Monday, August 30, 2010

Ramblings about our current events

Well, potty training is going well. I still feel like he's too young to be doing that, but maybe that's because I never thought this day would come. I wasn't really up for the effort of it being this pregnant and was planning on waiting until after we were settled with Baby Rooster (baby sister in Nate language), but when he's ready we just have to roll with it. I don't want to wait too long because I figure the sooner the better and if I don't have to buy diapers for 2 then that can only be a good thing right?
Well, it had pretty much been as much effort as I thought it would be. It's not annoying in ways that I thought it was going to be though. It's annoying that he has to wash his hands every time...which is really just code for "I want to play with the water". I get really sick of telling him to turn off the water and fighting him every time to get out of the bathroom. Sometimes he does it no problem, sometimes he has selective hearing.

He has been talking more and more and more. He also sings more words to songs. Sometimes I wonder if he ever stops! Today was an exceptionally talkative day for him. It just seems like he was all over the place and talkative about every little thing! And every sentence starts with "Mommy, mommy, mommy..." Whether it's an excitement filled sentence or a whining one, it has at least one "mommy" at the beginning. Or "daddy" if that's who he's talking to. Of course I love most of his sentences (you know, the ones that have a normal tone and not a whining one! :D), but sometimes I just want some quiet time! I think most moms have felt that from time to time.

Pregnancy is getting a little bit more difficult lately. I'm in the physically uncomfortable stage now. You know, the first trimester is morning sickness, the second trimester is smooth sailing, then the third trimester is big and uncomfortable. I love being pregnant because I love everything that that means and I never take it for granted for a minute, but occasionally I have the thought, "what was this like when I wasn't chasing a toddler around?" I remember being pregnant with Nate working in the nursery at work and thinking that holding a newborn was uncomfortable! haha let alone a 30 pound toddler (not to mention when that toddler has a fit and kicks my belly while I'm trying to hold him). My back and hips are definitely taking the blow, but I can't help thinking of how much worse it was with Nate because I was working 12 hour shifts on my feet at the hospital. The one thing that is hard is getting up out of a chair. Haha! Something about standing up after sitting down comfortably makes my bones hurt. At least Phil has been pretty good about not complaining with how much I ask him to do! :D This is even more incentive to wait until Audrey is 4 or 5 before we have the next 2 (if we decide to have 2 more).

Lastly, I'm so thrilled because my mother-in-law is putting her house up for sale again! For a while we were thinking that she was going to stay in St. George forever, but she's recently decided that she would be much happier up here with us! Let me explain why that is such good news. First of all, she is completely alone down there. She doesn't have any family, all she has is friends. She misses Nate like crazy and always wants to take him for the weekend. All she wants is to be the grandma she's always wanted to be. She hasn't really had that opportunity. It was way too hard for us to live in St. George. It has definitely been better for us to be up here! Her living up here would be AMAZING for us! Why? I would say the number one reason is because Nate loves her so much and she is SO amazing with him and loves him in return (as grandmas should be!), we love her as well of course! But I'm not going to lie, it will be so nice to have a babysitter whenever we need it!!!! My mom works full time, my dad is the bishop and works full time, and my brothers and sisters, despite the fact that I watched their kids all the time when I was younger, never want to watch Nate because they have kids of their own. So to have Granny up here who loves and adores Nate (and Audrey), who has no job, no husband, no commitments except being Granny....yeah that's pretty awesome for us! I can be a doula NO problem at all because the only reason I haven't really been able to is because I don't have a babysitter that can do it last minute! Phil can also go to school because if I have to work in the evening during his class, Cindy can watch them. Not to mention that I can work during the day if I want to instead of evenings only! So pretty much, Granny living up here will be SO good for everyone involved! What is more ideal for parents of young children than to have a babysitter that WANTS to babysit and CAN babysit whenever?? Yeah. I know.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Potty update

Well, today we got him some big boy underwear. :D He went through about 5 pairs haha! He did have some successes, but most of the time he would start going and then finish on the toilet. It's a learning process! The first poop happened as well, but it started out in the underwear and finished in the toilet so no luck with that so far, but we're patient.

My question is (I'm asking for advice here so please give it!), what do you do when you're not at home?? Do you carry a potty seat (the kind that goes on the toilet)? Do you put them on a public potty and just hold them? What if he's not used to going in a real potty? I really have no clue what to do! Please help!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My BIG boy!!!

I have seriously got to stop underestimating my little one!

Well, I've been putting off potty training for a few reasons. I'm scared if I start that he'll revert back as soon as Audrey is born, and also I wasn't really sure if he was showing the right signs that he was ready. My pediatrician told me that I should start so when I was at the store I finally bought a stand alone potty instead of just the seat. I didn't like the seat very much because it didn't keep his little member in very well and he'd always play with the toilet paper instead of paying much attention anyway.

