Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well, not much has been going on around the Eger household as of late. Just hangin' out, Nate got a haircut, etc. so when I saw this on my friend Andee's blog, I thought it looked like fun! So enjoy learning more things about me than you wanted to know. :D

ten. Favorite Places to be. 
1. New York. I keep dreaming about it. I want to go back really soon! 
2. New Jersey. Of course. 
3. The Beach. 
4. Floating in a swimming pool. Preferably alone. I think I just need to do that some time, but unfortunately have no pool to float in completely alone. Though I'd still love to do so. 
5. Driving around at night.
6. Hanging out with friends
7. Eating out somewhere quiet, or sometimes crowded with Phil
8. Rocking on a chair outside listening to the summer bugs chirp
9. Somewhere I'm visiting for the first time. 
10. The Airport. A lot of people hate it, but I love it because it means I'm going somewhere fun! 

nine. Weird things about me
1.Every night I have such a hard time going to bed at a decent hour because I enjoy just being alone. Not that I don't love being around my family, but I never really get a break except at night. 
2. I clean out Audrey's ears while she's nursing (it said weird things ok? lol!)
 3.I can't go to sleep without playing on my phone.
 4. I feel guilty when I don't raise my kids the way everyone says to. The problem is that everyone says to do it differently. 
 5. I buy fruit snacks just as much for myself as I do Nate. 
 6.Even though I've never had an issue before, I always feel like someone is going to jump out of me when I'm outside in the dark.
 7. I love Phil's friends just as much as my friends. 
 8. I like really cheesy or terribly made movies. I just watch them when Phil's not around to criticize them haha!
 9. I am very independent. I prefer traveling or doing things by myself because then the only person's feelings I have to worry about are my own and I let a lot of things roll off my back.
eight. Things I am going to do this summer

1. Maybe travel somewhere. Maybe not. Phil wants to go to Portland to visit his friend. I'm hoping to go with him, but who knows. 
2. Lagoon
3. take Nate swimming
4. most of the things I am going to do this summer are things I did this summer like see Ben Folds and go to New Jersey.
5. get Audrey's top teeth to pop through
6. organize my house.....maybe
7. figure out school
8. use some food storage. 

seven. Things I am thinking of. 

1. New York
2. Phil's sexiness. Seriously.
3. How I hope Audrey doesn't wake up a bunch tonight.
4. How I liked the movie I just watched on Netflix
5. How I really need to go to bed. 
6. how I'm going to answer the next question without completely revealing that I'm just in my underwear (it's bed time)
7. How I really want to move, but want to still work for an airline. 

six. Things I am wearing. 

1. my wedding ring
2. a hair elastic
3. my nursing tank
4. my beautiful skin...
5. my hair in a pony
6. ok you got me, I can't think of anything else. My underwear. There I said it!

fiveThings I am worried about

1. how people are going to think I'm weird for admitting to the last one. 
2. money
3. cleaning my house
4. how I'm going to be tired tomorrow. I never learn my lesson. 
5. laundrey

four. Things on my floor
1. everything. haha jk. my laundry basket
2.Some shoes
3. Some cereal that Nate spilled that I just realized he didn't finish picking up. 
4. Toys

three. Things I want to do today

1. Laundrey
2. Clean my house
3. cook dinner....oh wait this says things I WANT to do today, not things I HAVE to do today ;)

two. Things I will reveal

1. I want Phil to get a vasectomy. Haha I'm dead serious. I love not being on birth control so much, but I also hate worrying every month then being super relieved when I start my period. HAHA! (it's not really that we're not being careful....but I really don't want to get into what the real reason I worry is ok? Because I'm pretty sure you don't want to hear it either!). And if we decide to have another we both feel like maybe we could foster and then decide if we want to adopt. But we're pretty much thinking we're done. 
2. We are seriously thinking of moving to Portland. We're not telling a lot of people because it's not set in stone, but when we get our tax return we're going to start looking for jobs. We both feel like that's the right place for us for many reasons. It's a big music center, there's a lot of natural birth there, and we just feel like we would fit in better there. School might hinder our plans so that's the biggest reason I don't want to tell people because we might be stuck here till we finish school and by then we might want to move somewhere else. But we are really serious about moving there. Phil's mom might move there too if we do. She wants to live near her grandkids and if she does that would be a relief for me because I'd have a babysitter. So I'm revealing that and if you tell anyone else then I'll kick your butt! JK. but don't mention anything on FB because I have no idea if it will pan out the way we hope. 

one. A Secret

1. Isn't "reveal something" and "a secret" the same thing? My secret is that we're thinking of moving to Portland. And it's definitely a secret I don't want going around or taken too seriously yet until I actually say "hey guess what, we're moving".  It's just something we're planning and have a goal to do, but we also know that it might not be the right time or place. When it gets closer then we'll know for sure. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The best thing to ever happen to mothers.

