My Birth Stories

When I was little my mom used to always take me over to the newborn nursery and we would look at little babies. A mix between that and the birth of my first niece, working in a Maternity unit became my passion. Four and a half years ago that dream came true. This is what brought me to my doula class which taught me all about normal birth. So, my birth stories are sacred to me. I am more passionate about birth than the average person so that is why I love to share my experiences. I'm a home birth advocate and want other people to learn from my experience that birth is safe, normal and beautiful. 

Nathan Andrew Eger

On the evening of Saturday June 7th 2008, I went for a 45 minute walk around my neighborhood after work that day. I had started to lose my mucous plug and was told I was dilated to a 3+ and 75% effaced and had my membranes stripped at my appointment that past Thursday. My husband and I read scriptures that evening and as I rolled over to go to sleep I had a HUGE rush of fluid. This was at 12:16 am. I quickly called my mother and scurried around my house to get ready for the hospital. I was 10 days early and hadn't gotten my things together yet because I was not expecting to go into labor that soon. My contractions started very quickly and got stronger and closer together very quickly. 

I arrived at the hospital and due to my obvious breakage of water, went straight into a labor room. I was dilated to a 5. I laid on the bed and had Phil push my knees in during my contractions. I relaxed through them and didn't tense at all, but they were getting very intense and right on top of each other. About an hour or two later they checked my dilation and I was at a 6. I was worried because I thought that is what transition was supposed to feel like and I was only at a 6 I thought it could last for hours and hours so I got an epidural (I'm sure if I hadn't gotten an epidural it wouldn't have lasted long...and if I wasn't on my back. I didn't realize that moving around would actually help move labor along faster, I had read hypnobirthing books and just thought I had to relax only). I believe getting the epidural and prolonging my labor was a blessing in disguise because my mom, dad, sister, and niece were able to arrive in time. 

My doctor was busy that morning because he was on call for the community health clinic and had a few patients that were having trouble. Since Nate's heart rate was fine he let him rest and descend. We waited for a few hours and he came in and I pushed for a half hour and out came my beautiful little Bubs at 8 lbs 1 oz 20" long born at 11:16 am (exactly 11 hours of labor). I feel blessed to have worked at the hospital I birthed him in because I felt very comfortable there and they took great care of me. It truly was a positive experience!

Audrey Grace Eger

At 5:00 am on Monday October 18th I had my first real contraction and it woke me up. I knew it was a real one, but waited till I had a couple more to tell Phil that he wouldn't be going into work that day. I texted my good friend/apprentice midwife that I was having real contractions and I'd let her know when I needed her to come over. I tried to get some sleep, but was too excited. They weren't bad enough that I was uncomfortable laying down in bed. At 7am I decided to get up and make sure my house was exactly the way I wanted it for the birth. My mom showed up at about 8:30. My contractions were getting stronger, but still remained anywhere from 7-15 minutes apart. Finally at around 10am I asked Whitney the apprentice midwife to come over because they were getting strong enough that I could use some extra help, but that I was in no hurry for her to come. I went upstairs and listened to my playlist and took a nap in between contractions (in which I had to get on my hands and knees and rock). 

Whitney showed up at 11am and checked my dilation, I was at a 3+. We went downstairs and chatted in the living room and I'd have to turn around and lean on the couch while they took turns rubbing my back and squeezing my hips. But in between contractions I was fine. They were even up to 17 minutes apart but did become more powerful. I began moaning through them in a low tone so that I wouldn't hyperventilate. It helped me concentrate and not focus on the pressure. My dad was there and he predicted that I'd have the baby before 2pm and we all thought he was a little crazy! 

At 1:00pm I decided we'd move the party upstairs because I knew I wouldn't want to walk up the stairs during contractions. Whitney checked my dilation (I remember I was SO afraid I'd have a contraction during because I wouldn't be able to move to my hands and knees to get through it, but luckily I didn't!) and I was at a 5, but she said my cervix was a lot softer. I got on my hands and knees again right after she was finished and had contraction on top of contraction. I kept thinking I'd get a break and another one would start. I tried to have them set up pillows for me to lean on so that I would already be in the right position because the hardest part of a contraction was moving from sitting to kneeling. Right after I got the pillows set up I looked over and saw my sister who had just barely gotten there. I waited for that contraction to end and said hi to her and right then another one started. My mom had her rub my back and she had freezing cold hands. I was waiting for that contraction to end to ask for the birthing pool to be filled, but I guess her cold hands scared Audrey right out of me because I suddenly had the urge to push! We were sure I'd be in labor a lot longer since only 13 minutes prior to that I was dilated to a FIVE not a ten!! 

At first I was worried that something was wrong because I was just at a five. The urge was absolutely uncontrollable, I just had to push and HARD! I started peeing uncontrollably on top of that (sorry TMI oh well) and was freaking out that I had no control over that. Finally I just gave in and peed my pants completely...which really didn't matter because I pushed again and my water broke. At that point I KNEW she was coming NOW! So I stood at the edge of my bed and yelled (it probably wasn't really yelling, but it felt like it was to me) for someone to take my pants off. No one was doing it and I couldn't figure out why. I didn't know what was going on behind me, but my mom was standing right next to me so I finally said "MOM! Take my pants off!!" So she did and I crawled back up onto my bed and decided I was pushing her out. I may have looked panicked and in pain, but really I was thinking "SWEEEEETTT!!!!" I was a little nervous about what I was about to feel, but at the same time not too worried. It didn't hurt like I thought it would. It actually just felt warm. I pushed as much as I could and it felt SOOO good when her little head came out, but I knew it wasn't over so I pushed really hard again and out slid the rest of her! It was AMAZING!!! Such a cool experience. I will never choose a hospital again (unless I know there is something wrong). 

Audrey was born at 1:16pm (my dad was right!) and was 8 lbs 9 oz. 22" long. My licensed midwife didn't even make it in time because I went so fast. At 1:00 we still thought we had hours till I would birth! I decided to just wait for my midwife to get there before we would cut the cord because she had scissors for it and I didn't feel like having someone look for some of mine. I was happy about that because I knew she would get all of the benefits from the delayed cord clamping. She breast fed right away and did it all by herself. It was SO amazing! And I even got to bathe her myself for her first bath!