Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Working from home=AWESOME!

Oh my goodness I canNOT even begin to express the amazingness of working from home! The best part is that I got to work while Nate was asleep. Which meant that I could work and NOT need a babysitter! It was incredible! Oh my gosh seriously I have yet to discover something so awesome as this! When I was done with work did I have to drive 20 minutes home in traffic of any sort? Did I have to deal with annoying drivers? And did I have to take Nate to a babysitter half hour early just so I could get to work on time? NOPE!!!! I got to walk into my bedroom and that was it! Oh and the other great thing was that I didn't have to listen to the annoying voices of the people around me (ok mostly just this one really awkward person from my class that just drives me crazy!). During my break I got to see Natey! Not the people from work. Oh man it was a great feeling!

Yeah I don't make very much, but honestly the benefit of not having a babysitter and working from home combined with the ability to send my family across the country to visit Gramps is worth the lower pay!! This is the closest I can get to being a stay-at-home mommy at this point in my life and nothing is more important to me. I was the only kid that didn't get that with my mom and it wasn't exactly easy. I know I probably won't have the ability to be one for all of my kids because when we move out of state some day I won't be able to have this job, but I still want to work for JetBlue so I can visit my parents and vice versa, but the only stay at home opportunities exist in SLC. So for right now I'm really grateful for this opportunity!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Feeling Good About Life!

I'm just having a great night! My headache went away (ALWAYS a good thing!), we had a blast at Phil's work party, especially Nate! It was held at the owner of the business Phil works for's house and he has a bunch of grandkids so there was a TON of fun things for Nate! They also rented blow up bouncing house things which Nate LOVES. It's funny cause my work party for JetBlue's 10th anniversary was on Friday up in Park City...I started a post about it, but never finished it...I will have to post about it later. Anyway there were blow up bouncing houses there too and Nate just has so much fun in them!
Anyway back to why I'm feeling good about life...tomorrow I get to start working from home!!!! :D I have my home training tomorrow morning where they teach you how to set up the equipment and I got a baby sitter for that, it's always a relief to get someone to agree to babysit. Plus the family that is going to do it is SO FREAKING AMAZING! They're in our ward and they are just the most awesome people in the whole world! They just love Nate too which is reassuring for me! We just love them! They're so happy to do it too! I'm also happy because I was able to find people to trade my shifts so that all I will need is a babysitter for tomorrow morning! It's SUCH a relief! I love the way our trading system works! It all happens online! You post the hours you need traded and you can trade even just one hour! You can also pick up as many hours as you want and there's hours throughout the whole day that people post so I could pick up an hour during Nate's nap time if I wanted to. It's just all around awesome!
The other great thing is that for next week everyone has to do a training in the center for a program that we have so we can assist customers and not have to transfer so many calls and I was able to get a time where I only need a babysitter for an hour and we were able to pick 7.5 hours to have off so for next week I didn't even have to find people to trade cause I got off the hours I needed! It was just fabulous!

Ok I know that's probably incredibly boring, but it makes me happy so I just wanted to talk about it! haha! Any time that I don't have to have a babysitter literally makes me want to march around the streets cheering and singing! Finding a babysitter is hard for me for two reasons: 1-I HATE having to leave my Natey and I've talked about why in the past (because of a crappy babysitter I had as a kid), 2-I hate asking people to babysit. It's just something I have a really hard time doing. I don't like making people feel bad if they can't do it and I don't like bugging people.

Anyway that's just about it :D
Today was a tough reminder of how out of our control so many things are. A family from my ward growing up that I have known for over 13 years had a sweet little 5 year old boy pass away this morning. A week ago from today he was hit by a truck as he ran out into the street to get a ball. It was a complete right place at just the right time kind of moment (or wrong place). There really is no one at fault in this situation. The driver did not have time to stop, the mother can't control everything their unpredictable child will do (I'm just lucky that the times Nate HAS run out in the street, a car wasn't coming!), and a 5 year old does not comprehend the consequences of their actions. How many times did your mom tell you not to run out into the street, but you did it anyway thinking that nothing bad would happen? This is the kind of situation that has left many wondering if it was really a coincidence, or Heavenly Father's plan. Obviously it is hard for the people on Earth to deal with living this life without his bright life in it (I knew him for the year we were in my parent's ward, he was alway SO happy and I NEVER saw him without a huge smile on his face), but he is perfect. He gets to go straight to heaven because he has already done what he needed to do on this Earth. From what I understand about the life after this, it's definitely not a bad place to be! I'm not worried about him at all, it's his amazing family that has to mourn the loss of his life that I'm worried about. And the thing that makes them so amazing is that they are so worried about what the 20-year-old driver is going through. Never once did they blame him or hate him for the accident. They want to make sure he is ok, which he definitely hasn't been. I can't imagine how terrible it would feel to accidentally hit a child and take his life. I'm sure it has been the hardest thing this young man has ever had to go through.

