Monday, November 29, 2010

This Thanksgiving whereabouts

We spent Thanksgiving with my family this year. It's always nice when we're all together. Minus my brother and his family because they went to Vegas because this may be the last Thanksgiving they get to spend with my sister-in-law's dad. :( The food was delicious :D Plenty to eat even though we're vegetarian (my  mom even used cream of celery soup instead of cream of chicken! :D And Phil's potatoes were amazing!

That night we decided to go to Granny's instead of waiting till the next day so we drove to St. George. Nate LOOOOOOOVES Granny! It's always SOOO nice to just relax because she changes all the diapers, babysits if we want to go somewhere, etc. We FINALLY got to go on a date!!! We took Audrey with us to dinner and then after that we went to the mall to attempt shopping (forgot that the St. George mall is terrible) and we left Audrey with Granny since I fed her right before. The only thing that's not ideal about staying with Granny is her bed is a full size and we're used to a king size so it will be nice to be back in my own bed again! The other great thing about visiting St. George is I get to see my besty Cynda! She has got an adorable little 19 month old boy!  I wish I would have remembered my camera so I could get pictures, but I'm a bum!

We drove back today and it was such a crazy drive! The snow turned our usual 4 hour trip (maybe less now that they have so many awesome 80mph spots!) into a 7 to 8 hour trip. It sucked big time! Not only does it suck to be in the car that long, but it sucks to be stressed out the whole time hoping the traffic doesn't stop suddenly and you slide out of control (Phil's a pro and he let's the person in front be FAR ahead of him to allow plenty of stopping time!). There were tons of car accidents along the way. I just can't believe that there are seriously that many people who aren't more cautious. I mean I guess I can't talk I did spin out of control on the freeway once (luckily I didn't get hit, and I barely missed everyone on the road. That was scary!) but still! In Cedar City there was a big semi truck with one of those big gas tanks on the back who was completely on it's side and traffic was diverted to the frontage road (going the opposite direction thank goodness!). When we passed it, the gas smell was pretty strong! Hopefully they cleaned it up safely!
The high point of the drive back was that Nate said something really funny! Phil REALLY hates semi trucks (can you blame him??) and there was one that was making him nervous and he was yelling at it a little (or just getting frustrated, not really angry yelling) and Nate slowly says "freaking fire truck!" Hahaha! It definitely lightened the mood! I just loved that he called it a fire truck! So funny!

Well, that is all for our Thanksgiving adventures

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gratitude part 3

Picking up at number 17

17-I'm grateful for Phil's family. Every time we visit them I'm reminded how much I love them! They are the funnest most interesting people! I feel like they're all my mother and father-in-laws and all of the cousins are really brother and sister-in-laws! They all make us feel warm and welcome at their houses! It's awesome! They all gave us baby gifts (which was REALLY great because I didn't have a shower so I had no new clothes for Audrey. It's so fun to put her in never been worn clothes! :D) They treat us like we're they're own. My family dynamic is a lot different than Phil's family. I'm the aunt in my family and we're the cousins in his. It's a nice change of pace!

18-My christmas tree. When my grandparents moved out of their home of nearly 50 years, they got rid of a lot of their things (this was right about when Phil and I got married) and we inherited their Christmas tree. At first I was very reluctant to accept it because I had it set in my mind that we would buy a real tree every year....well, years like this where we have pretty much no money at all whatsoever, I look over at my tree (that I put up today, but haven't decorated yet) and I'm so grateful that I have it! It's great because we don't HAVE to buy a real one, but one year when we're more established we can maybe look into it (I'll have to just go out and do it when Phil's not looking! haha!).

19-Last time I said I was grateful for my best friends, well today I'm grateful for one of their boyfriends! Our flight was scheduled to arrive in SLC at midnight and I knew that asking my parents to pick us up would not be easy to do and I knew they would do it, but that they both had to wake up early the next day so I didn't want them to. So I asked my friend Heather if she could. She had to work at 9am the next day so I already felt bad that it was so late, then on top of that, it was delayed an hour!!! So we got in at like 1am! I felt SOOOO bad! But who shows up? Her sweet boyfriend! And he was happy to do it! He's such a great guy! They better never ever break up! :D I don't see that happening any time soon anyway :D

20-Modern medical technology. I know I wrote it before, but I'm just really grateful that one of my best friends/midwife Whitney's 28 week baby has such a great chance of living a normal life!

21-Cell phones. You don't realize how much you rely on them until you leave it on the East Coast and can't use it until it gets to you in the mail.

