Sunday, October 30, 2011

Paint paint paint!!

The last two days we've spent the entire day painting. Here is what we've accomplished:

The living room.

The green in this hallway was already here (not on the last pic. We color matched some paint.) The ivory color was all us.

Our room is the same ivory color on the right and a deep purple/maroon color. It looks SOOOO pretty!! This pic is lit more yellow than it really is.

Audrey's pink room. Only that one wall and the window seat are dark pink. The light pink is REALLY light. I didn't want it to be too overwhelming.

I LOVE that window seat!

And Nate's blue room. I'm going to paint white clouds and an airplane on the right with a runway on the shelf. Then a train on both sides of the window and a train track on the shelf :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2 days!!!!

Two more days till we're homeowners! HOLY COW!!! So so so excited!!!!! Guess what I did today:

Picked out carpet, paint colors, and a new kitchen faucet!! SO EXCITED!!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I need help!

Today my car wouldn't start so I had to get Phil to drive home from work and I had to drive him back, drop him off, then take Nate to school. So since he was late I had to go inside. I talked to the director about some of the issues that Nate has been having and we've determined that it is definitely not a behavioral problem. In fact, we agree that he never does things on purpose to be bad or mean. The problem is communication. So this is where I need help. I have no idea where to go from here!

I've probably mentioned before that Nate has been really slow with his abstract thinking. I mean really slow. He should definitely not be this behind. He is very smart when it comes to memorization, art, etc. But he cannot answer a why question. His language and communication is very very black and white. He asks the same questions over and over. He often will ask a question wanting a specific answer, but when he doesn't get the answer he wants instead of asking it in a different way he will ask the same question. I kept thinking that this was something he would grow out of, but he should be grown out of this by now. So because he doesn't think abstractly enough to get the results he wants or to express his feelings, he will either have a tantrum, or get frustrated. So this communication problem masks itself as a behavioral problem.

Part of the reason I decided to let him to go preschool was in hopes that this problem would be resolved. I was thinking maybe it was because he wasn't around other kids enough, or maybe preschool would ask him the right questions to get his brain turning. I am so glad that I have sent him to preschool though because it has helped us figure out what the real issue is. The reason we get frustrated with him and hopefully we can find the answer. I just don't even know where to go. I just don't even know what kind of specialist can help with these types of things. Who can go inside his brain and make it think the correct way? Is it something I've done wrong? Is it something he'll grow out of? I just don't even know where to start! If anyone has heard of anything like this, or knows someone who has please let me know!! Thanks!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Happy Happy!

So a lot of good things are happening all around!! Audrey had her happy first birthday, Nate had an evaluation this week that had happy news and, best of all, next week we will officially be (happy) home owners!!!

I can't believe it's really happening!!

So first of all my baby turned one! Like all parents say: this year went by sooooooo fast!!!

She turned one and I SWEAR overnight she literally turned into a one year old. She just started acting older. She doesn't crawl at ALL anymore, she is talking a little more (kind of). She is more playful and plays peekaboo and her binky game, and even though she played before it's like now all of the sudden it's more thought out and mature. Last night was really cute because Phil sang the ABCs to her and she made movements with her hand and grabbed his hand so he would sign it then her little hand was moving like she was trying to do it too. It was so dang cute!!!

She is growing up so fast! I'm really loving it, but at the same time she's getting to the stage where she isn't sweet and innocent anymore. Now she does things that she knows are wrong, she does things to get reactions out of Nate. It's really quite cute, but can be frustrating. She's also really sensitive to the word no haha! I sure love her!!

This is what it's like trying to take her picture now haha! She climbed up here by herself.

This is what happens when I tell her no.

She loves spaghetti!

Man I love her!!

On to the next topic: Nate's evaluation.