I would have to say that the thing that has made this so sad for me is that the pictures of him laying in his hospital bed look SO much like what Nate could look like as a 5 year old. When I see them, all I can imagine is my little guy in that same position. There is just absolutely no way on Earth I could ever take either of my children's life for granted. I know they are a gift. The most precious and incredible gift I could ever ask for and I didn't even have to ask for it. I don't know why Heavenly Father gave me such a privilege and I just have to love every second of it. I know that life is so fragile and because of that I will strive to give Nate and Audrey as fulfilling of a life as I possibly can and hope that I don't mess it up! I hope that one day they can read this and begin to understand how grateful I am for them! And that I knew from the very beginning that they were the best things in this whole universe and that I couldn't be more blessed to have them! :D

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Loving age 2!! :D

I just want to take a minute to talk about something that has been on my mind. A few months ago I had a few posts about how frustrating it can be to be a parent. The terrible twos were in full blown awfulness and I was stressed out about the thought of bring another bundle of joy into that mess. The Love and Logic book gave me a light at the end of the tunnel that totally made me chill out and enjoy Nathan more.

I look at Nate now and I see a totally different little boy. I don't really think it's the Love and Logic techniques that have changed him because I have a lot of improvement to make on my consistency. However, I do think that it has made me a lot less stressed out and I know that Nate can sense that I'm more relaxed. I think the difference I've seen in him is a combination of that and also that he's just growing up a little and starting to understand things better.

I'm really loving the stage he is in. He's so sweet, he gives me lots of love and kisses, he helps me clean up occasionally, he tries to make conversation with people on the phone...which usually is about bubbles, he makes me laugh constantly, and he is just a really sweet boy. He doesn't throw fits very often...only when he's not getting what he wants IMMEDIATELY even if I'm opening the box or in the process of getting it for him.

The past couple nights Phil has played the guitar for him and sang some songs he knows like "Twinkle Star", "ABC's" and "Incy Spider" as Nate calls them, and he sings along. In the past, he just listens and says the words if you stop for him to finish, but now he's starting to sing along and he actually hit some notes (which made Phil almost tear up! haha). Most of his singing is yelling the words which is really funny. Tonight Phil and I were both singing as he was playing the guitar and Nate was stomping around on his tip toes singing along. It was hilarious!

Another thing he's been doing a lot is reading a book in his own language. I think he likes to make up his own stories what the pictures in the book are doing...I'm not really sure what he's doing, but it's cute. Tonight I was trying to read "Put Me in the Zoo" and if you've ever seen the book, there is a large animal of some sort that does different tricks with his spots. Anyway all he wanted me to do was turn the page and he'd say on every page "Doggy RUFF RUFF!" Haha! He would make the cutest face!! There were a couple pages with different animals and I'd point to them and ask him what they were and he'd go "[gasp] Cat! What's a cat say? MEEEOWW" and "[gasp] whats that? Lion? Whats a lion say? Raaarr" It was so funny! I wish I had a good video camera! It's definitely something I need to invest in BAD!!! Here is a picture of the large animal that Nate has decided is a doggy:

So I just wanted to say that I'm glad the rough stage is over and I'm really feeling like this is a good time to have another baby. I was always worried about being pregnant and having to carry another baby around, but he does really well walking on his own...sometimes he gets distracted by the world, but at least I can put him down when I need to and he usually stays pretty close without wandering away. He isn't potty trained yet and I always said I didn't want to get pregnant again till my first born was potty trained, but he just isn't quite ready and I know if I push it on him before I know he is ready then he will resist it more. He just hasn't shown any signs. Plus I thought it would be a lot worse, but I didn't get sick in my first trimester, so it's not like it made me throw up like I thought it would and the only thing that makes it bad is that he kicks my belly sometimes when I'm changing him. Other than that, it really doesn't bother me because I know I'm going on his schedule and it will be much less stressful for both of us if I wait till he's ready.

