Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I need a trophy.

Don't you get trophies for winning things? Where's my trophy? Because I won my first battle with a 3-year-old.

It was SOOOO weird because the day Nate turned 3 he SERIOUSLY turned into a 3 year old. Not even kidding you! He started thinking like one, acting like one, and all of those reasons why people said, "oh just wait till you get to 3" started to make sense. But, for the record, I refuse to think that 3 is worse than 2 because people told me it would be and generally when someone tells me something pessimistic, it pisses me off and I want to prove them otherwise. But mostly I just want to make the point that 2 is at least equally as hard as 3, but in a different way. But the things I was looking forward to with 3 are totally here. Like REASONING!!! It may not be easy, but at least he freaking understands it now!!!! Which brings me to my first battle: The French Toast.

Nate vs. Mommy
Sunday morning, he wakes up too early and is a grouchy grouch grouch. When he is tired, if something doesn't go exactly how he expects it, it is tantrum/whining city. And it is a city I want to move far far away from. But it's also a city that I will NOT put up with. So here is what happened:

He wanted cereal for breakfast. But we were at my friend Cynda's house in St. George and I was cooking french toast for everyone so he was going to have french toast. I told him that and he was expecting waffles for some reason. So when I gave him the french toast he did not want it. He would not eat it and he was crying very loudly and VERY annoyingly because it was not what he wanted. He kept telling me it was disgusting (haha again). But he didn't try it. So on principal alone I was determined that he was going to eat at least one bite of his french toast (because I knew he would like it). At first I tried to force it in his mouth, but he kept covering his mouth and screaming. I tried to rub it on his tongue, but it was too big of a tantrum for him to taste it. But I was not giving up. So I've learned recently that when he asks for something like "I want bread" and we're out of bread, if I say, "we're out of bread" he just keeps asking for it over and over and cries harder. So I have to acknowledge what he's saying first before I can reason with him so I will say "Do you want bread?" then he calms down and says "yeah I want bread" so then I can say "ok, I know you want bread, but we don't have any, do you want something else?" etc. So in this case when he would ask for something other than the french toast I would say "ok, you want some cereal? You can have some cereal if you eat a piece of the toast". He wasn't about to give in to that. So I just kept repeating myself every time he'd ask for something, I would say "you can have that if you eat a piece of toast". Finally he asked to go outside and I said it again and, MUCH to my surprise, he walked right over to it and FINALLY ate a piece! And you will never believe it, but he liked it. Yup. He told me he liked it and that it was good, he was proud of himself for eating it, and he ate the whole piece. That's right. Not that it was broccoli by any means, but I won my battle and that's what matters. Hahaha!

I must say that I'm a MUCH better mom to a 3 year old than I am to a 2 year old. My BFF Cynda has a 2 year old and ALL of the things that drive her crazy about having one are the EXACT same things that drove me crazy. It reminded me that 3 IS way better than 2 no matter how much people beg to differ. Perhaps the reason is because I had an absolutely crazy 2 year old and the fact that 2 was harder for me means I deserve another reward of some sort for not injuring or abusing my child. The truth of the matter is that I can discipline my 3 year old and he gets it. People may find it irritating that they understand and do things despite the fact that they understand, but I feel more like at least he understands why he's being punished instead of doing the same thing over and over and over and never understanding why it made me so mad! Now when I ask the question "you can do that or you can go to time out, which do you choose?" and he will choose the opposite of time out is a big feat for me. Sure he tells me his food is disgusting, but at least I can take a peak inside his brain to understand his motives because he can communicate his feelings more easily. And that, my friends, is why 3 is better than 2. And even if I think 3 is harder, I may never admit it haha!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Netflix Movies (post for Annie!) :D

One of my BFF's Annie requested I make a blog post reviewing some of the movies I've watched on Netflix that I've enjoyed recently (this is from the past few months). Most of these movies are ones that I watch without Phil because they're not critically acclaimed by any means, but when you don't have a working TV and/or hate commercials, they're awesome! So, don't knock 'em till you try 'em! :D My rating will be in stars 1-5 *****

1-Killers ***** I remember seeing the preview for this movie while we were seeing some movie a while ago and wanting to see it, I loved it so much I watched it a couple of times. And I think I will make Phil watch it with me.

