Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I wanted to decorate for Christmas now even though it's a little early because I am just so dang thrilled that I have a place to put all my decor! It is a regular home for Christmas! No makeshift half effort of decorating anymore! I really cannot express my gratitude and excitement!!

When you have a one year old you have to be creative with your placement. So the angel is up on high :). I LOVE that I have a place like that to put it!!!

You have to be able to see the tree out the front window!!

I made that Santa!

I'm so glad I found a place for the nativity where the kids can't mess with it!!

Yeah I really need to finish Audrey's!!

Nate wanted to help. He put that bottom gold one on completely by himself!

Yeah I had to put that music box of carolers up where Audrey couldn't get it. She already broke 2 things off!! So it's new home is on top of the lamp lol!

Monday, November 21, 2011

*Warning* I'm about to complain (haha)

Just thought I'd give a warning cause if you're not the type that likes to read about other's misfortunes, then you don't have to (hahahaha).

Sometimes I hate holidays with my family. I mean, I love them a lot and I always have fun, but it can be SO ANNOYING! I honestly hate the idea of Thanksgiving sometimes. I mean, I love what it really means, but I don't love what people celebrate. Calling Thanksgiving "Turkey Day" is just as bad and calling Christmas "Santa Day". Do we celebrate Thanksgiving for the Turkey only? We're freaking AMERICAN'S. We live in a first world country. It's the easiest place on earth to always be fed, clothed, and have a roof over your head. So obviously we have a LOT to be thankful for and what do we do? We think about the stupid Turkey. Ok ok yeah the whole forgetting to be thankful thing is not the REAL reason why it annoys me. The real reason is that if we don't eat meat DON'T BUG US!!! It's the third freaking Thanksgiving we have had where we haven't eaten the Turkey. GET OVER IT! They act like we've developed a drug addiction and need intervention. Last time I checked, being vegetarian isn't a BAD thing. We don't push our vegetarianism on ANYONE at ALL. EVER! If someone decided not to eat sugar no one would condem them for not eating the pie!

Yeah I expected it the first Thanksgiving, but this is the third one and we still get abused for it? Just let it go. Let it be. Don't even think twice about it. Don't mention it, don't worry about it, just accept the fact that it is what it is. Because giving us a hard time, even if it's just teasing, is old. It's annoying. I don't want to defend something that is completely moral and fine.

I am also not looking forward to Thanksgiving. At all. For one, I had my Thanksgiving already. We switch famillies every year and this year is an in-law year so we had Thanksgiving with my family yesterday (hence the abuse). And now I would really like to skip this Thursday. Let's go straight to the next holiday being my birthday. Yes. The order of holidays in my house is Halloween, Thanksgiving, My Birthday, then Christmas. Sure we do Christmasy things and my birthday, but it's still the next on the list.

Why you ask? Is it because I don't want the abuse again? Well, no...and yes. I'm not going to be abused for my vegetarianism, but that certainly doesn't mean I won't endure some kind of abuse. It will be the first Thanksgiving in our home. That part is exciting, but it's who I have to spend it with. And I'm really not looking forward to seeing this person. Because this person no longer lives up here, so it's not that I have to deal with them for a few hours then it's over. No. I have to provide a place for this person to stay. And because they have to spend so much time at my house, I get to hear every little thing that's wrong with it. And I get to be annoyed constantly. So when people asked if it was harder or easier for this person to live up here I would say it was easier because I had to deal with them for shorter quantities of time. Which is preferrable. Because when I have to see them for more than an hour or two at a time...it get's ugly. So, shoot me now please. So that I don't have to be here during the holiday. Thank you!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Demanding children

I can tell this move has been a somewhat difficult adjustment for my kids. For Nate I can tell that he feels less in control here. He has new rules to follow and he sees us doing things around the house and wants to do them too. So there is a lot of telling him no going on and us getting mad at him and he doesn't understand why so he's been acting out more, getting upset, and wanting control over everything whether it makes sense or not. Like if he wants to be the one to give me something and he doesn't get the chance I have to give it back just for him to hand it right back to me. Or another example, yesterday he wanted to give me a bottle of tums and I told him to leave it there and he was like "no I want to give it to you" so I realized it was more than just that he wanted to give it to me he wanted control. So I let him give it to me and handed it right back to him and he put it right back. His behavior has really been testing my patience. And I have been failing miserably. But it's not his fault.