Pretty much, I've been pleasantly surprised how all of my worries and stresses about having another baby have been proved wrong. I am still worried about how he will react to his new little sister and that is something we will just have to wait and see, but if past trends have taught me anything, it will be another thing we will get through and figure out. :D As for now I'm just enjoying the short time I have with just our Natey! :D

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Feeling very blessed :D

Ya know, even though I say I am feeling blessed, I don't really think Heavenly Father has given me anything because I'm special or because he loves me extra, or because I do good, or I deserve it. Because for one thing, I could definitely work harder, try harder, do better, and there are so many people out there who do better and who work harder that go through many trials. I don't deserve anything really. I wouldn't be anything without Christ and there's nothing I do myself that deserves any merrit. So for right now, I guess I don't feel "blessed" I just feel grateful. Because if I wasn't grateful for what I have, then I would be a very terrible person. God doesn't care more about me than he does anyone else and trust me I go through trials, but I don't always share them. Anyway, this is what I feel grateful for right now:

Honestly, being a reservation agent for JetBlue isn't always the funnest job in the whole world. It's frustrating, I sometimes can't solve people's problems and they get angry, I worry I'm telling them the wrong thing, I sometimes make myself sound very inexperienced and stupid, and I get sick of talking in a high pitched happy voice for 8 hours straight. The pay isn't awesome, but I got to send my husband and son to see gramps and it has made every frustrating moment worth it. I'll tell you, it has definitely been a trial to live far away from family. I know that some of you also know what this feels like and know how hard it can be sometimes. It's a struggle for me knowing that we will never live by both sides of the family, and I often feel very torn on which family is more important to live near. So enduring all of the frustrations I've had at work and the low pay has been completely worth it. It's really funny because when you get older, you get just as much joy out of enabling others to have great experiences and totally forget that you're not having those experiences yourself. I was just as excited about this whole ordeal as Phil was, yet I didn't get to experience it myself!

I'm also very very grateful that I have a very active baby girl growing inside me. I don't like to boast about it and I don't like to talk about it very much because I know there are so many incredible people struggling with infertility and miscarriages so I just want those people to know that I understand the blessing and responsibility I have and I don't take it lightly. I don't take it for granted for one second. The other day I had a scare where it felt like my water was leaking and a billion thoughts rushed through my mind. I know what a gift this life is and every ache and pain does not bother me one bit. Even though I pee a little every time I sneeze, I get shocks down my legs, my round ligaments that hold up my uterus at the bottom often ache and sometimes get pulled too fast and give me an intense pain for a moment, I can't breathe sometimes, and Nate kicks my belly when I change his diaper, I could honestly care less because what I have is SO much bigger than any discomfort or annoyance. I can't even believe how active she is. It seems like she's always awake and always wiggling around and sometimes I worry that she won't be a good sleeper, but honestly, I don't care. I don't care if I have to stay up all night with her and never get enough sleep, she's worth it. And she's wiggling right now :D.

I'm also grateful for my awesome 2 year old boy! He is such a joy to my life, his daddy's life, and his grandparent's life. I know that his life is a gift as well. I know that he could be taken from me any day without warning. I'm just grateful that he hasn't. And I hope he never does. He makes life worth living and being a parent is a gift because you get to see the world all over again through someone else's eyes. It's like being able to relive some of your favorite moments.

It's just great to grow up and see life in a new way and be able to gain experiences and always continually learn and grow. Right now, I'm still a baby to God. He has so much more knowlege and power than I can even comprehend and right now I'm just a toddler and he's letting me learn things for myself. I'm grateful that he has allowed me to keep all of my 5 senses, my limbs, my children, my husband, a house to live in, food to eat, and other things that make life easier to live. I know he could take them away at any moment and I don't understand why he hasn't and I don't understand why he lets me keep them either. I'm just grateful.

Friday, June 18, 2010

A few things on my mind

It's 2 am and I'm wide awake. Something is wrong with this picture! Someone else is wide awake and it's definitely not my husband who's snoring next to me, it is my daughter! HOLY MOLY this girl is active! All the time! I definitely don't remember Nate being this active! I'm only 22 weeks and I can see my belly move she moves so much....I'm hoping this doesn't mean she'll be like Nate and get into everything! But you know what? I'm grateful to have a baby, I'm definitely grateful to have a girl and a boy, and even if she is the most difficult child it won't matter because at least I have her! I am so grateful for the chance to even be a mother and that is why it has been SO hard for me to get over what Phil's brother said when we told him what it was. Yeah he had a long flight right before, but that doesn't excuse it. It still hurt and it still sucked. If you don't know, when we told him it was a girl the FIRST words that came out of his mouth was "good now you don't have to have another one" I'm not sure if he meant right away, or anymore at all. It just still bugs me SO much that he said that! I don't care if you don't want kids, or if you think they're such an "inconvenience to life" if you expect us to respect you and love you the way you are, you need to do the same for us in return. RRGH!

