is probably the LEAST evil, especially when it comes to taking care of PATIENTS (yes you guys know that I don't think that mothers should be patients. Birth is not a medical procedure and should not be one unless there is a complication and the day that the hospital stops treating it like it's a disease is the day I will say that the hospital is not evil). Despite the fact that IHC is the least evil, crap still goes on ALL the time. The medical field can be a system of revenue for some greedy doctors! Doctors have the power to prescribe anything whether they find it necessary for the patient, or their wallet. Do I think all doctors do this? Absolutely not! My doctor in St. George was by far the number 1 best doctor in the entire nation in my opinion! I mean a doctor that says, "I never think it is your privilege to have me as your doctor, but it is my privilege to have you as a patient," specifically talking about how intimate and wonderful the birth experience is to mothers, is a freaking good doctor! So yes, I think there are good doctors and I just happened to be blessed to have the very best one with Nate. Unfortunately he is in St. George and I am not. And unfortunately every doctor is not like this. SOOO as I was saying, I cannot think that the medical field can ever be a non evil business. For that reason should NOT be a business!!!! Because of that, and especially after what I have studied Universal Healthcare does for Maternity care, I can never feel right voting against it! So if I ever had the opportunity to, I would. Mostly for the Maternity reason, but still, it causes healthcare to be for helping people and not for personal revenue.

That being said, I feel like Jet Blue really is the first honest company or corporation I have ever worked for. They are out to take care of the people they are doing business with, not just take their money. Yes they want to make money obviously, but in a way that serves everyone. I feel really good about working here! Plus I LOVE that they encourage their crew members (they call them that instead of employee cause employee sounds too impersonal) to travel as much as possible! In fact the main reason they even fly to SLC is because of the crew members! They don't make a ton of money from SLC! Crazy huh! It makes me feel great knowing that I won't be judged for wanting to travel to the East Coast to visit Nate's Gramps all the time! WOOHOO East Coast here we come!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Why do I have such an awesome kid?

I realized today why I blog so much. Because I don't have a TV. I do technically, but it's only hooked up to a DVD player...Anyway I am entertained by my child more and more every day! He is the most hilarious and adorable child in this universe. I am seriously blown away at how fun the title of Nathan's mommy is!

This video is short because I don't feel like finding my adapter for my phone memory card and I can only send 30 second videos. But this is what Nate started doing on Saturday. He thinks it's hilarious probably because I laugh so hard at him when he does it. He makes animal sounds in this voice and it is SO FUNNY! His face when he does it too is so adorable! He seriously cracks me up so bad! The first one he is saying is "moo" I started the video after I asked "what does a cow say?"

And this video shows him adorably saying "Nathan Andrew Eger" And when I ask him his Name he says "Nate" SO CUTE!

This picture of Nate most accurately depicts how he says his "s" sound! haha! Since he has a little gap between his teeth that makes the correct sound. He's gonna end up with a lisp some day because of it, but he'll figure it out! :D

And here is a picture of him taking his nap today...this is how he fell asleep...only the pillow wasn't there, I put it there!

Here is Nate being is regular cute silly self!

Anyway I just LOVE my baby so much! Every day he does something new and hilarious and cute and, as always, AWESOME! I'm blessed to have such an amazing kid!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My mommy!

I love my mommy so much!
She is just the perfect mom for me. And this is why:

I take after her a lot. We have very similar personalities. We don't agree on everything and we can drive each other crazy, but when it comes down to it, we really understand each other. More importantly, she understands me!

She listens to me. I talk a lot and I have a lot to say, most of which probably doesn't matter much to anyone but me and yet it matters to her. I can't even tell you how much I call her! It probably drives her crazy, but I don't really think it does. When I lived in St. George I called her ALL the time! Especially when I was pregnant with Nate! I thought when I moved up here I wouldn't call her as much...yeah that's not true. I didn't when I lived with her, but I do now.