Well I got home and unwrapped it and we took off his diaper so he could take it for a test run. Of course we weren't expecting anything to happen because it was his first time, but noooooo....never underestimate Nathan Eger! He was off and on for about 5 minutes and he stood up and Phil goes "He went!!!" I was thoroughly confused and surprised I had to get up and see for myself and SURE ENOUGH!!!! There was yellow liquid in the bottom of that froggy potty! I could not believe my eyes! Of course we had to call grandma and tell her!

Well, shortly after I went upstairs to work and while I was on a short break I asked Phil if he went anymore and he said he went THREE MORE TIMES!!!!!! What the?? That's four total!!! One of which was in the sink ironically enough. He climbed up and Phil told him to get down and Nate goes "potty!" and peed in the sink! hahahaah!

So it looks like we're going to the store to buy some big boy underwear to try out. We're in for a lot of accidents and a lot of laundry, but I'm up for the challenge! We'll see how it goes! Over all I'm excited and a little nervous, but we'll keep diapers around and of course put them on him when he goes to bed! What will be interesting to see is what he does about poop....that will be our real tester! Haha!

More pictures!

Beautiful family picture! Phil and his brother, his brother's new wife, my mother-in-law and Nate.

Nate dancing on the dance floor! So cute!

I took my father-in-law to temple square haha!

I look fat, but really I'm just pregnant that's all! haha! My mom Natey and me

We took Neal up into the mountains and walked around Silver Lake near Brighton

Nate making his "cheese" face

Neal didn't really take very many pictures of people, most of it was scenery so I posted what I could :D

Monday, August 23, 2010

They boys' wedding adventure

I grabbed a few photos off my father-in-law's facebook. I can't wait to get the professional wedding pictures from James! :D Here are some pictures for your enjoyment!

It's a looooooong drive to Victoria BC! 16 hours! 

All four Eger boys Phillip, Nate, Phil's brother James, and their dad. 

AGH! Phil has always been the tallest cousin! Can't believe his 16-year-old cousin is catching up! 

Nate and Uncle James

Uncle James trying to get him to jump off something again....typical! haha jk I do it to him all the time too!

Nate and Gramps

You'll only see something like this at a James type wedding! Haha everyone had these fake moustaches! From left to right: Phil (obviously), his cousin Maddy, his cousin Ryan, and James (the groom)

Nate and Cousin Maddy (she obviously just loves his little bum! She's ALWAYS got him when we're around her! I love it!)

Nate with his fake moustache! So dang cute! And of course cousin Maddy!

Enjoying some cake I hope....cause I don't know what else would be blue!

And just for fun, to prove that cousin Maddy's always got him here are some pictures from our previous trips to NJ:

She even gave him a bath!

Look how little he was!

It will be fun to see her reaction to Audrey! :D I love Maddy! She's only a year older than me! 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What Babies Want

You've heard me attempt to explain why I want to do a home birth many times and I feel like there is always something that is missing. A lot of my reasoning derives from the research subject I chose for my English 2010 class I took a year ago which was home birth vs hospital, a lot of it is from my doula class, but I would have to say the thing that really sealed the deal for me was this documentary I've posted below that I was able to find on YouTube. Watching it again it was a brain refresher on why this really is the best choice for me.
I do want to share something that I've never really shared before because I think it's a good thing for me to acknowledge. When Nate was born and placed on my chest I felt like something was not right. I didn't know why, but I felt like I had really cheated him and that I couldn't give him the gift of a natural birth and that I was a failure. I distinctly remember feeling like I didn't know him. I thought he would feel more familiar to me and he didn't and it was kind of disturbing to me. I felt like Phil bonded with him faster than I did. I thought I'd bawl my eyes out and be so incredibly happy to see him, but I didn't feel anything. Truthfully it took a while for me to gain that familiarity and love for him. I thought it was all in my head because I had told myself I wanted to go natural and I failed myself so I thought it was just me being mad at me. However, I realize that the disconnect I felt with him was because of the fact that I had an epidural. Because I was not supplying him or me the hormones that are so crucial to bonding, I knew something was missing. This documentary doesn't really talk about the epidural being the cause of the interruption in bonding, I have learned that from another source. This film talks more about separating the mother from the baby right after birth and the effects of that. Ok, so is this saying that I think everyone is going to have this feeling when they give birth with an epidural? Absolutely not. This was MY experience, not yours. Am I trying to make a point that everyone needs to have a home birth by posting this movie? Absolutely not! This is the reason that I chose a home birth not why I think everyone needs to. It really isn't necessarily about the birth experience itself, but for the lasting effects that it has on my babies.

