Friday, December 31, 2010


Isn't it true that if people know your goals that you are more likely to achieve them? I don't usually make resolutions because I never keep them, but this year I have a lot of goals and improvements I want to make. The reason I don't usually keep them is because usually it's like "exercise more" or "read scriptures more" and those kind of resolutions are lame because they're so easy to justify and excuse. Anyway, here are my resolutions:

1-Either get into a house or save $10,000 (lets just pray for a big tax return) for a down payment by the end of this year. I prefer the getting into a house, but we might have to wait a year until I've been at my job long enough.

2-Lose 30 pounds. I could definitely lose more, but 30 pounds is my goal. Gotta get this baby weight off!

3-Read the Book of Mormon all the way through. (I am ashamed to say I've never done that!).

4-Organize my house

There you have it.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Two Thousand Ten

I love when it gets to the end of the year because it's a good time to reflect the year and make goals for how to improve next year. In other words, it's a great time to dream and make goals! Here we go:

I got my first negative pregnancy test. ...ok not my first negative test ever, but the first time I was checking because I was trying to get pregnant. I was hoping for a September baby because no one else in my family has one, but knew it was a long shot since it was the first month we had tried. I wasn't too upset, but feared I wouldn't get pregnant the next month or the next and then I'd have to put it off a month to avoid December. I also had my interview for jetBlue. They gave us the option to start in February or May so I chose May since I was in school, I wanted to finish a semester.

Like father like son

18 month old holding a pen like an adult!

Being silly

I bought several pregnancy tests in January. I start at the 5 days early because I want to know as soon as possible. Since I didn't end up pregnant, I tried not to think about it as much in February. I had one left over test that I saved and I realized that it was just 2 days before my expected period. So I thought "oh what the heck!" and this showed up:

It is INCREDIBLY light and VERY hard to see, but it is there. I knew it was. I could see it even though Phil didn't believe me, I knew I was pregnant! I sent the picture only to my best friend Heather since she knew we were trying and I wanted someone else to confirm it. Plus we were going to keep it a secret so we could tell people special. I also told my best friend Cynda, but didn't send the picture.
Since Phil didn't believe me, I bought a digital pregnancy test as well and saved it for the next morning so that the hormone level would be higher. This is what I saw:

It was right before I was supposed to go to work so Phil was still in bed. I walked over to him and said "see! I told you so!" He was SO excited! 

Look how little bitty he was in February!

I found out that I for sure got the job at jetBlue. I was pretty ecstatic about it! I was more than happy to quit my job at the hospital! I attended my first birth as a doula and that was an amazing experience. And Nate got his first concussion. A very very minor one. The doctor told us what to look for and he turned out fine.

You can really see his chipped tooth in this one. He chipped it when he was about 8 months old from standing up to the side of the bath tub and falling. He's been crazy since! 

I miss him making that silly face! Now when we tell him to make his silly face, he pulls his cheeks out. 

I quit IMC. I had two weeks off between quitting and starting my new job. It was fantastic! There was so much back biting directed at me there, it was awful. I hate working with women and I have no idea why this particular person was so nice to my face and then would go and tell on me for the most ridiculous things. I hated it there. I will never work at a huge hospital by choice again.

Phil and I celebrated 3 years of marriage. I started my job at jetBlue. But most exciting of all, we found out we were having a girl! I will never forget the reaction! I know we wouldn't have been as excited if Nate had been a girl, it was just exciting to have one sex and then have the opposite! We all screamed and cheered! 

Nate turned 2. We had his party the Saturday before his birthday where we announced to my family that we were having a baby girl! On his actual birthday I took him to the zoo by myself. It was a blast! Phil and Nate flew to New Jersey for the first time on my flight benefits to surprise his dad for Father's day.

At the Zoo

Nate and Gramps

On the train back to the airport. 

I found this on his magna doodle in June. Love it! It's a sun. 

We finally moved out of our apartment with the loud neighbors. Phil complains more about this apartment than that one, but whatever, it's apartment living. No one likes apartment living. I will be posting my new years resolution and you will see that my main one is to get a house or close to it.

Having fun with halloween wigs we found during the move! Well. I was having fun, he was mostly pulling them off! As you can see by his blurry hand.

Phil's brother James got married up in Victoria, BC and his dad stayed here for a visit.

What happened in September? Nothing. I can't think of one thing significant except working, getting bigger, and that's it. I started contracting on September 30th. That was the beginning of my prelabor. So yes, I was actually in labor for 3 weeks, only 8 hours of it was active. Also, I did take this hilarious/adorable picture of Nate and his girlfriend Bekah! haha!

Like I said, getting bigger.

Well, you all know what happened in October! I met my baby girl!!!

We went to the Yo Gabba Gabba concert. I took both my kids to California on jetBlue for the first time and then a week later we flew to New Jersey!

Kelly, Maddy, and Audrey at Kelly's house (Aunt Robin's) in Toms River.