Anyway something else I've been thinking about a lot lately is why do all parents feel like they are the best parents and that everyone needs to listen to their opinions? I've noticed a LOT of smug "natural" parents who think that anyone who doesn't co-sleep, breast feed, baby wear, natural birth, etc. are bad parents. I mean yes, I do think that those things are really really good for your child. However, if I can't sleep with my baby in my bed with me, am I suddenly a bad parent? No. Obviously. And please don't go spouting off about how you shouldn't have your kids sleep in your bed. I know both opinions and both have valid reasons and for those who think it's "dangerous" really, the only people that roll on their baby are usually on some sort of medication. I just think when it comes to parenting, EVERYONE has their own opinion because EVERY child is different. I hear advice, I give advice, I get judgements passed on me and I pass judgements. In reality, not one person knows everything like they think they do. The only way you could know everything about parenting is to go around the world, study other cultures extensively and put all of the pieces together. You may THINK you know what is best for a child, or THINK you have all of the knowledge and experience in the world because of the way your life played out, but I get advice from many many middle aged women who think their advice is the best because they're experienced, but interestingly enough ALL of their opinions are different! I guess what I'm trying to say is i get sick and tired of hearing everyone's judgments about other people's parenting styles. I hear it everywhere I go. Everyone has a different opinion, everyone likes to share their opinion, and everyone thinks their opinion is the best. But guess what, no one's opinion really matters. I saw this SO much at the hospital. New moms would look to the doctors and nurses for answers when they really need to be looking to themselves and their instincts. I'm so grateful for my mom because she made sure I knew that. She told me to stop looking at what other people say and do because I'm the mom and I make the decisions for my baby. It was one of the most important things she's ever said to me.
This is just something that has been driving me crazy. I've been guilty of it before too, we're all imperfect. I guess the way I see it is that it is ok to share advice in a situation where it is welcome and where you believe it is going to make life easier for that mother, but when you pass judgments and give opinions telling a mother that the way she is doing things is wrong, you need to step back and look at your own life and if you were a perfect mother, then go right ahead (by the way, if you think you are a perfect mother....this is where you're going wrong). Because giving your opinions gives you no credibility unless you are perfect yourself. And no, being perfect at one thing, does not give you the right to give opinions and pass judgements when people aren't perfect at that one thing too.

Alright, on a more positive note, I'm super excited because Phil and Nate are going to New Jersey this weekend for Father's day! :D They're going to surprised his dad! :D I'm super nervous because I can't go with them, but I think they'll be ok. The other down side is that the flight there is open, but the flight back is full so he is going to fly back to Vegas and have his mom pick him up and I'm going to meet them half way. It's all good though because at least it's totally free! :D I know how expensive plane tickets are! It would cost 346 per person to fly round trip, so we're grateful for these benefits! It is quite nice having Phil's mom live in St. George. She ALWAYS wants to watch Nate and said we can drive down ANY time and go on a vacation by ourselves! :D Which is super awesome! For one thing, if we were to go on vacation alone, we'd want to take Nate to her anyway, and the flights out of Vegas are SO MUCH EASIER to get on than the ones from SLC. And it's an advantage that we don't have to park at the airport! We also get hotel discounts too which is super awesome! Just wish I wasn't pregnant right now and having to save up for a baby and a wedding in Canada so we could go NOW! :D But of course I'm truly happy that I'm pregnant! It's just awesome that we can go wherever we want together! :D Maybe this winter we'll fly to Florida to get away from the cold! :D Of course we'd have to take our little muffin Audrey until she was a little older, but we'll just see how it all plays out! We could also go to Puerto Rico for free since it isn't considered international...maybe we'll do that :D

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm all grown up!

I'm finally done with my JetBlue training! Three weeks was spent in the classroom learning and one was spent on the phones with floor walkers to answer questions. Let me just tell you, that first few days of being on the phones were some of the most stressful in my life! There is so much you learn as you go and you just wish you knew it all before you could even start, but there are a lot of things you can't plan for. After doing it for a week, I feel MUCH MUCH more confident and relaxed. I definitely do not get as stressed out and if people get impatient, it really isn't my fault. I have forgotten a lot of things and have made a lot of mistakes, but I'm definitely getting better! I can tell that this is going to be a really nice job to have. Working from home just talking to customers is super easy. I definitely don't want to stay in reservations forever, but that's the great thing about this job is that once you get on, you can move up as quickly as you want. I can actually get another job working from home that makes more than my last job. I'm going to wait until after Audrey is born because I don't want to start training and end up having to go on leave and having to do it all over again. I'm excited to do that though, it will be really nice. There are actually a few areas that I can work where I'll be making more than my last job, but some of them have really really long trainings so I'd have to really commit to it, or find a REALLY REALLY REALLY good babysitter that would be willing to watch both of my kids.