This documentary is called "What Babies Want" I know most of you probably won't watch this and that's fine, but I've posted notes before each video on what the most important and relevant parts are to me. Part three is the most important one.

The first 8 minutes or so of this one is good because it kind of explains why what they are talking about is important. The fact that the way the birth goes and the first three years of life really are imprinted on the child's brain and have lasting effects. It's funny because I didn't realize how much this coincides with a podcast Phil was talking to me about which explained the research that the baby's brain develops in the womb according to the emotions and feelings the mother experiences and this documentary says the same thing!
When it gets the the ritual keeper lady from Africa, yeah I like that part, but it's not relevant to my decision to have a home birth.

At about 3 minutes it talks about what I mentioned before about the baby's brain development based on what the mother experiences. You can skip that first part because it's still the ritual keeper lady. In this video at 9:25 this is something I've quoted to a lot of people about bonding. We discussed in my doula class that the epidural also disrupts this process. There are other studies that prove that.

This is the most important segment of the film! You need to watch the last minute of the last video at least and then watch this segment. This segment is really what made me choose not to birth at the hospital and also is what drove me from wanting to work at the hospital. It sucked so bad after seeing this because there was nothing I could do about the stupid protocols that we had there that I had to follow. I had to do my job and they didn't make it very easy me to follow what I knew was right. I felt like I was working for the man. Oh and the craziest part of this segment is how the little girl replays her birth! I love that!

This is segment continues on the subject that was the reason I had such a hard time working at the hospital.  It also goes into how we remember our births or we can recall innate things about it, but not actually remember remember it. It's super interesting, but I'm really tired and don't feel like going through the rest cause YouTube is being weird so I'm not going to point anything else out. I might go back and do it tomorrow, but it's late now.



Friday, August 20, 2010

My Travelin' Boys

It's hard as a mother sometimes to let your child do things without you there because you want to see every single first that they could ever have. But sometimes you need to make that sacrifice for your family even though it sucks. Well...the first I have to miss is Nate's first time out of the country. :( Not that it's really that big of a deal. It's not like he's going to remember this and I'm sure we'll go to lots and lots of countries (considering that I looked up how much it would be to go to Europe on another airline with my flight benefits and it would cost between $180-$300 round trip per person to fly standby...uh yeah that's how much it would cost to fly to NJ and that's how much we were paying to get there every year too). But still!

This seems to be happening to me a lot lately. The thing is that because Phil has family that doesn't live near us like mine, I want him to be able to see them and to go to family functions as much as he possibly can. I'm not going to hold him back if he is able to go just because I can't. The problem is that I work weekends and that's the only time he has off is the weekend. This particular vacation he is on is not caused by the scheduling conflict, but because of passports (see other blog post haha). But for Father's day he went to New Jersey and for the 4th of July he went to visit his mom in St. George. It seems like I'm left alone a lot. But honestly...I'm not complaining! And here is why:

The fact that my husband can take my baby places is huge! As I was writing this I realized how amazing that is! How amazing of a father do you have to be to be willing AND able to take your child by himself! That means he has to dress him, change him, feed him, get him to sleep, etc. Sure fathers should know how to do all of those things anyway, but a lot of them rely on the mother to do all of that. I'm just blessed to have a husband that isn't a weiner about it! I hear stories about people who work for JetBlue who have to quit because their husbands refuse to "babysit" while they are working. I can't even imagine not being partners as parents! I love love love that my husband doesn't complain about watching him while I work, or even taking him to the store with him occasionally so I can have some alone time, or even letting me go somewhere alone. And of course I do the same for him. If my husband couldn't be an independent dad and if I couldn't be an independent person...I'd go absolutely CRAZY! :D

To be fair I am planning a trip to NJ the first week of November (so that my mother-in-law can go with me :D) and we're leaving Phil at home. He wouldn't be able to take that much time off and since I'll be on Maternity leave I'll have the free time and this way I can show off the little bundle of girly joy to the family! I'm taking my mother-in-law cause she will be SUCH a big help! And it will cost less to rent a car because I'm not 25.

It's really just great that we don't hold each other back. I'm so grateful that Phil lets me be an independent woman and mother and I'm glad that he can be independent himself! Sure I still pack for him, but that's only because he doesn't think about all the things he'll need the way I do haha! It's great to be in a partnership like ours! I couldn't be the person I want to be without him! :D

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Epidural and C-section Madness!

