Monday, August 29, 2011

Nate and mommy being silly friends

Nate made me put on this silly hat daddy made and we started taking picture together and he kept pointing to it and saying "look! Friends!!" aww!!! Enjoy!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Goodbye Grandma!

What a beautiful funeral on a beautiful day! I think if Grandma ever imagined her funeral, she would have hoped it would have gone exactly the way it did. I feel overwhelmed with love today.

The viewing began this morning at 9:30. Family slowly piled in. All I could think about was if Grandma was there she'd be pushing us all to talk to family members outside of our immediate family. Sometimes it feels awkward to talk to some of my cousins because I see them so infrequently. Many of their kids I've never even seen. But after the first few minutes it starts to feel more comfortable. My aunts and uncles from my mom's side showed up too. Initially it surprised me, but then I realized it made sense. They all knew my grandma and came for moral support. It was great to see both sides of my family together. Really, when I think about it, I went to my brother-in-law's mother's funeral and that's the same thing.

One of the first things I did when I got there was take Nate up to see my grandma. Basically I tried to explain that she was up in heaven and I used the phrase "passed away" even though he didn't know what that meant. He said "there's grandma" and got really uncomfortable and started pointing in the other direction and said "go that way". So we walked away and while I was still holding him he goes "grandma died". I didn't once tell him that she died. My mom might have said something to him last night when they came over, but I know he understood that she did die. It was really interesting to see his reaction. I took him up to her one other time during the viewing and he was still pretty uncomfortable.

It was hard to see them close the casket. It was the last time I'll ever see my sweet grandma's body. I did go up to her and tell her I love her and that was really hard. But really, that was the only truly hard part.

The actual funeral was beautiful. Ran very smoothly. I almost felt like Grandma was up there making sure it all went according to the way she planned it.

Afterwards we took our sack lunches and drove up to Willard, a small town north of Ogden, but before Brigham City. Willard is the town my pioneer ancestors settled in. There are a lot of Morgans in the cemetery there. I got a real sense of family while I was there. The coolest part was actually figuring out which family members crossed the plains with the pioneers. My grandparents are buried close to William and Edward Morgan and William was the ancestor that actually came all the way from Wales with Edward, his son. Edward married Rachel Cole and I was able to see that she was born in 1844 making her 3 years old when she was a pioneer!!! That's Nate's age!!! Then Edward and Rachel are my grandpa's grandparents. Pretty crazy!

I didn't get any pictures of the viewing or funeral. And I am not a fan of pictures of dead people anyway so I wouldn't have posted pics of my grandma no matter what, but here are some pictures at the grave site. My dad got some better ones, but here are some I took:

My sister made this flower arrangement. She's amazing! 

Can you tell these two are my brothers?? Ryan on the left, Matt on the right.

His face got so red because it was really hot! 

My nieces kept fighting over Audrey. This is Brynn :D. She's funny she came up to me and asked if she could hold Audrey and I'd say yes and I heard her walk up to the other girls and say "Krista said it was my turn" hahaha! Then she asked later when we went out to dinner and I realized what she was doing so I said "I don't care who holds her, you need to figure it out amongst yourselves" hahahaha kids are so funny!!!

My nephew Drayson looked so freaking cute sitting on my grandparent's grave stone. 

Brookie and Audrey

He is way too cute! I sure do love him! He looks a lot like my brother, but in blond form. He looks a lot like his mom too, but acts a lot like my brother. 

After the funeral my dad took us on a little tour to show us where he grew up, the house his dad grew up in, etc. Most of us had seen all of these places, but Phil hadn't and the grand kids hadn't, and it was just a fun thing to do. 