22-Photoshop. I don't have it on my laptop yet and it has been driving me crazy. Man I love that program! :D

23-Phil's genetics. If I would have married someone else, would my kids be as awesome and beautiful? I think not! Just look at em! :D

24-Netflix. I have access to so many seasons of educational kids shows! I love it! I don't like Nate to watch things that fry his brain and don't teach him anything, and we don't have TV anyway so this is perfect. Of course there is this stupid penguin clay-mation show that he loves. I think Phil just randomly found it one day and he is hooked. I guess it's good because they speak a different language and that's good for Nate to hear, but it sounds like garbly nonsense to me! haha! He's so funny though the other day I said, "do you wanna watch Dora, Diego, or Blues Clues?" and he goes, "Penguin!" and I said "Dora, Diego, or Blues Clues?" and he goes "How 'bout...Penguin!" I couldn't resist, it was too funny!

25-I am grateful for other moms with toddlers to vent frustrations with and learn that I'm not alone and that I'm not a bad mommy! I laugh when I look back at how I thought having a newborn was difficult. I mean I knew it wasn't that bad, but I couldn't believe how time consuming and demanding they that I have Audrey I just savor every moment of her newborn-ness because it is SOOOOO much easier than toddlerhood. I heard people say that, but had no idea....I'm terrified of the teenage years! Everyone acts like those are the worst. So maybe I'll just enjoy the physically draining motherhood as opposed to the mentally draining! Of course right now all I can think of is how great it will be to have my kids completely independent! But I bet when they are I will miss taking care of them. Holy cow why can't I just enjoy it how it is? :D I actually really do and the ONLY thing I would really change is for Nate to understand more. I want my discipline to make sense to him. I want to be able to talk things through and have him figure things out. Sometimes I say things to him and I feel like it is going in one ear and out the other. He does understand more and more every day so I know we're on the right track!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Try not to kill too many Turkeys ;) haha!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My month old baby girl!

 On the 18th my baby girl turned one month!! She is hands down the most beautiful one month old there is! :D

Here is a picture of her on her actual one month birthday:
Don't you just love the weird guy in the background staring at ya? Gotta love airports. She, on the other hand, is extremely precious in this picture! :D

And here is her crazy adorable brother who is a sucker for cheesing the camera!

And Nate's stellar photography skills below!

Look at those lips! hahah!

Now that just looks's his armpit! haha

I told him to take a picture of his baby sister...I didn't know he actually got one! (by the way, I don't generally just leave her like that, I stood up for a minute to grab something and sat her down. I spend the majority of the day holding her).

I like this self portrait of his!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tis the season once again!

For Elf Yourself! Haha even though I hate free advertising, admittedly, I have a lot of fun with this thing every year!!!
This year I was able to fill four out of five faces! I added my dad just because I find him dancing the most humorous! And I picked the confused Audrey face cause it makes me laugh! She looks so confused and annoyed that she's dancing! :D

Monday, November 22, 2010

New Jersey!

Phil and I planned a last minute trip to New Jersey because the flights were looking good and we wanted everyone to meet the baby! Grandma paid for the rental car so we didn't have to pay for anything it was great! JFK is not the most ideal airport for us to fly in to, but when the flight is free you can't complain! I didn't take a ton of pictures because I suck at remembering to whip it out, but other family members did and they will hopefully send them to me!

Day 1: The flight from SLC to JFK is a red eye so we left late Wednesday night. Nate slept almost the whole way so that was nice! We arrived on Thursday morning. We prepaid for the rental car with Grandma's credit card, but you have to have a major credit card in order to rent from that company and we didn't have ours with us. So we had to go to another company, get Grandma's card refunded and pay for it out of our account (luckily Phil got paid a day earlier than we were expecting or else we would have been screwed) and she gave us a check. That sucked and made it take longer than we wanted, but we got our car and went on our way.

We went straight to Aunt Jenny's and took a nap. What a great house she has too! There was a big yard for Nate to run around in, a trampoline and playground. It was awesome! Nicholas and Alayna came home from school that afternoon and they LOVE Nate! Nicholas is 11 and Alayna is 12 or 13. She has downs syndrome  and is very high functioning (because of how much her mom works with her!). Nate loves them both so much! Nicholas was really rough with him which is just what Nate needed! He didn't care. He's a tough little boy. Jenny was SOOO great! She watched the kids so we could nap (so I could nap) and changed diapers. I love her so much!! Grandpa Eger also stopped by on his way home from work to see his little grand daughter.

