Friday, May 27, 2011

I just feel like typing

When it's late at night and everyone is asleep except me, I have so much clarity. I can actually think. I notice that when I drive in the car I always think of everything I need to do and I'll think of everything I need to talk about to someone about because I have no distractions. Every time I put my phone to my ear it's like a radar goes off and Nate instantly comes over and starts whining about something or demands my attention. Therefore I often find myself staying up way too late just so I can have some peace and quiet. The only problem is that I don't have anyone to talk to because it's so late so I am blogging instead. 

One of my favorite things to do lately is just spend time playing with Nate, reading him stories, and singing to him. I don't take nearly enough time to do that and I'm making it my goal to set aside more one on one time just me and him with no Audrey. I love to peer inside  that cute little brain of his and find out whats making his little wheels turn. Tonight I was reading him a Dora book that my MIL gave him and there was a part where she goes into the spooky forest. Lately Nate has been pretending he is a ghost. I have no idea where he learned it. So when I saw the spooky forest I asked him "do you know what's in a spooky forest? A ghost!" he remembered that and when we got to the page with the forest picture on it, there wasn't a ghost, but there were a couple of snakes and he goes "*gasp!* look! A ghost snake!" haha! SO cute! 

I've been spending a lot of time teaching him to read. Haha I know he's only (almost) 3, but it's never too early to start right? Since he knows his alphabet I started teaching him what sounds the letters make. He's watched this show called Super Why and Word World which have helped him learn the sounds and have helped him learn what the lower case letters look like to help in my effort. Well, there are actually two words he can read successfully without my help. Cat and cow. haha! I just have him sound it out and then he puts it all together. But most of the words I sound out with him. My point to explaining this is that when I write a word he'll go "*gasp* let's go find the cat!" or dog, or whatever else we're spelling Haha! Tonight I was doing this with him and sometimes he will sound out one letter and just guess what the word's going to be. So there was one with a c and he goes "k k kiss!" haha so I spelled kiss and helped him sound it out and as soon as we were done he goes "*gasp* give me a kiss!" And I kissed him. It was SO CUTE! Then I wrote the word "love" and he goes "I love you mom!" By the way, he gasps a lot haha. It was just so cute. I love little moments like that. 

Another cute Nateism is the way he loves blankets. Sometimes it drives me CRAZY because I'll be holding Audrey sitting on the couch and she will have finally fallen asleep and he'll try to get up on my lap under the blanket. But the other day I was sitting on the couch and he wanted to get on my lap. He wiggles a lot and doesn't always just sit in one spot so I'm not always fond of him sitting on my lap, but he kept just trying to get on my lap and I kept telling him no. Then he goes "mom! Give me a hug!" He must know I definitely can't resist that one! So I gave him a hug and he made his way under the blanket onto my lap. haha a minute later I kicked him off and he went on his merry way. A few minutes later he comes back "mom! Give me a snuggle" Seriously Nate? How am I supposed to resist that? 

I love that little boy so much! I would get tons of pictures of him to post on here, but have you ever tried to get a picture of a 3 year old?? Sometimes I fear that if someone found my phone they would think I loved Audrey more than Nate, but in reality it's that I can't get a blur-free picture of the little guy! Most of the pictures I actually capture are of the back of his head haha. It's hard to get a blur free picture of Audrey too now that she's on the move so much. But she can't just run away so it's definitely a lot easier. 

I don't have my phone near me or else I'd post more pictures, but I just have to tell you about this picture:

Phil is OBSESSED with this picture. He put it has his computer background and he made me send it to his phone today. Haha I love it! She is wearing her new little summer sun dress that I found really inexpensive at Walmart (hear the shame in admitting I got it at walmart? Yeah there's shame haha, but it's RIGHT by my house and well, it was just a freaking cute dress ok? :D). Phil cannot resist her when she's got pigtails. 

I have got to say that I am just completely in love with this little girl. She is definitely on the move. Occasionally she gets up on her hands and knees, but hasn't mastered crawling just yet. She's got the army crawl down however. I remember this one parenting book I read when Nate was little said to put pillows and other obstacles in their way so they learn to solve problems and such. Well, I just realized this time around I don't even need to do that cause Nate will just do it for me. He'll create plenty of obstacles haha! She also can successfully sit without falling. She's been able to for a few weeks, but don't know if I've mentioned it. 

She just melts my heart.

Lastly, just for fun because I have it on my computer here is a picture of me at about Audrey's age. 