I've been trying to think of something to post about because I was in the mood for writing and my friend posted something quite interesting on her facebook. It was an article that stated the possibility that Medicaid might refrain from covering elective epidurals and elective c-sections. So I thought I'd share my opinion of the matter.

First of all....waaaaay too good to be true. I know OB's and I know that they will make up reasons for epidurals and c-sections to be "necessary". There are a lot of things they could cut that doctors will find a way around and in my opinion the first one to go should be an elective induction! That would be the cause of half of the c-sections! I say half because there are many many many reasons why women really truly need c-sections. However, sadly I have seen waaaaaaay too many unnecessary ones in my day that just makes me want to cry. My oh so favorite "the baby was stuck". Well, did you try birthing in a position other than your back? Did the doctor even suggest it? I guarentee you the baby would become unstuck 9 times out of ten if you just flipped over into the position made for birthing (which despite the alarming number women who birth on their backs daily, the optimal position is not that one! In fact, that would be the worst one!). A baby truly being stuck would be my dear friend who pushed for 4 hours in several different positions and ended up going to the hospital where she pushed some more and had her baby cesarean only to find out the baby's head was in the wrong position which is actually a pretty rare position.

Moving along. Before I get into c-sections, I want to briefly share my opinion on medicaid cutting epidurals. The only time one is necessary is during a c-section. Otherwise an epidural is a convenience. Cutting the epidural would not only save us a lot of money, but would teach women to trust in their bodies and you would see a lot less medical problems occur. From the 4 years I worked in maternity I can tell you that babies breast fed better, the moms recovered faster, they rarely ever went to the NICU, and moms seemed a lot more satisfied with their birthing experience. In fact that was the reason I wanted to go natural with Nate was because I didn't know why, but my natural moms were so much happier. I didn't have medicaid with Nate (and obviously don't now because they don't cover home birth which is stupid considering how much it would save them), but if I knew I couldn't have an epidural I know I would have tried harder.

Back to c-sections. If they should cut anything at all it should be repeat c-sections. You can't tell me those aren't elective. But the very worst thing is that for some reason doctors are out to destroy innocent women's bodies because they fool them into thinking that it is actually SAFER to have a repeat c-section. WHAT???? Hmmm....maybe you should consider a doctor who actually payed attention in medical school....or do they actually teach them that in medical school????? AAAAHHHH!!! Scary! .....oh yeah major surgery is definitely safer than a natural process your body was born to do. I don't blame the poor innocent sweet mothers! Well, I mean it is their responsibility to be educated about birth, but what is the point when the doctors are scaring you with the whole "your uterus could rupture and you could die!" I'd be scared into one too!!! Well, if anyone has heard this terrible lie, let's look at some statistics. The chance of uterine rupture is less than 1%!!!! And that percentage is raised when you have an induction (who'da thought an induction could raise your risk for anything?? Hmmm...that's a whole other subject). Alright on to another statistic. Our c-section rate is at about 35% if I remember correctly. The world health organization recommends that no country be over 14% (if I remember correctly again). However something I know for sure is that America has the highest infant and mother mortality rate out of the industrialized world. We also have the highest hospitalized birth rate. One last thing to consider: a cesearan can be planned and scheduled, a spontaneous vaginal birth cannot. How much more convenient is it for a doctor to perform a c-section so they can make it to that dinner party on time?? you think doctors like c-sections? I won't even mention the fact that they get paid more for them. My doula teacher has a wonderful little story about a birth she attended as a nurse (not a doula) where the doctor wanted to perform a c-section on a sweet little mommy so that she could get to her holiday party on time. Well, Janet, being the amazing nurse (who looks out for the best interest of her patients) she is made a little deal with that doctor. She told the doctor to go to her dinner party so that the mother could labor longer (because she had faith in the woman's body) and if that doctor had to be called during that party Janet would buy her a pizza, and if she could make it to the whole party and come back to deliver that patient, then the doctor would owe her the pizza. Guess who won?? That's right! That sweet mommy who got to deliver the way she is supposed to!!! Oh and Janet of course.

That being said, of COURSE there are reasons for c-sections that are absolutely 100% necessary!! It wouldn't have been invented if it wasn't and it has saved many many many many many many lives! Same with induction! There are just times where having the baby inside is more dangerous than having it outside and whethere an induction or cesarean was the way that baby had to come out thank goodness we have that ABSOLUTELY AMAZING technology! Trust me I have seen it save lives! I really really truly have! And it's a humbling experience to take care of a patient who's life has truly been saved. However, all good things must come in moderation. It has also ruined many lives when not used properly. Doctors are humans, not gods. They make poor decisions and that's why it is important to really be educated on your rights as a birthing mother.

