Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Here is my dilemma. The pictures are on my phone, but it's easier to type on my computer. So this is the reason I have put off updating about my kids, but I really need to for my own records sake. I know I can just get the pics from my camera to the computer, but it's a pain in the butt. For various reasons. BUT I figured out how to do it in a much easier and simple way. However, I'm lazy and don't feel like putting the pictures through out the post so they're all on the bottom (and I even tried to get a few that weren't posted on facebook. So you can feel special haha)

Moving along.

Nathan is 3 years 8 months old. Not sure on the height and weight, but he is taller and I think heavier than his two cousins which are 8 months and 1 year older than him. Well, he might be the same height as the one a year older than him. The funny thing is that I always thought he was short. Considering that Audrey is taller than him at their relative ages. But that's beside the point. He is growing nicely.

Nathan's most recent interests include watching marble run videos on youtube (that's been going on for months); train tracks (every time we drive over one he excitedly yells "train track!"), he is very interested in locomotion in general I would say; he loves to watch shows on netflix, his current favorites are Barney (blech) and Curious George, but he will watch any kid show pretty much; reading as much as he can; and playing the piano.

He has been going to preschool this year and has really enjoyed that. He is challenging to the teachers, but they said he is getting better. He is starting to grasp the concept that all letters aren't pronounced the same and he is getting better at reading. He is trying more and more to read a word without sounding out each individual letter so he will do it in his head and then say it out loud and sometimes because he tries to do it too fast he will pronounce it a little wrong, but for 3 years old, I am FAR from worried about it haha! Sometimes he'll pronounce a word wrong because it's a weird spelling and he'll get mad at me when I tell him the correct way to say it he'll "correct" me. I'm sure that the psychology behind it is that he wanted to get it right and when he doesn't he just wants it to be right anyway because he likes to get things right (don't we all?). He also has learned to play twinkle twinkle and ABC's on the piano. He loves to play the piano and will play that song since it's the only one he knows so far haha! We'll be teaching him more soon.

He is still a little behind in his language development. I am thinking of having him evaluated. It's not so much language as it is not understanding abstract concepts like why questions. If I ask him a why question, lets say "why do you like to eat candy?" he would answer something like this "because I like to eat it" ... yeah he doesn't get it haha. I try to say stuff like "Because it tastes yummy?" to help him understand the correct way to answer, but I know he'll catch up eventually. He says the most hilarious things all the time, obviously I can't remember them all, but I do write them down or text them to people. For example the other day I let him go out into our front yard while I was still getting stuff together to take him to school (I LOVE living in a circle and not worrying about my kids going out into the front yard!) and as I was putting Audrey in the car he told me he peed in the grass. What is with boys? You're out in nature and you encourage them to pee in the grass when a bathroom is no where in sight and then they want to do it every time they go out into their front yard...maybe it's just mine. So anyway when we got back home from preschool that day he fell asleep in the car and woke up when I got him out and the first thing he says is "I just peed in there" so I responded "in your pants?" and he goes "no just in the grass" and I go "haha you're funny" and in the most casual, a little tired voice he goes "no I'm just weird." hahahahahahaha! I love him!

Audrey is growing nicely as well. She still breast feeds and loves it (she loves it way more than I do haha). She is starting to be a lot more independent. She tries to eat like a big girl and if we are dipping our food in stuff then she has to too. Speaking of food, she love cheese (like LOVES it), and celery (she is not my daughter...), but she'll eat almost anything.

She has got such a huge personality. The funniest thing she does is when you ask her if she wants something she loves like her binky, boob (that's what she calls it), or cheese, she gasps! haha it's so cute! The best is when I walk out of my room when I'm done working and she sees me, gasps and runs over. She loves to look at herself in the camera or mirror and makes really funny/cute faces. She just gets so excited to see her (can't blame her, she is dang cute!). I took this video of her in the bath tub (which I would post if she wasn't nakey) where she was letting her feet slowly slide then she'd splash down look up at me and laugh. She loves to watch it and every time she laughs in the video she laughs really hard at herself. It's so cute!

She is way behind Nate in how many words he said at this age, but she signs a lot more than he did and uses it to her advantage. I'm so glad I taught her to sign because if she couldn't communicate it would be a lot more frustrating. She signs: please, thank you, more, diaper change, food, milk, binky (her most used sign), all done, and banana. It was so cute the other day I said "oh Audrey you're stinky! You need a diaper change" and she signed diaper change, went to the closet, grabbed a package of diapers, brought it to me and signed diaper change again. It was so cute! And one time when we were watching that video I mentioned I stopped it early and she signed more. It was so cute!