Same eyes and eyebrows for sure. Same hair and forehead. I feel like my cheeks were chubbier though and I'm not sure if she has my smile or not. She's got her own little distinct smile. I also think my face is longer than hers. And in my own opinion I think she's cuter! :D I guess I see her all day and can see the similarities. I can't find a picture of her that is posed anything like this one. I'll have to try to get one. 

Also, here is my Natey at 7 months. I think they look a lot alike too, but not as much as some people think. I think they have similarities, but I have also been around them constantly a lot and can see a lot of differences. But look how cute he was! 

This is at Audrey's age now. 

What I think is funny is that Nate DEFINITELY has Phil's eyes eyebrows forehead and hair. And that is what I know for sure that Audrey has from me. Oh my gosh he was SUCH a dang cute little baby! RRGH! Still is dang cute, I just miss squeezing that cute little chubby body! 

Ok I'm done now haha

Thursday, May 19, 2011

7 months already?

How is my little girl so dang big already? She was JUST BORN my goodness!!!

I still just cannot get over the cuteness of this picture. Seriously it is to die for! She kills me! It cracks me up that she couldn't just sit back in the stroller. She sat up like that the entire time she was in it. And she played with Nate's hair, which he did not like, but he'll get over it.

Audrey seems to have turned into a completely different baby recently. Suddenly she can sit up without falling. I mean she could sit up before, but eventually she'd tip over. Now she crawls around every where. She hasn't mastered hands and knees crawling yet, but she keeps getting up on them and rocking. She is about 2 months behind Nate when it comes to this and I am NOT upset about it. I'm hoping that's a sign that she won't be as crazy. :D She likes to kick her feet a LOT and wiggles her hands. She was VERY wiggly in my belly and she's very wiggly now.

She is just as happy as can be. She's a little ornerier lately because she's been teething, but most of the time, as long as I'm around, she's happy as a clam. I cannot even believe how attached to me she is. She actually reaches out for me now. She will be perfectly content and then she'll see me and start whining. The other day she fell over and got hurt or bumped something and my mom tried to comfort her, but she wouldn't calm down and the minute I grabbed her she stopped instantly. And when we were at James' house Phil set her on the floor and she BOOKED it to me. I had NEVER seen her crawl so fast in my life. It made me soooooo happy! We really have a deep deep bond. I remember feeling like Nate would go to anyone and wouldn't even care, but Audrey does. It really does make me happy. I don't mind that she cries when I'm around. Sometimes I would really like a break, but the fact that she wants me does make me super happy. Phil says I have the magic touch. In fact he used this funny analogy today he goes "It's like when you have a bowl of oatmeal. I'm happy with eating the oatmeal, but then someone with a big plate of mozzarella sticks walks by. I was happy with the oatmeal, but now that I saw the mozzarella sticks I want nothing to do with the oatmeal. In this analogy I'm the oatmeal and you're the mozzarella sticks" referring to Audrey.

Audrey is very vocal lately. She does a lot of babababababa's and last night out of nowhere she woke up and for some reason started going "wuh wuh wuh wuh wuh wuh" We have no idea why. It was in a really low tone and it was really really funny! She was doing that instead of crying. But she was still half asleep. It was SOOOO FUNNY! She also is doing really well with feeding herself. If I put something in front of her she will grab it almost with her thumb and pointer. She will eat almost anything. If I'm eating in front of her and not sharing, she gets really mad at me. :D

I can't believe how much she is growing. And my love for her never stops. I just really love this age.

Anyway that is all good night

Victoria Part 2

Now that you're familiar with Victoria, let me tell you about our visit there.

This is my brother-in-law James Eger:
Isn't he so cute? Phil and him look so much alike only he's about 7 inches shorter and 2 years older. Phil has the make of his Dad, but the looks of his mom. James is like all his mom. He is dressed up here because he couldn't get out of work even though he asked for it off. He works at a fancy and very expensive restaurant.

This is James' wife Kirsten Dales (she kept her last name cause that's what she grew up with):
Like I mentioned before, she is from Calgary, Alberta. They met while living in Colorado. She was in the states on a specialized work visa because she researches a lot of things to do with plants (she's never been super specific about it because it would probably take a lot to explain, so that's all I can explain). Eventually she wants to become an environmental scientist. And James was living in Colorado at a resort working with adaptive sports.

