Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm not even sure if anyone reads these things anymore, but it's one of those "I stayed up way too late, I might as well type a bunch" kind of nights. So here I am to unload all the things that occupy my mind lately to hopefully free up some space ;)

This semester has been THE WORST ever! I've always done really well with online classes, but this semester the set up on my Chemistry class is extremely confusing. To make it easier to understand, this teacher uses both online software (called Pearson) AND the school's online program (called Canvas) so I can't keep track of everything because I'm not used to classes doing that. Just last week I realized she had lectures for each chapter posted on Canvas. Every other class relies on the book, but the online book we had to buy is extremely difficult to navigate. So basically, I had really high hopes of getting in to the nursing program when I got a 4.0 last semester, I hoped they would see that I'm a better student now, or something, but between that and Math 1040 being math I've never ever ever done before so also very confusing, I'm pretty discouraged. I wish I wouldn't have taken those classes online, but the problem is finding babysitters that are willing and able to watch the kids for a few hours a day. It would be different in the nursing program because it's a set schedule that I could give my mother-in-law and it would be more than just an hour class here and there.

But there is a positive side to this. Last Friday my mom talked to me about how the medical industry is changing all the medical billing diagnosis codes and coding is going to be a lot more complex when they switch from the system called ICD 9 to ICD 10 and it's a job that's going to be in really high demand starting next year (I read somewhere online that they go live in October of this year, but I only saw that in one place).   If you didn't already know, my mom is the office manager for a couple orthopedic surgeons. She is one example of why this job will be in high demand. Her doctors are going to be retiring in a few short years. She doesn't want to learn this complex system and isn't going to pay to have their employees learn it either. So when the time comes, they will probably hire someone that knows how to do it already. And she heard from someone she works with that hospitals will pay certified coders $32 an hour to start. I don't know if this is a reliable source or not though. Through most of my research, in the past few years the average pay for a coder is around $20 an hour, and around about $17 or so to start. That is before the switch and salaries are expected to increase because this switch is so drastic. (If you're not familiar with the medical industry, which I wasn't before I found out about this, the World Health Organization is the one that determines what program is used I guess. It's not just like an IHC thing or what not. It's country wide). In Utah, nurses make $21 to start....

So I looked into it and found out that SLCC has a program! And here is the best part: it's 3 semesters long all online!!! A part of me wants to do this instead of nursing. But because I'll be able to apply for nursing at the end of this semester I'm going to apply for both. I don't expect to get in to the nursing program because it's so competitive and my hopes are low, but it would be stupid if I didn't at least try. I feel like I would be more fulfilled as a nurse in the long run and that coding would be more temporary, but I don't know, maybe I'll really like it. I will have more of an option to work from home as a coder which I would never be able to do as a nurse. By the time I'd be able to do that, however, my kids might be older and not need me to be at home as much, but maybe I'll be able to have more kids this way.

So there's a lot I'm thinking about. The coding program (called Health Information Technology) definitely fits my need to be home with my kids more until I can start working and Phil can start working from home as a musician (I know it sounds weird, but honestly, Phil has been doing stuff on the side with music either teaching, making beats, or mixing for my dance teacher. He doesn't make enough with it right now to be able to quit, but he could make more of it if he didn't work and I'm completely supportive of him doing what he was born to do!)

I go to a meeting on Thursday to get more information on the program. I'm feeling a lot of relief knowing that if I don't get in to the nursing program that there's a back up that will take less time and make a similar amount. I hope everything works out and have faith that it will!