As for Audrey she has been wanting to nurse ALLLLLLL the time. It's not just for food. It's a comfort thing. I really really want to cut back, but to do so right now would be harder on her than waiting till we can get settled into a routine and she gets used to it.

So when you're a mom moving can be extra hard because you have to worry about your kids adjusting. It's making it take a billion times longer to get settled into a routine because they are so much more demanding I can't get everything unpacked and organized. I'll be glad once things can settle and normal life can resume.

On another note I painted the kitchen!

The ivory on the left started out being red and it looked AWFUL!!! the issue was that it clashed with the cabinets. The ivory looks WAAAYYY better! I was going to paint all the red, but when I got to this point I decided to leave that wall red and see how we like it. We're giving it a probation period. On the other hand I LOVE the teal!!! Love love love it! Here are some more pics of it

There will be more decorations on this wall eventually

Looking into the kitchen. The light makes the green look different. I'm a little worried about it clashing, but I think as I get more decorations in the kitchen it will make more sense. Oh btw I painted that pic that's in the kitchen.

I love the ivory and teal together

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I started this post on 11/11/11, but got too busy to finish till now

In celebration of the fact that I am living on 11/11/11 (who WOULDN'T want to celebrate?) I thought I'd write 11 lists of 11 things about 11 different topics.

  • 11 Things about Phil
  1. His New Jersey accent only comes out when he's angry
  2. He started losing hair because of a medication he had to take when he was 17 and hasn't lost any at all since I've known him haha.
  3. He can play any instrument as long as he knows where the notes are
  4. He can't site read music, he does everything by ear and knowledge of music theory. .
  5. He can listen to a song and tell you the chord progression and what other songs have the same chord progression (it's crazy!) he can also tell me what note I'm singing and when I'm flat (drives me crazy haha).
  6. He is 6 foot 3! 
  7. He dropped out of high school and started going to college.
  8. He has an associates degree in recording arts from a college in Florida.
  9. He loves to watch documentaries.
  10. He constantly listens podcasts and audio books while he's working and not music. He can learn and memorize by listening unlike most people who are visual. (don't really know if it's most people, just seems to be that way). 
  11. Before we had kids he wanted a little girl so bad. He picked out the name Audrey when he was in high school :D.
  • 11 Things about Krista
  1. I love to dance
  2. I am a home birth advocate, but I'm not against hospital birth. I do believe that home birth is better than hospital birth especially if you like having choices, but I don't judge women wherever they want to give birth.
  3. I always wanted to work for an airline because I loved our annual vacations so much as a child I wanted to be able to take my kids to even more exciting locations.
  4. I still think about getting a career in the medical field one day. I miss it.
  5. I have a very limited taste in music. Seriously. 
  6. I inherited a lot of my grandma's furniture because I was really the only one who needed it and I can't even tell you how happy it makes me! 
  7. My hair is so so so straight. It's kind of ridiculous! I do wish it had a little curl in it. Audrey has the exact same hair.
  8. I don't like buying decorations from the store because I feel like I should make it.
  9. I really like my birthday
  10. I haven't watched a TV show while it was airing in several years (minus when I've flown on JetBlue haha)
  11. I used to dislike the fall, but fell in love with it when I found out I was pregnant with a fall baby.
  • 11 Things about Nate
  1. He loves his ABC's
  2. He can read simple words and spell them and even read when I sign the letters to him
  3. He LOVES the train tracks
  4. Every time we get on a train he thinks we're going to see Gramps
  5. He loves to fly and knows what the jetBlue logo says
  6. He is not shy at all. He makes friends very easily
  7. He loves to color and make art
  8. He loves to take baths and sometimes stays in the tub for an hour just playing.
  9. He's a really good swimmer
  10. When Audrey was really little he was never mean to her  (only when she started threatening his things or his space).
  11. He loves to give snugs and kisses
  • 11 Things about Audrey
  1. She is very attached to me
  2. She loves the boobies
  3. She is very snuggly
  4. She has so much beautiful hair on her head (compared to Nate at her age).
  5. She crawls up and down stairs with ease. I don't even have to put a gate up.
  6. She's still a binky baby
  7. She is pretty big for her age
  8. She likes to play with bigger kids
  9. She has way more stranger anxiety than Nate ever has
  10. She has green eyes :D
  11. Her favorite toy is a truck :D 
  • 11 Things I love about our new house
  1. How much space we have. it's double what we've ever had before. instead of 1 living room, 2 bedrooms we have 2 living rooms and 4 bedrooms!
  2. The kitchen has plenty of cabinet space and room to move around.
  3. The windows in the basement let in a ton of light.
  4. It's very bright, warm, and open feeling
  5. The bathroom is the biggest bathroom we've had
  6. There's a window in the shower. I don't know why, but I just really love that.
  7. Garage space. So nice to have a garage for once. Even though it's only 1 car sized