So we drive up to the house he grew up in and many of the other cousins were driving by too. We all got out and were kind of walking around the front. Not really on the property itself too much, just having my dad point out a few things while we looked at it. Well the owner of the house walked out so my parents walked  up to her to explain why we were there. Explaining that my grandma had passed away and he wanted to show everyone where he grew up. We found out that the lady was the person who actually purchased the house from my grandma! She said she purchased the house from a Morgan and my grandma definitely didn't sell it to someone in our family first. Then she let us inside!!! That was SOOOOO EXCITING for me!!! I have always wanted to see the house my dad grew up in! It was so awesome! My great grandpa had this house built and paid for it with a team of horses!!! How crazy is that? I think it was 13 horses. It was actually a pretty small house. Which taught me that a family can be happy and successful in a small space :D. 

My dad and uncle's bedroom wasn't even really a bedroom! haha! I mean techincally it was, but it was just at the top of the stairs, there wasn't even a door on it and the girl's bedroom was attached to that so they had to walk through their room to get to theirs. That was SUCH a great experience. I absolutely LOVED that part! Probably my favorite part of the entire day! 

I love my family. I am so incredibly lucky to have two parents that are happy and in love! And it was just so great to go back to my family roots and be able to experience the love that is so obviously there! 

I love you Grandma Morgan! You created an amazing generation of people! Have fun up there with Grandpa! 

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Tiny Miracle...and a disaster...

I'm so thrilled, I might just shed a tear or two. Those little white nubbins on the top of Audrey's mouth are s....l....o....w...l....y... making their way through. Are my eyes deceiving me? Is this an illusion or mirage or some trick of the eye? Can I really see one tiny white dot without gums over it? I was beginning to think this day would never ever come. Ever. I was convinced that Audrey would go through life with two gum bumps at the top. Sure she'd look weird, but I was prepared for the worst.

What does this mean? Is my sweet baby finally morphing back into her human form from her vampire form? ...I type as she CURRENTLY bites me...they're obviously not all they way through yet, but the end is FINALLY in sight!

I've read the horror stories about babies taking a few weeks to teeth. Yeah I've heard them, but I didn't believe them. Nate teethed for one or two notable days and it was over. I even blogged about it. And I got him all this stuff for teething and barely used any of it.

Well, Audrey had to be different. Completely different. Everything about Audrey is SO different from Nate how would I ever expect her to be such an easy teether? Well, those horror stories.....they're true! The first time I started using orajel for her teeth was, get this, MAY!!!!!!!!!! Yes it has been OVER 3 MONTHS!!! No joke. How is this even realistic at all? And of course what substance feels the best on her teeth? My skin (apparently). I have to warn other people "watch out, she's a toe biter". Don't wear sandals when you come to my house! lol! And don't worry, I haven't been consistently using orajel since may. I mean really it's not very much. I'm pretty sure she'd overdose if I used it all the time.

I have tried other medicines. I bought teething tablets and I don't notice that much of a difference. I wish I could ask her if it's working. Sometimes I like to put them in my mouth because they dissolve so fast it feels weird! haha! I tried one initially to see how fast they dissolved and to see if they were numbing or what. I think they do work. I'm going to give her some right now and see if she stops biting me...

So what makes it such a nightmare? Is it because she's cranky? No not really. She's such a sweet happy baby! Is it because of all the BITING?? Yes. She doesn't bite my nipples very often, but when she goes into hardcore teething mode (it comes in waves) my nipples get SOOOO SORE! UGH! They're really sore right now! It's all about the way she latches on. And I think she wants to breastfeed more often for comfort. I don't really pay attention to when she feeds so I'm not sure if it's because it's more often or not. I just know that they are SO SORE! The first time it happened I thought I was pregnant because that's one sign of pregnancy (thank freaking goodness that wasn't the case!). So hopefully this will end soon. Her bottom teeth came in so easily I don't know why the tops are so stubborn!

And now the disaster. Who knew that someday a hurricane that hasn't even caused any damage yet could affect my life so much? When weather causes cancellations they call it an "IROP" which means irregular operations. It honestly doesn't even phase me anymore. I really don't care if customers scream or get mad at me. And honestly they rarely do. I used to get really intimidated, but now I'm at the point where I'm just like "tough luck". Yeah I know it sucks that you're flight got cancelled, I know you are pissed off at the weather and blame the airline for ruining your plans instead of blaming who's really at fault, Mother Nature. I'm never going to talk to you again in my entire life so...go ahead and take it out on me. I'll just move on to the next call as soon as you hang up.

