Thursday, April 28, 2011

I can't barely hold it in any longer!!!

We have almost been married 4 years. A week from yesterday is our anniversary. So Phil and I haven't done something alone in a really long time and we were going to stay one night in a hotel in SLC. I've had it planned for a while now. However, on Monday I woke up, and just for the heck of it, I wanted to see what the flights were like to New York since it's less than a week away. I couldn't believe what I saw! There was space to fly standby to JFK on Friday night returning Sunday night. Phil wouldn't have to get work off, I already had work off because we are changing shifts this Sunday so I am going from having Fridays and Saturdays off to having Sundays and Mondays off (and Friday too) So I have a four day weekend just because we're switching shifts. And of course it is conveniently happening on Phil's birthday!!! (which is on Sunday). Soooooo immediately I messaged our friend Nate Patten that lives in New York. We just saw him a month ago in California because he was there on tour with Beauty and the Beast (he's a broadway musical director). He was totally free on Saturday. Since our visit, him and I have become closer than ever. We text each other all the time now and for clarity sake it's usually joking back and forth. For example, on my Netflix account they recommended the movie 8 Mile based on my interest in 27 Dresses so we would send back and forth random fake recommendations Netflix might think up. He also just got a dog and he keeps asking me motherly advice on how to take care of him (it cracks me up!). So anyway, we've been talking a lot. He was SO excited when I told him that we were going to come! If you didn't read the other post about him, he is Phil's best friend from growing up. The two of them together are comedic geniuses!

So...I'm ecstatic! I haven't been to NYC since we got married and we always go to New Jersey so this time is JUST an NYC visit! Our friends that work for jetBlue are going with us and we're sharing a hotel! We are going to take Audrey because I absolutely cannot leave her for more than a couple hours at a time and Nate is going to stay with Phil's mom. She just moved up here and since it is such a short trip (and the fact that it's our anniversary) he wouldn't have a good time. I'd love to take him, but it would be really hard. And not to mention he LOOOOVES one on one time with his Granny. And it's only for two days total. We're planning on hopefully going to New Jersey some time this summer so he will get plenty of chances to travel with us. We're also going to Victoria BC in a couple of weeks. :D

Anyway Phil has NO IDEA!!!!! So don't tell him! I'm so excited to surprise him! He said "Ok, if staying in a hotel in New York City was a 10, what would you rate what we're doing?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!! I told him a 5!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Family Pictures

For the first time since we've been married we took our family to a professional studio! I found this studio on Facebook and fell in love with it right away...especially after finding out how inexpensive it was! Only $80 and you have the rights to ALL your pictures. So I decided that I really wanted to get good professional pictures now that our family is complete (as of right now). I will probably be going there again. Actually I know I will. Nate was not cooperating at all. But I really wanted to get pictures taken before Audrey grew out of her dress that my mom made (the black and white flower one). So I'm happy that I got pictures of her in that! Anyway I posted some of Facebook, so I'm going to post some on here that weren't on Facebook. :D Here you go:

I seriously love Audrey's shoe on the ground. That's my favorite part of this picture!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Half Birthday!!

I am such a happy mama! I'm just looking at my little angel on rolling around the floor and I just am overwhelmed with happiness. I feel so blessed to have the two awesome kids I have. Although I want to clarify: I don't believe that Heavenly Father sent these kids to me because I am in any way more special or more loved. Although I'm sure they're His favorite (I don't know why He would give me His favorite kids because I'm definitely not worthy of it, but somehow I ended up with them. I don't think He was paying attention, but shh don't anyone tell Him ok?).

Cutest 6 month old alive right here. 

Wow what an amazing 6 months this has been! I can't imagine how Heavenly Father could love all His children because I think my heart has reached it's love max with these two kids and my husband! :D I know I say stuff like this all the time, but it's literally the thought that goes through my head 90% of the day.