She LOVES my Natey! She won't admit it, but I know he's secretly her favorite! ;) It's great because whenever he does something cute, I have to tell SOMEONE so I always call her! If I couldn't call her, I'd probably say every single cute thing that he does on here and secretly be depressed that you don't care as much as she does! haha! Not only does she love Nate, but he loves her. I think he might love her more than he loves me sometimes! When we're at her house and he gets hurt, he goes to her not me! What the? :D He also learns a TON of things from her! Which always surprises me because she only watches him once a week, but it helps me to know that she is spending a lot of quality time with him! She is the best babysitter EVER! Whenever there would be a Wednesday that she couldn't do it for some reason, I'd be so sad cause I was always so worry free when she was watching him, but when anyone else does (other than Phil) I worry ALL day! She knows Nate as well as I do which is really comforting! That's why it's so fun to tell her the cute or funny things he does!

She supports me unconditionally. Whatever I decide to do with my career or personal choices, she never criticizes me. It is so incredibly comforting to have a mom that listens to my point of view about birth and who is even willing to let me give birth at her house! There are so many people out there that disagree with home birth, yet my mom is one that supports it for me!

She is such a hard worker! Anything she does she gives 150%! Just be in her ward and you'll understand. She shows me the different things she does for her young women and I'm always amazed. It's funny cause she'll get overwhelmed with her calling sometimes and I just tell her it's because she puts more effort in it than the average person! She ALWAYS has a project of some sort she is working on. She is always sewing, painting, or knitting something for someone for Christmas! In fact, today she had us pick out these headbands she knitted for the winter that cover your ears (they are SOOOO CUTE!) so she knew what kind we wanted for Christmas! And they have this cute little bow/flower thing on them. If I have a girl, I'm gonna make her make me a bunch for headbands! I love it! She is incredible though. She made my wedding dress and all of the little flower girl dresses. She made ALL of the brides maides dresses at my brother's and sister's weddings and I didn't want her to go through the stress of making so many of those so I didn't have official ones for my wedding. Little girl dresses are much easier. My wedding dress was hard enough.

She's just all around amazing! I couldn't have asked for better parents! In fact, the Love and Logic book I've been reading an blogging about I realize my parents did a lot of those things. They were such great parents and they did such a great job raising us! I'm grateful for it every day!

This is me 8 months pregnant with Nate...not me now! haha

Happy Mother's Day!

Today I was staring at a mother in church who was holding her newborn baby and had this overwhelming feeling that can't really be described. I was just staring at her thinking about how mothers take these helpless humans into their lives and take care of every single need they have. I realize that things that people say about motherhood and parenting all sound the same. We all know that mothers have instincts to nurture and care for their child, we all know that they are miraculous how they start out with a handful of microscopic cells and their bodies create this incredible life! It sounds cliche to talk about these things because they're things you hear over and over again, but once you experience this miracle, it is all put into perspective. In the Spanish language, there are two types of translations of the word "know" saber and conocer. Saber means to know a fact and conocer means to be acquainted with a person, like when you know someone personally. If conocer can be applied to things and not just people, in this situation, that is how it would be. I knew (saber) that mother's had all of those qualities and abilities, but now I know (conocer) what those feelings feel like. I am personally acquainted with those feelings and drives. Does that make sense? I am an amateur at the language so I'm not sure if it works that way, but for the sake of my argument, it does.

You hear mother after mother say that motherhood is the best thing that has ever happened to them. This feeling is something that you can never describe to another person. You cannot explain why exactly motherhood is so amazing. That is why I get so frustrated when people say that they never want children for whatever reason that is. In my experience it is people who think they are an inconvenience. Trying to explain how absolutely fulfilling and amazing motherhood to someone who doesn't have kids (I'm sure the same goes for fatherhood) is like trying to explain someone who has never been in love what exactly love is. It is so complex, it goes beyond just attraction and fondness and it has so many layers. The same is with motherhood. Once you experience it, you just understand.

When you're a mother, you no longer have this need to experience as many things as possible because you see the world through different eyes, your child's! Everything you do is as if you're doing it for the first time again and the world becomes exciting again!