2-Revenge of the Bridesmaides **** I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It was a made for TV movie (ABC Family), but had an interesting story line and definitely a chick movie :D.

3-My Girlfriend's Boyfriend ***** LOVED this one! Filmed in Utah, written by a mormon, and a really cute dude as the lead. Sounds good to me haha! The story line is incredibly intriguing and I love love love it!

4-Outsourced **** Loved the story line. It's the movie they made the TV show out of. The acting is good, but nothing blockbustery.

5-Wedding Daze **** It's a little silly and ridiculous, but enjoyable to watch for sure. I really love Isla Fisher. She is one of my faves.

6-Notting Hill ***** I've watched this one a lot. I just love Hugh Grant. In most shows it's the girl's dreams and fantasies coming true, but in this one, it's the guy! I love it!

7-Beauty and the Briefcase **** I think I loved this one because I just love NYC.

8-Falling for Grace **** It was a movie made of actors I'd never seen before and the main character was charming and lovable. It shed some light on China Town in Manhattan (yes another NYC movie :D) and I hated China town haha so it made me appreciate it a little more.

9-According to Greta ***** Ok, honestly I loved this one because it was all filmed on the Jersey Shore and reminds me of this beach house Phil's grandma rented for a week once (not the actual house, but the shore nearby). It was filmed north of Toms River (Phil's home town) close to Asbury Park. It made me want to go to New Jersey way bad.

10-Return to Me ********** Seriously this is my favoritest movie in the whole world.

Monday, June 20, 2011

My first taste of terrible threes (made me laugh)

Tonight I made dinner and Nate didn't want to eat it. Probably just because it looked different. The truth is it had all ingredients of things Nate loves. But he would not touch it. Finally Phil resorted to force feeding him so that he would taste it and realize it tasted good. Nate was freaking out, crying, and immediately spit it out and Phil goes "see? It's good" and Nate goes "No it's disgusting!" Hahahahahah we laughed so hard!!! Yeah I'm sure things like that will get annoying, but this is a big leap in Nate's language development. I'm starting to notice more and more the difference between the difficulty of 2 compared to 3. Like the other day he wanted to jump on a bounce house, but it had rained and was wet. Once Nate saw that it was wet he would not go near it even though it wasn't that bad and the rain had stopped (it was for Phil's annual work party). We couldn't even convince him that it wasn't that wet. It literally took him an hour to decide that he would go on it.

It's fun to watch him change and mature. In some ways it's nice and in others I can see it getting more and more difficult. I think it's going to be a totally different set of challenges that won't be as physically exhausting. Bring it on. :D

Jersey here we come!!

I hate the way my brain works sometimes because I get so freaking excited I can't stand it and it's too late to call people and Phil fell asleep (go figure, I mean it is almost 2am!). So I have to share my excitement SOME way!! Anyway I'm so excited because we are going to New Jersey the 4th of July weekend!!!! WAHOOOOOOO!!! I was hoping we'd be able to go for Phil's grandma's birthday too. I am a TOTAL sucker for family parties. The only word to describe Phil's family getting together is A. MAZ. ING. Not even kidding you. They are the funnest group of people to be around. And there is only one word to describe New Jersey summers: INCREDIBLE! 

I do not kid when I tell you that it is my favorite place to go in the summer. We didn't go there last summer and it was a TOTAL bummer. Just complete utter awful bummer. Nothing bummed more than that. I have been every summer for the past 5 years minus last year and I was not a happy girl about it either. No beautiful Jersey Shores, no swimming in the warm ocean water, no swimming in the clean family pools, no fresh smell of basil and Aunt Karen's cooking, no Mrs. Walker's ice cream, no Wawa subs, no pizza slices so big you have to fold them in half, no dirty smelling boardwalk, no warm summer eve's on Karen and Alan's porch, no skin beautifying humidity (yeah I'm weird, I love the humidity), and most of all, no listening to the crickets' crazy loud chirping and singing. Nothing. It. Was. Awful. I never want to go a summer without seeing the Atlantic ever again. NOT COOL! :D So needless to say I am ECSTATIC!!!!!!! Hence all the capitalized words and exclamation marks. I am not going to be able to sleep tonight because I have excitement butterflies! 