Right now I seriously have the best babysitter in the whole world and I'm not sure that I'd be able to find one as good as her. Nate actually asks to go to her house! I can't even BEGIN to tell you how incredibly grateful I am for that! You have no clue! It makes me cry just thinking about it! After what I went through as a child with my babysitter (it wasn't THAT bad, but I still vividly remember it and I remember thinking how much I wanted a different babysitter!) nothing in this whole world makes me feel better than to take Natey to somewhere that he just absolutely loves! It's so cute too cause he calls her mommy cause that's what her daughter calls her! It's so funny! I have no idea how I got so dang lucky! I honestly think she takes as good if not better care of him than his aunts....just by the way he reacts when he goes to her house, I know he is having a good time. When he would go to my brother's house he would freak out and cry when Phil or I would leave. It broke my heart! So needless to say that is something that has been making this time I've had to spend away from him that much easier! I think I could go on for hours about this seriously! I need to get a picture of him and his girlfriend Bekah together so I can post it on here! It would be so cute! She is the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen seriously! I'll get that soon so you all can see! :D

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Two years ago almost to the minute (12:16 am) my water broke! I can't even begin to explain the intense excitement that rushes through your body when you know that THIS IS THE DAY you're finally going to meet your baby! I still remember Phil saying, "We're going to have a baby TODAY?" and I got to say "YES!!" :D It was the most excited and happy I've ever been in my life! I can't wait to go through that again!

After all that I've seen from working at the hospital, I am infinitely grateful for my birth experience! For a medicated hospital birth, NOTHING could have been better! It was intimate and personal, I knew all of the nurses and doctors, I even knew the security people and they were all excited to see me there! My family lives up here and I was in St. George so even though they didn't all visit me in the hospital, ALL of my friends were there surrounding me and it was amazing! I wish that birth could be like that for everyone! I loved every second! I also had the absolute BEST doctor I could have ever had and I know that for sure after seeing all the ones up here! He was incredible and made the hospital experience better than it ever would have been!

Needless to say the day I became a mother was the most beautiful day of my life! Better than any other experience I've ever had and I have an absolutely incredible 2 year old to show for it! I am grateful every day for him! Though I may not love every single minute of every day, I love it every single day!

And here are some pictures of his birthday to reminisce on!

The New Daddy!

Nate with Dr. Clark

Grandma and Grandpa

Shauna and Jordyn (of course they have to be there at every big life event of mine! :D)
The sign in my room! I cried when they wrote "Happy Birthday Nathan" cause it was before he was born! It was so sweet!

Me and my Bubby! I love that little guy!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Cake

So I don't have all the pictures from Nate's party yet because they're on my parent's camera, but I do have a picture of the cake cause I took it on my phone.

It didn't turn out quite as good as I hoped. Mostly because I accidentally made the wrong frosting and it was too runny. In my defense I tried to get some from the bakery, but they were out. :( Anyway the other dilemma was that my mom didn't have black food coloring like I thought. I think it turned out pretty good considering! :D Here is the picture:

The only thing missing was the strawberry I put at the top to resemble Plex's antenna. Here is a picture of Plex so you understand what I was making. Nate loved it. I'm defintely not a pro when it comes to decorating cakes! It's not smooth too cause when I tried to spread it on, crumbs came up in the frosting. It was close to being a disaster, but luckily I saved the day. So yeah, because I didn't have black coloring the gray had to be blue. I still think it looks pretty good :D

Audrey's middle name

So we've been discussing Audrey's middle name for a while. We were dead set on Grace, but deep down I just want to use a middle name that has meaning. I mean that's what a middle name is for right? So here is the dilemma: All girl names in our families are awful middle names! Here is the list of possible middle names Audrey could have and you will see what I mean:

Jean (which might not be awful, but not my favorite)
Faye (again, not too awful, but Phil's cousin's middle name is Faye)
Morgan (could work, but it doesn't flow)
Hadley (again, could work as a middle name, but doesn't flow)

Ok that's all I got of the ones I know. However, there is one name that I really really like. One time I said that I really liked this particular name because there was this really cool girl who had it as a middle name and it just seemed so...hip I guess to me. Well I mentioned it to my college roommate once and found out it was her middle name! She liked the name Morgan for a middle name and we said that we could name our daughters after each other! haha! Well, it turns out this name is ALSO Phil's great grandma's name (or middle name maybe?). The only problem is that Phil think's its old and dorky. However, I just love it and feel like it's very classic and beautiful!