She is trying really hard to be bigger than she is. She sees what her big brother is doing and copies him. So she pushes chairs around the kitchen and gets up to get things on the counter all the time. And she jumps off the couch (which is actually really funny!). She does really well going up and down stairs and always have, but earlier this month we were at my parents house and she went for the stairs and my sister in law Heather goes "can she go down the stairs?" and I was like "oh yeah she's fine she's been doing it for months" and she goes "just when they get comfortable is when they fall" and seriously an hour later she fell down the whole flight of stairs. It was so funny/sad. She totally jinxed her! But she was totally fine. It just scared her. Their stairs are pretty padded. My dad watched the whole thing happen and was like "I couldn't do anything to stop it!" But he said it looked like she fell in as nice a way as possible. Because we live in a split entry house at least we don't have a full flight of stairs. The only thing is that the bottom isn't carpet in either direction. Hopefully no one falls down the stairs again! I think she just stood up because my dad was coming down the stairs while she was going up and lost her balance. He was holding something too so couldn't catch her.
She was pointing at her froggy potty and making this face. I don't know why. But we're not actively potty training her, just letting her sit on it some times since she keeps taking her diaper off.

All the crazy faces she makes when she can see herself haha

Now he is just plain gorgeous. That's all there is to it.


It is SO easy to get her to laugh!

They were playing together and Nate goes "mommy take a picture of us!" see? Even he knows when he's being cute!

She always has to be touching me to fall asleep. So dang cute!!

I am deeply in love with this smile!

This picture (below, it was being weird and wouldn't let me write under it) was taken just a few minutes ago. He is starting to look so old to me. He is one big sweet heart (I may or may not have bribed him to get him to sit still and smile....)

Friday, February 24, 2012


I started this on Feb. 18th. for the record. And just finished it now.

Seems I'm on a lot of parenting topics lately, but today marks a very important day for me. Audrey is 16 months old today which means I have breastfed her twice as long as Nate, but the important part is that I have breastfed a total of 2 years.

I once learned from someone who did a thesis paper on breastfeeding that to really get the protection from breast cancer that breastfeeding provides that you have to do it for 2 years. Whether that is two consecutive years or just two years total I'm not sure. The risk of breast cancer is not too awfully high in my family, but any preventative measure you can take is a good thing.

I obviously am very pro breastfeeding. I don't want moms that struggled to breast feed to feel bad. It does not come easily to every mom and every baby. I am very grateful for the chance I have had to give this gift to my children. But, lets be honest here, it really hasn't been my favorite thing in the whole world. I hated pumping with Nate, I hate how sore my nipples get, I hate the hardness that is the result of them filling up, I hate when I get bitten and it takes weeks for it to heal, I hate Audrey pulling at my shirt constantly and hitting my face if I don't give it to her (it's the age), but it's still worth it.

It really does have it's good and bad moments. The only thing that matters is that it is the best thing for babies. And the best part is that your baby becomes your number one fan. :D I recommend it for everyone. But don't judge if it was a struggle for you (I totally get it).

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Bestfriends.

The idea of having best friends has been on my mind a lot lately. It seems so juvenille to say "you're my best friend" doesn't it? But there just are friends that are the best and that is the only way to describe them. I guess you can say "closest friend" but still the 'est' implies there is only one. So I always have to say "one of my best friends". Anyway I don't know why I've put so much thought into it, but I have several best friends. So in honor of Valentines Day (yeah I know it's over...holy crap just realized today is my dad's birthday! Better call him...anyway...) I thought I would analyze my definition of a best friend and if I left anything out that you think should be on the list please comment what you think they are.
  1. A bestfriend contacts you and doesn't leave all the contacting up to you. There are some friends that even though I love them, if I never made the effort we'd never see each other.
  2. It goes beyond contacting. They want to see you in person and make an effort to do so. You know you all have those friends on facebook that you talk to frequently, but never actually hang out with in person.
  3. They boost your self esteem and never criticize you. I had a "best friend" once who always subtly criticized me or brought up embarrassing things, well guess what, I don't put up with it anymore....which brings me to my next thing...
  4. A bestfriend is someone who you have been, or know you will be friends with forever. There is something that bonds you to stay friends for a very long time. 
  5. A bestfriend is someone you can be real with. You can be honest and not worry about judgment. 
  6. They're there for you in whatever way they can be. If they're far away, to talk when you need it. If they're close, to babysit last minute when something comes up (just an example). 
  7. Lastly, a bestfriend is obviously someone you have things in common with. Sometimes you end up with best friends by default. You grew up with them and you're just friends because you've always been friends. Sometimes you do have lots in common with those types, but a bestfriendship can't really flourish without things you have in common right? Either that or your personalities have to be supremely compatible that what you have in common is your love for each other.
So when I say 'best friend' from now on, I do not really mean my one BEST friend. I mean my friend that meets this criteria. It's just a definition of a type of friend. It shouldn't even be separated. It should be bestfriend (I changed all of them in the list to be bestfriend you know why I did that haha). Like it's just a type of friend. hahahahaha I am laughing at how ridiculous I am. But it's a thought I've had on my mind a lot. What else do you think makes a bestfriend?