Moving along, my little Audrey girl has had quite a good 6 months of life on earth. She is a happy content baby, it's very easy to make her feel better. She's only been sick one time (knock on wood) and that was right after she was born she had a stuffy nose for a week or two and I had to keep suctioning it out. I think at that point her immune system was still pretty weak. She did not like having her nose sucked out...She's also quite the travel buddy! She's been to California three times, Florida, NY and New Jersey. She's also been to Las Vegas twice, but yuck that place is so lame it's not worth mentioning. Too bad she's too young to remember any of these places. Oh well, I know she'll travel a ton when she's older too.

As far as her growing progress, I already mentioned her height and weight in a previous post, but she also has two bottom teeth. I finally gave her some banana yesterday and she loved it. It wasn't the first time. A couple weeks ago I tried it out on her and she didn't seem interested so I waited a little longer. I've fed her little bits of my food, but nothing that was all her own. She rolls around like crazy. It's funny when Nate was little I was obsessed with every little milestone and I'd read the parenting books to make sure he was on I could care less. I know she's progressing at a healthy rate so no stress. When she rolled over the first time it wasn't that big of a deal. Now she does it all the time. By her age Nate was crawling like a monster (actually more like a soldier :D good ol' army crawlin') and already trying to climb stairs. I am in no hurry for my little one to start crawling around this place like a mad woman so I'm content to let her take her time. Plus I kind of want her to be my last baby so I'm in no rush for her to grow up too quick.

I'd say she likes bananas. Wouldn't you agree?? :D

Nate is starting to pay attention to her more. He's kind of just ignored her most of the time. The other day he actually started to make her laugh and he was loving that. It was so dang cute! But of course with the good comes the bad. You know how 6 month old babies are! They grab anything and everything that gets in their reach. So when Audrey grabs for something that's Nate's sometimes he gets possessive. He never ever ever purposely hits her. I know that day will come though because we live in our friend's basement and they have a 4 year old girl and she can be dramatic so I've caught him hitting her a couple times and sometimes it's because he is mad at her for taking something of his, but sometimes it's just because she reacts so strongly to it. It doesn't happen a lot, but it does happen. They love playing together though. But anyway sometimes Audrey will some how end up on a blanket that Nate has designated as his (aka every blanket in the house...) and he'll freak out a little. But for the most part there is still harmony between children in the Eger household. Let's hope that lasts, but I'm not keeping my fingers crossed.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

iPhone Lovin'

I'm so happy I have an iPhone! Best purchase ever! Because, not only is it everything I've ever dreamed of having in a phone (seriously everything!) But most of all it actually takes fairly decent pictures. I always have my phone with me so to have one that takes good pictures is a major plus because I always forget to bring my camera along. Not to mention the awesome photo editing apps that are built in (I also have a video editing app. Yeah it makes me happy!). I know I talked a little about it in the last post, but enjoy these pictures. 

Seriously love these two pictures of Nate

Happy baby!

 I just thought this sleeping picture was so sweet! She was awake one second and I turned and look and the next second I found her like this. 

Snuggling up to mommy!

Another cool thing about my phone is that you can take screen shots This picture below is a screen shot from a video I took of her, I just loved it at the end when her face was all close. So cute!

Decided to try out the cart. She did pretty well. Nate was in the process of saying "cheese" when I took this picture. I think making people say cheese when you take a picture hurts more than it helps. 

The couch slowly ate Audrey.

I was just dancing and bouncing her in this position and she fell asleep :D

Funnest app ever!

Mustache from Uncle James' wedding. (that neither of us attended)

Love her hair! 

Found them like this today. I wish I could have gotten Nate in the picture. He was sleeping on the floor next to the couch. You couldn't see him because he was inside a blanket. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

My BIG girl!!

I'm sick and tired of my sweet little muffin cake getting so dang big! I've come to terms with her not being a newborn anymore, but I want her to stay this age forEVER!!!! It's SOOOO cute and perfect (the age)!