I really love my job. I hate when we have to cancel flights because I feel bad for the people that get stuck. But oh well, it's life. The benefits of the job are just so great! One of the funniest things is when people get really crazy about their seats. Like they can't survive if they can't get a certain seat on a plane. Because you know that the world ends when you just cannot get a good seat on a flight. When I fly, I'm just happy to have a seat. I could care less where it is. Haha!

Anyway we are now in a "code red" which means we are required to pick up over time hours. Of course because of my grandma's funeral I can't pick up over time today or tomorrow so I guess my family picked a good time for the funeral....?? She definitely passed away before Irene went ballistic! So...not just a lame excuse! :D

Well that is all for today!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby Genius

What is it about this generation of parents that seems to think that their children are advanced or gifted?? Do you think EVERY child that is born is more gifted than the next? If that was the case then I guess They're just average right?

This is a big pet peeve of mine.

Let's look at Nate for example. He is a 3 year old that can read. Big freaking deal. Yeah I post videos about it because I think it is cute. But do I think he is some gifted genius?? No. Do you wanna know how Nate learned to read? That was his interest. Some kids watch TV, Nate watches phonics youtube videos. He watches other things too, but he will spend hours scrolling through those videos. He also loved it when I'd draw letters and sound out words with him. That is just what he loves to do.

Psychologists say that all kids catch up reading by age 8. I met someone the other day who had a son that learned to read at 3 and one that struggled at age 7. The one that read early didn't go to college and the one that struggled ended up going to Harvard Law on a full ride scholarship. The difference he found was that the late reader was artistic and could look at problems at different angles just like he would look at his art.

I have one big reason this is my pet peeve. Phil was a "genius" kid. School work came very easily to him. Until it got to junior high where homework mattered. Phil is a very auditory learner. He could listen to a lecture and he'd ace a test. He is amazing at test taking. But suddenly his grades began to drop because he had to do homework. Does this mean he's any less of a genius? Actually he is the most intelligent person I know. But he has a TERRIBLE self esteem because of all of that crap. When we first got married he hadn't looked at his grades from the semester of college he attended the year before because he was too afraid that he failed his classes. I ended up looking at them and he got all A's and B's.

He has recognized this problem and wants to prevent it with our kids. So Nate is not a genius. He is a hard worker. He worked hard to learn how to read. And I want to continue to encourage him to learn and grow without praising him for his innate abilities. That's something that can wait until he's more mature.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Grandma Morgan

My sweet Grandma Morgan passed away this afternoon. While I was at church I looked at my phone and had a missed call from my dad. My first thought was that something was wrong with one of my grandparents. Their church is the same time as mine and my dad is the bishop, so making a call in the middle of church? Had to be something important. So I called right back and he told me that his mom was dying and that the hospice nurse said it would be today.

I wanted to rush up there, but had a stupid one hour that I had to work and couldn't get it off because of the tropical storm causing cancelled flights. I drove up as soon as I got off work and got there right after she passed.

It has been a very peaceful thing. A few tears here and there, but mostly I'm happy that she is with Grandpa Morgan again. I like to think that she's telling him all about us, especially us kids he never met. Every time I have a special event in my life I wonder if he's there, but I don't know what his presence feels like so now if my grandma is there, I'll know what she feels like.

My grandma was an amazing lady. She was so kind and thoughtful. She had a lot of love and a love for giving. Right after I had Audrey I was on maternity leave that wasn't paid and so we were scraping by and my parents had gone out to dinner with her and were telling her my birth story and how I had her at home and went naturally and all. She was already planning on giving me some money as a congratulations and throughout the dinner she kept adding to it and saying how proud she was. Even she was supportive of my home birth and it meant so much to me that she was so proud. And it helped us out more than she even knew.  She was a very faithful woman. She always talked about her faith in such a matter of fact way. She knew it was true, she didn't just believe it. Although I never met my grandpa, the way she talked about him and how she couldn't wait to reunite with him I knew he must have been a great man.