Friday, February 10, 2012


I've been thinking about this topic a lot recently. It's such a hot topic in the natural parenting world. Then again every topic in the natural parenting world is hot. Such strong opinions! Well, I'm in the typing mood right now so I thought I would share my experience.

I have a love/hate relationship with co-sleeping. I go back and forth quite a bit. Same goes with breastfeeding (I am going to be addressing this topic soon too. Because we're coming up on a big...can't think of the word for it, anniversary? No. Event? ...maybe. Milestone...I think that's the most accurate. Audrey is almost at the age where I will have breastfed her twice as long as Nate. Which will also bring my total breastfeeding time to 2 years....but I'll address that when the time comes. So for now, co-sleeping).

I haven't been as open about co-sleeping in the past. There are quite a few people that are judgmental about it and, being someone who hadn't tried it before, I didn't have any really compelling reasons to defend it. Until now.

As a disclaimer, I don't care what you do. I'm not trying to convince anyone to make the same choices as me. If you feel good about what you're doing that is the ONLY thing that matters. Not other's opinions.

Before I get too into it I just have to ask: why are people so against it? Who cares? You don't roll on your kid. I'm sure SOMEONE somewhere has or maybe you've heard of it before. Were they on any medication? Did they drink alcohol, or any other substance that would alter their regular sleeping patterns? Probably. But for someone unmedicated and sober, it's perfectly safe. So is it just the safety thing? Why would anyone care if a parent wanted to co-sleep? That's just strange to me. Moving on.

So I came to a realization the other day. I really feel like I have enjoyed Audrey growing up. I don't feel like it has gone by too fast. Nate became a toddler then preschooler before my eyes. It happened faster than I could process. But with Audrey, it has gone at a reasonable pace for me to enjoy. I'm sure that part of it is that I knew how fast it would go so I cherished it more, or that I didn't try to make her be older too fast (like encouraging her to eat food too young, walk, crawl, etc. I let her take her own pace). But I really think a huge part of it is that I cosleep with her. I have spent more hours with her. More one on one time with her. Also it helps that I was able to work from home and see her more. Breastfeeding exclusively has also helped. This is why natural parents are so firm on their beliefs. It's not because they're crazy, or weird. It's not that they think they are better (well.....not ALL of them lol). It's because it is truly a way to enjoy your kids in every stage of their lives.

Do I want to do it forever? Definitely not. I wouldn't mind stopping now. It's just easier to keep going. But I have her sleep half the night in the playpen next to my bed so that she gets used to time away from me. It will be a long process, but I don't care. I realize how much I have bonded with her. She's part me. She relies on me, and I know that we have built a relationship of trust. Is it always easy? Of course not. Do I always love it? No. It's like the saying goes: I love being a parent every day, but I don't love it every minute of every day.

My point of this post, if there even is a basically the point to every post when it comes to parenting. Don't judge others. haha

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jersey Shore

It finally happened. I watched an episode. 100% truth was mostly to see what I recognized. But also to see why it was so popular. So I watched the first episode....and I have lots to say.

First, and most important, how could there possibly be anyone that actually believes this was not staged? It is so very obviously staged. Does no one see just how obvious it is??? There is not even a small chance that normal people cause this much drama. And what would keep people watching if it wasn't full of drama?? In this episode they stand on the roof and 3 girls HAPPENED to walk by, they HAPPENED to be attractive, and completely slutty, enough to take their clothes off, and the guys invite them up. And their faces aren't blurred which means they had to give permission to be filmed. I've been in that neighborhood many's hard for me to believe 3 slutty girls are wandering around at random...I mean it's a possibility, but not very probable. Then they "work" at a T Shirt shop.....right...well it was filmed in August '09. Guess who was there in August '09. That's right, me. Guess who didn't see any of them at any t shirt shops. Me. And my last point about it being staged. My friend tuned into MTV one time to see his friend on this dating show where they all wait on a bus. It was a gay episode. His friend was presumably straight. He saw his friend a few weeks later and asked him about it. He told him the whole thing was staged. Big surprise. It is MTVs specialty.

Moving along. Do girls actually fall for that sexist douche bag act??? The best line from the show "girls are supposed to cook and men are supposed to eat" I watching an episode of Mad Men? Was this set in the 50's-60's?? Who says that???

The criticisms are endless. But I am fully willing to admit that I think it is cool that a show is filmed in Phil's hometown. Because it is fun to recognize the places and be reminded of the fun times I've had out there. But I just wish it was a more respectable show!! I can't wait to fly out again this summer! It is my absolute favorite place to go that time of year!

And just for fun here are some pics of the seaside heights boardwalk:

I just noticed that Phil is wearing the same shirt and these pictures were taken a year apart! Haha!!!