Ok, so yeah I'm blogging a little more since I deactivated my facebook account. I'm still not spending half the time I was on the computer, but I feel very strongly about this subject and really want to talk about it. 

The Moby Wrap

This is the best thing to ever happen to mothers ever. It's so simple too. It is literally a 16X1.5 foot piece of fabric. But it is not only a life saver, but the bond it creates between you and baby is invaluable. So this is my list of reasons why I love it so much:

  • When your baby is a newborn and you don't want people touching their face, the most they will EVER do is ask to "peak" at them. And literally the second you take them out, people will start touching them. I paid attention. It's totally true. 
  • They are fragile little things at first. And if you have another child that isn't used to the idea that they need to be soft and not, you know, severely injure the baby, wearing them is a sure fire way to keep him/her safe. 
  • They will sleep sleep sleep in it. It is a super easy way to get them to sleep, it's an easy way to get them to calm down and you don't have to worry about them rolling off the bed, or not being able to hear them cry because they'll be right there. 
  • Hands free! The best place to use it is out of the house. You can hold your toddlers hand, help them go potty, put them in shopping carts, etc while your baby is strapped to you so you don't have to juggle them both. And a lot of places don't have the shopping carts that hold more than one kid. 
  • You never have to skip a hot meal to take care of the baby because you can just wear the baby while you eat! 
  • Babies don't like loud noises. Vacuuming begins to become an impossible task with a scared crying baby. But a baby doesn't cry and get scared when they're right up next to you in the safety of mom's "arms". 
  • Babies like the sound of your heart beat. I always tuck Audrey into the left side (mostly because I'm right handed) and she can hear my heart beat which is very soothing to her. 
  • You can hug them and kiss them constantly while it doesn't interrupt with your daily life. 
I wonder if this will give you any indication of how much I love and use my home made wraps (the purple one was an old bed sheet that I cut and sewed together. So easy to make and when you cut knit fabric it doesn't fray). 


I'm so excited, I just have to share this excitement.

Since Audrey was due in October, smack in the middle of the semester, we both chose not to go to school. It has been stressful financially and although school is free because of easily obtainable government grants (thanks Nate and Audrey!) the time that it takes would have been too hard for us at the time.

Well, things are settling down now and we're getting serious about going again. I haven't really thought about where we are in the process since I signed up for spring semester of 2010 (so not for at least a year and a half). As I was going over the classes we need to graduate (we're both getting our associates degree in general studies for now) I realized that both of us are almost freaking done! I have 3 required classes left (one of which is math and I have to take the placement test so I'm 99% positive I'm going to have to take math 1010 before I can take math 1050, but so does Phil so we're going to take them together). I believe Phil has 3 left as well (if I remember correctly), but you need 61 credit hours to graduate and right now he only has 33. So that means he would have to take a lot of credits. However, I realized his transcripts from two other schools he went to haven't been transferred yet and he hasn't been to one since 2001 and the other since 2003 so they're all going to count as electives (which is EXACTLY what he needs!). So basically it looks like both of us will finally have our associates degrees after this school year! Wahoo!!

Phil actually already has an associates degree. However it was a specialized program at a school that is not accredited the same as a regular university or state college. So his degree is not transferable so that is why he has to get a regular associates degree...hopefully one day he can use his associates degree, but the jobs are very limited (his degree was in recording arts).

I'm glad that we are almost finished because once we have an associates degree it won't expire like classes sometimes do. It is such a better plan to have kids AFTER you finish school, but sometimes life chooses a different path itself and I'm happy with the path I'm on. I know it would be easier without kids, but at the same time my kids have motivated me and really caused me to figure out what I really want out of life. I actually have 71 credit hours already! Because I've changed my mind so much. But I wouldn't take back one class that I've taken (well, maybe I would take back a few...). I have learned so much and I can't wait to learn more! I'm thinking that I'd like a degree in a behavioral science and focus on family relations. I'd really like to be a counselor of some sort. I'm not in a real rush until my kids are a little older because I want to be at home with them as much as possible for the next 4 years or so. So maybe I could get my masters degree in that time and get a real job (ha ha I don't think I could get one that soon though).

Sometimes when your life path is more difficult you learn to appreciate it more. At least that's the way I want to look at it. So yay for getting a degree!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Nine Months (holy crap!)

This gorgeous little baby girl is nine freaking months old today.

