Saturday, January 31, 2015

Nate's Psychiatrist Visit

Last Wednesday we had a visit with the psychiatrist at the Children's Center. He's been evaluated 3 times through them and each time they have told me they think he has ADHD. After the second evaluation I sent messages to my friend who was a mental health therapist student asking about different behaviors and there were a couple times where she said "I don't mean to freak you out, but that sounds more like autism". I wasn't freaked out of course, I just wanted some answers. I did a lot of research on autism and different signs and behaviors and a lot of it did sound very much like Nate, but I knew it was a very mild level. I wanted to get him evaluated again because I felt like I could explain him a little better and hopefully get a clearer picture on how his brain was actually wired. They again told me it was ADHD and said the other symptoms sounded more like OCD. This was in December. I could kind of see what she was talking about and have been paying attention to his behavior since then and yeah it could be OCD, but still thought very very mind autism explained it better. This was a mental health therapist that diagnosed him with that.

Speaking with the psychiatrist was very validating for me. She was able to see why I thought it was ASD (autism spectrum disorder...they don't call it aspergers anymore) and agreed with me. She gave me the option to do formal testing to get a diagnosis, but I declined. There's really no reason for an official diagnosis. I don't need free services and the resources she referred me to don't require a diagnosis and I feel like they are the answer. Maybe one day a diagnosis would be beneficial if we do ever find ourselves in the public school system (not that I want that, I just never say never because I eat my words), but for now I don't need to put a label on him. As far as I'm concerned he's just Nate and his brain type happens to have a name that I can look up in a library for advice, but his brain is just a brain with neurons that fire in a uniquely beautiful way.

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