I NEED this again! 
Because this (below) is the last time I had that (above)
He was only 14 months old. So little and cute! That was nearly 2 years ago! AGH!

We haven't been out since November...well, we were on the East Coast in May, but we didn't venture down to good ol' Jersey. So we are getting a little antsy to go! California beaches have absolutely NOTHING on the Jersey Shore. Not even kidding you. EEEEEEEE I can't wait!!!!! Please pray that the weather stays good, no flights are cancelled, and that no crazy large group of people decide to fly to the east coast on a whim! :D Cause I will be mega bummed if we have to put it off (but we WILL be going out this summer if my life depends on it!). 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

8 months

My Audrey girl is 8 months old today. On an unrelated note, it's also Nate's original due date 3 years ago. Here's what Audrey's been up to in her 8 months of earth bound life:

  • She still only has two teeth. Her other teeth have been trying to break through and I can see big bumps where her fangs are...which seems confusing cause it doesn't seem like they should be coming through yet, but I can't really tell. 
  • She crawls all over the place. She does this funny scoot thing. It's not really an army crawl. She puts both her hands in front and uses them both to pull herself forward (unlike an army crawl where you use one at a time) while simultaneously pushing with her toes. I tried to get it on video last night and I caught her FIRST time crawling on her hands and knees and my STUPID phone memory was full (I guess that's my own fault) and it didn't save it. I was SO MAD! RRGH! I was so excited I even said on the movie "I can't believe I'm getting this on video!" and of course. Whatever. haha. Anyway she crawls on her hands and knees sometimes, but hasn't figured out that it makes her go faster (thank goodness). And for some reason her favorite place to crawl is the bathroom. Which, thanks to a crazy pee-er (Nate) I do not want her in there considering I have to wash the rugs weekly now. 
  • She loves to feed herself food. She doesn't care what it is, she will eat anything. 
  • She is SUCH a mama's girl. She can be perfectly content and she'll see me and it's all over. I HAVE to hold her and give her loves. 
  • She stands up to the couch and other various things. 
  • I finally set up the playpen next to my bed for her to sleep in. She still wakes up in the middle of the night to nurse, but I am testing out having her in her own bed to see if she sleeps a little longer. So far it's been pretty successful. 
  • She is 28 inches long and about 19 pounds (it was hard to get her to keep her feet up on the scale when I sat her down so it's an approximate amount). 
I cannot even believe how different she is from Nate. The one thing they have in common is that neither of them were difficult or whiny. They didn't have colic or any weird medical problems. They've both been very easy when it comes to that. But their differences are crazy!

Nate was: 
  • VERY spitty. He spit up ALL the time. I mean AAAALLLLL the time. We didn't have burp cloths. We had burp blankets and towels.
  • He slept through the night starting at 2 months.
  • He has lighter hair, blue eyes, Phil's eyes, a big smile, Phil's smile wrinkles, etc
  • He was very active (still is) climbing things, he started scooting at 5 months, crawling on hands and knees at 7 months, standing up to furniture at 7 months, trying to climb stairs at 6-7 months.
Audrey is:
  • Not very spitty. Just occasionally
  • She doesn't sleep through the night as well. She's a good sleeper, she just wakes up to nurse then goes right back to sleep
  • She has dark hair, a smaller smile, greenish-brown eyes, my eyes, etc.
  • She is very mellow. She didn't start scooting till 6-7 months, she is just now starting to crawl on hands and knees and standing up to furniture.
  • She is more sensitive. She gets scared of strangers more easily. If you accidentally bonk her she cries more easily. 
  • She laughs a lot more. It's really really easy to get her to laugh. 
  • She doesn't grab my skin when she nurses like Nate used to (he was a much more aggressive nurser). 
  • She is a lot more attached to me than Nate was, but I think a lot of that has to do with me being home more and not working, not to mention never having a bottle. Only like 3 her whole life while she was babysat for a couple of hours.
A few people have said "she looks so much like Nate", but there are so many differences in their appearance. Trust me, I stared at them a lot. haha! She is such a Morgan and Nate is such an Eger. Their eyes, their smile, and their hair is all different. I'm really surprised that my kids don't have more similarities. I really can't believe how different they are. It is so much fun watching them grow up!

My best attempts to get pictures of them together! 