I haven't wanted to talk about this, but now that it's over and I know I'm not crazy, it's a lot easier. So Nate had a rough start to preschool. Learning his boundaries and working with a controlled group for the first time. He's doing a lot better but his school suggested we have him evaluated for (they didn't say this, but I know it was what they were implying without actually saying it) ADD. So we did. And guess what, he's totally normal. He is a little impulsive and the teacher acts like he can't stay focused on one activity for very long, but it's not to the point of a diagnosis. I have had a feeling that he would be labeled with ADD because it is so incredibly common for kids to be labeled with it these days I wanted to get this evaluation so that when he goes to school I can tell them he doesn't have it. I'm not going say he's so intelligent that he's bored because I don't think that's the only thing. I mean yeah they're learning stuff that he already knows, but that doesn't mean anything.

Ok so the happy news is that the place that had him evaluated has a free service where someone goes out to the child's school to help them be successful. So we're going to do that! Yay! And just look at how cute and grown up this little dude is:

Lastly the house! Next Friday it will be official!! I can't even believe that we went house shopping not even planning to get a house right away and we ended up finding the one. It was the last house, we weren't even going to look at it, but I just really wanted to for some reason. I walked through the front door and felt like I walked through a sheet and it took me back a little and I immediately knew it was the one. Before I had even seen most of the house! And Nate even said "this is my house!"

I haven't wanted to talk about how strong the feeling was because it wasn't official, but it was really really strong. It wasn't just "oh yeah I like this house" it was a distinct "this is the one" and I had to hold back from blurting it out because I hadn't even see the whole thing! I'm just really happy with the way things have turned out. I'm sure we definitely would have qualified for a house before, but the time wasn't right. House prices have dropped so much. 2 years ago this house sold for 40,000 more than what we're paying. So we just feel really lucky and happy it all is going well. Now on to the painful task of moving ugh!!!! But it's the last time for a LOOOONG time!!!! Wahooooo!!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Short NJ Trip...and a house update.

So I was going to post this a week ago, but the pictures weren't uploading correctly. So basically there are less pics on here than originally intended, but I need to post this so it will be in chronological order haha!

Over the weekend we went to New Jersey. It was awesome as always! We had to take a connecting flight there and then take the trains. We have pretty much decided that we are not ever going to take the train again. If Phil's dad wants to see us then he can sacrifice and come pick us up at the airport, or he can pay for us to fly into Newark! (this has been a BIG issue and it really pisses us both off, but I'm really not going to get into it, just know that it is a HUGE issue that I could go on for PAGES about! Let's just say not everyone parents the way I would parent. Or the way my parents would parent. Or Phil's mom...)

ANYWAY so we got in on Friday night. The wedding was the next day and Phil's dad babysat the kids for us so we got to spend the day together which was pretty awesome!! The wedding was in the presbyterian church that Phil used to go to. As a teenager he was involved in the youth group there even though he was LDS haha! So it was fun to tour a building that was such a big part of his life and I even recognized where a lot of the pictures were taken. It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony. Short and sweet and really great!

The Happy Couple

Phil and his (older) brother James

Phil, James, Grandma Seeland (Phil's mom's mom), and Phil's cousin Alayna (she snuck in haha!) 

Phil, Cindy (their mom), James 

Maddy is the bride and she is Phil's cousin. She is the daughter of Cindy's older brother. (if you were wondering).

After the wedding there was a couple hours in between so we checked into the hotel. Grandma reserved us all rooms because the wedding was at the hotel. That was AWESOME! I love love loved having our own hotel room and having it where the party was. Best idea EVER! The reception started at 6 with a cocktail hour which is pretty much where there were a bunch of stations of appetisers and an open bar for the alcoholics (lol). The food was incredible. Then the reception was a lot of dancing, dinner, having fun, etc. I'm sure you don't need details, but basically, East Coast weddings are amazing! Reminded me of my New Jersey reception!

Phil's best friends Forrest and Brandon (they're brothers) came to our hotel to hang out after the reception for a couple of hours because it would be the only time we could see them. Then as they were leaving James stumbled by COMPLETELY drunk! I had NEVER seen him like that! It was HILARIOUS! Good thing Nate had no idea what was going on! He just thought Uncle James was REALLY fun! The best quote of the night was: "WOW NATE! I LOVE those pajamas! They are SOOO AWESOME! I wanna wear those pajamas. And I don't want Kirsten to hate me for wearing them!" then I was like "should I take a picture of them to show her and he laughed REALLY hard and said yes! The next day I asked and he didn't remember loving his pajamas that much! haha! And by the way, Kirsten is his wife. She's my favorite! I freaking LOVE her!

