Monday, September 17, 2012

Soooooo busy!

It has been a while since I have blogged because of a combination of things: 1-I need to post pictures from our NJ vacation and naturally that will take me forever to get around to because I have to use the big computer to do that, and 2-right after the NJ vacation I started school. I'm somewhat in the writing mood so here is a quick update:

I started school a few weeks ago. I'm taking 3 online classes (Interpersonal Communication, Exploring Art, and Math 1010) and one regular class (Math 1020). It's a little strange to take 2 math classes especially because I hate math so much, but I had to do it this way to get things done in the time that I wanted to. My online math class is actually really great. I like this setting SOOOOO much more than a classroom because I can do it all at my own pace. I can't stand to sit there and listen to the teacher talk about the most boring subject in the world. Instead I look at the examples in the book, or go to and watch the videos. I really like the way the guy on that website teaches and he has such a pleasant voice. The class takes WAY less time than going to a physical class ever would. Plus I'm taking it with my bestfriend/life buddy (haha still love that term) so we teach each other how to do certain things and also motivate each other to learn the material correctly and get good grades on the homework/quizzes. It's so much better than my medical math class. He moves at a really slow pace, people ask stupid questions, and it's just super annoying. Thinking about it (totally coincidental), this is exactly why we want to home school. I took a math class in college that I had to physically go to. Completely failed it because I hated going and skipped it a lot. Never understood anything from the class at all. Now that I'm doing it at my own pace I feel like I'm understanding it WAAAAAY more. Not to mention you are forced to actually do the homework instead of copying down the answers from the back of the book and it tells you instantly whether you did it right or not.  I want to integrate a mixture of home school and traditional school into my kids lives somehow because I do want them to excel in college, but I truly and honestly believe that they can learn way more by doing home school and I'll always stand by that.

I haven't talked about home school much lately because of how rude people can get about it. I have absolutely no idea why people give a crap, but for some reason, they do. But if you ever feel the urge to judge another parent remember this exact statement: they are trying to do the very best for their kids with all the knowledge they have!  Got it? I know I have fallen into the judgmental trap. Dangit I still constantly find myself in that stupid trap. Because parenting is the absolute most difficult thing you will ever have to do ever ever ever and everyone tries to do an amazing job, and at some point they fail at something whether it's inadvertent or knowingly. Take me for example: I would LOVE it if I never yelled at my kids, but I fail all the time! It's so easy to point out other's mistakes. But we all make them or will make them. So with homeschooling, I want to do it because I have studied a lot about it and truly feel like it is the best thing for my kids. If I end up with awkward kids, fine, whatever. They'll be smart happy awkward kids! haha! That's my goal. Happiness. Whatever it takes to make my kids reach that goal is what I will do. Nothing I ever do will be the exact right thing to do...just trying to do what is most right to me. Anyway, Whitney and I have already started to home school. We get them together and teach them things. Nate has been really into math lately. He wants to do math problems like mommy does and he even writes the numbers. He's absolutely fantastic at reading and does it all the time everywhere we go. And did I push him to do those things? Nope. It's just what he wanted to do. Because he wanted to do it, he's done better than if I would have forced him to. Audrey has been counting a lot lately and trying to learn colors. I haven't spent as much time trying to teach her those things as I did with Nate, but that tends to happen with the second more unfortunately. I've been working on it a ton lately though now that she is talking up a storm.

Anyway Phil's mom moved here this week. She has been looking for a house which is exhausting, but she likes to babysit a lot so that makes things nice! Once she finds a house things will get better. There's not a lot out there right now. We have realized how absolutely lucky we were to get our house when we did. Kind of crazy!

Ok I'm getting tired now and I'm afraid none of this is coherent so I will update again soon :D