Saturday, December 31, 2011

Two Thousand Eleven

What a year! Definitely a year I'll remember forever! I love doing these end of the year posts to reflect back on everything we accomplished or endured. I don't think I met one of my new year resolutions, but I'm satisfied with what was accomplished :).

Fairly uneventful. We went to Vegas for Phil's moms 50th birthday. That's about it.


My mom, Audrey, and I went to Florida. My first time there and Audrey's first time touching the Atlantic...even though she'd been to Jersey one time before that, we didn't go to the shore.

We also moved in to Kelsi and Brian's basement apartment.


We flew down to Long Beach for the day because our really good friend Nate Patten was there on a broadway tour for Beauty and the Beast.

And we experienced piggy tails for the first time


Gramps came to visit


I surprised Phil with a weekend trip to NYC for our anniversary/his birthday.

Then we went to Victoria BC to visit James, Phil's brother. It was his moms birthday present.


We went to the beach for Nate's birthday. He turned 3 :).


I took the kids to Jersey to visit the family. Phil couldn't come last minute so I went anyway :)

And I got this awesome pic of my niece wearing Audrey :)


Phil's cousin Nicholas came from Jersey to visit us :)

I did a lot of Utah firsts like going to the copper mine and floating in the great salt lake.

My grandma passed away :(


We unexpectedly found the perfect house for us!!

(these pics have nothing to do with the house, just to document their growth)


Audrey turned 1! We found out the house was ours. And started to move in :)

We also went to jersey for Phil's cousins wedding


Enjoyed our new house.

My grandparents celebrated 70 years of marriage


I broke my stupid pinky, turned 25, and enjoyed Christmas in our first house.

Monday, December 26, 2011

The kind of mom I want to be

I've been putting off blogging lately due to the fact that typing is basically impossible and all typing is done on my phone because it's actually easier this way, but I felt compelled to write a little post.

As I stared at this picture tonight it made me think:

I'm often hard on myself. I second guess my parenting and worry that I'm not doing anything right. And then there's moments like these. When my kids snuggle up to me and fall asleep. That's the mom I want to be. The kind that my kids feel comfortable with. They know without a doubt that I love them. The kind who's kids run up to when they're hurt because they only thing that makes them feel better is a kiss and a hug from mom. All I want is my kids to feel loved. If they feel that I know I'm doing something right.
They make me feel special and loved. It means so much that they still snuggle with me. It makes my full time mommy gig worth while!!!

I sure do love my babies!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Temple Square

It's a tradition on my birthday to go see the lights downtown. Last year we went with Heather and Dan so this year we did it again!! But this time we took the kids. I took a bunch of pictures for a friend from Phil's ward back home who has never been, otherwise I probably would have forgotten to, so I'm glad I had a reason. Enjoy!

We took trax downtown which is also part of the tradition and part I don't want to find parking.

Some parents just do not watch their kids!! Haha!!!

Nate liked riding on Dans shoulders :)

I love how they completely cover the trees!!

Afterwards we got hot chocolate and went back to Dan an Heathers

My kids love Dan so much!!!