They got married last August (when I met James I thought he'd never get married haha...I think he did too. They met like a month after we got married actually). Kirsten is still in school and apparently school is a lot less expensive in Canada, it's a lot easier to bring an American to Canada, and her parents live in Victoria so that is why they live there. James hates it, but Kirsten loves it. He wants to live in a small mountain town like Crested Butte again. He's not much of a city person. Yet he grew up in New Jersey. So they live in a suburb of Victoria called Metchosin. It's a lot more rural than Victoria, yet not a far drive away. I think it's the only place that James could live.

Alright moving along. We flew into Seattle because it is a lot more expensive to fly into Victoria considering that you have to get passports for the kids when you fly (we will do that soon, but we just didn't want to spend all that money at one time) and when you enter by boat or car all you need for kids is a birth certificate, it was free for us to fly to Seattle and we used a buddy pass for my mother in law. However, the ferry times from Seattle to Victoria were terrible so we ended up having to stay the night in Seattle when we got there and we had to stay the night before we left for home too.
Tired after a long day of traveling 

Seattle is gorgeous. Very green and it smells good. I say that because New York smells like a big garbage can haha. I didn't actually go downtown though unfortunately. I'd love to go back just to go to Seattle. So we made our voyage to Victoria the next day.
View of Seattle from the back of the Ferry. 

 It's a long ride. About 2.5 hours. So Phil got bored
 Nate fell asleep like this

James and Kirsten didn't have one big car (understandably because who does? we only do because Phil's mom gave us her van. We would have never chosen to have one otherwise) so we had to drive in two separate cars. So Kirsten, Audrey and I went in one car and everyone else went in James'. After about a minute of driving we realized how AWESOME of an idea that was because we realized something very important. We have something very big in common: we have the same in-laws!!! So....yeah we had some good conversations and some good venting. Because, well, this trip required quite a bit. Let's just say my MIL and I have VERY opposite personalities. 

I'm not going to give a play by play, just kind of a general this is what we did. Obviously this is more for journal purposes than anything, but if you like to read then I hope you enjoy this post haha! So on the first day we went to the beach. We drove west along the southern end of Vancouver Island to a place called China Beach. It's very rural out where we went and VERY beautiful. I kept telling Kirsten I felt like I was in Northern California. We pulled up to a parking spot in the middle of a thick mountainous area. It looked more like we were about to hike up a mountain, not go to the beach! So when you see those surveys that ask "what do you like more? Mountains or Beach? If you go to Victoria, you get both. Nate loooooved the beach. Especially throwing rocks in the water. Here are our beach pictures: 

 My phone can take really cool panoramic pictures where you can go all the way up and all the way down. When I'm in the app I can just scroll around like you're actually standing there, but then it lays it flat. This picture is a complete 360 and completely up and down. The pictures of the trees were actually all behind me and to one side not on two opposite sides. It shows them on two opposite sides because I started with the camera facing the ocean (which is in the middle) anyway it's a cool app and it's kind of funny that it makes it look like the beach is small. Truly it was a lot bigger of course. 

 Nate throwing rocks. 

 Because of my recent back issues Kirsten offered to wear Audrey. She loved it. It made me love her that much more too! 

 James always has to climb things and balance on things. He cracks me up!

 Someone put this big log on this other one and balanced it. So we threw Nate on it and he rode it like a teeter totter. 

 Cutest couple! :D I love that they were holding hands. They look like parents hahahah

 This is the weirdest starfish I've ever seen! I didn't know they came with more than five legs. Apparently this kind eats other starfish. Not anymore. It was dead. Yuck!

 Still blown away with the thick forest that lines the beach.

 Auntie Kirsten :D

This is the parking lot I was talking about. Looks more like Yosemite than the beach!

The next day we went to the aquarium. This is the third aquarium I've been to this year, but hey I'm not complaining! It wasn't very big, but the thing that I like about aquarium is that they raise awareness about keeping the ocean clean and healthy and they raise money for it. 

 That weird starfish again!

 I love the way sea anenome's feel when you touch them!

 Weirdest fish on display!

 These were taken right outside the aquarium. She is so cute it KILLS ME!!

This was the view from the back of the aquarium! It was a lot prettier than this picture makes it look haha.

The next day was a little sunnier so thats where I got all those beautiful pictures in the last post. Most of those were from the gardens at the university where the castle is. Some are from this park we went to. On this day though we visited the castle then we went to this little petting zoo and after that we went to this doc to feed some fur seals. They are wild seals, but are used to being fed by humans. :D We fed them fish bits. They sure were cute!
 One of the Peacocks getting it's sexy dance on

That night we took the ferry back to Seattle.

 Goodbye Victoria...

....hello giant cruise ship. 

The next day we flew home. 

The end. (haha)