Saturday, March 2, 2013

10 Audreyisms that Make Her My Favorite Daughter

1-Every time I laugh she goes, "what's so funny?" and I tell her something like, "the story I'm reading" and every time without fail she does this little fake laugh like she gets it.

2-All of her R's and L's are a Y sound (mostly, sometimes a W). So if she said "right there" it would sound like "wight deh-ey"

3-If I ask her "who's the best?" She points at herself and says "Audjee". I didn't teach her that, but I'm sure I've told her 1,000 times that she's the best so it makes sense.

4-When she walks, her hair swings from side to side because of the way she walks.

5-Whenever a song she likes comes on she puts her hands on her hips and sways from side to side to the beat.

6-When she's falling asleep she grabs my arm and squeezes it. She also grabs her ear. And sometimes she'll climb behind me and lift up my shirt and hers because she still loves skin to skin.

7-She is willing to try any food. She's not a picky eater at all and I have high hopes that it won't change. Nate was already picky by her age (fingers crossed!).

8-She likes to put blankets over stuffed animals and put them to bed. Also, we went to Whitney's house the other day and she had a doll with a bottle and Audrey kept feeding her. I love how nurturing she is.

9-I know without a doubt that I'm her favorite person. Feels good to know with such certainty that someone can't live without you. I'm sure Phil and Nate are the same because I feel that way about them, but Audrey shows it the strongest.

10-Whenever she sees my phone or something important and it's not with me, she will always come give it to me. Earlier I guess my credit card fell out of my purse and it was next to the bed and when I woke up from our co-nap (I have to work tonight so I was trying to get some sleep in) she goes "wait mommy!" and runs up to me with it in her hand.

I just can't get enough of her. I love this age because her personality is developing more and more every day and she says new things and makes me laugh more and more every day.

Nate is of course my favorite son, post coming soon.