Audrey looks cute in this one, but Nate looks weird haha!

Look at those blue eyes. I wish his hair wasn't in his face haha. I want to move it so bad! hahaha!

Trying to get Nate to kiss Audrey and get a good picture. She kept turning her head to look at him and he was trying to kiss her cheek. So he was holding her head lol!

Audrey standing in her bed. And Nate slowly breaking it more and more despite my attempts to keep him out of it. It was too cute not to get a picture of though.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


My friend Shawntae wrote a blog post talking about how she wished her son's first year away. Anxiously wanting him to become a big boy. I am right there with her. When Nate was a baby I payed attention to every little thing. How old he was when he started crawling/walking/got his teeth/talking/etc. I think that's a pretty common thing to do with your first kid. I still do it to a point with Nate, but never once have I done it with Audrey. The only things with her is just things like woh she got her teeth before Nate did and she doesn't sleep through the night as well as Nate did. But I never compare her to other babies her age. 

I feel like I focused on his development timing so much that I didn't stop to enjoy it the way I do with Audrey. But the weirdest thing is now that I have a baby I enjoy Nate growing up more. I was SO scared of him not being my little baby boy anymore and that I wouldn't be able to split in two and be both of their moms, but I haven't found myself having a hard time with it at all. I don't feel like I have to neglect one more than the other. My relationship with Nate has shifted and the transition was not rough like I thought it would be. 

The weirdest thing happened the other day. I am not even kidding, the day Nate turned 3 he seriously turned into a 3 year old. It feels like he has grown up so much in the past week. This may not seem like a big deal, but yesterday he saw this red jacket and he thought it was his red blanket so he goes "mom give me my blanket" so I handed him the jacket and he goes "That's not my blanket, that's Daddy's jacket." That is honestly the most complete thought I have ever heard him express. I think a part of me was so worried about him becoming a more mature three year old that seeing it actually happen is kind of a relief. I love watching him learn more and more and apply his knowledge. Yeah he may be able to sound out words like an older kid, but that doesn't mean he is smarter than the average 3 year old. He is just smart in some areas and very NOT smart in others (like COMMON SENSE!! haha! I am not even kidding you). 

I am done comparing Nate to other kids his age because I will probably go crazy. He's just Nate. He's going to learn everything on his own time and I'm totally fine with that. I just want to enjoy my kids and teach them what they want to learn and not care if they're like every one else because eventually they'll catch up and others will catch up to them. I'm just going to love them. :D

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pet Peeves

There are just a couple of things that have been irritating me lately and I think if I get them out of my system I can just move on. They're really not that big of a deal. Maybe you'll find them funny...or weird. Moving along.

1-Babies aren't delivered! Where did this stupid term come from? My doula teacher pointed out (nearly 2 years ago) and it's been bugging me since! It indicates something about our culture that I absolutely hate. So...I decided to look up the origin of the word and original meaning of deliver (in the sense of childbirth) is to set free. Which makes sense. But now we use it like "the doctor delivered the baby". No. The doctor did not deliver the baby. The doctor merely forced the woman to lay in the least optimal position to birth a baby just for his/her convenience and then handed the baby over to the mom. Woo that doctor did sooo much. Why do we idolize these ridiculous people??? Make them feel important by handing them a degree and emptying our pockets just so they can push us around and ruin the births of our children by creating problems and saving us from the problems they created. Then hold them up on a pedestal like we couldn't have done it without them. Anyone can catch a baby. It doesn't take a special degree to do so. ...anyway the point of my little tangent is that babies aren't delivered! They're birthed! No one showed up on my door step with my baby in a box expecting a tip. However, I did carry my babies in my belly for 9 months, created everything from the hair on their head to their tiny little toes, then when my baby's lungs were developed they released a hormone telling my body they were ready and I went into labor and birthed my baby. I did all the work. This is a homemade baby, not some cheap delivery from a crappy chain hospital. If you get what I'm saying. These "delivery men" can do a lot of good and save a lot of lives, but true emergencies are pretty rare. I wish that was the only thing they were saving women from is when they need it, not when they create the emergencies themselves. Next time someone I love has a baby I hope they order the carry out service. :D Or at least refuse to leave a tip for crappy service!