Ok so the name I am talking about is Irene. Audrey Irene Eger! It's so pretty! But Phil has different associations with it. He still likes it and is ok with it, but it's not set in stone.

So we got on the subject of middle names today driving home from my sister's house. Phil jokingly said "Audrey Marx" trying to think of a communist name and we realized it sounded like "odd remarks" Oh man so we started to have some fun with some middle names Audrey should have. Of course most of them aren't real names, but it was funny nonetheless! Here is some of what we came up with

Audrey Ply
Audrey Sponse
Audrey Phil (haha!)
Audrey Treat
Audrey Act (or action? haha goes well with Phil's desire for Nate's middle name to be Danger)
Audrey Ality
Audrey Appearance (haha that would be really strange middle name!)
And well...you get the point

This lead to last Names Audrey could not have which are

Audrey Pete
Audrey Mark
Audrey Guard (if that is a last name)

And then Phil came up with this that made me laugh pretty hard. If we used the middle name Aiden, her name would be a sentence:
Audrey Aiden Eger
(Audrey ate a n***r)

So feel free to post more things that could be "odd" :D

Friday, June 4, 2010

High School

After seeing a billion of my friends post on facebook how proud they were that their little brother/sister was graduating and the fact that it is my 5 year anniversary of graduating high school it has made me reflect on the past 5 years of my life.

First of all, I canNOT even begin to tell you how glad I am to not be in high school! I remember when I moved down to St. George to go to Dixie, I had this extremely overwhelming feeling that can only be described by the statement that came to my head, "WOW! High school REALLY doesn't matter!!" Not school itself, but the people, and the social status, and whatever other stupid thing comes with it. The fact is that once you're out, your life doesn't revolve around those people anymore and you can do things the way you WANT and it doesn't matter. I just remember how liberating that was!

To explain a little bit, when I was in high school I had the lowest self esteem ever. If it wasn't for my dance teacher, I don't even know how low it would have been. I always felt fat and ugly and like I could never get a boyfriend. I wondered if I'd ever get married, I wondered if I'd ever get to kiss a guy, etc. It freaking sucked. Moving out and living on my own was the best thing in the world for me! I lost weight, I gained self confidence because I knew I could do things for myself! It was a great feeling! Only 7 months after graduation I met the love of my life....of course the first time I met him I thought he was a complete nerd! Haha! He was a fresh returned missionary who was balding. LITTLE did I know how intelligent and talented this man was AND how amazingly NOT nerdy he was because he was from the East Coast :D (I'm a lot more nerdy than he is I now realize!).

I think out of all of the lessons I learned from my college experience is who gives a crap about what other people think when it comes to your looks? I don't know one person who truly believes that they are perfect the way they are. Everyone knows that they have flaws and the flaws they hate the most, they judge other people for. And to hide from themselves the fact that they have flaws, they judge other people for things they know they can't be judged for. So honestly, I could really truly care less what people think. I know that if people judge me, it is only because they have issues themselves, so I just feel bad for them. Maybe a part of it is that I have a husband that loves me and I don't have to worry about impressing him, and for that I am extremely grateful!

Anyway, I look at where I am now and I'm grateful that the last 5 years went the way they did! I get to have a son and a daughter, a sexy husband who I love VERY MUCH, and that's all I've ever wanted. I guess the other thing I've always wanted was to travel a lot, so there I got that taken care of! I think that's why I married someone from the East Coast! Now, all I have left to do on my list of things I want really bad is to live out of state near a beach. Hopefully we can get to that point some day!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Holy Moly the Marriage License Fiasco!

So, as you may have read, at my work, in order for your husband to get flight benefits, you have to turn in your marraige license to prove that he is an eligible traveler. For Nate, I turned in his birth certificate, and for my parents, I turned in mine. Well I had the two birth certificates, but I haven't seen my marriage license for nearly three years (yes we've been married three years). I don't know what happened to it, my guess is that it accidentally got thrown away with the mail before I even had a chance to file it. So, the fiasco is that I tried to send in the application to get a new one to NYC's clerks office and I called and found out it takes 5 to six weeks to process. So that was a little annoying because I want Phil to be on my benefits in case a weekend pops up where he can get on a flight to go visit his family (and that may or may not happen any time soon).