Her funeral is going to be very emotional, but I'm looking forward to feeling her there and being able to tell her how much I love her and hope she watches over us.

And seriously, don't feel sorry for me. It would be selfish of me to wish she was still around. I am happy for her. She was old and ready to pass. She did not feel well anymore and I know she is much happier where she is and to wish her to be in her body that wasn't holding up very well as opposed to with her eternal companion, well that would be just plain silly. So no need to tell me you're sorry. I'm at peace and totally happy with her passing. I'm just looking forward to telling her I love her one last time.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ten Months

My Audrey Grace turned 10 months old yesterday. It really is an understatement to say that it has gone by so fast. It's just that babies grow exponentially faster than adults and our slow brains can't wrap our heads around the fact that we JUST had an infant in our arms and now we have a crawling, cruising, almost toddler! I haven't changed much this past year, but Audrey has! So it's a little mind boggling! 

My little lover has been up to lots lately. Just grow grow growing!
  • She took her first step two days ago. 
  • She stands by herself all the time.
  • Her top tooth is SOOOOO CLOSE to popping through. I can't believe how long it has been taking. And how many times I've been bitten! Probably at least 20-30 times today alone. It is going to pop through ANY minute. I am tempted to make it pop through, but I can't do it.
  • She loves to do patty cake and itsy bitsy spider. 
  • She pulls headbands out of her hair sometimes now :S
  • She can safely play in the bathtub.
  • The bathroom is her favorite room for some reason, but it is my least favorite room for her to go into.
  • She waves.
  • She laughs SO easily and smiles constantly. Nate was a happy baby, but he wasn't THIS easy to get to laugh.
  • She can ride on shoulders safely now (Nate never liked it. So weird). 
  • She feeds herself. And she will eat anything.
  • She really likes to touch faces. Specifically stick her fingers in people's mouths. Specifically my mouth. Haha! 

This little girl has a personality larger than life. I love it! She always makes this funny/cute scrunchy face. The picture two up captured her doing this thing she always does where she puffs her cheeks and blows out. Its so hard to explain into words, but the other day she sneezed when my dad was holding her and he reacted to it in a way that was funny to her so she tried to get him to do it again by blowing instead of sneezing. It was SOOO cute! 

I am so in love! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nicholas' visit

Nicholas is Phil's 11 year old cousin (he'll be 12 in just a few weeks). He was visiting us from New Jersey this week. His mother Jenny (Phil's mom's sister) gave him the option to either go to summer camp or visit us in Utah and he chose us (aw I feel so honored...even though I know he's really here because Phil's his favorite cousin. He has to be. They're the same person basically). Jenny wanted us to make it as educational as possible and also give him lots of things to do. I took it as a challenge and have tried to do the most educational yet fun things as possible. And I learned that when you use the word educational a 12 year old will think that you said "boring". So...don't use that word around a 12 year old (lesson learned).

I'm actually writing this post for two purposes. Nicholas is going to be writing a report of sorts about his trip for school so I wanted to document his trip to help him reference the things we have done and learned, but also to document how fun it was to have him here. So if I'm just stating information in this post, that is why.

He arrived here on Wednesday evening. The next day I had to go to an orientation for Nate's preschool and then work some hours that evening, so Thursday wasn't an educational fun filled day. He made music with Phillip while I was working and I don't really know what they did, but I'm sure they had a blast. Phil taught him all about the software that he uses to create songs and I can tell Nicholas was into it because he keeps pulling up the program to make drum beat loops.

On Friday, Cindy (Phil's mom) picked us up and we drove to the Trax station to go downtown. They just barely opened up the line that goes out to West Jordan this week so we were able to park right across the street from the church I grew up going to that is right by my high school! Pretty sweet! If only they had that while I was IN high school it would have been pretty awesome. We could have walked to the station from my best friend Heather's house (at the time). If only. Ok I'm going off topic. Anyway. The new trains are awesome. Perfect for strollers.

