Friday, October 12, 2012

2 years old!

In less than a week, my little baby girl is going to be 2! I love this age so much because at 2 they are mimicking so much and saying and doing cute grown up things, but they're still mini size so it's adorable. They can do annoying things and it's funny because they don't know better yet (though I could definitely do without the screaming).

At 2 Audrey:

  • Is the queen of the TV. She always chooses the shows and doesn't let anyone else. 
  • Loves to snuggle with me. 
  • Will eat anything I am eating. Today she stole three of my sushi rolls (veggie sushi) and ate half my soup. 
  • Still loves mommy milk (I'm seriously torn, I want to wean, but it's SO convenient and nice at the same time because it is the cure all for everything). 
  • Loves to dance, but doesn't dance much in dance class. Just depends on her mood. I don't push her at all because I don't want her to hate it. I want it to be a voluntary thing. So we just go and sit in the back and watch and she'll run across the room a few times with her class then come back and sit in my lap. I don't have to pay for the classes because Phil mixes all the music for the studio so I figure we'll just use this year to get her used to the idea :D
  • Talks a LOT! I can't believe I was ever worried about her speech. 
  • Makes me laugh every day. 
  • Gives the best squeezy hugs ever!
  • Knows all her body parts.
  • Can count to least. 
  • Knows most of her colors. 
  • Takes off her own diaper lots and sits on the potty, but has never gone. 
  • Is one inch short of 3 ft. Which is exactly the same height Nate was at 2 years old! She has always been a little taller than Nate's respective age was. I guess they're evening out. 
She's just my little sweetheart. 

Nate is turning into quite the imaginative 4 year old. Every day he amazes me. He can read pretty well and is starting to do simple math problems. He has been asking to see things on the computer like "I want to see the tubes inside my body" so Phil will bring up videos on youtube. He likes this show called Beakman's World that teaches kids about science and today was asking me about water vapor. I still feel like his brain is a little behind in development in some ways, but he's starting to catch up. Like he's starting to ask more why questions, but in a different way. To this day though if I ask him to look for something he won't look under things which I think is kind of the best way to describe the way his brain thinks. He can absorb a lot of information, but it's still very black and white. If he can't see the item he's looking for then it's lost. He doesn't think to look at it from a different angle if that makes sense. I am not too worried about it though, I think he will catch up. We have also been talking to him about his emotions. When he gets upset he has a bad habit of just screaming or crying so we have been talking to him more about how he is feeling and how to properly deal with his anger. He is so much fun! He is a little comedian and makes the funniest faces and is always laughing about something. He is also becoming aware of other people's feelings and doesn't like to make us upset. 

He did the CUTEST thing the other day. We were sitting on the porch and he was making Audrey laugh and it was making him laugh. After a few minutes he just stopped and hugged her and held her. It was SO precious! One of those moments I don't want to forget. They really are the best of friends. They don't fight very much because there's not a lot of competition. They have different interests and personalities and always seem to get along (not 100% of the time, but what pair of siblings does that?? :D). 

Seriously, I have the best kids in the world. I wouldn't trade them for anything. They make life worth living!