Thursday, September 30, 2010

A lot of things on my mind, need to get them off! :D

First of all, I never thought I could be so affected by the weather on the East Coast! It has made work absolutely CRAZY this week! Usually they offer what is called VTO which means voluntary time off. If they have a low call volume and more employees than they need they open slots a half hour to an hour at a time and you can get time off. I usually try to get a half hour before my lunch break and a half hour after so I can spend time with Phil after he gets home. Then I sometimes make up hours throughout the week at times when I would rather work. I didn't realize how much I relied on the VTO until this week! It's so nice to break up my shift and get a few more breaks throughout the day being this far along in my pregnancy it's hard to sit for such a long time. Well this week they have offered none. Zero. Because every day they have been cancelling flights! UGH UGH UGH! First of all the call volume is a lot higher because every customer with a cancelled flight has to call us so we can make accommodations. Second of all, who really likes to get their flights cancelled? I know I definitely WOULDN'T! So do you think I blame them for being upset? Not at all! I would be too. But the weather is completely out of everyone's control. We have to cancel flights, and they have to suffer the consequences. It really sucks, but it's life. So I really hate dealing with upset people. Most people are pretty calm about it especially because we can make accommodations and refund to their credit card if necessary, but I can't even tell you how many calls I get with questions I have absolutely no way of answering. It's exhausting!
So on top of work being crazy, my mother-in-law was supposed to fly to New Jersey today because Phil's cousin (her nephew) is getting married tomorrow....aaand her flight was cancelled. Yep. She was flying standby on a jetBlue buddy pass and because of the cancelled flight, all of the customers from that flight rebooked for flights later that day. So she has no way of getting on standby. So now of course I feel awful. I talked to her though and she's really not that upset about it which makes me SO relieved! There's a huge part of me that wants to go into labor now to make it worth it for her. She understands that it's because of weather though and it was completely unpredictable. You know, to be honest, if Phil and I got married in Utah and not back East, I bet his aunts and uncles wouldn't have made a huge effort to come. But we'll never know.

Moving on. I'm officially full term today! Yay! Which means I've got a happy healthy baby ready to be born any day now (although I still have three weeks till my due date, so I'm not counting on it being any day soon). It's just good to know that if I went into labor, I'd be totally fine!

Another thought that has been on my mind is how freaking amazing Radiohead is! For the longest freaking time I thought Radiohead was Soundgarden because of the radio station confusing me once and I never wanted to listen to them! But any band that has a whole wikipedia article just about the lyrics to one of their songs...they've definitely got to be amazing! So you could enjoy them as much as I do, I put my favorite three songs at the beginning of my playlist (the first one being my absolute favorite).

Ok, I can't sit in this chair any longer (once again! haha!) so that is all for now.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow!!

Well, tomorrow marks 37 weeks! Which means I'll be full term! I don't want to have her tomorrow by any means, I'm hoping to have her after the 4th since my niece's birthday is the 1st and my nephew's is the 4th! We're going to have everyone's birthdays at once! Of course I'm not even due till the 21st so I could end up having her at the end of the month who knows! The point is that I will be full term which means I can safely and legally deliver at home! YAY!!!

I can't believe we're already to this point! It seems like we just decided to get pregnant and now she can be safely delivered any day! I'm really in no rush to go into labor, it will happen when it happens! I'm trying to enjoy these last few days with Nate being the only child, but it's really hard with how uncomfortable I am. I wish I could do everything with him, but all I want to do is lay on my side because it's the only position I can be in that doesn't hurt my back. Needless to say, sitting in my office chair for 8 hours has been quite miserable and I can't wait to have her just so I can quit working! I often wonder what it would be like to be pregnant and not have lordosis, scoliosis, but worst of all degenerative disc disease. They usually don't bother me too much, but when I'm pregnant it's definitely pretty painful. I don't mind though, it's worth the end result and it only lasts a few months.