We went downtown to temple square so I could teach him a little about Utah history and about the church.

We didn't really talk about the church itself. He learned a little about the temple. They have a diagram of the temple in the visitor center so you can see what it looks like on the inside. I found this particularly interesting myself. I hadn't seen it before.

It was so funny, in the visitor center Nicholas goes "I feel weird, everyone's all dressed up" haha I think he thought we were under dressed. There were like five weddings going on at once so I'm sure that's why so many people were dressed up, but I just explained that you have to be dressed nicely when you go in the temple out of respect so people were there for that and we didn't have to be dressed up to be there haha! Then he asked me there were so many girls with name tags. I don't know how familiar he is with the fact that Phil went on a mission, but I tried to explain that they're doing the same thing that Phil did when he lived in San Diego for two years.
Just out side of the visitor center.

In the visitor center there was also an exhibit of the history of the making of the Salt Lake temple. It showed a big slab of granite on a hand cart and he goes "did they catapult it down the mountain?" hahaha I laughed really hard. He's so cute! It was a little far for them to just catapult it down the mountain! So jokingly later he brought up the catapulting again as a joke so I turned around and pointed at the statue of Moroni and said "When they were getting ready to put the statue at the top they prayed then shot the statue up and it landed perfectly in it's place. It was the 'miracle of the catapult'!"

Then we walked over through temple square to the conference center. It was really hot so we didn't spend as much time walking through as I would have liked, but when you have two small children it happens.

I really love to tour the conference center because, for one, it's awesome. And for two, my brother helped build a few things in it. So first they take you into the auditorium and a tour guide (they're always seniors, and they have the best intentions, but bless their heart they can be a little boring to a 12 year old. But he wasn't too bad) gave some pretty sweet information on it. I always forget about it and love to hear the story of how it was built again. President Hinckley wanted an auditorium that would seat 21,000 people and have no obstructed views like there was in the old tabernacle where there are big pillars supporting the upper level. The experts said "it's not possible" and President Hinckley said "yes it is. I've seen the building". Then they figured it out and made it possible. Then they said "alright we figured it out. It will take ten years" and President Hinckley said "Make it 3. I don't buy green bananas", which basically meant "I'm old. You can't take ten years cause I'll never see it." So they finished it in 3. And it's the biggest auditorium of it's kind.

They took us up to the roof afterwards. They have a garden on the roof that is supposed to represent the vegetation of Utah. On the east side there are pine trees and mountain-like vegetation and on the west side there are grasses and...well, it looks like weeds. It represents what the pioneers would have seen when they got here. They use crushed shale instead of soil because it's lighter and it absorbs water better to sustain the garden.

After we left the conference center we made a stop at the tabernacle on the way back to the train to show Nicholas the acoustics. The tabernacle was made before there were microphones so it had to be able to carry sound. He got to see the original organ, but we didn't stay for the presentation.

We hopped on Trax and headed to the Gateway mall for lunch. Afterwards we headed to the splash fountain. Nate wouldn't go anywhere near it, but Nicholas had a ton of fun. It is modeled after the Olympic snowflake icon from the SLC winter games. I wonder if every city that has had the Olympics still has stuff to show off that they were there once. SLC sure does haha!

We were going to go to the copper mine that evening, but Phil ended up helping his friend at work and got home from work too late so we went to the mine on Saturday instead. That was pretty freaking cool! It's the largest open mine in the world. The copper is here because it was in the molten lava that pushed the mountains up. Most of the copper is mixed with the rock and they have this huge refining process to get it out. I didn't realize that they actually get a lot of gold from this mine too. And silver. They actually donated metals to make some of the olympic medals!

This picture doesn't do justice to the gigantic-ness of it! 

I never really paid attention to the giant mine growing up. It was just part of the landscape here. For a while I was almost a little bitter that the mountainside was torn apart, but I found out that we use copper in so many things! If we didn't have copper we wouldn't have electricity, our phones, and our cars.