Being a mother is a special privilege that I could never take for granted. I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father let me borrow His son for this short time on Earth. I'm glad that He felt like we were good enough parents to care for His most special of spirits! I'm grateful that He sent me one of His coolest and most amazing children! I'm grateful that I never had to struggle with infertility. I don't feel that it was my special privilege to not have to or that He loves me more, I'm just grateful and recognize that it is a blessing!

I'm just super grateful to be a mother and I know that all of you that haven't had children yet, or who are trying to will. We live in a time where infertility treatments and adoption are viable options if you aren't able to get pregnant on your own. And what a blessing they are!

Happy Mothers Day to every mommy out there!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthmother's Day!

Today is a little known holiday that honors mothers that made the ultimate sacrifice for their children! I'm so glad that they have this holiday because if you've ever had the honor to associate with a birth mother, you'd truly understand that they need a holiday to celebrate their courage and strength! I'd like to think I have what it takes to place my baby for adoption, but I don't know that I'd be able to be so strong!

Let birth mothers be a reminder of how lucky those of us who are able to have children on our own are. Not only have so many sweet parents who have adopted and who are hoping to adopt suffered through infertility, but also those birth mothers who have shared their most precious gift with those parents are suffering a different kind of child loss. Never take parenthood for granted! It may not always be perfect and easy, but it is always fulfilling and wonderful! Whenever your child does something that angers you, just think of what it would be like to never have your baby in the first place.

Happy Birthmother's Day!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

I saw this quote today and I loved it. It really shows the way I feel about home birth and my choice to have one: "I gave birth at home. Not crazy. Not brave. Just educated."
I don't feel crazy for wanting a home birth, and I don't feel like I'm more brave than any other mom. In fact, in my opinion, it takes more bravery to give birth at the hospital because the risks are so much higher.
I don't get this feeling from any of you, but I feel like a lot of people feel like people that  have home births are less educated because they don't think anything bad will happen to them. In reality, they just don't want anything bad to happen for some unnecessary reason.

Anyway, I just really loved that quote.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hoping to Adopt!

I'm SOOO excited! I saw on Dustin and Andrea's blog today that they are finally approved for another adoption!!!!!!!!!!!
They adopted my good friend Andee's little girl 18 months ago. They are by far the best parents I've ever seen (although I haven't actually met them in person). Andee was really really picky about who could adopt her baby. She had a big list of specifications and they met every single one! They really are the greatest parents! And they truly deserve to adopt another baby!

Here is the link to their profile on
Here is a link to their blog if you want to learn more about them
And here the story of how Andee decided to place with them that explains Why they're so amazing!

So if you know anyone or hear of anyone that is thinking of adoption, pass this along!

Here is the most recent picture of all of them together

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Album covers

Phil had this posted on his profile and we started doing it last night and it is SO much fun! It was quite addicting so I wanted to post a few that I did! I owe it all to the awesome photography, but some are just plain funny and ironic! (Nick and Michelle Boyer, if you're reading this, you would have a ton of fun with it!!!)

1 - Go to "wikipedia." Hit "random"
or click
The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2 - Go to "Random quotations"
or click
The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your fi...rst album.

3 - Go... to flickr and click on "explore the last seven days"
or click
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4 - Use photoshop or similar to put it all together.



Seriously they are SO MUCH FUN!!! :D The font that is bigger on each picture is supposed to be my "band name" My favorite "album name" is "you are ready or not" haha I think that's hilarious! Some of these make great band names too! Some of them I shortened because they wouldn't make sense like the "commission for science" one was really something longer that would just sound stupid as a band name and "Urban Community" was really Urban community of stratsburg (or something like that) Anyway, try it cause it's a lot of fun!


My friend Giselle posted a blog post on her blog that really made me want to say a few things about the new law in Arizona. I feel it is an important matter of discussion because this law could be moving to Utah. It was really nice to hear it from the perspective of someone who is Latina and who has immigrated here legally.

