Friday, May 3, 2013

Today I officially got accepted into the HIT program at SLCC. Not that I didn't think I wasn't going to, but my background check results made me nervous that they reported something wrong because of the way it was worded (in other words it looked like they found something on my criminal record but I don't have a record).

So I'm really excited that I found this program and the more I research it, the more I feel like its the right thing so I just wanted to take a minute to explain what it is (I felt like my other post was all over the place)  and why I'm doing it.

In September 2014 the medical industry is changing from ICD-9 to ICD-10. What ICD is is a set of codes assigned to every diagnosis. It's used for billing and statistical purposes. The World Health Organization is the one that implements it. When they go live there is going to be a great need for people that know how to do it. The pay is comparable to a nurse especially if you do freelance work. So that's what made me decide to do it in the first place.

I have changed my mind about nursing more times than I can count. A big part of why I decided not to do it before was because of the way nurses are treated. I also don't like the idea of always having a boss and evaluations. I have always been an independent self motivated person and my self esteem is highly effected by what my bosses think of me. I hate group projects, I never was the type to make another girl go with me to the bathroom, I just work better without someone staring over my shoulder. The fact that this career gives me even the possibility of working for myself makes me really happy!

The other thing is that I start this summer and will finish in a year! Nursing was a minimum of three years away. It's going to be intense. I don't expect it to be by easier because it is still a lot of info I have to remember. But the job prospects are going to be significantly higher when I graduate. Seems like everyone is doing nursing now! The other plus is that I have finished every single class I possibly can outside of the program already!

So I'm really excited and I feel like this is the right thing for me! Now if I could only get a refund on my HESI test!!! Maybe I'll still apply for nursing for the heck of it.