  8. There's a linen closet. Sounds stupid but I've never had a real one!
  9. There are two big trees one in the front and one in the back
  10. There's enough space that the kitchen table doesn't get used as a place to put stuff so it's much easier to eat at. 
  11. Our room is so big! 
  • 11 People who have impacted my life in a positive way (family not included).
  1. Heather Powell. We moved to college together, started adventures together, we can talk to each other about anything, she helped me decide it was the right time to have a baby, she picked an awesome boyfriend that gets along perfectly with my husband so we love to hang out together, and we always get along.
  2. Cynda Min. We met in college and have gone through the same experiences. We are always each other's shoulders to cry on and have so much in common. I could never get sick of her and her hilarious personality!
  3. Dannielle Nielsen. She was my dance teacher starting in 8th grade when I had a terrible self esteem. She gave me the confidence I needed to be a successful person. I will never forget what she has done for me!
  4. Whitney McNeil. She inspired me to have a home birth and she caught Audrey. She gave me the number 1 most incredible experience of my whole life. We are still such good friends and have kids the same age :D
  5. Nate Patten. He was Phil's best friend growing up and gave Phil someone to be hilarious with. I'm not sure if he would be as funny without Nate. He is where we got our son's name and he is one of my very best friends now. I talk to him more than Phil does. I just love him to pieces!
  6. Kelsi Gowers. She was my best friend in elementary. One of my only friends when I moved to my terrible new school (I seriously hated that school!) and she gave us a lease free place to live so we could get into this house. We have so much in common and can talk for hours. I love her so much!
  7. Barbara De Rosa. We met in high school and she opened my eyes to a world of music at a time when I needed something different. It was more than just music. She helped me develop into the person I wanted to be. The music gave me individuality that helped me break away from the norm and have courage to be who I wanted to be.
  8. Andee 'Otuafi. Her courageous adoption story has made me appreciate motherhood in a totally different way. I love seeing her being a mom now to her cute little daughter. She is one of the most amazing people I know!
  9. Annie Thomas. She was another best friend from college. She is an amazing example to me of unconditional love and happiness. Nothing could bring her down. She's a friend that I will be able to rely on my whole life.
  10. Tania Greenhalgh. I owe a lot to Tania! She was the right person for me at the right time in my life. I met her on the first day of middle school and I will never forget that day. She was another person who gave me confidence. She was the best friend I could ever ask for. I can't emphasize that enough. I'm so grateful for her! She is still a positive influence and we are still good friends. I sure do love her!
  11. Erika Polley. This one is funny because her little sister is my age and I never imagined that we would become such good friends. She impacts my life because she always gives me the absolute best parenting advice. She is literally the only person who has given me consistently good advice no matter what. She parents the way I want to parent and influences me to be a better mom. I am so grateful to know her!!!!!!
  • 11 people who call my mom and dad grandma and grandpa in order of age and who they belong to
  1. Destinee 11-My brother Matt
  2. Jordyn 10-My sister Shauna
  3. Brookie 9-Matt
  4. Brynn 8-My brother Ryan
  5. Trevor 7-Matt
  6. Jaci 7-Shauna
  7. Havynn 5-Ryan
  8. Drayson 4-Ryan
  9. Austin 4-Shauna
  10. Nate 3-Me
  11. Audrey 1-Me
  • 11 Places I have loved to visit
  1. Toms River, NJ
  2. New York, NY
  3. Fort Lauderdale, FL
  4. San Diego, CA
  5. Victoria, BC
  6. Lake Powell
  7. Jackson Hole, WY
  8. Washington DC
  9. Niagara Falls
  10. San Fransico, CA
  11. Crested Butte, CO
  • 11 of my favorite movies
  1. Crazy Stupid Love
  2. Dan in Real Life
  3. Garden State
  4. Just like Heaven
  5. Return to Me
  6. Juno
  7. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
  8. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  9. 13 Going on 30
  10. Slumdog Millionaire
  11. I Love You Man
  • 11 of my favorite TV shows (that I watch online haha)
  1. Bones
  2. Parks and Rec
  3. Modern Family
  4. How I Met Your Mother
  5. Big Bang Theory
  6. Parenthood
  7. The Office
  8. Yo Gabba Gabba
  9. Arrested Development
  10. Angel (purely for the eye candy)
  11. Boy Meets World
  • 11 pet peeves/complaints...I try not to complain too much, so why not?
  1. When Audrey wakes up right as I'm drifting off to sleep (seriously why can't she be like Nate was?)
  2. When people are rude when they're driving for no good reason
  3. People that call 1800JETBLUE and don't have their confirmation numbers ready and have a ridiculous last name that I can't understand and have to have them spell fifteen times
  4. When Nate pours out the soap into the bath tub
  5. When people complain on facebook and it's super vague and annoying
  6. When Audrey cries every single time I put her down
  7. When laundry piles up
  8. Not being able to find a binky
  9. When my phone dies in the middle of using it
  10. That the cord to my laptop stopped working
  11. That every time I get a new phone number I have to put it on the do not call list because billions of telemarketers call. UGH!
There. That's my 11 lists of 11 different topics with 11 things listed :D