What I hope that medicaid does is make it a huge pain in the butt for doctors with lots of paper work if they do have to give an epidural or a cesarean. I hope the doctors have to explain every last detail as to why they made that choice when they have a medicaid patient because maybe it will make them put their selfish desires aside and really think about what is in the best interest of the mother. All I want is for women to have the birth they deserve. I know not everyone feels as passionate about it as I do, but it is really something that I don't take lightly anymore. Giving birth is the absolute most amazing thing you can do in this life and it needs to be treated as such! :D I don't want anyone to be offended by what I have said because I honestly don't think it is the mother's fault. It is our culture to rely on doctors and I know it's hard to realize that they're not always right. I learned that only from study and research.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Children seriously grow like weeds!

Today Nate was sleeping on the bean bag and it just struck me once again how big he is! Yes I know he is not wearing clothes...he takes them off. And it's hot anyway so unless we're going out in public I don't worry about it too much. Anyway, my little baby has grown from 20 inches to 3 feet! Well, in just 4 inches he will have grown twice his size! Here is some perspective for ya:

Here he is at 4 months

Here he is on my birthday :D 6 months

Here he is this January so 18 months...guess he was naked here too haha! 

And here he is today. 

I took all the pictures I could find of him on the bean bag. I can't believe how big he is! Even just to compare 18 months to now. I thought he was big then!

Such a cute boy!

Friday, August 13, 2010

My dream house

It's almost been a year since I found my dream hometown. Well...maybe not a permanent place, but a somewhere like this place. And that place is Cape May, New Jersey.
When we drove through there were all of these awesome Victorian houses and a cute little Victorian style shopping center. And of course, a light house. What more could I ask for? Here are some pictures to paint the picture of my dream house/town:

Here are some pictures at the very southern tip of New Jersey in Cape May. There's a sunken ship in the background that's been there since World War II or something.

That's not just some random dude in the picture with the ship, that's Nate's Gramps.

Anyway, I'm not sure if it's truly my dream town because it's a little bit out of the way from everything. Maybe like a dream retirement place or something. I think my dream place would be somewhere in Toms River, Phil's hometown. Mostly because it's by all of the family, it's by the beach, and it's so beautiful there! Compared to the desert that is Utah. Yeah yeah pretty mountains...psh! I'm a beach kind of girl. Didn't you know that's my dream job? Professional Beach Bum? Yep!

As you can see I'm DYING to go out there!! It's almost been a year. I've been out there every summer for the past three years! And now I have to wait till Fall (mostly due to the whole working full time thing. Seriously CANNOT wait to go part time! If I could do it now I SO would! But I can't until January...not by my choice, but because that's when the next shift bid is). I probably won't be able to go there till the first week of November because thats when my mother-in-law would be able to go with me. She doesn't have a job so doesn't have to worry about taking time off and is a HUGE help when it comes to traveling with kids! Plus she'll be able to set up visits with the family. I seriously canNOT wait! :D :D :D. It will be weird to be out there without Phil. Hopefully he'll be able to come some of the days.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

On my mind

A few things have been on my mind lately and if you know me at all, you know that things don't stay in my mind for long. *note* this post is longer than originally intended. My apologies in advance :D*

1-Parenting advice. 
Once you become a parent you become a source of judgement and you become a creator of judgement. What is it about being a parent that makes you think you have so much to say about being one? Of all of the people in this world, the only person who I can really take seriously is my mom. You'll learn when you become a parent that all people want to do all of the time is tell you how to be a parent and what they think is best and I have come to realize how stupid everyone's advice and opinions are except for my mom's. I realized why too. Because my mom knows ME. She knows why I do things the way I do, she knows my situation, she knows how I handle situations, she knows my opinions and she truly listens to and applies the things I have learned about parenting that maybe she didn't know. How can anyone really pass judgments or give advice if they don't really know you as a person? And by that I mean pretty much no one knows me compared to my mother...not even my sister. And what makes people think they're qualified to give advice if they're not willing to listen to and consider your reasoning? I'm really starting to think that my mom is the smartest person in the world. I mean ALL of her advice makes sense. 90% of the advice and opinions I get from other people I just make fun of with Phil! haha! But never my mom's. And I think about it and it's not even just because she's my mom. It's because she's awesome and doesn't look through a hole in the box. I hate box hole lookers. They see the world through one limited view and either don't think to look around and realize there are other views, or they refuse to. Kind of like my dad's political view (haha!) at least my mom listens to the other side and considers it before completely disagreeing with it (ok sometimes she just disagrees with it for no good reason, but I can't blame her cause of who she's married to haha! :D I love my dad). 
I hope I can be the type of mother to Audrey as my mom is to me. I hope I can give her good parenting advice and be the only one she really takes seriously too ( I would say for Nate, but I know how mother-in-law relationships work. My daughter-in-law won't want advice from me, and I won't expect her to). 
I bring this up because of a post today on my cousin's facebook about spanking. All of these people were sharing their opinions and it was just a whirlwind of illogical conclusions and, quite frankly, stupidity. And this brings me to my second subject of what is on my mind. 

