Saturday, August 11, 2012

Life Buddy

I've coined a new term and wanted to elaborate here on what this term means. Just think of my blog, temporarily, as webster, or wikipedia.

Life Buddy

A life buddy is similar to a life partner or life companion, but without the implications that it is a romantic relationship. So in order to make it non-sexual, the term buddy is therefore used.

A life buddy is someone who is literally going through the exact same things as you in nearly every way imaginable. So you get to go through life experiencing the same things at the same time.

In order to be a life buddy, you need to have at least 3 major parts of your life be the same. Any more than that just makes that life buddy that much more special.

Some major things:

-same desired career
-same goals
-your children are the same age
-you are the same age (though this is not necessary, it can make a difference if you have kids the same age for example. If you are a teen mom, then that means you went through that together, if you're an advanced maternal age, then that means you did that together, etc. It depends on the other life events)
-respective husbands/wives are the same/similar
-similar family life (eg, if you both have a crazy mother-in-law, a crazy sister, gay brother, lots of nieces/nephews, republican parents, divorced parents, drug get the point. I'm not saying I have all of these, but if they coincide with your life buddy and it's a major part of your life, it counts)
-same passions
-doing the same major things at the same time (like buying a house, graduating from college)
-similar personalities.

Your list can be whatever it needs to be that would qualify that person to be your life buddy.

A life buddy is more than just a friend, they're a sibling without the pressure/obligations, they're like a spouse, but without the pressure/obligations/sex, they're a mentor, a teacher, a student, a helpful person that improves your life.

Life buddies are hard to come by. If you're lucky enough to have come across one in your life, thank your lucky stars and praise your God above! Because coming across one requires a lot of coincidence and chance. I hope that everyone can find a life buddy to make their life fun and worthwhile! :D

Friday, August 10, 2012

Napa California

Phil's mom temporarily lives in Napa, CA. She's trying to move back to SLC. She moved there for school and now she is finished. But we're glad we got the opportunity to drive out there and visit while we had the chance.

We decided to drive. The flights were too full right now and it's a lot easier to drive anyway. We would have had to take connecting flights and it wouldn't have been worth the stress. The drive really wasn't too bad. We like road trips. We have a sentence game we play where we go back and forth and can only say one word at a time and make really bizarre sentences. It's way fun!

We stopped at a rest stop in the salt flats. They wanted to run around like crazy. Audrey found a salt rock. That's what's in her hand. I got more pictures of this, but only had my phone camera and don't feel like sending them all to my email. I miss my iphone!

We left late Thursday night and got there early Friday morning. Slept all morning then went swimming. Audrey goes CRAZY in swimming pools. Holy crap! She was jumping out of my arm to get in the pool and she didn't want to just sit on the stairs. She wanted to be out in the middle of the pool. She would try to swim by herself if I'd let her! But it was reeeeeally cold and I couldn't just jump right in. The temperature in CA is alarmingly cold right now (in Nor Cal at least). Colder than here. It was really weird.

The next day we went to Armstrong Woods because Phil has never been to a redwood forest. I almost said he'd never seen a redwood tree, but his grandma took one from California and planted it in their yard years and years ago. Phil grew up in her house after she passed away so he grew up with the only redwood tree in New Jersey growing in his yard. The only other one being at his grandma's house (it was his great grandma that planted the tree).

 Ready to go!

Loved seeing all these clovers! It was my first time (that I remember)

 Looking in to the big tree

Why won't blogger let me rotate pictures? Ugh

 Colonel Armstrong Tree. It's 1400 years old!

 They have a big ampitheter. A lot of weddings have been held here. It was fun to sit and let the kids run around. 

 My first four leaf clover!

Inside a giant tree

The next day we went to the beach then ventured into San Francisco via the Golden Gate Bridge and ate lunch at a vegan restaurant. We tried to go to Fisherman's Warf, but it was too crowded. 

 Excitedly walking up to the water saying "beach beach beach!" (sounds more like beats), touching the water, and realizing it was too cold. I have a feeling this one will love the Jersey Shore! Nate wouldn't go near the ocean...I had to keep her from running into it full force in her clothes!

 Beach feet!

 Phil's not a big beach fan. Guess that happens when you grow up near one.

 These two, on the other hand, are big beach fans!

 Phil said I looked cute (I just threw it on my head) so I took a picture to see. ...maybe if it wasn't orange/yellow! haha

 I didn't feel like posting them all, but it took like 20 weird/random Phil face pictures to get a good normal one!

 Mom look! Sand. 

 Posing. ...?

 That binky! Nate never used one. Meh I'll cut her off it when I'm ready. I think it will be pretty soon.

 I just love Nate's face in this one :D ^^ Even though it's from the side, it's still so cute!

....He did NOT want to leave!

Golden Gate Bridge! It was so cloudy/foggy that day! It cleared up later on and burned off the clouds. This was around noon-ish


I love these walking pictures. Plus this one ^^ shows Nate's cute new shoes! I love that style. Have for a long time and I was so excited when I found them!

I especially love this one :D

This one is just random from the drive back. I wish she would let me braid her hair when she's awake! It's so long, but she will definitely not sit still. Not even long enough for a decent pony tail! 

This one was just my favorite of these two! Had to zoom in. 

The last day obviously we drove home. It was a fun trip overall :D