Anyway the next day we hung out at Robin and Paul's house and then we drove back to the airport. Like I said, short trip. I got a few cool pictures along the drive. I love how different the scenery is!

And for a quick house update:

The loan has been submitted to the underwriters. They're the ones that give final approval. So far everything looks fine so hopefully they approve us! We found out that our house payment is going to be 150 less than we were estimating which is pretty dang freaking awesome! It's going to be 706 at the current interest rate so hopefully it doesn't go up (maybe it will go down! haha that would be awesome!). So we are SUPER stoked about that! Just keep hoping that everything turns out well! My parents decided to pay for us to get the whole house carpeted instead of going on a vacation with them so that was exciting news for us! And we found out that Phil's grandma gives a gift to the grandkids when they buy a house so we don't have to buy a fridge which is a HUGE relief for us as well! So things are looking up! We also found a replacement for renters in the place we're at currently so that made me happy too! Just keep praying for good news!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Holy hair!

I came across a picture of Nate at about Audrey's age and was actually surprised at how bald he was! 

See? Look at this baby's gorgeous locks! (lol)

Now look at this baldy dude!  

Now he has more hair than he knows what to do with! Aw I miss my baby Natey!

It's so weird how different they are! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Audrey's 11 months!

My mind has been so preoccupied with this house business that I forgot to post when Audrey turned 11 months!  

This cute little button turned 11 months on September 18th. This picture is from her actual 11 month birthday :D 

She has been up to a lot lately. I'm going to update her as of right now and some of these things are new developments, but she's still in her 11th month so it still counts. Here's what Audrey's been up to lately: 
  • She walks! Most of the time now. This is a very recent development. I mean she's been taking steps for a long time and standing on her own, but now she stands up and actually walks around instead of crawls. She still crawls a lot, especially if there's something in her way.
  • She stands up from a sitting position. Often times she'll do that before grabbing my legs which is a small improvement. It's a little better than having her pull herself up on my legs. haha! But she doesn't need to pull herself up onto furniture any more.
  • She puts things in cups. Yesterday I noticed her grabbing small things off the floor and putting them in a cup. She also puts cups inside each other. I know that seems small, but it's a significant developmental sign. 
  • She is still SUCH a momma's girl! Crazy momma's girl! Parts of me like it, and other parts wish she would just accept me putting her down without crying about it (depends on her mood). If it was up to her she'd sit on my lap all day. Like she is right now. Anyone have tips on how to get her to not be so clingy?  I'm not used to it cause Nate was not clingy at all. I know it's healthy, but it gets old. 
  • She is really sensitive. I think she's like me in that she doesn't like to disappoint people maybe? I was really sensitive like that when I was a baby. I tell her no no and it can be in the nicest tone and she gets all upset over it. It makes me laugh! 
  • She's a really really happy baby! She laughs at everything. I can just look at her and she'll laugh. It's so easy! 
  • She loves bath time! 
And here are some pics for you to enjoy haha! 
Bathy time!


walk walk walk

Someone loves Bananas!

So here's some good house news! The bank finally submitted everything to the credit bureau! So my mortgage guy is going to pull both of our credit scores again tomorrow, but I called my bank today to see if I could find out what it was. Of course they wouldn't give it to me unless I was applying for a loan (which I totally think the should give it to me after all the crap I went through) and he said to look at it online. I asked him if it was safe cause I've heard that looking at your credit goes against the score, but he said it was safe. My guess is that if someone has to look at it professionally then it can go against your score for a few reasons, but just looking at the score only, not a detailed report, then I guess it's safe.

So I looked up Phil's score and it was above the amount that it needed to be! Wa Freakin' hoo!! I'm still not going to get my hopes up too high until I hear it from the person that is actually giving us the loan, but I'm feeling pretty good about it. Of course we could still get denied for some other reason, but he acted like it was only depending on that score. So cross your fingers!