Lets discuss my childhood experience for a minute and come to some logical conclusions: ages 2-4 I was sent to a babysitter who spanked me because I was so afraid of her that I didn't dare use her bathroom. Logical conclusion #1: OBVIOUSLY spanking is what was causing me to pee my pants in the first place!! So were you solving a problem? Or were you making it worse? DUH! 
Moving along. The experience from ages 2-4 were some of my most traumatic memories and the fact that I still get bad feelings when I drive past that house and have vivid memories because of you spanking me is NOT a good sign. In fact, after taking several psychology classes and reading several parenting books, I've come to the realization that many of my fears and personality traits such as my fear of being corrected by a boss (I get shaky, teary, and obsess over even the dumbest things for months) stem from the fact that you spanked me as a child. THANK YOU! Logical conclusion #2: Yes you can affect a child for the rest of their life by spanking them! 
Can I just say thank GOODNESS my parents never spanked me?? I can't even imagine how screwed up I'd be if they did! 
Moving on to a different example. Let's just say I know some children that are spanked. Are they well behaved? Far from it. In fact when someone does something they don't like, how do they handle it? By hitting. 
Now let's take a look at my sister's children. Are they spanked. Nope. Are they well behaved? Yes. Are they happier and have a better relationship with their parents? You bet! They're not perfect by any means! But they're freaking awesome if you ask me! Same goes with my brother's kids. They're very happy children and they are what they are...children! They're actually very brilliant kids too because of their awesome mother who sits down with them and teaches them! The best way to get your children to behave is to listen to them, not ignore them, and definitely not spank them! 
On the other hand, do I think there is a time for spanking? When Nate runs out into the street despite my constant screaming to stop, yes I have spanked him. Actually, I haven't done it hard enough to actually hurt him since he wears a diaper and I would feel awful if I did, but in the heat of the moment when you're scared for their life, it's a knee jerk reaction. 
Based on my life experience, you can see why I have the opinion I have. I'm sure other people's life experiences teach them otherwise, but that's what mine have taught me. 

It's a fact that you have the freedom to choose to smoke or not. So do I. And I choose not to and don't appreciate when you take that freedom away from me! I don't know what it has been lately, but I can't seem to get away from it no matter where I go! Luckily I don't live right above it anymore! 

What is it about him that makes him so awesome?? Cause pretty much everything about him is awesome! I just love this age so much!!!! SO MUCH!!!!! By the way, he's not perfect. He has tantrums, he is not a very good listener, he gets into my dry erase markers I use for work even when he knows he shouldn't, and I am by no means the best parent in the world, but I sure do love him! I love that he sings his goodnight song with us now, I love that he brushes his own teeth, I love that he waved and said "bye Muno, take care!" to his stuffed Muno doll cause he wanted to leave it in the car instead of taking it with him, I love that he does a silly dance and yells "hey!" at the end of the theme to The Big Bang Theory, and I love when he comes up to me  and trying to make the sign on his hand saying "I 'ove you". I love every little bit of him!

Dora is amazing. I love it so much! I LOVE that he is learning Spanish words. I love when he talks along with it and learns! I love that it actually makes his brain think! :D He always says to me "Mommy say arriba!" haha! So cute!

Phil was listening to how divorce effects children not only mentally, but actually makes them more susceptible to diseases and mental health issues. His parents were divorced and he realizes how much it effected him and how denying that it did has been so bad for him. It makes me SO grateful that my parents were never divorced! It is definitely something I have not taken for granted. I just can't even comprehend what it would be like if they weren't together and when I try's awful! I want to give that gift to my kids. I don't care how hard marriage or life can be, we're always going to try to work through it together. I hope my brothers and sisters all do the same and follow my parent's example! 

7-My parents
Lastly I just wanted to mention how grateful I am for my parent's example. Not even just about the divorce thing, but just in general. You know, we never really had family home evening, we never really had family scripture study, and by the time I came around, nightly family dinners began to disappear due to everyone's schedules. My parent's weren't perfect, but the one thing they have been perfect about is being faithful members of the church. Never ever did a week go by where they just decided not to go. It was always so important to them and their example has always really affected me. It would be easy for me to stop going if they hadn't gone to church my whole life. They never forced us to go either, but because we saw them doing it, we knew it was important. I can't say that my whole family was affected by their example as much as my sister and I were, but I'm just really grateful that they are so awesome and faithful! 