So, like two weeks after I sent the dang thing, I get it back in the mail because I had to have a money order (I posted about this like two posts ago). So, finally I just decided that I would just try faxing the marriage certificate that we got at the temple that was signed by our temple sealer and two witnesses (it even had a spot with a marriage license number on it). I was hoping that even though this was not the official marriage license that it would be official enough (I mean for heavens sake, his name is plainly stated on Nate's birth certificate too! He is obviously legitimately my husband). Anyway I thought I would give it a try, but didn't have my hopes up. WELL two days later, there he was on the list of eligible travelers! HOLY CRAP! I was so happy! No more worries about the freakin' marriage license! I am still going to order one because I paid for the freakin' money order, but at least I can do it at my own pace now! ODDLY enough the other day I found the receipt for the FIRST money order that I originally bought for our actual marriage license in my purse! haha!

So that's a relief.

I'm not really sure how much luck he'll have getting on any flights. The problem is that Jetblue only has 3 flights a day out of SLC. Kind of stupid considering that 50% or more of their employees work here! So eventually we want to move back east. We already wanted to, but now that I could easily get a job out there, it's looking more and more like it's going to happen. If we do, we could fly pretty much anywhere whenever we want! Because JetBlue flies out of JFK more than any other airline! So we could fly to Orlando on a whim. Or the carribean! Anywhere. The only place we'll have a hard time with is SLC. Sad. It would also be better because my parents will still have the flight benefits so they can come visit us, but Phil's family can't do that. So it would make more sense. We'll just have to see. Who knows what will happen? Cause I sure don't! :D

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


In one week from today my sweet little Bubby will be TWO!!! He's growing up SOOOOOO fast! Wasn't I just pregnant with him? Aren't I still pregnant with him? He's inside my belly not Audrey! And I just have this awesome toddler who hangs out with us a lot! I feel like I haven't been documenting his life enough. I wish I was better at those things. It's easy for me to blog, so I am going to document as much as I can possibly think of even if it has been posted previously because I really want to make sure that I have it written down somewhere! So that eventually I can document it somewhere permanent!

After two years of life this is the awesome kid that has developed:


Nate has always been really good at talking. We signed with him at a young age and he picked up speaking really fast. Of course I've never had another one to compare it to, so it was only fast in my eyes cause I thought he'd take longer, but who knows if it was truly faster or not. To this day he still signs a few words when he says them. I don't know why he does it, but I'm never going to correct him cause it's adorable! I don't care if he signs! Those words are: please, thank you, more, and all done.

Nate says any word you tell him to. If I was to name all of the words he says....well, it would be impossible because he says new ones all the time. However, if you tell him to say a sentence, he tries really hard, but leaves some out. Around this age is when they really start to speak sentences so I think he's pretty average when it comes to that. There are a few sentences that he says a LOT like "Where'd daddy go? Where is he?" Or "Where'd grandma go? Where is he?" yeah, every thing is a he. He also flips his hands when he asks, probably because when I or my mom ask him where something went we flip our hands up. It's cute! He also says "What happened?" haha! It's really funny though cause he tries to speak sentences and when he wants something or wants to tell me something about a particular thing, it will come out "Mommy, mommy, mommy....eeeehhhheaeeehhh balloon."

He also is starting to sing some songs and it's really funny and cute to listen to. Recently he started singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and this is how it comes out: "Twinkle twinkle eestsy tar (star), how I wonder eestsy are. Up above eestsy high, like a diamond estsy ky (sky)....[and so on]" 

I love to hear my little dude talk! It's way too adorable not to love!


Nate is one funny dude! He is very very active! He loves to run around (including into the street when I don't want him to!). He climbs anything and everything. Nothing is too challenging for him I swear. He loves to go to the playground and he is not afraid of anything! He doesn't care if there are big kids running around (I do though!). Sometimes he makes me nervous. Needless to say I stick by him very closely! He LOVES to swim and now our pool is open! WOOHOO! We haven't gone yet because it hasn't been warm enough for me to want to go! But we'll be hanging out there a lot this summer....I mean a LOT pregnant woman + pool=ahhh! 

