Saturday, June 7, 2014

First Year of School

Today Nate graduated from Kindergarten!!! Or was it yesterday? Maybe it was a few months ago. He hasn't brought home any homework, participation awards, or grades so it's hard to say. Though he learned a lot this year. 

He learned how babies grow, how they come out, and got to see first hand what an umbilical cord, and placenta looks like. 

He learned how to calculate money in his head based on the relative unit of how much a Nintendo 3DS costs (which he finally gets to buy tomorrow!!!).

He practiced reading by slowly clicking through the directions on Mario Party 9.

He learned about capitalization at the beginning of a sentence and where apostrophes go through autocorrect on his ipod added for him. 

All kidding aside, he has really learned a lot this year and amazes us every day. His reading is astounding, autocorrect really has taught him a lot about grammar and he carries it over even when he types on a computer that doesn't autocorrect for him, the way he does math in his head surprises us (I joke about the DS because one time Phil said "this couch costs the same as 3 nintendo DS's" and he goes "oh! It's $600?"). We have these words on our fridge that are "smart" word magnets. He reads them and actually looks up their definition! The other day he tried to tell me what vicissitude meant, but he actually looked up visceral and clicked the wrong word so he didn't have quite the right definition, but it made me laugh when I asked him where he learned that and he told me he looked it up! We love love love unschooling and watching the way both him and Audrey learn naturally is so much fun! We survived our first year, but it wasn't really surviving because we loved every minute. 

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