Friday, March 23, 2012

The latest

Nate and Audrey have been so easy lately! Just easy going and well behaved. Perhaps it's the weather and the fact that they get to run around our backyard! I absolutely love it. The only problem is that Nate knows how to open the gate, which is fine because our front yard is very safe, but yesterday, for example, when we got home, I had dressed them too warm so I let Audrey run around in a diaper and Nate always strips down the second we walk through the door (crazy kid). So when he wanted to go outside we told him he had to have clothes on so he goes to his drawers and puts on a pair of underwear backwards and his shirt backwards. So when they're playing in the backyard and they go to the front and Audreys in a diaper and Nate in a tshirt and underwear both on can see why I want them to stay in the back yard haha! But they usually play under the deck anyway.

So, since the beginning of Nate's potty training, if we have been out in like the mountains, or somewhere in nature, we have tried to encourage Nate to pee in the grass if there is no bathroom around. Kind of just a panic "um just hurry and go here so you don't pee your pants" thing. But Nate has carried this to places where he doesn't need to pee in the grass. Namely our front yard. I've told him the front yard is bad, but the backyard is ok. Well yesterday I took him to Phil's work and while we were waiting, Nate got out a minute before I did and was just looking at the bushes. I get out and go to grab him and there he is, pants down, peein' away. Oh my! I tried not to laugh, but he said so proudly, "look mom! I peed in the bush!!" oh Nate!!!!

In other news Audrey now says mama! It's basically THE cutest thing ever. She signs a lot and picks up new signs instantly. She is getting so big. It's wonderful. I love her age! She eats anything. She's kind of like a puppy and Nate feeds her the food he doesn't want hahaha! They crack me up!!! I'm so lucky to be their mom!!!

And now some pictures

Just snuggling. :)

She found this top to a sippy cup and thought it was a binky. She was so excited when she found it, I didn't have the heart to correct her.

Listening to the fish and mermaids

Always takin his pants off

Sugar Free

Well, what else are blogs for than to post about your diet adventures? Right? Ha!

I hate sugar so much. I seriously hate it. I mean, I LOVE it...and that's why I hate it. It's pure evil. I literally think the devil invented sugar. Because it does no good. It's just mean. I went vegetarian originally for dietary purposes. I wanted to eat healthier. So we watched a PITA type movie just to make it easier to quit. And I haven't looked back. ....If only sugar could be so disgusting and horrible. I mean, it causes disgusting and horribleness, but it comes from a humane source. It's not like they have to kill a living creature to produce it. So, have I lost weight from being vegetarian? Um no. Because I replaced anything I would lose with sugar. Blech! But I didn't give up on vegetarianism because I hoped that one day I could quit sugar then I wouldn't have to quit meat again.

So today was the first day. Yeah maybe this isn't a permanent thing, but I NEED to cut back. It is a true addiction. So how can I have the motivation? I will tell you.

Last night as my mom, nieces, and I were riding the train down town to see Beauty and the Beast I told my mom that I decided to quit sugar. She also struggles with the same thing. She otherwise eats very healthy. Probably healthier than me, minus the meat part (don't want to argue, but I do not think that meat is healthy at all. It does more bad than it does good. The end). So she asked "when?" and I said "tomorrow." She's really funny because she has to start things on the 1st of the month or first of the week, but she really wanted to do it with me. But I just said, I can't wait till Monday, I just have to do it now. So she decided that this was her opportunity as well. So we are having a competition. Which is great because I can't have competitions with Phil. What incentive do I have? It can't be monetary because we share that, and he's already encouraging me to go to NYC by myself, he would probably give me a back rub any time I asked, and cleaning the house...well, he probably wouldn't do a very good job, if at all (sorry, but it's true). So my mom is the perfect candidate for competition. And thank goodness for her because I know I would cave if I didn't have a real reason.

So heres to day 1. It was a success. Wish me luck!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Why giving buddy passes to cool people pays off.

I received a phone call the other day from one of Phil and I's best friends Nate (I've mentioned him several times before on here). Usually when I see his name and picture flash across the screen I expect a funny story about their childhood, or some weird or funny story....which was basically what I got. This time it was about one of those crazy sex ed teachers in 5th grade who gave them a serious lecture about how if they have any dignity they would NOT laugh at the video they were about to show, but the first five seconds was a talking penis and vagina making it literally impossible not to laugh at. Oh the stories from their childhood!

But this time the story was followed by a question. Nate has worked on and with traveling broadway productions such as Shrek, Wedding Singer, Wizard of Oz, and Beauty and the Beast. Well, in 2 weeks Beauty and the Beast is coming to SLC and he wanted to know if I would be interested in some free tickets. Um, yeah, I'm an aunt of 6 girls. Do you think I wouldn't want to go? :D He got me 4 tickets...I'm not sure where, but they're free so does it matter? They go for over $100!!

So I called my mom because obviously I'm taking her and two of my nieces. I asked her which ones and she suggested my brother's daughters Brooke and Destinee which I agreed with since I don't do as much with them. I asked my brother and he said they have never been to anything like this before which made me happy because I get to give them some cultural event experience! :D And to top it off Nate arranged a backstage tour! haha! I'm really excited for them. Plus I've seen a lot of them on his pictures on facebook so it will be fun to see them live.

So yes, this is why it pays to give buddy passes to cool people haha!