First of all, yes I think that illegal immigration is a problem that needs to be solved. It is a truly unfortunate thing to see that so many people were not able to come here legally and I wish for their sake that it wasn't such a hard process. There is obviously a reason that they want to be here and its heart breaking to take that away from them. I truly respect the people who have gone through the process to come to this nation legally.

Now, here is one HUGE problem that I have with this new law. Are all immigrants Latino? Do you think that there could possibly be a chance in this world that someone could be immigrating illegally that is white? However, they wouldn't be racially profiled by cops.

I just want to remind everyone that the people that founded this country did not show the Natives their papers. We can show a little compassion and not be so angry about this matter. They are all God's children and all He asks us to do is love them. If someone does something illegal, it is God's place to judge them not ours. If you want to vote for or against immigration laws, then the responsibility is in your hands, but until then, just show some love!

Monday, May 3, 2010

I just have to say....

TOLD YA SO!!!!! For those of you that read my post about Phil's Weemix two or three posts ago, like I said, they moved the date ONCE AGAIN! This time to tomorrow. If they announced the winners, maybe it would be a fun anniversary gift since that is tomorrow as well! (maybe I should make Phil breakfast in bed...hmmm...that would be a nice thing to do don't ya think?). But I'm highly doubting that he is going to win because although he was voted into 7th place, there were still 500 entries and it looks like they listened to all of them. SOOO even though someone could have a lot of votes, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are better. It just means they have more friends that are willing to vote. So WE'LL SEE! :D

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy 3 years!!

I love my anniversary because it is time to remember how great our wedding was and it is a chance to reflect on how much we've grown since the day we were married! Our anniversary is May 4th, but I'm posting about it now to pass the time because we're going to pick up Natey and she isn't leaving till 1:45 and she takes longer than us so we have to wait even longer and I'm getting anxious to see him!

I love the time of year that we picked to get married. Spring has always been my favorite season. I used to think I had to get married in August because my brother and sister were both married then and I didn't want to be different, but if we would have waited till August...that would have been miserable! :D I ended up being REALLY different from them which always makes me laugh. Not because I make a conscious effort to be different, I just always end up doing so. I even had a boy first where all of my brothers and sisters ALL had two girls then a boy. Anyway, May was a beautiful time of year in New York and I wouldn't have changed it for anything!

The funny thing about our wedding is that it was really really inexpensive! I was far from being a bridezilla although my mom always wanted to tease me that I was one....I think she was more than me! I think she planned more than I did. In fact, I didn't care so much that I think it made her frustrated because I wouldn't make decisions I was just like "whatever you think is better". Hey after all I wasn't the one who had helped organize three weddings before that! I seriously did not feel that the wedding was important. All I wanted was to be married to Phil! I didn't care exactly how it happened! Sometimes when people show me their wedding pictures I've thought "I wish I would have spent more and done cuter things" but in reality, it doesn't matter. The other day I was driving when it was warm and I was listening to a song that reminded me of my wedding vacation and I just had such a warm memory of it and just thought how ridiculous it is that people spend so much on their weddings when mine was nothing fancy and it was amazing!
You see, the reason mine was so inexpensive is because my mom gave me an amount that she would spend and said "anything that you go under, I'll give you the rest." So I went as inexpensive as possible! My cake was made by a friend who did it for SUPER cheap. My sister is an amazing flower arranger so she did all my flowers. My dad did my photography and my wedding video so of course that was all free. A bunch of fake trees were lent to us by a friend of my parents. The backdrop was rented from a place and it was really dirty and we had to clean it off so they gave it to us for free! We made the centerpieces ourselves too! I didn't get a lot of pictures of the actual reception, my dad was mostly videoing it and I would post my wedding video if I could, but it's really long anyway. This was all at the Utah reception. Some of the cost came from the hotel costs, the plane flight, etc. and it was all still under like $2,000. Oh yeah my mom also made my dress and my niece's flower girl dresses!

