Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Isaac's Birth

Through out the night (morning of the 24th) I was having painful contractions. I had a feeling he would be born that day because I was losing my mucous plug (TMI sorry). Around 6 am I decided they were getting more serious, but they were short contractions so I knew it would be a while still. I knew it was real labor. I called my mom to come over and texted my midwife to let her know that it would be that day and that I’d call her when I was ready for her to come. 
Contractions continued through the morning. Very easy laboring. We talked and laughed. At around 10 I decided to take a shower which turned into a bath. I laid on my side and had Phil put a wet towel on top to keep me warm. It felt SOOOO good! While I was in the bath my water broke. I knew it because when I pushed out I could feel an incontrollable gush of fluid. It’s hard to explain how it feels, but I knew that’s what it was. When I got out, my belly was smaller and you could feel his parts easier. It was weird! 
So I called my midwife and my sister. Since my last birth went so fast (dilated to a 5 to pushing in 15 minutes), we were worried that I’d go really fast once my water broke. So they hurried over. 
Contractions were slow moving. They slowed down enough for me to take a nap so I did. I slept for an hour or so. Then I got up, we all hung out in my living room, I helped Nate and my nephew Austin play Super Mario Galaxy. We relaxed. My contractions weren’t too awful. Painful, yes, but I could just close my eyes through them and breath and I was fine. This continued for a couple hours. At around 4:15 ish I started to feel like laboring in my room. They were getting a little longer which was a good sign. At around 5 I started to transition. They got longer and I had to moan through them. They really still were very manageable. No big deal at all. I didn’t love them, but a little moaning and i was good. After about 15 minutes of transition I could feel that pushing was coming soon so I got ready for pushing. It felt like I was complete and that his head was going to start moving down. 
At this point the contractions got VERY painful. They were working SOOOOO HARD trying to get him to move down. I didn’t quite feel the urge to push like I had with Audrey. But the contractions were more intense than anything I’d ever felt in my life that I felt like I had to push to get him to move down. So I used those contractions to get him down my birth canal. It was the most difficult thing I had ever done in my life. It was so far from what I was expecting and extremely painful. Worse than any pain I’d ever felt in my life. Really quite indescribable. I was planning to breathe through the contractions and let my body push naturally, but it wasn’t happening (I know now it’s because he was in a bad position). Finally I felt it burning and I was SO happy to feel the ring of fire. I knew it was almost over and I could feel what was happening and that I wasn’t just pushing nothing. I reached my hands down and felt his head, my mom helped push my perineum out of the way  and his head popped out. I still had my hands on him. My midwife helped me grab him and somersaulted his body around the cord while I held his head and she handed me the rest of his body. I grabbed him and pulled up up to my chest and walked over and laid down on my bed. 
Because of the crazy pushing, I didn’t feel quite as much of relief as I should have. It burned bad and I was still in quite a lot of pain. My uterus still hurt a lot till I pushed the placenta out. I felt a lot of relief after that, but was still in a lot of pain. 
He nursed like a champ. It was so crazy! He didn’t do the breast crawl because I hurt so much I had to hand him to Phil to do skin to skin so I could get better get readjusted because of the pain I just let him hold him for a while then took him back to feed him. He latched on like you would not believe! It was insane! No struggle at all whatsoever. I could not believe it! 
We are so in love! 

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