This is a tire from the GIANT hauling tractors they have. Phil is pretending like it is running over his arm. 

We left the mine and met up with Cindy to go to Antelope Island. First we stopped at the visitor center so we could make it *educational* and there were these giant spiders in the bushes outside everywhere! They were disgusting! But apparently harmless according to an information sheet on the inside. I guess they get a lot of people asking about it. It looked like a horror movie! Haha! The only thing I got from the visitor center, other than the horrific spiders was this funny statement on the board "The Great Salt Lake isn't completely dead! Aside from the brine shrimp, bacteria and algae live there too!" aw poor great salt lake! They felt bad for it that people thought they only thing that lived there was brine shrimp so they had to mention that also bacteria and algae were rampant. LOL! So random! But it also mentioned it was safe to swim in (so you don't get grossed out with the fact that we swam in it). I also liked that the visitors center showed a map of where the ancient Lake Bonneville used to lie. I forgot to point out that you can see the line where the water used to be along the mountains.

We left the visitor center and headed down to the beach. There were seriously people laying out too. But this isn't a beach you want to hang out on for a long time because flies cover the ground this time of year. And you walk through it and it seriously looks like a scene from the mummy! They are completely harmless though. They don't bite and they don't like humans. You can walk through it and they just all fly away...but it seriously looks super creepy. They're not as abundant on the water though. Anyway, so we walked out to where it was deep enough to float and tried it out (just Nicholas and I). You could see the brine shrimp in the water. Which I'm actually pretty surprised I wasn't MORE grossed out by it. The water actually felt really good. I thought I would want to get out right away. I wasn't a fan of putting my head in it to float because all I could think about was the brine shrimp (of course it didn't bother Nicholas at all). Then I discovered that I could just sit in a ball and float. It was pretty freaking awesome! I was really reluctant to do it at first, but I had such an awesome time! I'm making it sound way grosser than it really was. I seriously LOVED just sitting there. NO need for a floaty and I didn't have to move my arms or try to stay up.

Had to get a picture of Nicholas by the lake for documentation purposes. I couldn't take pics of us floating for obvious reasons (I love my phone too much to willingly kill it). 

The weirdest part of the whole thing is that I didn't get everywhere rinsed off and when it dried, it seriously turned to salt. My hair went stiff and I could just pull the salt out. It was so weird!

Ok moving on. The next day was Sunday. We drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon to Silver Lake at Brighton/Solitude to walk around the path there. And so Nicholas could run around the woods and hike a little. Nate ran around with him too. It smells AMAZING up there and always reminds me of camping as a kid. Something I seriously NEED to do soon! I love camping in the mountains particularly! I used to camp at the sand dunes a lot as a kid and I just much prefer the mountains! Maybe I'll get called to be a camp counsilor in young womens some day haha! I can wish! We saw a lot of squirrels, a natural beaver dam (but no beavers :( ) and some gorgeous wild flowers.

Did you know that it's hard to get an 11 year old to pose for pictures at everything you do? I didn't know that! But I learned it! lol! This was the only one I could get of him in the mountains haha!

Lastly on Monday we went to the zoo. Nicholas was impressed that he got to see two different types of animals that he'd never even heard of before. I can't remember what they both were, but I know one was a hyrax haha! They are doing "zoorasic park" this year so they have a bunch of dinosaur displays up and there's a room in one of the exhibits that talks about all of the native Utah dinosaurs. But all of the displays totally freaked out Nate. We saw another girl that had a hat over her face that was about the same age as Nate. It was hilarious. The only one that really freaked Nate out was the T-Rex. haha! He could handle the others. It was pretty cool though. They're also working on a whole new section that I'm excited to see. It's going to have polar bears again! I have missed them! They used to be my fave! And I'm sad cause they took out the zebras. Either that or we missed them. Hopefully those will come back. Otherwise Nate loved the snakes, my favorite was the giraffes and the tigers, and I'm not sure what Nicholas' favorite was, but I just love the zoo. It brings me back to being a kid again. The zoo has changed so much since I was little though I wish it could go back to the way it was. I also have learned in recent years that the zoo was so much more enjoyable when I was a kid. Mostly just because I didn't have to worry about hauling kids around! Haha! It's much more exhausting now!