We also had a reception in New Jersey the day after we were married. A lot of people ask why we were married in New York City and the reason was because Phil's dad is not LDS and wasn't going to fly out to Utah because we were going to fly out there for the reception anyway and there would be no point to flying out here because he couldn't go to the wedding anyway. My parents were already planning on flying to New Jersey for the reception so we thought, why don't we just get married out there? So that's why we did. The only thing that was less than ideal is that the group of people that got to witness our wedding was very limited because they couldn't all afford to fly out here obviously. So it was just my parents, Phil's mom and my sister. The little girl in the pictures is my niece Jordyn. My sister took her with which was awesome! I'm so glad she did! But it was an awesome experience none the less and here are some pictures:

The New Jersey Reception

The Utah Reception

If you want to see more pictures (not assuming you do), you can go here:

Wedding Day
NJ reception pics by my dad
NJ reception by family friend Jamie
Utah Reception

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to my favorite person!

Today is Philly's birthday! He's 26 now! They grow up so fast!

Last night I had a dream that Phil died and I was so depressed. I just ached for him. It was quite awful. Right away I tried to date a guy that looked exactly like him to make the pain go away, but it didn't help much. So when I woke up I was so happy that it was a dream, I immediately called him and have never been so in love with the sound of his voice! It made me want to make a post about how grateful I am for him and his birthday is today too (May 1st) so it's perfect!

So my sweet hubsy was born on May 1st at 12:16 am eastern time. So if his parents would have lived here, his birthday would have been April 30th. So Phil thinks that he can get away with his birthday being two days. Every year when the clock strikes 10:16 I sing happy birthday to him. Oddly enough we were parked in a gas station parking lot and I made him sit in the car till it hit 10:16 (it was one minute away) and I started singing it to him when a guy stood at our window staring in. Phil pointed it out and I looked over and it scared me SOOOOOOO BAD! I jumped pretty high! It was our friend that Phil worked with 3 1/2 years ago that I haven't seen since Nate was only a few weeks old! We knew him in St. George and he now currently lives in Ogden...yet RANDOMLY he showed up at the SAME gas station at the SAME time! It was insane!

Anyway I just want to say that I often find myself taking Phil for granted. I get frustrated with him easily, I can be rude to him sometimes, and I don't always give him the benefit of the doubt, but there really is no other person that I love like I love him. Our anniversary is on the 4th as well, so when we went out tonight I just realized we've been married for 3 wonderful years (I don't want to go into too much about our anniversary cause I plan on making a post about it later). I can't say they've been nothing but bliss, but would it really be a marriage if there were no struggles? I can say that I love him more than I have ever loved him before and I think he is more attractive than ever!

Even though I take him for granted, there are things about him that I never get sick of or don't appreciate!
-I love his music SOOOOOOO much!
-I love it that he can play pretty much any song on the guitar!
-I love that he's silly and has a funny sense of humor.
-I LOVE LOVE LOVE how compassionate he is towards others (sometimes I hate it when he calls me on being judgmental! But I'm grateful for it at the same time).
-I LOVE how much he loves Christ!
-I love that he makes me think about political issues from the perspective of the scriptures and Christ's teachings.
-I love that he wants to be vegetarian with me.
-I love that he supports my decision to do a home birth!
-I love that he encourages me to think outside the box ALL the time and not just follow with the majority.
-I love how excited he is to have another baby!
-I love that he served a mission.
-I love that he is just right for me!

There's a million more things that I love, but I don't want everyone to get TOO bored! :D 

I really am grateful to have such a wonderful husband! I may not love being married every minute of every day, but I love being married every day!


and here are just a few more pictures from our date tonight.
He was demonstrating his "myspace" face because he was telling me how glad he was that there aren't pictures of girls making this face on facebook! haha

Phil in his hometown (Mars!) Not sure whats up with that pose... We went to the Clark Planetarium to watch Hubble in 3D. It was pretty freaking awesome if you ask me! :D