I know this post is long, but it's for me more than it is anyone else. I like to capture even simple things I thought about because then I go back and read it and realize what I've learned from that point. :D So if you read it, congratulations for making it through! 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kids say (or sing) the darndest things!

A few minutes ago I gave Nate a bath and afterwards he was running around without a diaper on and he started singing "Penis, penis, everbody penis.." then he goes "no...clean up. Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up". hahaha!

Another funny thing he's been doing lately is every time we watch The Big Bang Theory and the theme song comes on he dances really funny to it and at the end goes "hey!" It's so dang cute!

Man I love this age!!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

One of those days!

Have you ever had one of those days? You know what kind of day I'm talking of THOSE days. Well....let me just tell you about how my day started out as one of those days and turned into just the opposite...

Ok, well, if you haven't heard me talking about about it already, I've been stressed about getting passports. First of all we haven't really been able to afford to buy all three of them so we kind of put it off and ended up with too many unexpected expenses come up at the last minute making us put it off even let me just tell you now, if you need a passport, go into debt for one sooner than later. Even if you *think* you'll be able to afford it later, don't fall for that trap because if you wait till the last minute you are just plain out of luck!
Basically we were looking at $55 for both Phil and I to get a passport card (since we're driving across the border) and $30 for Nate. Our trip is a little over 2 weeks away so I called the passport office to see what they recommend we do. First off they said that we wouldn't need a passport for Nate since we are driving across the border because he is underage. That was about the only piece of good news we recieved. She then proceeded to explain that in order to expidite the passport it would be an additional $60 per that raised our total to $230. Then she said that Utah doesn't have a passport office so we could risk express mailing it to the office and not getting it in two weeks (the express mail would be an additional $40 approx) or to be safe we could either fly to LA (which I would be able to do, but didn't really want to rent a car and go through the hassle of flying standby during the summer) or pay a company to hand deliver it and their prices were most likely not cheap. Ok so basically we were looking at a price that was at least $230 to heaven knows how much just to get these stupid things on time. you can imagine my stress...

Well, today we had an appointment with the post office. I drove all the way there (ok so it's only 30 seconds from my house) and realized I forgot our birth certificates so I drove back. I left Nate in the car because I knew where they were. As I grab them I realize that Phil's birth certificate is not with Nate and I's. So I begin FRANTICALLY searching for it while bawling on the phone to Phil because I'm already stressed about the appointment and now can't find the one document we need in order to get one. Meanwhile Nate starts opening the car door and throwing things out so I go out to the car and lock the door so he can't open it to throw things out. I run into the house search a little more, finally give up and go back out to the car....

....and I've locked myself out!!!! With Nate in the car and its RUNNING!

So then I REALLY start to panic and freak out. My neighbors happened to be outside (mind you I've never talked to them before because we're brand new) and they start trying to help me. I am FREAKING out calling Phil and my mom (my parents were planning on coming over and I was hoping they'd be there sooner so that my dad could figure out some way to open the door). I'm sure I was making QUITE the scene! My sweet neighbors were doing everything in their power to try to instruct Nate on how to unlock the door. Then I look and the back window on the other side was slightly open! Open enough to get my arm in there!

So then I go to the post office without Phil's birth certificate hoping that our marriage license and fact that it states on Nate's birth certificate that Phil was born in New Jersey was enough to prove that Phillip was a US citizen. Aaaand of course it wasn't. So the very nice gentleman at the post office gently delivered the bad news driving home the fact that we are pretty much screwed. He also said Phil could have an expired passport as proof if we couldn't find the birth certificate and I told him that neither of us had ever gotten one before. I cried some more mostly because of the emotional stress I had just gone through and also realizing how awful this all was going to be (uh did I mention that we definitely wouldn't have enough money in our account to afford all of this for the next two weeks?). So we left deciding that we would search for Phil's birth certificate and go to the downtown post office where they take walk-ins.

So we go home and searched everywhere that we thought it would be. As we are searching, Phil goes "well, here's my old passport." and I look up at him like "WHAT??" Happy because he said an expired passport was sufficient proof...and I look down at the expiration date and I could NOT believe what I was seeing: Expires: 8/24/12.


Also sitting in that same envelope as the passport was his birth certificate! Not that that mattered much at that point!
It had really never crossed my mind that Phil would have a passport. I knew that he went to Ecuador when he was a teenager, but never did I put two and two together. And he never mentioned it because he didn't know they lasted 10 years! Haha! It would have been useful to know though because a renewal is different than a first time applicant, but he didn't know that, only I did.