Well, that about sums up Nicholas' visit. It seemed like it was non stop go go go! I hope that I was able to make it educational yet fun enough! :D

Monday, August 8, 2011

Family Evening Hike

I read a blog post yesterday about camping and it made me want to go so bad. So for family night I decided I wanted to go find a small hiking trail and let Nate get dirty and throw some rocks (his favorite thing to do in the world).

We ventured up into Big Cottonwood Canyon to find a hike called "Hidden Falls". Well, I followed the directions on the website I found it on and couldn't find it. I figured it was a hit or miss kind of deal because I didn't know if there would be signs or not. I tried to use my phone to find it, but there was no service. So we pulled off into this other trail head (can't remember the name) and it was right along the river so we decided it was just great.

Turns out the entire thing was paved (it was the beginning of a couple trail heads so the actual hikes weren't paved, but for what we were there for, it was paved :D). It was absolutely gorgeous, it smelled amazing, and Nate had a blast.

This one is my favorite!

Throwing rocks into the river

Nate FREAKED out every time Phil would go off the pavement saying "daddy no! It's dangerous!" He was very careful and afraid of the water. Phil kept trying to tell him that it was ok for Daddy to do it, but not Nate. I kept getting mad at him like "no, just let him think it's dangerous for everyone!!" 

Thursday, August 4, 2011


I didn't go to preschool when I was little. I figured it was pointless because I did just fine in kindergarten so why would I send my kids to preschool? Well, Phil's mom sent her kids to preschool and her parents paid for them to go (not really sure why) so she wanted to pay it forward and do the same for us.

At first I was really reluctant because it felt like she was trying to take control of my kids' lives, but really it's because she wants to do what her parents did for her.

She did the research and asked for recommendations which led to a school called Newcastle Preschool.

Today, before we went to Lagoon (Phil's work paid for it and let everyone out early), we headed over to the school with Cindy to take a look.

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am! It's $135 a month, which is more expensive than some schools, but I still thought it was reasonable. We've worked out an agreement that Cindy is going to pay for the first year for both kids and we will pay for subsequent years. After the tour today Phil and I discussed it and decided that the reason we only want two kids is so that we can spend more money to give them the opportunities we want to give them.

This is why I'm so excited. We went there and Nate saw the toys in the classroom and ran to them and we were like "aah Nate!" and the owner said "Let him be! This place is made for children" That made us both really really happy! He talked all about how the curriculum works and how it doesn't just shove information into their heads like traditional schools, but teaches them hands on. The guy's wife is in charge of the curriculum and she studied child development in school and wrote the program around how 3 year old and 4 year old brains work. They even have a little playground that is made for 3 and 4 year olds.

We also discussed how Nate is going to be on the younger end since his birthday is in June. He told us that a good thing to do is to wait and see how he does this year and consider holding him back so he's the oldest in his class. Statistically children who are older in their class do better and have more confidence. It wouldn't be because he's not smart enough. He just might be better off that way. I thought that was fabulous advice. Audrey will do great because she's an October baby. :D

Anyway I'm super super excited! This is going to be SO great for my Natey Potatey! I had to hold back a lot of tears while I was there. My little boy is growing so fast! Love 'im!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jersey Video

I have the app on my phone called imovie for editing videos. I'm not gonna lie, it's not very user friendly and pretty annoying because you can only add one picture at a time so it takes FOREVER, but I felt like making a video of my Jersey trip with the kids. I've never finished an entire video until now. I want to make one for Audrey's birth too :D But I have to put all the pics on my phone to do so. I need software on my computer, but it doesn't have a big enough hard drive or good enough video card. Anyway, here's the video.