WHAT THE?? How did that happen? This last nine months went a bagillion times faster than the 9 months previous to that!! Here is what Audrey has been up to recently:

  • This is one big huge MAMA's girl! Holy. Cow. I love it! But at the same time, she can be a little more clingly than I'd like her to be. But I know that's just because our bond is strong. Seriously right now she is standing on my lap as I type this. Because if I put her down to play she will cry and crawl up to me anyway. I know it's just a phase.
  • It feels like she will never ever stop teething. It's been more hard core lately. She has bitten me a lot lately while she's nursing (not cool) and I'm really sore. If it were up to her she would nurse all day long. And I know it's not because she needs it, but because she's teething. I've tried a lot of things and she still wants to nurse. Hopefully this will end sooner than later!
  • She's a cruiser! She crawls super fast now and pulls herself up to EVERYTHING. One thing she ALWAYS pulls herself up to is me. Everywhere I go she stands up to my legs. Which is particularly annoying when I go to the bathroom (you may ask why I don't shut the door. Well, that is a good question. Maybe I should try that some time). 
  • By cruiser I mean cruiser. She cruises along furniture now too. I have done absolutely nothing to encourage this. I would be content if she was a nine month old who didn't even know how to crawl yet. But there's no stopping her. I don't really mind that much, I just already am missing the phase where I could put her in one place and expect her to still be there when I came back. 
  • Last night she started clapping. YAY I love when they start clapping. It's so cute! 
  • She says mama and dada now. Phil pointed out that she says mama when she's upset and dada when she's happy. Whatever! Hahaha! He's right. But it still shows that she loves me more because she knows I'll make her feel better (haha). 
And look! She can walk! She took her first step! Ok ok yeah she's a bit cuter than this baby. This was me at 11 months old. (she can't really walk yet). 

My dad is so funny. He just loves Audrey. He calls her "little Krista". He leaves me messages saying he wants to see her. It cracks me up! He tells me she has the same temperament that I had. He's really close to my niece Jaci too because she looks just like my sister. But Jaci and Audrey are a lot cuter than we were I'm not gonna lie! 

Confession Time

So, I think it is going to be the best thing to just come out and confess this. I am a complete facebook addict. The worst part of the addiction is that I don't have a TV. So my source of entertainment is sometimes facebook.

Here's the problem. Facebook is WAY too easy to use ALL the time. It's on my phone and it's on my computer (obviously). Well, if my computer is my source of entertainment think of how often I have the opportunity to check my facebook. UGH it's SO annoying! And if it's on my phone I can check my facebook wherever I am.

Why an addict? It is like hanging out with my friends all the time. Like I stated on my facebook, I am a yellow personality. Well, if you're not familiar with yellow personalities they are very social. They like to be with friends and talk and socialize. Facebook is the ultimate socialization tool because you can socialize with your friends wherever you are. But it's not even close to actually hanging out with your friends. Actually hanging out with friends is way better :D.

So the reason I am taking a little facebook vacation is because I need to focus on my children. I need to stop using my computer as my source of entertainment. It's summer! I need to let my source of entertainment be going to the park, swimming, etc. And sometimes it's such a hard thing to do because it's so much easier to stay at home and not get two kids dressed and drag them around, but I NEED to do that. I need to focus on taking care of my family.

Here is the other big huge reason. Being a yellow personality is NOT all it is cracked up to be (yeah it's based off of the personality you had as a child, but I still am dominantly yellow). Yellow personalities choose fun over work. So when I should be cleaning my house, I choose fun over work. It's much more fun to sit on facebook than it is to clean the house. Do I like this about me? NO WAY!! Do I want to change this about me? ABSOLUTELY! Trust me, I've already made a LOT of improvements and have made it closer and closer to who I want to be, but I still have a ways to go. And trust me, the things I want to change, if I said them, would sound so stupid and simple to most people, but for me I have a really hard time.

My mom gives me amazingly good advice. But even though her advice is great, it's still not easy to get up and do what I need to do. And this is really only in my personal life. I am very organized when it comes to work. If my job was to be organized and keep my house clean and be an amazing mother (like if someone was paying me to do it), I would be FANTASTIC at it!

So basically, I have deactivated my facebook account not because of anything anyone has said or done. I love all of my friends and have no problem with anything any of them have said. And truthfully, I delete people if they are negative, annoying, or rude to me. Unless they're my family. In which case, I just hide them from my wall (I seriously have hidden like 5 of my cousins because they are not necessarily people I would choose to be friends with if we weren't family. I have nothing in common with them). I've just deactivated it because I personally need a break from my addiction (haha).

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Oh Netflix.