So does it really matter that I'm not going to the wedding? Nope. Why? Because I am neither the best man nor the ring bearer! Honestly, when it comes to family events, the important people that are there are blood relatives. I take no offense at that. I know how it is when it comes to my own family. Not to say that I think they'll all be happy that I'm not there, but I think they will understand. The important people really were Nate and Phil. Am I sad that I don't get to go? Of course!! I was really looking forward to it, but I will happily stay home if it means I don't have to go through hell to get there!

So yes it was a good day. Through all of the crazy events each and every one had a simple solution.

Oh and my AMAZING mother came over and helped us finish unpacking our house and organizing it! I'm SO glad I'm having a daughter so I can do the same for her some day. I don't know how my mom does it! I love her so much!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Nate's 2 year check up!

I know I've been terrible with posting pictures lately, but that's only because we're moving and haven't really been taking many. Can't wait to have everything packed and cleaned up then it will be picture city!

Anyway Nate had his 2 year check up today! :D He is a whopping 3 feet tall! 36 1/2 inches! He weighs 29.8 pounds and is in the 60th percentile for height and 25th for weight. So he's tall and skinny. :D and cute might I add!

Everything on him looked good and normal! I don't know if she was exaggerating or not (I seriously love my pediatrician cause she always makes me feel like a good mom), but she said he was emotionally a 2 year old, but intellectually a 3 year old and was really impressed with his drawings. She said she's never seen a 2 year old draw like he does. She also suggested that I start potty training him more. I've worked on it a little bit here and there, but I'm nervous about doing it. I don't want to push him too hard and make it hard on him. And I'm not really looking forward to the difficulty of it, but if she thinks he's ready then we'll start.

He got two more shots. Both of them were fairly optional, but I always rather be safe than sorry. He did NOT like them and it made me feel REALLY bad!!! I hate hurting my little bubby!

He also said something SOOO CUTE today! While we were waiting for Dr. Bean I was doing different things to keep him occupied and I started counting in Spanish cause he can count to 12 and he started counting with me then he started going "Engish!" I couldn't tell what he was saying then I realized he was saying "English!" Haha! He wanted me to count in English! And he was happy when I started counting in English. How adorable is that??  :D

I love my bubby so much!!!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our new ward!!!!

Have you ever moved into a new ward and you just knew right away what the ward was like? When we moved into our old place and went to the ward the first time I didn't feel very welcome. I wasn't too worried about it, but that was the feeling I got the entire time. Only one family really took us in (which I absolutely LOVE). Our ward had a retirement village in it and a bunch of people from our apartments so it was pretty much newly wed or nearly dead. There was also a neighborhood with a few younger families in it, but the primary was extremely small and there were only about three kids in the nursery (the one thing I did like). I really hated relief society. They never cared about anything I had to say, they brushed off my comments ALL the time. They never provided a nursery for relief society activities yet they would say that there were no kids allowed. It was just very unwelcoming.

Today was our first day at our new ward and let me just say WHAT A CHANGE!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh I think that we probably got the best ward out there! The neighborhood that holds the majority of the people is a mixture of starter homes and more established homes. A TON of people that I went to high school with grew up in this ward and I was pretty good friends with a lot of them. Their parents still live in that ward too. My parents are actually friends with some of their parents so they knew me through my parents as well. One of the relief society presidency was an old family friend that actually lived in my ward when I was little and she was so excited that I was in the ward it was SOOOOO NICE!

Other perks: there were at least 6 babies in Relief Society alone so it was noisy and great! In other words, when Audrey's born, if she makes a noise, no one is going to be annoyed by it! The nursery was big, the primary was big, the YW was big (which means good babysitters!! :D). The other perk is that not a large number of apartment dwellers are in the ward which is a good thing because when you do have a large amount, people don't want to get to know you because they know you move in and out so often. They were so welcoming and wonderful!

Also, a nurse I used to work with at IMC is in that ward and I specifically remember her telling me that she absolutely loved her neighborhood! I actually looked at houses in that neighborhood just to see how much they were going for for future reference because I loved that neighborhood so much. So maybe we'll end up buying a house there just to stay in the ward once we've saved up enough (who knows). I bet it's a really good trick-or-treating kind of neighborhood haha! (my mind has been on halloween a lot since I'll get to see my little girl around that time!!).

OH MY GOSH I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!! It is just one of those wards that makes you WANT to go to church! The other perk is that it starts at 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to work at 12:30 on Sundays so I haven't been to a full day of church in a long time! It was SO great! YAYAYAYAYAY! So happy :D :D :D