During dinner Neal (aka grandpa) was telling us that Phil's brother James leaves skype open on their computer all day because their cell phones oddly don't work in their house. So just for the heck of it we decided to call him to see if he was there and he had just walked in to his house! He was really surprised and happy that we called him. He got to see his new little niece and it was an added bonus that his dad was there.

Uncle James poking Audrey

Day 2: We woke up later than we really wanted to because Nate is our alarm clock, he usually wakes up at 9:00 am...which means we woke up at 11:00 am their time! It also means he went to bed WAY too late!! The red eye flight threw him off and he took a late nap on day 1. So we had a late start.

First thing we did was drive to Toms River to go to lunch with Grandma or "GG" as Nate calls her (for great grandma). Then we went to spend time with Neal.


After that we went to dinner at Alan and Karen's house. Nate was an absolute angel (they actually think that too...they haven't seen his dark side haha!). It was so great to see Max and Jill (Max is Phil's cousin and Jill is his brand new wife of a month and a half) and also his cousin Maddy (I just love her to pieces!). Everyone was fighting over Audrey and both Maddy and Jill's baby hungry gage went through the roof! Maddy really really wants one, but not till she gets married next October. She wishes she could have one now. I love Alan and Karen's family. They make me feel like Phil and I are their children. So I'm changing my name to Krista Morgan Seeland Eger. :D.

Phil's newest cousin Jill

Day 3: We drove down to South Jersey to see Neal's family (Neal only has one sister. All of the other aunts and uncles I talk about are from his mom's side). It was great to see them and finally meet his cousin's little girl Jillian! I do have more pictures of this part (thanks to Neal's facebook)

Nate and Ben (Phil's cousin Susan's son)

Nate and Grandma Tee (Neal's wife)

Audrey and Phil's cousin Brian

Audrey and Grandpa Eger


Audrey and Jillian

Audrey and Grandma Tee

That night we went back to Toms River for dinner at Aunt Robin's. Jenny's family, Grandma, and Maddy also came. It was SO much fun!!! Everyone fought over baby Audrey! Especially Robin's 13 year old daughter Kelly!

Aunt Robin


Kelly and Maddy :D

 Nate watching Nicholas play with the computer (SO CUTE!)

And "Max" That's who Nate thought he was. Max is Jill's husband, Maddy's sister (Phil's cousin) and this is Ryan, Phil's cousin (Robin's son). 

Late that night we went over to Phil's best friend Brandon's house and we hung out there for a bit. Brandon's mom is someone we like to visit and show off the baby to as well so we had to show her little Audrey! I got really tired though since it was way late and had Phil drive me back to Robin's (where we stayed) and then he went back to hang out with him since it was our only time to. We stay in Robin's son Ryan's bed and it is the most comfortable king size bed in the world! Holy cow! Which is a great thing when you're super tired!!

Day 4: We went to this charity pancake breakfast at a local firehouse with Grandma (I guess she goes every year) then we went to see our good friend Jen Carela luckily she was in town because she lives in Manhattan. Then we went to visit Neal one last time before we had to head up to NYC.

Driving in NYC is hell.

We got to the airport and our flight was delayed a bit and the pilot wanted to take off without the standby passengers because of it. Luckily he didn't! And we made it home just fine!

I love New Jersey so much! I wish we could see the family all the time. I feel so blessed to work for an airline to fly there for free!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Prayers needed!!!!

Remember how I posted that I was grateful for hospitals because I have a friend in one right now? Well she is being open about it now so I feel comfortable talking about it. I just want as many people as possible to send their love, positive energy, and of course prayers her way.

You know the amazing student midwife that caught Audrey? Well she is almost 28 weeks pregnant herself. With her first birth she had to transfer to the hospital to have a cesarean because of a difficult presentation her son was in that made it impossible to push him out. All she wants is to have a normal home birth but now with this pregnancy she has dilated and the bag of water has begun to come out. The baby is totally healthy, but could be born at any moment. She will be in the hospital trying to keep him/her in as long as possible. At this point we're not praying for a home birth(even though that would totally rock!) we just want a healthy baby and a vaginal delivery! Baby is breech right now so pray that if they are born early that they will flip to head down.
Any positive love and encouragement as well as prayers are much needed! If anyone would like to donate things like yarn (she likes to knit), activity books, games, dvd's, or any other time wasting things please let me know! I will pick them up and deliver them to her. She means so much to me! She gave me the greatest gift I could have asked for! All I want is for her to have the same! She deserves it more than anyone!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Ever since Audrey was born I've been trying to figure out who's eyes she has. It's easy to tell that she has my mouth because her lips aren't giant like Phil's, but the eyes were a mystery. Now that she is opening her eyes more and being awake more during the day I've been able to really stare them down and I was positive they were Phil's eyes...then I looked at some pictures of mine and now I can't figure it out :D. All I know is that they're beautiful! The more I stare at the color the more I think they are going to turn blue. My eyes are green so either way her eyes will be gorgeous! Just take a look for yourself (I love this picture).

So sweet and little! I just love those little eyes!!!

Look how funny this expression is (below)! She looks annoyed. (She was a little hungry)

 I love this expression I caught.

Love these sweet little hands!

I seriously just stare at her for minutes on end in awe at how beautiful she is. Of course I'm her mother so I am just born to think that my babies are beautiful. I just can't get enough!

More gratitude for November :D

I've been finding it a little hard to be grateful lately...which means that is exactly what I need to be doing! So I've been putting off posting one thing for each day of November. I don't want to pour out my problems obviously, but I will just say that this not being paid during my maternity leave is definitely taking a toll on us!
Ok since today is now the 16th I have 10 things to post (picking up at number 7) that I am grateful for so here we go:

7-I am extremely grateful for my job. It is a lot easier to think about going back to work when you work from home. Knowing that I can breast feed on my breaks and see my baby girl makes it so much easier. Not to mention the fact that we are flying to New Jersey this weekend to introduce her to the family. That is a great blessing to be able to do that when you're completely broke! :D And the fact that I was able to fly to California for the day was pretty awesome too! Phil is also going to fly to LA to visit his friend on a weekend soon. Now if we could only get JetBlue to fly direct to Seattle we'd be set :D.

8-My best friends. I have some pretty awesome friends you know? It is such a great thing to have a friend that I can rely on to talk to about anything. You know that you have a great friend when you're not the only one calling them and trying to get together, but when they call you too. I have several friends like this: Heather, Cynda, Whitney, Barbara, Kristen, Annie, Tania, Ashlie...I know there are more too. I'm really grateful for Heather and Cynda because I can always rely on them to talk to about anything and everything! I really feel like these girls are there for me 100% all of the time (Whitney too, but I already wrote about her :D). A girl really needs best friends like mine. I'm so grateful to have them in my life!

9-The hospital. I know that seems like a weird thing for me to be grateful for, but someone really really close to me is in the hospital right now and it's a crappy situation. I'm grateful that she is in good hands and know that everything will be done to take the best care of this situation. It's REALLY really hard for me to watch because this person deserves so much more than this, but I have faith that everything will be ok and I am just so extremely grateful for modern technology and it's life saving power. I don't want to give any details at all because I respect this person's privacy, but just send lots of prayers and positive energy this way! She doesn't have a life threatening illness or anything like that (in other words, she's not going to die), but I have been in tears all night over this situation and I'm just glad she is in good hands and that my friends that I used to work with at the hospital can take good care of her!

10-My king size bed! What a life saver it has been! My mother-in-law gave it to us instead of the crappy full size bed she had for Phil. I have a feeling we'd have a rougher marriage without our bed. But best of all is that we can have Audrey sleep with us! There is so much room in the middle we could practically fit a third person (please no annoying comments about "rolling on your baby" blah blah I've heard it all. And if you know someone who has, I bet you know a lot more people that do it and don't roll on their babies. You just probably don't know that they do it). We won't do it forever, and it is up to us to decide when to stop, but let me just say you get SOOOO much more sleep when you don't have to get up out of bed in the middle of the night! It's SOOOO NICE!!! I don't feel like I lose sleep at all. And you'd think that a baby would have less chance of dying of SIDS when you're right next to them checking on them. Who knows. I love it though!

11-My camera. My parents gave it to us early instead of for Christmas and it is awesome and it takes awesome pictures! It by far takes the best pictures out of any point and shoot camera I've ever seen in my life! I love it!

12-My birthday. I'm grateful for my birthday this year because we have been so tight on money recently that we haven't been able to go out at ALL for such a long time. I am grateful that I have an excuse where I can feel absolutely guilt free. I already know my mom will babysit without me having to feel bad about asking (I hate asking, but on my birthday I know she will do it happily) and I don't have to feel bad about spending money. ALL I want for my birthday this year is to have a date with Phil and go wherever I want! It will feel SOOO dang good too! Not to mention that my niece is getting baptized on my birthday this year! Pretty sweet deal! And Audrey is getting blessed the next day! (My birthday is December 4th by the way and I'll be 24...that sounds so old...).

13-UDA (Utah Doula's Association). Whitney and I went to a retreat on Saturday and it was amazing. What a great group of women to have in this community. Doula's are some of the most amazing people. We had a potluck and there were so many vegetarian dishes! I could breastfeed whenever I wanted to and not feel uncomfortable, and everyone thought it was great that I had a home birth. I can't think of a group of somewhat strangers I could fit into more!

14-My baby wrap. I love that I could cut up a sheet, sew the two ends together and hold my baby up against me hands free. What a life saver it is! I couldn't have gone through the airport without it! And it keeps strangers from poking Audrey! So no germs for her! Yep. It's awesome.

15-Magna doodles. If you ever had an artist for a child, you'd understand why I love it so much. It keeps ink off my walls! And it gives him an unlimited outlet for his creativity! He has learned how to draw so many things because of that thing! And we teach him his letters, shapes, numbers and we've even been teaching him how to sound out letters. Sure he may be too young to read, but is it too early to start? No way!

16-My iPod. It has many uses. It is something to do when I'm breast feeding, it is another computer when Phil is using the main one, and it is also something to keep Nate occupied and quiet when we're in public. He can navigate that thing like it's nobody's business! He even knows how to pull up his favorite shows on netflix! Of course he does think it is his iPod and does call it such, but that's ok. :D

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Crazy? Yeah maybe a little! :D

I've been working for JetBlue since May and I still had never once flown with them and taken advantage of my benefits...well I have since I sent Phil and Nate to New Jersey for Fathers Day, but I myself had never flown. I have benefits while I'm on maternity leave and they just added an early morning flight to Long Beach and I have a friend that lives about 45 minutes away and the flights were so open that I decided to take both my kids to visit just for the day. I didn't tell anyone that I was going to except just a few people because I HATE HATE HATE hearing people tell me that I'm crazy or that I shouldn't do something, that it's going to be too hard OR my personal favorite "the baby is too little". Well, I'm an independent person, I am Audrey's mother and I can decide what is too hard for me to handle and most of all, more than anything, I'm the one to judge if Audrey is too little for something. And guess what, we had a great time! No one that reads this blog is really weird about that kind of stuff, I'm just kind of annoyed because my mother-in-law and I were thinking of taking both kids out some time soon after she was born and the family ALL were all weird about her being too little and her immune system. Well, that's understandable, but they don't realize that my breast milk (which she has had exclusively) has my antibodies in it to keep her immune system up. I also keep her in my carrier in the airport and it protects her from germs really well. I wear it at church too so people don't poke her (it's crazy because when she's not in it, people really do poke her and when she is, they just "take a peak" at her face. It's great). Anyway, if you can't tell, I'm a little bugged that other people are trying to decide for me what to do with my baby, but I know it's all out of love, I'm just annoyed because now would be SUCH an easy time to get on the flights!

Moving on. We had a great time in California! We went to see the famous Queen Mary:

We didn't actually go inside because it's so expensive, but it's a beautiful ship!! And apparently it's super haunted!

Then we went to the beach not to swim cause it was a pretty cold day, but we just sat in the sand and listened to the waves and put our feet in a little. I didn't get any pictures on my camera cause I forgot it, but Ashlie got a bunch on hers and will send them to me. It was so funny cause Nate kept calling the ocean "the yocean" hahaah!

Then we went to this diner that is on the very end of a really long pier in Huntington Beach called Ruby's diner. It's a really famous spot because it is where they hold the national surfing competitions every year. Again, Ashlie got some good pictures of it. Here is a picture from the internet of the diner though:

The water was just filled with surfers too on both sides of the pier. It was really fun to watch them!

I did get some pictures of the sunset! It was absolutely gorgeous!!!!

We made it there and back safely! The plane ride was a little bit stressful, but it was only an hour and a half so completely doable! The only bad part about the airport was getting through security because you have to collapse the stroller, take your baby out of the wrap and put the wrap through security too, take your shoes and your kids shoes off. It was stressful.

I will have to say that this experience has taught me a lot about travelling with two children. I'm really glad I did it when Audrey was so little cause she is so easy, but I know that I have to have at least one other person with me if I'm going anywhere overnight. It would be way too hard to take two carseats, a stroller AND a suitcase. Plus travelling with two people would make it just so much easier. I already knew this and never really planned to go to New Jersey by myself, but I considered it. Now I know that it would make for a very very miserable trip!