My birthday, Christmas, you know the drill. You can just read the past few blog posts to know what happened this month :D. 

Overall 2010 was a good year. Not fabulous, but not bad. Definitely a memorable year because of Audrey that's for sure! I have high hopes and big plans for 2011 so lets make 2011 a million times better than 2010!

Potty Training update

Well, as you know, I've been potty training Nate for a few months now. I haven't pushed him much and he hasn't seemed interested in doing it full time. You see where the problem lies is that he thinks that he can pee in regular underwear and doesn't realize it's not a diaper. He does not inform me that he needs to go potty and suddenly it will happen. He has to run around completely naked on the bottom in order to remember that he has to go to the potty.

Well, tonight I ran out of diapers and Heather and Dan came over. I didn't want to make them feel awkward seeing a teeny weeny all night so I put underwear on him. Seconds after I put them on he peed (of course). So I got another pair and I said "ok Nate if you need to go potty you let me know!" Of course I say that to him every time, so I thought he'd just pee in them again. A little while later, without him asking, I took him to the potty and made him go. He went just fine. A little while later he came up to me and said "you're poopy" Which translates to "I'm poopy" Because I ask him "are you poopy?" when he really is. Anyway I knew he hadn't gone to the bathroom yet so as soon as he said that I ran him over and sat him on the toilet and he went! I was SO surprised that he told me he had to go (in his obscure little way). Then a little bit after that he said it again. I ran over and put him on the potty again and this time he even pooped!

So tonight was a HUGE accomplishment! He told me he had to go potty two times and went three whole times while wearing underwear! I feel like we've turned a corner. I really didn't want to go get diapers in the snow so I put a cover on his bed (ok, well his bean bag. Ever since we moved the bean bag up into his room he never wants to sleep in his bed. so I put a cover on the bean bag). I'm not sure what is going to happen and I'm fairly certain he will have an accident, but hey, it's a learning experience. So tomorrow maybe we'll try wearing pants too and see what happens there. I don't dare take him in public for too long because I'm still nervous he won't ask to go potty. We will just have to see.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Christmas Eve is my mom's birthday so it has always been a bigger deal than Christmas day. It works out perfectly because then everyone does Christmas Eve with our family and Christmas Day with theirs (the in-laws). We have a big Thanksgiving like dinner (this year my mom didn't do Turkey though, they did ham and chicken. Doesn't matter to me anymore since we don't eat meat). We made a new stuffing recipe and it turned out really good actually! We had plans to go sledding, but of course that fell through since there was no snow.  But we exchanged gifts between the grandkids and that is always a blast! And Nate opened my christmas present to my parents haha! Anyway my brother got a lot more pictures than I did, but here are a few. 

Austin is Audrey and Nate's cousin that is 3 years old. He is 8 months older than Nate. He just LOOOOOVES Audrey. He always wants to hold her and he ALWAYS asks my sister, "mom can we keep this baby?" and she always tells him to ask me and I always say "are you gonna feed her?" And he proceeds to tell me that his mommy is going to and I tell her that she can't breastfeed anymore because she doesn't have anymore milk. Right before I took this picture he was hugging her foot and snuggling it! haha! He loves her that much! :D

Audrey opening her present! Aunt Heather (my brother's wife) was so excited to give her her present she made the order go youngest to oldest so she would go first. 

Then Heather made me put it on her! haha! It was SOOOO CUTE!!!! 

I wanted to change her back out of it so I was trying to hurry and get some pictures of her wearing it and she was NOT in a good mood. She was hungry, but I wanted to change her before I fed her haha! Such a cute face!

Christmas morning, after we opened presents, we drove to St. George to spend Christmas with Granny. It was crazy, there were areas of fog, then suddenly we'd be out of it. I had to take this one in a hurry because we were about to enter the wall of fog, but it was actually more distinct looking in real life. I wish I could have gotten it from further away, but it took me too long to get the camera ready.

You may have heard of how St. George has been flooding. Well, there is a resevoir north west of St. George in Gunlock. It rose so high at one point that it washed a bunch of tiny fish onto the dock. You could see the different places that it receded quickly because there were lines of fish. 

Ok this picture is just a random insert :D

This is the waterfall that forms from the reservoir getting high. It's the first time I've ever seen it! At first we didn't realize you could see it from the road (years ago, not now) and we would walk all the way around to see it and get disappointed. Turns out we didn't need to go through all that trouble because you can in fact see it from the road (I did figure that out a while ago). 

Nate looking at a fish

Gunlock is absolutely gorgeous! I love it out there! The first time I went there was the day after Phil and I broke up lol! I didn't want to go to my apartment because I didn't want people to talk about it, so I just drove and found it. I didn't even know it was there. It was such a pretty ride because it was fall time so the leaves were yellow. I was blown away when I saw a big lava flow. It is so obvious that's what it was. You can just imagine what it would look like if it was an active volcano. Anyway when Phil and I lived down there after we got married, we would drive out there all the time. It's my favorite.