Saturday, April 26, 2014

Isaac's Middle Name

I haven't been very public about Isaac's middle name (I know Phil posted it once when he was born, but other than that...) because it takes an explanation for the different spelling. So I'm here to give that explanation.

Over the past 5, almost 6 years Phil and I have learned a lot about parenting. We've learned a lot about many things, but parenting has been something we are always trying to improve on. We hear new ideas, we research them, we try to implement them, we suck at it sometimes, other times we're really good at it, but the point is we're always trying to do better and we are always trying to make sure we are doing what we feel is right even if we suck at it sometimes. I think most of us go into parenting thinking we know what we're doing. I have 3 older siblings that all finished having kids before I even had my first. I went into parenting pretty confident. But I got my awesome star pegged child that doesn't fit into the square shaped hole that most children do. So here we are almost 6 years later just now feeling like we might have some of the right answers, but are fully aware that we have SO many more answers yet to discover.

When Audrey was born I was new to the idea of attachment parenting and pretty timid about it at first, but have since learned that cosleeping is absolutely one of my favorite practices (she still sleeps next to me every night and I love love love it! I'm a sucker for snuggles and so is she) as well as extended breastfeeding and babywearing. We decided that circumcision was an unnecessary dumb choice to make for a body part that doesn't belong to either of us. And most importantly we discovered Parent Effectiveness Training and peaceful parenting.

There are a lot of changes we have made. There's nothing more I would give than to go back and do all these things from the beginning. Unfortunately, we can only do better from this point on. But Isaac is our fresh start. We can raise a child from the start with the knowledge we have now (and pay for Nate's therapy later! haha). His middle name is a symbol of this new beginning. But with emphasis on the idea that we are always going to keep trying to improve. To never think we have all the answers, and to stop and question ourselves from time to time. Because we are NOT perfect, we make mistakes all the time, and don't let the internet fool you into thinking I'm some sort of super mom because you'd be thoroughly disappointed.

I really wanted Isaac to be named after my family. As Phil and I were driving around one night we were throwing around some different middle name ideas and it popped into my head that Morgan sounds a lot like the German word for morning. So I looked it up and found that it was spelled Morgen. Our last name is also German so it seemed fitting. We loved the fact that his middle name means morning as it's a fresh start to every day. A chance to start anew and make that day better than the last. Isaac is our chance to start over and be better parents and make better choices, not just for Isaac, but for Nate, Audrey, AND Isaac.

So there you have it. His full name is Isaac Morgen Eger.

The explanation was necessary so people didn't think it was a typo and I spelled his name wrong. Or so family wouldn't be offended to see it spelled strangely. Obviously the explanation could have been shorter, but now you have the full version! Your welcome...? :D

As an added bonus, Isaac means "he laughs" or "laughing one" so his name means "he laughs in the morning" I'm sure we could fit eager in there somewhere too!

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nataliegu3 said...

that is awesome! you are truly an inspiration. I really like how it can honor your family & stand for its own meaning too.
lol @ "& pay for nate's therapy later"