So you may have heard of the recent Netflix change. They now charge for each service separately. Well, I didn't really care because I never remember to send back my DVD's anyway so I wasn't really using the DVD portion anyway.

So I cancelled the DVD service and only pay for instant play (I use it every single day because of the endless amount of awesome kids shows and no commercials). I sent my last DVD in the mail, took all of the DVD's off the queue and went on my merry way.

Well. When you cancel the DVD portion they give you a certain amount of time to send in the DVD. And apparently if you add another DVD to the queue, with no delay whatsoever they will freaking send it to you.

So, thank you Nate for ordering your Leapfrog DVD (one that is so readily available on instant play...I mean at least let it be one that you CAN'T watch instantly) and RIPPING the envelope open (just to add to the frustration). I hope Netflix enjoys my note that will be going back with the DVD on how irritating it is that my son can SO easily order DVD's when I CANCELLED that service.

Granted, I don't really blame them. But I do want them to understand that it frustrated me that my son can so easily click the stupid "add to DVD queue" button and inadvertently order a DVD for me when I don't want anymore to be sent to my house!! It's not really their fault, but I just want whoever opens my envelope to know it was annoying anyway.

Oh and trust me, I was keeping my eye on that stupid DVD queue too. But suddenly I got an email "The Leapfrog: Go to School DVD will be arriving at your house on Saturday July 16th". Where's the CANCEL button when you need it??

Friday, July 15, 2011

Ben Folds

I've noticed that when I said I was going to see Ben Folds too many people said "who?" Trust me, you all know who Ben Folds is. He sang this song (in his band that used to be Ben Folds Five):

You may have also heard this song on the radio:

He also sang our wedding song! Which would be this song right here (this doesn't have a video. It's just blackness):

If you STILL don't know who he is, perhaps you've seen over the hedge. Listen to the music. TA-DA!! Now you've heard of Ben Folds.

Alright moving along.

So, last night Phil and I saw him live. :D

Aside from the annoyingly tall, ugly and annoyingly frizzy-haired hippy

 in front of usthat made us decide to go to the very back (where it was actually MUCH more enjoyable) and the fact that there was no where to sit, it was pretty amazing. I just love how Ben Folds is as good in concert as he is on CD. And I also love that he sang the song that inspired Audrey's middle name. Which was actually going to be Nate's name had he been a girl. Then we were going to name our second daughter Audrey. Then when we had a boy we feared we'd never get two chances to name a girl so we decided we had to use both names (although almost decided to drop Grace and name her after someone in the family, we couldn't do it because we love Grace too Grace Audrey just doesn't flow like Audrey Grace). And here is the song I'm referring to:

Audrey is my Gracie girl. :D

Anyway, as you can see, Ben Folds is amazing!

On a side note, the other thing that made the night weird is when we were standing in line to pick up our tickets this guy was standing in front of us and this girl came up to him and started talking to him and I turned around immediately and said to Phil "oh my gosh that's my ex boyfriend in front of us" HAHAHAH!!! Seriously WHAT ARE THE ODDS? It's not like there were a TON of people there! So I just stayed turned around until he walked away. Hahaha it was so weird. I mean it's been well over five years, but it's still just awkward. I don't have any hard feelings toward him, but still! It was more funny than anything. I didn't see him the rest of the night so that was good.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Hadley Family

I have like three posts that I need to finish, but this picture inspired me to make a blog post. I just found this on my cousin's facebook and I just love it so much! I realize I don't really blog too much about my actual extended family...actually I'm pretty sure I never have! 

Anyway this picture is my mom's family. No in-laws, all blood related. Yes, my mom is the pretty one (haha!)

From left to right: Grandma Hadley, Calvin, Alan, Carolynn, my mom, Janet, Ruth Ann, and the one in the middle bottom is my Grandpa Hadley.

Starting with the oldest:

Grandpa Hadley-I remember my grandpa as a super hard worker. Every time I'd come over as a little girl he'd be gardening in his huge garden. We always had fresh fruits and vegetables to eat. Every morning he had to watch Price is Right at the breakfast table on this tiny old television. He has a foot disorder that I can't remember the name of (not related to diabetes) that made it hard for him to walk and he has been in a wheel chair for a few years now. It's been strange to watch him decline as the years go on, but I'm used to it now and understand if his time comes soon. I will still be very sad when he passes away, but know that the day will come sooner than later. He did turn 90 this year which I think is pretty awesome.