2-Using the word "gay" in substitute for the word "stupid". If someone else says "that's so gay" I'm just going to go ahead and assume they are saying "that's so well dressed and fun at parties". In the world I grew up in, tolerance was a big deal and something we learned quite a bit about in school. I often wonder "what would I be like if I lived during the MLK era?" Well, guess what, I didn't live during that era so now I'm asking myself. What do I want my kids to hope I was tolerant of when they're older? The truth is that you don't have to agree with someone's lifestyle, but you do have to love everyone and treat everyone with respect no matter what they're life choice is. Using "gay" negatively is no different than using the N word, or calling something retarded (which I'm totally guilty of and I've done a lot to stop saying it). I used to say things were gay once too. I didn't think about it. But now I do and I hope other people consider the offensive and ignorant things they say every day.

Ok that's all. Thanks for listening haha!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

3rd Birthday Beach Trip

Yesterday was my bubby bub's actual birthday. So since the flight loads were so low on the early morning flight and the evening return flight, my mom and I took the kids to Long Beach for the day.

We woke up at 5 am. Nate is very very cranky if he doesn't get adequate sleep so he had a little melt down over oatmeal that made us leave later than we wanted to. So my mom dropped me off at the terminal so I could start checking in and she went and parked the car. She had to take the shuttle over to the terminal and we had no idea how long it was going to take. So I got our boarding passes and waited for her over by security. We were both FREAKING out because our flight was leaving at 7 am and it was 6:30 so we knew they started the boarding process. I called my mom like 15 times wondering where she was hoping that she was almost there. Finally a little after 6:30 she ran in. Because we have small children we get to go through the family and special assistance line. No one was in that line so we were able to get right up through security. We rushed super fast. I was like running, grabbing shoes off, collapsing strollers (I wanted to check it, but he said it was easier for them if I checked them at the gate). The security people could tell we were in a hurry so they were very helpful. We were upstairs at the gate at 6:38. Yeah! We were THAT fast! We were running and ran straight to the podium and it turns out we didn't really need to run because they still boarded a little after that, but because we had been running I asked the flight attendants for some water. Haha! I needed it bad!
I'm glad he's old enough to keep headphones on. When we first started flying on jetBlue he wouldn't keep them on. I forgot to bring my own so I bought these on board and they were a little too big for him. So I put Audrey's shirt in between. :D
He fell asleep, I'm not even kidding you, the SECOND the tires hit the runway. And that is not an exaggeration!!

We arrived and went to the car rental counter which took us over an hour because the line was so long. Apparently Avis was a popular one that day. I think that a lot of people were doing the same thing that I did and bid for the price. The lady behind me got her car through the same process for the same price. And she worked for jetBlue too. As well as the girl in front. So it was fun to chat with them.

We first headed over to Denny's for some breakfast then we headed to Huntington Beach. It's a really big beach, and it's a state park so we paid to get in to the State park part. There was a lot of beach space, not a ton of people. Oddly there were a lot of teenagers swimming and it was NOT warm water! It's not like the East Coast by any means. And it was only about 62 degrees at that time. The wind was a little chilly.

You can see how overcast it was by these pictures. They call it the "June Gloom".

We were there for about 4 hours though and half way through the clouds had burned off and it was a lot warmer.

My mom likes to dip her little baby feet into the ocean. So now I have pictures of her dipping her feet in the atlantic: 

And now the Pacific as well.

Nate had so much fun playing in the sand and making...

Audrey took a long nap
I took a short one.

 Then we woke up.
I just love this picture of her on her hands and knees. I love this swimming suit. She doesn't really crawl on her hands and knees yet, but she gets up on them a lot.

After the beach we headed over to a place called Shoreline Village. We went there with Nate Patten when we met him in Long Beach and there was a lady handing out samples of their garlic bread and marinara sauce and it was SOOO good that I wanted to go back there and eat. I will have to make it a tradition to go there every time we're in Long Beach because it is SOOOO good!!!
Of course the sun got to Nate and he was super tired. He fell asleep in the car. And we put him in the stroller and he stayed asleep.
He slept all through dinner!

Then we strolled around some more, got some ice cream, took pictures at this thing:

We also let Nate go on the merry go round which he LOVED. He was so excited he kept saying "we're going up and down!" "we're on a horse!" and "we're going in a circle!"