Nate has been super fun lately. He's been saying really funny things, doing really cute thing, and just being his awesome self! This morning he came in like usual and he comes up to me and says in the most enthusiastic voice "mommy! I'd like a yogurt!" It was so funny! I wish I could describe better how enthusiastic he was! And last night when I was putting him to bed he did not want me to say the prayer and bed time song! He kept singing other songs and going "mommy say: a b c d e f g..." Or "mommy say: the wheels on the bus go round and round" It was funny! He's getting really really good at singing all of his favorite songs. He's also getting a lot better at not screaming and freaking out, but asking for what he wants nicely.

He's been drawing letters a lot. His favorite ones are A, N, H, and E. I've been trying to get him to write his name haha! He can write T, he just doesn't usually do it. And of course he's always drawing happy faces haha! Anyway, my back is killing me right now from sitting in this chair so I'll update more later.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Nate and his best friend :D

While I was in training at JetBlue, my friend watched Nate for a couple hours a day before Phil got home from work. She has a cute little girl who is 6 months older than Nate and she came over today to play. It was so cute to see them interact! She keeps him entertained and they play so well together! They never fight it's nice!

I asked them to give each other a hug for a picture and it turned out WAY too cute I couldn't resist photoshopping it and posting it! I love it way too much!

My phone has a surprisingly good camera as long as the lighting is good enough :D.
Here are two others I took:

I tried to get them with their arms around each others shoulders and it turned into this! Haha!

Blurry, but still adorable!

Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm just so excited about this I had to write a blog :D

Having a sister is the best! Because you get to plan things called "girl trips"! Haha! My mom, sister, and I are planning a trip this winter to get away from the winter cold. We're thinking of going to Florida or Puerto Rico. We're leaning more towards Puerto Rico because it's warmer :D. When we got married in NYC my sister took my niece Jordyn (her oldest daughter) with us. Jaci, her second oldest, has felt left out a little because of that. At the time Jaci was only 3 so she was too little anyway, but now she's 6. So Shauna asked if she could bring her cause she promised her she would take her on vacation one day because of Jordyn. Sounded good to me! I have to take Audrey anyway because she'll be too little to leave, especially since she'll be breast feeding. So it's going to be, me, my mom, my sister, her daughter, and my daughter! Total girl trip! :D I'm so dang excited!

This is going to be my first real vacation since working for an airline. I'll most likely take Audrey and Nate to New Jersey for a weekend with my mother-in-law in January (so that I can FINALLY fly JetBlue!), but this gives me an opportunity to use all of my benefits! Working for an airline also gives you discounts on hotels, cruises, cars, theme parks, etc. It's called an interline agreement. So I looked and estimated the cost of our trip and it's going to be under $300 per person! Woohoo!!! Round trip airfare to San Juan, Puerto Rico from SLC alone is around $500 per person!

Anyway I'm really excited! Puerto Rico will definitely be an awesome place to go! It's owned by the U.S. (actually they're really close to becoming a state. They just need like 1% more votes in an election in order to do are we gonna fit another star on the flag?? haha) so the currency is the same, most people speak English, you don't need a passport, you don't have to pay international taxes (when you fly non-rev for an airline you still have to pay international taxes if you fly out of the country), and it's still in the Carribean! :D The lowest recorded temperature they've had in the winter was recorded at 60 degrees! What?? Haha that's definitely not low in my book! I'm so excited! It will be super awesome! Can't wait!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh my!! Why oh why is Nicholas Sparks so popular?

This morning I couldn't go back to sleep after Phil got up for work so for the heck of it I decided to look at netflix on my ipod and saw that Dear John was on the watch instantly list. I heard from someone I used to work with that it was really good so I decided to watch it.

As with all Nicholas Sparks' book to film movies, it's filled with disappointment and death (not to mention intense "love and romance") UGH! Come on! Who the heck's life is actually like that??? How much further from reality can you get. Life never feels like a Nicholas Sparks book/movie!

Anyway I never really had the desire to watch Nights in Rodanthe, so I wanted to look up the plot to see if I was right...sure enough! EVERY single Nicholas Sparks book that has become a movie has the EXACT same freaking plot! Sure they're all written differently, but let's just sum up every movie written by him:

Setting: North or South Carolina near the ocean in a small beach town (actually the kind I dream of living in, but that is far from the point).
Plot: Someone falls in love (usually by strange circumstances and they shouldn't fall in love). Someone dies. The happy main characters end up heart broken. The end.

Seriously! Name a movie that doesn't have that plot! Just look (this may be a spoiler alert if you want to watch some of these movies):

-A Walk to Remember (I actually do like this movie though): Setting: North Carolina. Plot: They fall in love, she dies. He's sad.

-The Notebook: Setting: Not sure, but looks like North Carolina. Plot: They fall in love, they're torn apart, they get back together and she gets Alzheimer's. They die (after a very unrealistic "she remembers everything" episode that is unreasonable if you've ever been around an Alzheimer's patient!)

-Nights in Rodanthe: (Haven't seen it, but just looked it up) Setting: North Carolina. Plot: They meet, they fall in love, he goes away and dies, she's sad.

-Dear John: Setting: South Carolina. Plot: They fall in love, he goes to war, she dumps him for a sick guy who has cancer, his only family (his dad) dies, then her husband dies, and they're sad because they never got to be together since she married the sick dude. They're sad.

Come on! Can't he come up with something different? Why do we fall for these plots??? (for the record, I really hate The Notebook. I mean I really really don't like that movie! I do like a Walk to Remember though).

Grocery store bliss!!!

Oh my have I discovered the most amazing thing ever!!!!

Well, the last grocery shopping adventure we had was a nightmare. Nate has been acting out SO much lately I need to whip out my love and logic book and reread it to get some more tips (I lent it to someone or else I would!!). He just wants to run away ALL the time. Any time he gets the chance he does! And the problem is that I want him to run away get scared and run back, but I'm too dang afraid of what he could possibly destroy in the process. So when I say "uh oh looks like you need to sit in the cart for a while" he just SCREAMS!! And the last thing I want him doing in public is screaming!! It's quite a nightmare. I don't know, but I get the impression that most children are ok to discipline in public because most children don't let out a high pitched awful bloody murder scream when they do. I can't put him in time out because the whole store will hear it! We've been trying really hard to work on his screaming at home, but have been a complete failure at doing so.'s a lot of fun. The worst part is that when you try to ignore it like love and logic tells you to, he doesn't understand that you're ignoring it and he starts hitting. Then I have to punish him for hitting and it just gets so exhausting! I'm hoping that this is a stage he grows out of soon!! Or that he starts to pick up on the fact that he gets punished every time (he doesn't seem to care!). Anyway this is going on way to long!

Ok so my point was that the last shopping adventure we had, I remembered half way through that Smith's has a play area with a babysitter. By the time I thought about it we were almost finished anyway so it was pointless. This time I took him straight there! I didn't care how much it was going to cost I was going to pay it! AND it was COMPLETELY FREE!!!!!! I was in shock and awe! The funny thing is that while I was filling out the papers, Nate was acting out and running away and I could see the look of terror in the employee's eyes. And I could also hear it in her voice when she repeated over and over "it's just for one hour" Hahaha! Ok I get it, just an hour lady. Don't worry I will be less than that I'm in a hurry!

It was magical! I hurried through the aisles with ease, I didn't have to hear Nate scream for a "bana" or "bread" or "juice"...or everything else I put in the cart. It was beautiful!!!! Absolutely beautiful!!

And of course when I went back the lady said "he is such a happy boy!" Uh yeah I know he's an angel when he's with other people!!! That's why I kept telling you "he'll be fine don't worry" hahahaha!

Needless to say I will never shop for groceries (when I have Nate) ANYWHERE else!!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh the cute yet terrible two's!

Well, I believe we have hit a whole new round of terrible yet cute two-hood.