Grandma Hadley-She is amazing. She was always so clean, organized, and talented. She could sew and knit like a certified grandma. She never wanted me to let things to go to waste. We used to go and stay at her house in North Ogden at least twice a year because our dentist (aka my mom's cousin) was up there and I remember I hated eating cereal that morning because she'd make me drink the milk. She was always very healthy too. I remember she had a pretty major stroke when I was little and I thought she'd never be able to make rainbow jello again (a family favorite), but she bounced back to being totally normal again.
About 2 years ago she had another stroke, but this time she didn't quite bounce back. She seems really normal and you would have no idea how much she's changed unless you knew her really well before. Now she asks the family to buy her candy and she will just eat and eat it haha! And she's really anal about cleanliness (worse than before). Since she is really old it doesn't bother me though. It's just a part of life. Maybe it doesn't bother me because I worked with the elderly for so long I just knew it was going to happen.

Ruth Ann-....well, she is our "special" family member. I wrote a big explanation of her, but it seemed really mean and I didn't want it to be so negative. Let's just say she has some narcissistic personality disorders and she is REALLY loud. But she is really loving, great with kids, and I have some great memories of going camping with this place she had a membership to called Camelot and we'd always go there around Halloween.

Carolynn-This lady works so hard for her family and has to go through so much crap yet never ever complains. She always says "people have it worse". Her son was diagnosed with diabetes at age 3 and it was before medical technology was as advanced as it is now so he did not do well. They said he wouldn't survive far into is adult life, but he lived longer than expected. She took care of him until his dying day (which was earlier this year) and he was in his forties. She is the ultimate mom and caregiver and you'll never hear her complain. She seriously amazes me! She married a man who's wife died during the birth of her youngest son (which only makes sense that he'd be the youngest) and Carolynn took them on as her own children with absolute ease. So she has like 12 kids or something along those lines. I won't get into it too much, but she's had a lot of issues with her children, battling alcoholism, severe depression (almost suicide), teenage pregnancy, etc. This lady is going STRAIGHT to heaven when she dies!

Janet-AKA my favorite aunt (and I totally know I'm her favorite niece). She is always so happy, funny, and loving. I LOVED staying over at her house when I was little, we did all sorts of fun things together. She was the best aunt a girl could ask for. She used to make porcelain dolls and has given some of them to me. I used to think they were so amazing. She is the closest to my mom of all her siblings (and she's 8 years older than my mom just like my sister is to me). We moved away from North Ogden when I was 2 and I still remember how much she could have stayed babysitting me. It's so weird to think of how old she is now because she still seems so young. When my niece equivalent is my age I will be 37 and yet my aunt is 62! haha! So weird! Of course when Audrey is my age, my sister will be 55 haha! Anyway, blah blah, she's my favorite aunt.

Alan-I probably have the least to say about him. I don't have a ton of memories with him. He's a great uncle and all. I remember he lived just down the street from my grandparents and we'd always walk down to his house to jump on the trampoline. I love love loved doing that. He had a rectangle one not a circle one and it was SO bouncy haha! And it was dug into the ground so much more ideal for falling haha! Yeah, like I said, I love him, but I didn't grow up around him so don't have much to say.

Calvin-AKA my favorite uncle. I have SO many memories with him! He used to take us to Lake Powell. We'd camp on a shore some where and during the day go exploring. It was some of my favorite vacations as a kid. I wanted to live there I loved it so much. I also remember him taking me up to the top of Ben Lomond Peak in North Ogden on his motorcycle. We also used to take trips to the Sand Dunes and I'd get to ride on the back of his motorcycle with him. He was just SUCH a fun uncle! Many of my family vacations included him. He was the rebel of the family long before I was born too, so he was a lot more relaxed and not so stiff like a lot of conservative mormons (haha). Seriously I have so many good memories of him doing awesome things that usually included a boat or a motorcycle.

My mom-well, you know that my mom is the best :D. She's the youngest just like me so we always have that bond. Looking at that picture of her family makes me happy that I'm the youngest because when my siblings get old, I'll still be young and lookin' good (haha!). My mom and I are very similar, but she is more organized than I am. Hopefully one day I can catch up to her organization skills. I guess the fact that I want it so bad is a good thing cause maybe one day I'll figure it out! haha!

Anyway, if you stuck it through I hope you enjoyed learning about my family. You will probably never see a post like this about my dad's side of the family because his family consists of boring, rich, white, republican, mormon people that I have absolutely nothing in common with. And an uncle that is super narcissistic (not mormon anymore so I guess they're not all LDS) and rude to my dad who married someone half his age (when he was 50...and it is his 4th wife, but probably the longest marriage I guess). The only sibling that lives in the same state is my aunt who is just plain awkward to be around. Then there's my dad who is the only normal one to come out of his family. And of course I love my grandma with all my heart, and I never knew my grandpa.