Happy November!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Audrey Girl's little words

My daughter cracks. me. up! Let's talk about little Audrey for a moment. Being a mother of two, you think you know what to expect the second time around. And to a point, you really do. And then there's a whole other realm of personality and developmental differences that you could never plan for or expect. So lets go to the topic of differences that inspired this post today:

When Nate was 12 months he said lots of words: go (his first word), hi, bapa (grandpa), dada, bird, duck, whats that? (it sounded more like "whats ah?"), uh oh, and wow.

These are Audrey's words: mama, dada, up, help, and boob. Yes boob. LOL!

I can tell that moving and adjusting has been pretty rough on her. She has just been really clingy and pulls at my shirt all day saying "boob" haha. She is such a breast feeder! It's just a totally different experience because I never once have had to give her a bottle, but I worked outside the home with Nate and so it was easy for him to go to bottle only. With her, breastfeeding is the only thing she has done, which I am SUPER grateful for seriously. It's just funny to see the difference between an exclusively breastfed baby compaired to a bottle fed one (he was bottle fed breast milk for the first 8 months of his life and breastfed when I was home).

I love my little girl so much and our bond is very strong. Yes sometimes I wish she had a strong bond with someone else as well so she wouldn't follow me around all day when I'm trying to unpack and clean pulling at my pants, but I wouldn't trade our relationship for the world! She is my little sweet heart and I hope we can have a good relationship our whole lives.

I love being a mom!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I am amazed at how many blessings there are even when it seems like all hell is breaking lose!

So it has been one car problem after another. Well, first it was one car and now it's the other. Both issues with the batteries. What the crap? Seriously! So today I was trying to get Nate off to preschool. And the van wouldn't start so I ventured over to my neighbors to find out if they had jumper cables. He didn't, so we both went across the circle to another house. He didn't so we went next door to him. I ended up having three different neighbors helping jumpstart the van. And it wouldn't start. It sucked. Nate had to miss school once again :( :( :( because of stupid car problems!