I am so unbelievably in love with Nate's personality and all of the adorable things he says! And I am completely exhausted at the same time! He sure does make up his craziness in cuteness, but MAN he can make his mommy crazy!

Here is where the problem lies. First of all, he doesn't quite comprehend consequences. I can put him in time out, but he doesn't seem to be too threatened by it. He doesn't like being in time out obviously, but he doesn't seem to care until it's actually happening. The other problem is that I am so exhausted all of the time that I just wish I didn't have to go through the effort of putting him in time out in the first place! He has also started whining, screaming, and hitting every time he wants something and doesn't get it the SECOND he wants it. So I've been really consistent with not giving him anything until he asks nicely and apologizes for hitting me. If he hits me he doesn't get to use his arms. I hold them until he apologizes. Honestly I don't feel like it is the best approach, but like I said I feel so exhausted all of the time that the thought of walking all the way up the stairs to put him in time out makes me tired. I wish there was an easier way. (I'll take any good suggestions). I just feel like I've been slacking with the love and logic principles. I forget to give him a choice, but still do frequently throughout the day, I end up yelling at him, but try not to. Sometimes it is so tiring! Haha I think the real problem is that he is FULL of energy and I am so drained! haha! Potty training is another exhausting thing! The problem is that even when he wears underwear he thinks he can go in the underwear! So the ONLY way he goes potty on his own is if he runs around naked (if he is wearing anything at all he doesn't bother to tell us he needs to go, he just goes, but throughout the day he will go on the potty as long as I tell him to go). He goes pee 95% of the time in the toilet when he's naked (we've had a few instances of him peeing in strange places, but overall he does really well), but pooping is definitely not guarenteed. Sometimes he will go and sometimes he won't. So to let him run around naked we have to live in constant fear that he's going to poop! And every time a little baby fart comes out of his cute little bum we freak out and ask him if he needs to go potty! haha! Ah the joys of parenting! Oh and my very favorite is going to the store! Because he does not want to sit in the cart the whole time and the minute he gets down he just RUNS! And if you've ever been big and pregnant, the last thing you want to do is chase a fast little two year old!!! So I've gotten to the point where I let him run away and as soon as I'm out of sight he runs back! The only reason I would chase him is because I don't want people giving me dirty looks. Sometimes when people see him run away I just tell them "as soon as he can't see me he'll run back" I hate how people can be judgmental! If anyone has had a toddler as determined and independent as mine they'd understand! If only all toddlers could come calm and passive haha! Some day it will do him some good!

I have to admit, no matter how exhausting it is to be 7 1/2 months pregnant with a super active toddler, he sure is a joy! I am absolutely in LOVE with this little boy! He's so dang cute! Here are some of the funny and cute things he's said and done recently:
  • Every time he sees the picture of Audrey on the ultrasound or if I lift up my shirt he'll excitedly say "baby rooster!" (which is baby sister in his language) and I'll ask "what's her name?" and he'll say "baby rooster!" and I'll say "no what's her name?" "baby rooster!" then I'll say "It's Audrey" and he'll go "baby rooster!" hahaha! (and then he says Audrey)
  • Today Phil caught him looking at himself in the window and saying "Look who it is! Nathan!". 
  • When we were at the store earlier today he was reading all of the signs and pointing as if he was sounding them out (like we do when we are reading books) and he was going "what does it spell? N N N Nate, Nate!" Then he did the same things, but with "animals" I think it really said pharmacy! haha!
  • Tonight he threw an old license plate that we had sitting on the shelf for some reason (we've been working on him throwing things) and it whacked me hard in the head and I buried my head into Phil's chest and kept saying "ow!!!" and Nate immediately started crying cause he knew he hurt me and goes "mommy hurts a boo boo!" and wanted to hug me and he kissed it better! It was so cute! Usually when he gets hurt he'll point to where it hurts and says "hurts a boo boo" with the cutest face it's hilarious!!
  • The other day for some reason he made the motions like he was going to pat my head (but it was too far away) and says "Don't worry mommy! I find grandpa!" Hahaha I can't figure out why he said that or if those two sentences were even meant to go together or if he was saying don't worry mommy and then thought I want to find grandpa. I'm not sure, but it was pretty funny!
  • My favorite thing in the whole world that he's been saying lately is "Mommy I so happy!!" I don't know where he learned it, but it makes me so happy to hear him say that! I always tell him "I'm glad you're so happy Nathan!"
  • It's so funny to watch him watch Dora. He knows that when she asks a question that she always says "great" so he says it all the time when watching it! It cracks me up! I like that he's interacting with it too because it shows that his mind is thinking. I don't let him watch shows that don't make him think. I want them to be shows that he can interact with if he is going to watch anything. I also like Dora because it does teach a little Spanish. And it's funny because of Dora he always says "mommy say..." and it will be random things, words, or noises. Because on Dora they always tell them to say something. Often times he'll say "mommy say arriba!" or "mommy say abre!" (which is open in English). It's so cute! 
  • Phil heard once that if you name vegetables different names that kids will be more likely to eat them so we named carrots "gabba carrots" and Phil made vegetables the other days and he asked Phil for some broccoli (he really likes it for some reason haha! Maybe it was the way they were prepared) and he goes "daddy! a yo gabba tree!" Hahaha! I think Phil taught him that a long time ago, but I'd never heard it and I thought it was so adorable! 
  • The last thing I want to talk about is how adorable it is to hear him sing all of the time! He is getting SO good at singing on key too! The one he's been making me sing a LOT is popcorn popping. He just likes the first line cause I look through my hands at him so he'll say this all of the time "mommy say wookawindow what I see?" I just love to hear all of the songs in his little language. I love "itsa bitsa pider" too! And of course "twinkle star" which sounds like "twinkle twinkle lil-lal tar" And the other one I love to hear him sing is his favorite song from Gabba "I like fish, I like fish...what's that? thats a salmon!" He will improvise all of the time and say things like "I like grandma" and "I like Jordyn" or "I like 5" Haha all sorts of things! 
Anyway, I'm sure I could talk about Nate all day long. I just wanted to write down some of my favorite things that he says.

I'm hoping that once Audrey's born I won't be as physically exhausted. Yeah yeah don't give me crap about being exhausted because I won't get any sleep. I've had a newborn before I know what it's like and I hate it when people make that comment about it being "so hard" once the baby is born. The fact is that it's more fun to hang out with your baby than be pregnant with them. No matter how much lack of sleep I get! haha! Only 6 weeks to go! woohoo!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Birth Blog

Ok so I have decided to just create a blog about my thoughts, opinions and observations about birth. Obviously this is something I'm passionate about or else I wouldn't be a doula, but I've decided to make this blog just about my family and our current happenings and designating a blog just for my opinions. I'm going to keep all of the posts that I have on here on here and just post on there from now on if I have something I want to say :D. I may transfer some of my posts over to that blog as well.
Ok so if you were interested, the address is The title is generic for now, if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! :D

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Birth Plans

What is a birth plan anyway? I've been thinking about this a lot lately.

I have made a birth plan for an emergency birth at the hospital because I feel like if I did have to go to the hospital I want to make sure that my wishes are made clear. The process of doing so has made me think, why in the world do you even need to write a birth plan? Birth is OBVIOUSLY natural. However long man has existed it has been done a certain way...the way the woman's natural instincts have said to do it. Only in the past 100 years have we decided that women are doing it wrong. So here's what I don't understand: why do women have to fight for their rights in childbirth? And why are so many of those rights not respected? That is something that I will never ever understand. The weirdest part is that 99.9% of what the mother wants in childbirth isn't going to hurt ANYONE! In fact, the only thing it does do is most likely better for the baby anyway! The problem is that many nurses/doctors views on birth have derived from a generation of people who think that women are birthing wrong and that certain things are better (such as formula instead of breastmilk if the baby's blood sugar drops), when in reality, nothing is better than skin to skin contact with mom (nope not even artificial oxygen is going to be as effective if the baby isn't skin to skin with mommy) and breast milk. And the thing that makes me the MOST angry is separating the mom from the baby just to weigh, him/her and give them shots. Uhhhhh that can't wait till AFTER the first feeding? You can't gently check the baby's heart rate and temperature on the mommy's belly. You shouldn't even be bugging the baby anyway! Just leave them be! They're JUST FINE! Ugh!
Trust me, I know there are extenuating circumstances that require more attention, but most of those procedures would be much more successful if the mother was holding the baby. The baby does NOT want to be separated! Why can't the hospital respect that? What about the baby's rights. Do you think the baby wants to be separated? Do you honestly believe that babies don't have feelings, wants, or desires?

The fact is that I don't want to fight for my rights. Why in the world our culture has convinced us that the hospital is safer is far beyond anything I can ever imagine. It's safer for emergencies, but you don't see me going to the hospital every time I go to the bathroom, eat lunch, brush my teeth, or go to sleep just in case something goes wrong! Haha! The problem with the hospital that I've seen over and over and over is them doing things that they *think* are safer because they're hospital protocol, but in reality those stupid protocols are set up because they don't want to be sued and people have this false sense of security thinking that the procedures they perform are saving their baby from something terrible so they won't sue. It's just ridiculous.

Ok sorry enough just makes me so upset to think of how many births have been sabotaged for the sake of "being safe".

I'm grateful I don't have to write a birth plan! I'm grateful that my midwives respect my wishes and what I want is their standard practice anyway! I'm grateful that the hospital is nearby if there is an emergency....same goes for every day situations! Since it's close to my parent's house, my mom's life was saved too nearly 2 years ago. And lastly I'm grateful that the people closest to me are supportive of my decision to do what is safest for me and Audrey! :D

Belly Pics

I finally got around to getting all (ok most) of my belly pictures in one place. I haven't been as good at taking them as I hoped to be because of being so busy I just haven't thought about it. The ones I have left to do are on my phone camera. I hate that I had to use that because the quality of course isn't as good, but Nate would play with our other camera and I wouldn't be able to find it so I'd have to take that week's photo on my phone! I wanted them to look fairly consistent so I edited them all in the same style and even flipped the picture if it wasn't facing the same way. Anyway here is what I have so far:

The 33 weeks one was taken last kind of technically 32, but who's counting? Oddly enough, the edit that turned out the best (in my opinion) was taken on my phone! Haha (the 31 weeks one).

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Getting SOOOOO excited for Fall!!!!

I've never been so excited for Fall to come! Usually I hate it with a passion! Well, I always like Fall, but I don't like what it means....that Winter is on it's way. UGH! I hate the winter so much it's not even funny! BUT this year I don't care because I'm going to snuggle up to a nice new warm baby! :D CanNOT wait! :D :D :D

Today was a little bit colder than usual (for those that live up here in SLC you know what I'm saying), but I was totally fine with it! Sure it wasn't swimming temperatures, but it was just right! Not too hot and not too cold! It made me realize that Fall is JUST around the corner and I'm getting so excited!

Every year I LOVE going to Gardner Village during October. I used to work at the Bakery there and I hated October because of how busy it was, but now it just doesn't feel like Fall if I don't go there at least 5 times! haha! I especially love to get soup and something sweet from the bakery because I don't work there! haha! Anyway, these pictures of Nate were taken last year during October at Gardner Village. It's so weird to think that little did I know when this picture was taken that just one year later he would no longer be an only child! :D

It's so weird to see how much he's changed in a year! This time around he's going to be a big brother!! :D

I can't wait! I'm hoping to do some crafts with my mom and decorate Audrey Halloween decorations and get my house all ready and warm and welcoming for her arrival! :D It's coming up so fast!!