Well, today she had her first pediatrician visit. She was seen by my midwife when she was a newborn and then there was a big mix up with my insurance company (I wasn't covered during my maternity leave, then they messed up when I got back) so I had to reschedule my appointment. But more importantly, she went in today to get checked out. Honestly, I wasn't that worried about her. I more took her in just for the routine visit to get a chance to discuss things with my doctor and I even talked about some concerns with Nate's language development (which she wasn't worried about at all). I truthfully have the best pediatrician in this valley. I'm sure of it. She is SO easy to talk to and she is just the absolute best best BEST! I love her. I drive way out of my way just to go see her :D.

Moving along. I was very surprised by this visit! I found out some interesting bits of information:

1-They are now recommending that you feed baby table food. Feed them what you're eating. Which is awesome to know because I haven't really started feeding Audrey yet. She said that was perfectly fine and that I wouldn't really need to start till after 6 months (which she'll be in a week anyway).


2-I have a very big girl! Who knew?? She weighs almost 17 pounds (one ounce away) and...dang I can't remember her height...I'll have to call, but you'll never believe this! My little angel is in the 100th percentile for height and weight! What?? Haha! I find this information hilarious because Nate has always been very average!  haha! I was told that he would be around 5' 10" when he's older (Phil is 6' 3") Sounds like Nate must take after my genes (well, Phil's brother is that tall too though) and Audrey must take after her dad. Who knows!!! I guess we'll just have to wait...oh you know 18 years or so to find out! haha. her head was only in the 90's, which is probably why she doesn't look like a big baby (to me). I've always thought she was tall though! She was 22 inches at birth and Nate was only 20. They were only 8 ounces apart in weight too. And she was an inch taller at two months than Nate was. Very interesting.

...on second thought...maybe she does have a big head...

Seriously. Does she get any cuter??????? It's not possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't get enough of these swingin' pics! Too dang adorable!!!!

P.S. iPhone=thebestPhone. Ever.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about this word today. Expectation. It is interesting to think about all the expectations I had for my own life growing up. Stop right now and think of all the expectations you have for even the littlest things. Some examples in my own life are as follows:

-When the first warm day of the year rolls around I expect the forecast to consistently shovel out warm days till fall. Obviously this is an unrealistic expectation I seem to have every year. I forget so easily how all over the place the weather really can be. This expectation led to this day here:

I love this picture. This was taken a little over a week ago. I dressed Nate before I even went outside. Then when I was outside it didn't seem to awfully bad so I thought we could go to the park. Well...that was a mistake because I was wearing a jacket and I was cold. Of course Nate did not care even a little. He was SO mad when I wanted to leave, but I felt like a bad mom haha!

-When I was in 9th grade I realized I wanted to be a nurse. I set this expectation so strongly in my mind that I started to go through with it even though it wasn't really what I wanted anymore. Had I not had this expectation for myself I probably would have taken the classes I really wanted which would have primarily been art classes.

-Getting married, finishing school, buying a house, then having kids.

-Marrying someone who frequently does the dishes

I think you get my point. Phil and I have been married for 4 years in a month. I have learned more in this past 4 years than the 20 years before that. And the main thing I've learned is to not have expectations. Just not ones that you are completely set on. Because if you do, God will through curve balls at you to throw you off course. But it's not always God. The fact is that it can actually be freeing to let go of your expectations. Really freeing. Not saying that you should be pessimistic, but expectations make you doubt yourself, they make you mad at your spouse, and they make you resent the ones you love. Sometimes losing those expectations can bring you to a new level in a relationship that you didn't know you weren't already on.

When in doubt, consider this: what is really the most important thing? The way you feel about yourself and your relationships (or the weather haha), or the expectation? I'll never forget what Phil told me when we first got married. Either President Hinckley or his wife once said that the key to a harmonious marriage is low expectations. That is the most genius statement I've ever heard.