Nate is actually a pretty coordinated kid! He has been able to jump and land on his feet really well for a few months now. I don't know how normal that is, I just thought that was what older kids did. Maybe I need to read what 2 year olds are like cause I think he's so amazing and he's probably just on schedule. haha! He also does somersaults! He just did it randomly one day and now will do it whenever you ask. We told my nephew who's 8 months older to do one and he did it just fine so I know it's not miraculous or anything, I just love that he can do it! :D

He also keeps a beat! When he dances, you can tell he's actually doing it with the rhythm. He'll try to beat box like Biz Markie on Yo Gabba Gabba and he dances on the beat that he's boxing its SOOOO CUTE! It's hard to explain, but the other day we were listening to a song Phil made that was apparently particularly pleasing to Nate and he started dancing and on a certain beat he'd lift up his hands and click his tongue.  We were laughing so hard! 

His Personality: 

 If you can't already tell, this kid has got one fun personality! He is DEFINITELY NOT shy at all! The second someone new comes to the house he blows kisses and starts performing for them! He absolutely LOVES to make people laugh! He will do things for me over and over again because I laugh at him. And he gets the cutest smirk on his face when he knows he's being funny. That's another thing, he ALWAYS says something's funny. If he see's something he thinks is funny on TV he will laugh and say funny, if he thinks he's doing something  funny he'll laugh and tell me, if I do something funny, he'll make sure I know it. I love it! It's so cute! 

He's also very very VERY talkative! He tells you everything he's thinking, he loves to interact with me and loves it when I acknowledge what he is doing and talk to him about it. I have a hard time finding quiet activities for him to do at church because he's so vocal about everything. If I brought a book, he would just point out every thing in that book out loud. When he draws pictures, he tells me what they are....he just never stops talking. I don't know who he gets it from ;). 

His Brains:

I'm positive that no matter how much he knows this early in life that it doesn't mean he's a smarter or better child. I think that even if a kid doesn't pick up on something early that they all catch up and are about the same around age 5 or 6 or so. I learned about it in my human development classes. So in no way do I think that Nate is going to be a genius or anything and I hate parents that think their children are like that. So I just want to make that clear. 

With that being said, I just want to state a few things that Nate knows. Such as: his ABC's, by sight and he knows the song (for the most part). He's known his ABC's for a while (by sight). He points them out to me all the time when we're at places, or when he see's a letter somewhere. The same goes for numbers 0-9. Even if I write them (in caps) he knows them. He can count to 10 in English and Spanish (he skips uno and cinco in Spanish) and he's working on 11-20. He skips a lot. He also knows most of his colors and shapes and a whole bunch of animal sounds.  Despite the fact that Baby Einstein doesn't make your kids geniuses, they have taught him quite a bit. He LOVES to watch them! That and Gabba OF COURSE!! :D

His Talents:

Ok, if you didn't already know this, Nate is an artist apparently! He literally blows us away with his drawing abilities! He copies like crazy which I LOVE! For a long time he's been able to hold a pen like an adult. No one taught him, he's just very observant! He can draw smiley faces, balloons, triangles, circles, apparently monkeys (he tries), and he tries to draw pretty much anything that you have drawn for him several times. Like one day my mother-in-law kept drawing an elephant cause she drew it once and he kept making her draw it over and over. Then a few days later he tried drawing it himself! Same with the monkey. He has also learned to write the letters: N, M, W, O, T, and A. And he truly draws them! We're trying to teach him to write his name. He's almost got the E down. He can read his name so we're just trying to get him to write it.  Usually we get the N and A together pretty good, but he gets distracted. 

Here are some of his drawings:  
 This is the monkey. If you saw the original one that I draw, it would make more sense, but the circle around the mouth and nose that makes it look like homer simpson, thats what makes me think he was drawing a monkey. Plus the hair at the top, I always draw three little strands of hair at the top of my monkey haha! 
He drew this one tonight. Sorry it's dark. Phil took the picture while I was at work and I thought he drew it not Nate! haha! It just looks like Phil's obscure creature drawings! haha! I don't know if that's a compliment to Nate, or an insult to Phil....
Guess all that drawing wore him out!

Also a little update on Audrey: 
I'll be 20 weeks on Thursday (woo hoo half way!). She's a pretty active baby. I can feel her quite a bit for only 19 weeks. She sits differently than Nate. If I eat too much I can't breath. My belly is more tender this time too I think because since it is my second the uterus is growing faster which is putting more strain on my ligaments. This pregnancy has been going great though! It's nice to have a little one around already to focus my love and attention to because with Nate it seemed to take so much longer because I was so excited to meet him. This time I almost feel bad for him because I don't want him to stop getting as much attention. I love him and I don't want to make him sad. But it's just life. And I'm glad that I look pregnant now! I LOVE looking pregnant! I feel pretty! :D 

Sorry I'm too tired to fix the angle of this picture! This was taken last week...or well the weekend before last at 18 weeks :D