Then we drove back towards the airport that evening, we had some extra time so we stopped at a playground for a couple minutes.

Then we flew back home.
It was such a great day! I hope Nate loved his 3rd birthday...and I hope he doesn't hate me too much for his first sunburn. He doesn't seem to notice though, but in the bath he goes "mom what happened to my butt?" hahahah! It was actually his leg, but I guess he thought it was his butt. Let's just say that wind+spray on sunscreen=weird splotchy sunburn. Audrey got the least amount of sunburn. Just a tiny bit on her face and shoulders. Not much though.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Three Years Ago....

I met the love of my life three years ago. It was love at first sight. As these three years have gone by I've grown more in love with him. He's definitely gotten cute and more handsome. Sometimes I stare longingly into his big blue eyes and caress his soft hair. I like to snuggle him when he's sleeping, and I kiss him all the time. Yep. He's definitely the love of my life. I've got a picture of the first day we met: 

It was a very close relationship from the beginning. 

At 3 years old Nate is 3 feet 5 inches and 36 pounds. He still loves to draw. He loves ABC's and counting. He loves to read and loves puzzles. He thinks my iphone is "Nathan's Phone" and I have not been able to convince him otherwise. Guess I shouldn't have put toddler games on it right? haha! He loves to go to the every single day if I'd take him. Now that it's warmer I might just do that. He loves to ride his bike in the front yard. 

Granny (Phil's mom) and Grandma (my mom) are two of his favorite people. He asks to see them both at least once a day. He has a best friend Brooklyn. The almost four year old girl that lives upstairs. 

He is silly and happy and the best love of my life I could ever ask for! 


Nate's Birthday Party!

On Sunday we celebrated Nate's 3rd birthday. Sunday worked best for everyone so since it was that day we decided to have the party at my parent's house instead of a park. Every single one of my nieces and nephews was able to make it for the first time this year. I've never thrown a party that had THAT many kids involved. Needless to say, it was EXHAUSTING! I went to bed at 11 Sunday night and slept in till 10:30 Monday morning! Audrey is teething too so she woke up a million times and it was nearly impossible to get her to go to sleep in the first place. Moving on.

I made the cupcakes from scratch. I can't stand the taste of the store bought kind so I ventured over to and found a recipe for red velvet cupcakes that had 5 stars. I thought it was pointless to add the red food coloring, but they ended up looking like bran muffins so now I understand why you add it. But they tasted awesome!
By the time I was done making them I was so tired that I didn't feel like decorating them as originally planned. Next time I make the cupcakes the night before....I should have done that this time. 
I went to my parent's ward yesterday so I could go straight to their house after church and start working. I worked for 3 hours straight until the party started on making cupcakes and airplane balloons. No store has airplane decorations so I had to improvise. They turned out really cute too. We hung them from the trees in my parent's backyard.

We had a barbecue and because we're vegetarian made veggie burgers and veggie hot dogs. The adults all loved it, but a few of the kids had a little fit haha. They're so uncultured! lol! The Morning Star Chipotle burgers are AMAZING! We got them from Costco...if you have a membership, do yourself a huge favor!!

After Nate opened his presents we had an airplane throwing competition. I was busy throwing the party and forgot to designate a photographer so unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of them. My brother and dad got really into it, but they didn't even end up winning! It was hilarious! There was also a prize for the most creative airplane. My niece Jaci taped one of the long balloons that I was using to make airplanes to her airplane because she wanted it to fly better (since it had a balloon). She was upset that it didn't work, but she definitely won for the most creative (she is SUCH a doll!).

I can't believe my sweet little boy is going to be 3. That seems so old! I love him SO much! Can't wait to take him to the beach with his new beach toys!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

What is happening to my BABIES?????

I know it's cliche, but seriously how are my kids growing up so dang freaking fast? Audrey is on the verge of crawl crawling. Hands and knees, not just army crawling. And tonight she seriously learned how to get into a sitting position! She did it TWICE tonight by herself! And Nate, what is going on in his little head? He's already figuring out how to read! What the??

I mentioned in my last post that he can read the word cat and cow. He's been reading more and more words. I got a couple videos of it tonight, but it was after we had been playing around with the words for a long time so he was sick of doing it. Here's the best one: