Friday, September 30, 2011

So this post is kind of dumb, but I just wanted to show that railing hole thingy in our new house cause I said I was going to take a picture of it. It's one of my favorite things in the house. It makes the whole place feel so open.

This is a bad picture of it. I was going to get a better one then forgot. But here it is:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pictures of our (hopeful) new house

After finding out that every single thing that is on my credit will also be on Phil's I've been feeling a lot more confident that his score will be perfectly fine. If not then it would make no sense, but I'm confident it will still be above the necessary limit.

Anyway, the real estate agent we've been working with sent me the documents from the appraisal...which basically just points out everything that needs to be fixed on the house and why it came up with the value it is. Seriously, the funniest thing is that these fixes are estimated to cost under 3000, but if they were all fixed the value of the house would be 10,000-20,000 more in this market. It's so weird how it works. But we're happy to fix them all up because this house is really good quality for the price! I can see why people flip houses now (not that I have any desire to do so, but I guess over time that's what we'll be doing when we sell it eventually, but anyway that's beside the point). There were a bunch of pictures of the house in the appraisal. They're not the best quality, but you'll get the general idea. For anyone that is related to Heather Powell, the floor plan is a LOT like the house that you guys lived in when I first met Heather, the one on 2700 w by Sugar Factory rd.

Here is a tour of our new (hopefully) house.

The lawn looks like it's in better shape in person (at least the front yard) and that's gravel on the side. It needs to be weeded. There are two rose bushes and a nice big tree which will be great for Christmas lights in the front yard.

Back view.
The deck needs a little work, but I love that tree because it shades it!

Living room.
See the little...thingy at the top (have NO idea what to call that), it has florescent lights lining it so when we turn on the lights it really brightens up the walls and the ceiling. That was one of my favorite features! I plan to paint the middle half of the wall (half, third, whatever, the part between the chair rail and the top thingy) an olive green and the top thingy and chair rail a light bluish turquoise to accent it. It sounds weird, but they look really good together!

Dining room looking out onto the deck. It's hard to tell from this picture, but a table and chairs will fit out there :D

The faucet is missing (such a random thing for the previous owners to take!) and we'll need to get a fridge.

Full Bath. Terrible colors, but we'll manage haha!

Audrey's room
That window is shown on the front of the house. I love the little seat there!

Nate's room.
It's pretty small, but I learned from growing up with brothers that boys generally don't care about the size of their room. He'll like it when he's a teenager because he'll be able to easily sneak out (haha). I guess we'll get to that milestone when it happens. Phil's music room looks just like this one only on the opposite side.

And finally the family room. This is where all the toys will go so they won't be in the kid's rooms. This will also be where we put our (non existant) TV. When you walk in the front door and look to the right, instead of having a solid wall, there is hole with a railing on it and you can see right into this room. A part of me wants to put a curtain over it because it will probably be messy constantly, but I really like how it makes the whole house feel really open. Nate's room comes out into this room and the windows on the right look out into our front yard.

Yes I am very excited to be a home owner. Like, insanely excited. If this one doesn't work out, then I know that finding another one will be just around the corner. It doesn't feel so far away anymore. I'm done feeling guilty that my kids live in apartments. The best part is that they'll barely remember life not in this home. I am happy to have the feeling of being settled and knowing what our future will be. Yeah there's still a big part of me that wants to live out of state, but having a home for our kids is so much more important to me. I'll just keep working for jetblue so we can travel. And with the monthly payment being so low we'll be able to afford travel.

It's funny to think about the pressure I felt to get a home even a few years ago. I remember when I was pregnant with Nate my sister asked when we were going to get a home and she acted like we should do it quickly while the house prices were so low. And now 3 years later they're even lower. I feel like we did the right thing. But it was totally inadvertant. We didn't mean to wait for the house prices to drop, we just didn't know where we wanted to end up forever. I was afraid that if we bought a house that we'd end up never being able to sell it if we wanted to move, but now I feel confident that if we ever did want to move (not that we're planning on it) that since we bought it so low, if we need to sell it fast we can drop the price and still have equity. Hopefully that doesn't happen, but it's definitely not a concern anymore.

I think one of the best things is that I don't feel the pressure to "save for a house" anymore. Now I feel like we can save our money for other more important things. I'm just really happy with the way things are turning out. I wish I would have known all along so I didn't have to waste all my time feeling guilty. And if this house doesn't work out, I have total faith that another great one will. :D

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A small (not large) sigh of relief!

I hope everyone's not getting too sick of my updates about the house! But I have some pretty good news.

We still don't know for sure if we are approved. If you haven't been reading, the bank failed to report the car loan to Phil's credit for the past 18 months so we've been waiting for that. They report everything at the first of every month. Which means we really won't know for sure until October 4th when my mortgage guy is going to pull the report again.

We were going to do a rapid rescore, but that's pointless to do until the bank has reported the loan. So the mortgage guy made a suggestion to add Phil to my (small) credit card and line of credit. When we first became joint on my account for some reason or another I didn't add him to those. I have no idea why we didn't do that, but I had it in my head that we couldn't. But what probably happened is that I didn't think it was important at the time. So today I called the bank and asked if we could do that so they had to run another application. Which I think is kind of stupid because I know they just gave it to me, but it might have been when I was doing other things (like getting my first car loan) and so I didn't realize they were running an application. Plus this was so frickin' long ago, I don't remember. I mean I got my credit card 5 1/2 years ago when I bought my first car (she just added it to my account so I would have something on my credit) and my line of credit I got in like 2003.

Ok so this is where the good news comes in. As long as he is approved to be on my credit card and line of credit (which I will be pretty confused if they don't!) when they add that to his credit, it will back track to the time I opened  each one! So it's not going to START counting them, it's going to act like it's been counting it for 5+ years! So that gave me some MAJOR hope! Considering that my credit is good I'm hoping that by adding all of the things I have to Phil's credit should make it close to the same (I hope!). So even though we have to wait another 2 weeks basically till we can find out what Phil's credit score officially is, I am pretty confident that it will be high enough. If it is then the house is for sure ours! So I can't wait till October 4th! Which is coincidentally my nephew Austin's 4th birthday! I think getting into a house is a great birthday present for my nephew don't you?! Then we will move in around Audrey's birthday (maybe a little after) so that is a good present for her too don't you think??

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I'm going to be perfectly honest right now. I'm not the stressing type. Some may say I handle stress well, others will say the opposite. Because when I get stressed I find a way to not worry about it. I hate worrying. So sometimes it's very useful. For example, when I'm taking classes I turn in a paper, or do a test and promptly forget about it, or put it out of my mind. Sometimes I will talk myself into thinking I got a lot of answers right because I have no control after it's over and I don't like to dwell. But on the negative side, I tend to push things off that give me stress and rationalize until it gets resolved. So in some situations, I'm good with stress. In others, the stress control prevents me from being effective.

I wanted to explain this so that you can understand that large amounts of stress never occur in my body. Pretty much ever. Yeah I get stressed out, but I hate being stressed so much that I always find the quickest way to get rid of it (sometimes stress is also a catalyst so that's good!).

So maybe you can understand that the amount of stress caused by waiting for this STUPID credit report is driving me insane! I am actually surprised what it is doing to me physically. I was sitting at a drive through and got a small dizzy spell that made me think my foot wasn't pressing on the brake hard enough. It freaked me out! I got another dizzy spell earlier this evening. The knot in my stomach is unlike anything I've ever experienced! It has not gone away since Saturday and just keeps getting worse. I keep trying to reassure myself that it will be fine, but I just have NO idea how credit works and am not sure if the car payment alone is enough to make his credit score where it needs to be!

I know that if it's not high enough it won't take that long to fix, I just HAD to fall in love with this STUPID house!!!! I want to hate it so bad! I have already tried to tell myself it's not going to happen! But nothing works! I have slept 4 hours a night since Friday. That's not enough! I'm going to go crazy until we find out. Please pray for me...and my health haha!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011


I feel like I'm documenting this way too heavily, but I can't sleep, I have a constant knot in my stomach and, well, it's no secret, I'm a freakin' extrovert so I can't hold feelings inside (if only!). If we get into this house, it will be a nice reminder of what we went through to get it so I can be extremely grateful for it when that day hopefully comes!

So the last few nights I have gotten like 4 hours of sleep tops. It takes me forever to fall asleep and then if I get woken up I can't fall back asleep. The first night it was excitement. We had just seen the house and I really wanted it. It was also a little bit of worry. Worry that someone else would beat us to it. Then since Saturday I literally have had a constant knot in my stomach!!

So today our offer was accepted! Usually you'd be thrilled right? Well, that is when you put your offer in knowing that you're truly preapproved! Because of the credit issue, our mortgage guy decided to go ahead and give us a letter of preapproval based on the fact that Phil's credit score will probably be fine. Probably. The definition of probably is not guaranteed. This means that potentially something COULD go wrong! I am not a mortgage guy so I have no idea what the probability of something going wrong is. For all I know we're TOTALLY fine, but I am not certain.

Maybe this will help explain the knot in my stomach. Today the real estate agent called and he was really excited for us because this house's resale value in this market alone (as low as it is right now) according to the other houses in that neighborhood of the same size is 30-50,000 more than what we are paying! If we recarpeted and repainted we could EASILY resale it for at least 10,000 more alone. We're not going to resale it for a really really long time. I mean this house could end up being the house my kids grow up in! If we don't have anymore kids (which we don't plan on) then this house won't get too small for us. I mean yeah eventually we might want a nicer one, but my point is that paying this low means that when we get our college degrees we will still be paying such a small amount every month. So, basically we'd be getting a really really good house for the price!

If something happens, admittedly I will be really really really sad. I have the knot because I KNOW something COULD go wrong. I'm not naive! And in that case I'm SURE we'll find something else we love, but that means waiting even longer. It's ok. We will live. Let's just hope that it DOES work out!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tiny house update (but the house is still an acceptable size)

So do you all wanna hear something super fun?? (insert sarcastic tone). So...the bank hasn't been reporting our car loan to Phil's credit for the past 18 months! Awesome huh! So now we have to wait for them to fix this STUPID error before we can get preapproved. Boooooooo!!!! Otherwise my credit score was fine. I assume Phil's will be also. So that was a major plus!! One step closer to being homeowners! Wahoooo!!!!

*updated* Our real estate agent just got our mortgage guy to agree to preapprove us for the loan! So we put in an offer on the house! HOLY CRAP!!!

A little story

Tonight was an interesting night! My mother-in-law Cindy invited us to go look at houses with her. Because we were looking for houses in the same price range I figured it would be a great learning experience and we could see what is available in our price range. It ended up being all about us looking for a house and not her. Kind of funny! She still needs to sell her house in St. George before she can buy one up here. She did want to see what kind of houses she could get into up here too. So it was about her, but we ended up finding the perfect house and I wanted to share this story.

First of all, I don't have my hopes up. When it comes to buying a house, I know that it takes a lot of time, you don't walk into the house you want on the first try! I know that a lot still needs to happen before it is even close to official, but knowing that this is the kind of house we can find made me SO happy!

Ok on to the story.

So we started at this big, but pretty old house. One that would totally need a roof replacement. It had a gravel roof. No thanks! So, that put my hopes kind of low right off the bat; The second one didn't have enough bedrooms; the third needed some repairs and was doable, but only had one bathroom; the fourth was beautiful, but we'd have to bring down the price by a lot and it wasn't guaranteed we'd be able to, plus it was in a kind of bad neighborhood; the fifth smelled WAY too strong like smoke; the sixth was awesome. Loved the floor plan (one of my favorite floor plans), but we'd have to bring down the price, and it was off a busier street (7000 s. at close to 5600 w.). By this point the kids were getting sick of being in the car, we were getting tired (well Cindy was getting tired) and Phil was done too. But there was ONE more house that I REALLY wanted to see. I had seen it online, but it didn't have any pictures of the inside. There were a few more houses that he had prepared for us to see, but we were going to cut it short. We were SO close to that last one I wanted to see I just wanted to head over there quick because it was already priced in our price range and it had 4 bedrooms.

So we pull up to the house. It's situated at the back of a cul de sac. One HUGE thing checked off my ideal list. The front yard doesn't look like a haunted waste land, check. The porch was perfect for placing pumpkins for trick or treaters, check. We walk in, though it's a split entry, it has a nice open floor plan, check. The lights get turned on and it's so bright and inviting and warm. The carpet doesn't need to be replaced before we move in, check (though we will replace it eventually). Big backyard, check. On top of that as an added bonus it has a fire pit, a cute little deck for eating breakfast outside or watching the sunset. It's spacious enough to have a family party, a one car garage, and for some reason a slide in the backyard. Ummmm could I fall any more in love with this house?? Not to mention it was in a nice looking neighborhood where the yards were well kept! Wahoo! So yeah. This was totally the one! It had every single thing I wanted in a house.

I was very surprised to find a house that had everything on my check list.

Now here's the weird part. We went into the house and left Cindy and the kids in the car. While we were inside (already thinking this was the one) Cindy walked in with Nate and said "when we were in the car Nate said 'this is my house'" What the??? How crazy is that?? So if we DO end up moving into that house, we can always tell the story of how Nate said it was his house.

So, us, not knowing anything about buying a house, and not originally going into this like we were planning to buy a house right away, were not preapproved for a loan yet. So now we are going to do it ASAP because we want to make an offer! I already knew our price range because America First has a mortgage calculator where you can enter your gross earnings and it tells you an estimate on how expensive of a house you can buy. And after we looked at it, I calculated how much our monthly payments will be and it is the same as what we were paying for rent in our old place (including the insurance and taxes!). Of course the utilities will be more expensive than an apartment, but we're ready for that.

Anyway IF anything happens, you will be hearing about it, but I'm not getting my hopes up until it's official. We might take our time searching for houses too and this just got the ball rolling, but now I know what we can get so I'm pretty happy about that! Yay!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Making Strides Against.....capitalism.

I just have to vent a little bit here. This is going to be a little political and I realize not everyone is going to agree with me and that's fine I don't care, if I don't have an outlet for this, I might pop!

Every year my work gets involved in a walk called Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Don't get me wrong, I am ALLLLL for curing cancer! I am totally on board with that! What I am NOT on board with is a company MAKING MONEY off of cancer! Confused? Maybe this picture will clear things up:

Anyone catching the irony here? 

I'm not going to get into the studies that prove that a vegan diet can cure, reverse, and prevent cancer. If you're interested in information on that you can watch "Forks over Knives" on Netflix, listen to Tony Robbins, watch "The Beautiful Truth" and if you think it's all a hoax, maybe you could consider the millions of dollars that the meat and dairy industry makes and their ties to the government (specifically the FDA) and then maybe you'll understand. But this isn't a campaign to eat vegan. I don't even eat vegan. Food preferences are linked to the emotional center of your brain and getting someone to change their diet is a lot like trying to tell someone to stop kissing their lover. But you HAVE to see the irony of that picture! How can you not? 

What kind of foundation that claims to be devoted to saving your health would partner with KFC??????? Are they REALLY after a cure? Or are they after money? 

I am sure that the Susan G Komen foundation has donated a large sum of money to cancer research. I don't doubt that, but if there was a cure for cancer the Susan G Komen Foundation would be no more. 

So no. I will not participate in a race for the cure. I will not donate to a foundation that makes money off of cancer. Because I believe in the cure. I believe that the suffering can end, but that won't happen till the greed ends. 

Though I personally don't have an immediate family member that has suffered from cancer, I love and care for all of my friends who have been directly affected by cancer. And in respect of you and your loved ones, I will not give my money to a foundation that gives false hope. And I will continue to be vegetarian so that much less money can go towards the meat industry. The industry that I personally believe is the cause of cancer. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Please do not touch.

Moms out there, have you ever had a day where you feel like every inch of skin you have on your body has been grabbed, scratched, pinched, stepped on, had a 20 pound body rolled over, hit, had tiny feet dug into, and you just can't take any more touching? 

You know these days. The days where a ride in the car is like a blissful vacation, where you have to lock the door to the bathroom and all you can feel is grateful for some alone time. And on these days you're watching the clock tick by waiting for the two most wonderful words the English language has ever put together in one phrase: bed time. But then you remember that you have a nearly 11 month old baby that has no concept of bed time. That's just a time that they fall asleep...which is not always the time you want them to fall asleep because you're a sympathetic mother that can't stand the desperate cry of your sweet little baby who doesn't understand why you're leaving her in a room by herself. So the abuse continues until you see your baby in the most beautiful form that a baby can ever be seen in. The one where the eyes are closed and the body is temporarily paralyzed. And the touching finally finally finally stops. And you can sit alone in peace and silence. Sweet sweet silence. 

Yeah today was one of those days. 

What is with tiny fingernails anyway? No matter how close to the skin you cut them, it still feels like a cat clawing up your leg whenever they come in contact. And the day after they're cut it's like your baby went to the nail salon in the middle of the night without you knowing and before you know it, you're the victim of a suspected fight with a baby tiger that escaped from the zoo.  

On a totally different subject, Phil and I have officially decided to stay in Utah and buy a house. If we move out of state then school will be more expensive until we become residents and it's just better if we can go to school here and just finish completely (four year degree finish) then decide what we want to do. Which may just be to stay here in Utah. Since I work for an airline, it's like we're close to everything. Phil's mom is going to move up to Salt Lake now so we're close to even more family members here. At least more immediate family members. The places we were going to move would be closer to Phil's family, but I think we all can agree that we're surrounded by more here. I mean I have three siblings and their families and both of my parents are here. And now Phil's mom will be here permanently. The only ones we're missing is Phil's dad and brother. And they'll never live in the same place (because James will never move back to NJ). Maybe some day we can be convincing enough to get Phil's dad to move out here. If anything (God forbid) happens to Phil's step mom, I'm sure that he probably would move here. In fact, I'm sure if he could, he would move out here now. Not necessarily because he loves Utah, but because he only has his sister out there. I'm sure he'd rather live around his grandkids. But his wife also has grandkids out there. 

I love Phil's extended family a lot, but they're just that, extended family. Extended family, no matter how close, is never like your immediate family. Because Phil's mom will live here, his brother can come to us for the holidays. I want Nate and Audrey to grow up around their cousins like I wasn't able to. I want their grandparents to be a huge part of their lives which they weren't so much for me (even though they only lived an hour away). 

Anyway that's what we've decided to do for now. Maybe once we graduate a job opportunity will come up and we will move, but we're excited for our next adventure. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Decade

I've always thought 9/11 is my JFK shooting, Challenger explosion, Pearl Harbor. It's the thing my kids are going to say "do you remember that day?" and I'm going to say "I could never forget that day." And I'm going to tell them this story:

I walked in to my 9th grade Spanish class. It was my first class of the day and the TV was on. My first thought was that the teacher was watching the news before class and was just really into the story that was on and didn't want to turn it off. Class started shortly after and she didn't turn it off. A plane had crashed into a tall building in New York City. Me, being young and naive, said to the class, "maybe it was an accident". Then a few minutes later the second plane hit and someone goes "do you still think it's an accident?" ...Nope. We watched in horror. We watched both of the towers fall. After that we turned the TV off and talked. What did this mean? Who did this? Why did they do this? As the day went on no one could not talk about it. 

At one point they announced that all planes in the US were ordered to be grounded. But my parents were sitting in the airport in Washington state when the news hit. They were supposed to fly back to Utah that day (what are the odds?) What did that even mean for me? This was before there was texting, before I had my own cell phone. I'm not even sure if my parents had a cell phone. I had to wait till I got home to find out that they had a rental car and were driving back with my grandma. 

I came home to an empty house. The only thing on TV was the attacks. The dust filling up New York City, the people jumping off the buildings, the city being evacuated, Osama Bin Laden. Not that this is that significant, but me and my best friend got in a fight that day because of some stupid boy that neither of us care about now, my other best friend was out of town, and I was the only kid left at home because all of my siblings had already moved out. I felt so alone. My parents got home in the middle of the night some time. They were very worried about me. 

It's interesting to think back on the last 10 years and see how different it is and to see how much more 9/11 effects me now than it did then. To me, NYC was the place that Friend's was set in. I didn't know anyone from there, I had never been there. I didn't know anyone who was directly affected by it. 

Now I've seen where they once stood. I haven't visited the memorial yet because I was getting my marriage license while my family went to see it. But I'll be in NYC probably 2, maybe 3 times before the end of the year so I am going to make it a point to go see it. 

I'll never forget. 

Crafts, the fair, vampires...and other boring Eger stuff... :D

Is it just me? Or is that one cute almost 11 month old?? I think so! Just wanted to point that out

So we haven't been up to very much around these parts. Honestly, do you want to hear the honest truth? I only tell you because I trust that you will take this information and not pass judgments. I got caught up in watching the TV series Angel on Netflix. Yeah. I was obsessed with it in junior high and I started watching it initially because I was like "oh this will be fun reminiscing" and then I got full blown 100% into it again. So much so that I'm actually thinking in one of the character's English accent. And yes, I'm completely in love with David Boreanaz again (shh don't tell Phil...or my friend Ashlie who will try to make fun of me for it....but in a super annoying "why am I even friends with you?" kind of way...which is why we never get together by my choice). But thanks to wikipedia talking about his marital infidelities, I don't believe my crush will go any further than the character he plays...sigh...I guess I'll never get my chance to be with a sexy vamp....and for the RECORD! Angel was around far before any of those gay twilight fairies (I can use the word gay because one of my best friends is gay....I hope you know that was a sarcastic comment). So because apparently I have something to prove, here are the top 5 reasons why Angel is better than Twilight:
1-Stephanie Myers Barfface was probably influenced by Buffy/Angel to write her stupid stories in the first place.