So I called my mom crying because who else am I going to cry to? Well crying made my recently sore tooth even more sore. You see, a year ago I had a tooth on my left side fixed, but it still hurts when I chew some times so I've been chewing on my right side for so long that it caused issues with a tooth on that side now. So then I outwardly expressed how painful my stupid tooth was and had been the past two days. And so she calls my dad's best friend who is an endodontist to have him look at it today.

Then my neighbor knocks at my door because he found a car battery charger he forgot he had and thought we could give it a try. What a nice guy!

Then my mom picks me up, we rush to the office to get there for the appointment, he looks at it, yep! Root canal. Quickly rips my tooth apart, puts it back together, I go out to the desk and the receptionist goes "oh you're done, he's doing insurance only so you don't have to pay" ...crisis averted and an extremely grateful me.

I get home, the car had been charging for a good amount of time so we unhook it and try to start the van. It starts. NO WAY!!!! I was SURE it was going to have issues too!!!

I feel like everything is hitting all at once, but somehow keeps working itself out. I KNOW that this is where we are supposed to be right now. It's truly amazing how blessed I have felt recently. I definitely haven't done anything to deserve it!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First night!

Yeah I know I'm updating a TON about the house. I wish I could put into words how happy I am. We waited so long for this!!! I thought it was still years away! I'm just soooooo grateful!!!!! I just want to look back and remember all the details :)

Today the carpet was installed! It makes the house feel SOOO nice and new!!! We moved our bed in and I just have to say how NICE it is to have such a big room! It's the standard size, but we've been in a tiny bedroom since feb. It just makes it that much sweeter. Everything just makes me happier and happier! Knowing this is the last time in a LOOOONG time that we will be moving makes it easier! I hate moving! Who likes it anyway? It feels good though because we endured a lot of small space, annoying neighbors, having to turn our music down in fear of being annoying neighbors, making our living room our entertainment room, toy room, music room, etc and now we have a living room, a family room AND a music room. I just feel like I could go on forever about it! It just feels so freaking dang good!

So happy to be laying on my bed in my room in MY house!! sorry for the billion updates I just can't express my joy enough!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I'm awake and it's 6:10 in the morning. Not cool. But it's because my parents are in JFK waiting for their flight to Orlando. I'll feel better once I know they're on! But I know they will get on! I gave them a super pass to make their priority higher :). I'm so happy that they're using my benefits.

We were supposed to go with them. Instead the carpet is being installed today!! As much as I'd love to travel right now, I can't tell you how much more I want/need carpet!!! Last night we ripped it out ourselves (to save $170!!) and it. was. disgusting!!!! There was cat pee in the corner (shudder), the carpet was so old it cracked when it was rolled (I have to wonder if some of it was the original carpet from 1985. I know some of it was newer), and dust had formed underneath the padding. I'm SOOOOOO grateful we're getting carpet!!!! I had to paint this stuff called kilz that is supposed to seal the cat smell. Let's hope it works!!

I do wish my parents were here for just one or two days longer, but their trip was planned way before our house was!!!! Since we weren't planning to get a house till next spring I'm really glad it turned out this way so we could get carpet! Otherwise my parents would have bought us something else for Christmas and paid for this trip! So wahoo to that!

I'm very happy with our progress so far! We have been working our butts off non stop since Saturday! I have a ton to do today too! Packing, take Nate to school, clean up all the paint and tools, meet the carpet guys, but Phil's brother James is coming through town making his way back up to Victoria so we are gonna have some help moving which makes me super happy! And his mom is coming up so she can babysit! Hopefully we can get most of the stuff moved today, I'm just not looking forward to not having Internet till the 8th cause that means I'll have to drive to the center to work :( booo!! I'm definitely spoiled :D.

Anyway just wanted to document how things are coming with the house so I can remember. I'm very very sore and I'll definitely need to take a hot bath when I'm done haha!!