Saturday, January 31, 2015

Nate's Psychiatrist Visit

Last Wednesday we had a visit with the psychiatrist at the Children's Center. He's been evaluated 3 times through them and each time they have told me they think he has ADHD. After the second evaluation I sent messages to my friend who was a mental health therapist student asking about different behaviors and there were a couple times where she said "I don't mean to freak you out, but that sounds more like autism". I wasn't freaked out of course, I just wanted some answers. I did a lot of research on autism and different signs and behaviors and a lot of it did sound very much like Nate, but I knew it was a very mild level. I wanted to get him evaluated again because I felt like I could explain him a little better and hopefully get a clearer picture on how his brain was actually wired. They again told me it was ADHD and said the other symptoms sounded more like OCD. This was in December. I could kind of see what she was talking about and have been paying attention to his behavior since then and yeah it could be OCD, but still thought very very mind autism explained it better. This was a mental health therapist that diagnosed him with that.

Speaking with the psychiatrist was very validating for me. She was able to see why I thought it was ASD (autism spectrum disorder...they don't call it aspergers anymore) and agreed with me. She gave me the option to do formal testing to get a diagnosis, but I declined. There's really no reason for an official diagnosis. I don't need free services and the resources she referred me to don't require a diagnosis and I feel like they are the answer. Maybe one day a diagnosis would be beneficial if we do ever find ourselves in the public school system (not that I want that, I just never say never because I eat my words), but for now I don't need to put a label on him. As far as I'm concerned he's just Nate and his brain type happens to have a name that I can look up in a library for advice, but his brain is just a brain with neurons that fire in a uniquely beautiful way.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Isaac 10 months and all the development up to this point.

I went to look up how Nate was as a 10 month old and realized how sad I was that I didn't have Isaac's development written down like I did Nate and Audrey. So I wanted to write a few things down just for my own records. I don't even know if anyone still goes on Blogger anymore, so this is more for myself than anything.

So here's Isaac's developmental milestones for the 10 months he's been alive to the best of my memory:

He was 9 lbs 4 oz when he was born and surpassed his birth weight by the time he left the NICU. He hit 20 pounds at like 4-5 months (I know for sure he was 23 pounds at 6 months because of a post I found on facebook) and now is probably at least 28 pounds. He's been huge and much bigger than his siblings. At his 6 month checkup he was about 101% for height 99% for head size and 99% for weight. He's just a big big boy. If our scale wasn't broken I would check to see where he's at now, but we need to get a new one. He wears 18 month size clothes. Sometimes the arms and legs are a little long, but for the most part it fits perfectly!

He started sitting up in his 5th month as well as army crawling. But he started hands and knees crawling in his 6th month which was faster than both siblings. I remember he figured out how to sit from a crawling position on my grandma Hadley's birthday (September 23rd). He started standing towards the beginning of his ninth month about 3 weeks ago. He started taking steps two weeks ago and up until today his record was 3 steps, but today I saw him take ~10 a couple times. He can stand up without pulling himself up on anything which is crazy to me because I've never seen a baby do that before they really learn to walk.

He got his first two teeth at 3 months. He now has a mouthful of 8 teeth. I can't remember when his top two came in, but it was only a month or so after his bottom. Then the two other top teeth came in and the other two bottom teeth came in this month.

He start eating solids at 6 months. He eats just about everything now and actually tries to chew it and keep it in his mouth really well.

At 6 months he said Dada and it seems like he knew what it meant. Around 8 months he started saying mama legitimately. He'd say it when he was upset and wanted me. He hasn't really said it much recently. Cindy swears he says baba for bottle and he recently started signing milk when he wants it. He always says "aaaaaT". He's known for it in our house and Audrey says it when she's imitating him. The other day he picked up my phone and said "aaaaaP" so...he must be a genius because he knows it has apps! ;) kidding obviously.

He definitely lives up to his name of laughing one and always has a smile and a laugh. It's very easy to get it out of him. He's got a calm happy personality and sure likes to explore and get into what he's not supposed to. I sure love the little dude!!!