2-Angel saves the world like 10 times. 

3-Angel gets in direct sunlight and he burns. Forced to save the world in the dark! What does that fairy Edward do? Glitter? Do you know who else loves glitter? Trannies!

4-Pregnant vampires? Do you know who thought of that one? Joss Whedon! Stephanie Barfface, you're so unoriginal! 

5-Angel falls in love with Buffy, a slayer, a tough girl who fights off evil confidently and alone, he also falls for Cordelia, also a world saver. Who does Edward fall for? Some submissive little twiggy girl who can't even fight her own battles. 

There. Hahahah! Ok so I don't know that much about Twilight. Still Angel totally kicks Twilight's butt!! 

Ok I totally got off track there. So yeah I've been watching Angel. That's why I haven't updated my blog. Like you don't have your guilty pleasure! 

On a totally different note, I've been getting a little crafty. is my friend. Too many craft ideas! So I stumbled on this little paper flower ball thing. Can't remember what it's called and I don't feel like looking up the link (sorry). I thought, hey, I'll make this while I'm watching Angel. I have all this white paper lying around, why the heck not? So I started it and realized, oh my goodness, I still do not have a star for my Christmas tree. This is perfect! 

I made this big one first, but I couldn't find my glue gun. It took forever for the glue I had to glue it, but it was a really nice and strong glue. Then I bought a double sided tape dispenser.......bad idea. It didn't work. SO I caved and bought a cheap glue gun. Definitely the best kind of glue for these things! Anyway so far I've made three, I've finished my Christmas star one and learned that I will never paint one ever again. And I LOVE it all glittered! A few people told me I should sell them...I just might. They're pretty fun to make. Time consuming to say the least, but I can work on them while I'm working. I'm thinking of remaking my star with already gold paper then glittering it. I think it will look better that way. The paint crinkled up my paper a bit. 

Moving along. We also went to the fair today. My MIL wanted to go. It was pretty fun. I liked the art exhibit. I hated the cattle and other animal exhibit....I mean yeah it's cool to see some animals and all, but this was like "see, look at how much we don't care about these animals. We're just exploiting them and eating them later". I mean those poor cow lady parts! They've probably pushed out 10 babies. They're like the Duggar mom, but by force (milk cows are always pregnant so they produce milk). Then at the end of the building they had beef recipes! A little disturbing to say the least! If I'm going to eat animals, I don't want to look them in the eye before doing so....of course I don't want to eat animals anyway (I honestly could care less if you do though. Don't think I judge meat eaters). 

But I'm tired so no more talking for me just look at pictures of awesomely cute kids. 

I seriously love this one. The face they're both making cracks me up! LOVE THEM!!!

Nate LOOOOVED this slide!

I just love her from every angle

And now a few not fair related pictures: 

Look at those top teeth. Top teeth=OUCH!!! Hurts a hell of a lot more when she bites my nips now!

Lastly, Nate cracks me up. He wrote his name and goes "look mommy! It says Nathan!!!" And it's spelled Naten. Like he spelled his name the other way then just added an N! So funny!!!

He also wrote his whole alphabet: 

I love how the C, J, and Z are backwards! too funny! I know the fact that this magnadoodle is a little old makes it hard to see some of the letters, but they're all there. 

He is one smart little boy. He retains information like a sponge retains disgusting bacteria! haha! He may be smart, but his preschool has been having a tough time with him. He's not rebellious on purpose. He doesn't do things even though he knows they're wrong, he does then because he really wants to. He's a little too impulsive. Like the other day when he ran across the street to the park and I didn't even hear the door open. He's a little TOO independent. We're actually going to have him evaluated next month. Not really sure what the evaluation is going to do, but hopefully we can get some tips on how to maintain his impulsivness and, you know help him be less Curious George-like. And you wonder why I say I'm surprised he hasn't broken a bone or killed himself. 

That's all the excitement for now. Goodnight!