Wednesday, December 26, 2012

First semester back completed!

Well, I've completed my first semester back to school since Audrey was born. And am happy to report my very first 4.0!!! I was really surprised that I got straight A's. My percentage in both my Math 1010 and Math 1020 classes were both one percentage below an A, but the extra credit in 1020 pushed me over the edge and there was no extra credit in 1010 so I'm really not sure why he gave me an A. One of my best friends also took that class with me and got one grade higher than her percentage stated so I think he must have done that for the students that finished all of their homework. So needless to say I was pretty happy! My other two classes were fairly easy. Art 1010 was WAAAY easy! And my communications class was just for fun and it was medium difficulty. I'm hoping that getting really good grades this semester and next will help my overall GPA so I can HOPEFULLY get into the SLCC nursing program and not have to apply too many years in a row. So, honestly, the 4.0 was earned because I've been working my butt off and trying really hard! After spring semester I will be able to actually graduate with an associates degree in general education so it will be really nice to be able to say I'm actually a college graduate.

Other than than, life is pretty uninteresting. My kids make me laugh every day (and yell too...let's not pretend that doesn't happen), Audrey says something new daily, Nate learns something new daily, and Phil teaches me something new daily. My life is challenging right now, but certainly very full!! I don't want to give the appearance that things are super awesome and my life is perfect because that's unrealistic! But I am happy with the way things are going and am grateful to be living my life!