Our Story

It was my first semester on my own in college at Dixie State. I lived in Apartment 17, but always hung out in Apartment 16 (aka Suite 16). I was pretty much one of their roommates. One day I walked in wearing short shorts and a tank top (it was my pajamas) to use my cell phone because I couldn't find a private spot in my own apartment (ok yeah so it was to talk to my ex boyfriend whom I had a long distance relationship with....let's not get into that!). I definitely did not expect there to be any boys in their apartment, but this nerdy freshly returned missionary named Andrew was over there. It surprised me when I walked through the door and I ran to the hallway because I was practically in my underwear.

Andrew hung out there a lot. He used to bring his guitar and he would play my favorite songs and we would sing them. He would bring his laptop over with music that he had made and everyone was amazed at how good of a musician he was! One day I got a hold of his wallet and saw his license and his first name was NOT Andrew it was Phil. I said "Wait a minute! This says your first name is Phil why don't you go by that?" and he says "I do, all of my family and best friends call me Phil." and I said "Then why do you go by Andrew?" He then explained that when he got home from his mission his mom had "Welcome home Elder Phillip Eger" on a sign and he was so embarrassed by it that he started going by Andrew. So I decided that I was not going to call him Andrew because I was one of his best friends.

As the end of the semester approached we had become close friends. I was staying in St. George for the summer and Phil lived there so he had no choice. He frequently joked with me "we're gonna kiss by the end of the summer." I would always roll my eyes at him. My roommates all moved away and I moved into Apt 16 with a few friends. They were always busy and Phil and I ended up hanging out all the time. And yes. We ended up kissing. I'm certain if he wasn't a good kisser, I probably wouldn't have dated him. Soon after that he left to go to New Jersey (where he is from) for a few weeks until he would go to various states to be an EFY councilor. His mom and my mom paid for me to fly out and see him. I met his whole family and went to NYC for the first time.

We dated that next fall semester in '06 and ended up breaking up at the beginning of November. As soon as we broke up I decided I was moving back home. It just felt like the right thing to do. We still kind of dated and hung out after that until I moved. I found out he was going to be spending Christmas alone because his mom was going to New Jersey and he couldn't get enough time off of work to go. I forced him to come up to my parent's house for Christmas so that he wouldn't be spending it alone. On Christmas Eve we were just talking and out of nowhere he just felt the spirit and asked me to marry him. I of course said yes.

We were married on May 4th, 2007 in the Manhattan temple. I never imagined that I would wake up on my wedding day in a crappy hotel in North Jersey and brave the streets of NYC because taking public transit was not reasonable. It was awesome! We walked the block to Central Park for pictures afterwards then ate at a small chinese restaurant close by. Then took the train together back to Toms River.

5 months after we were married we were surprised with a positive pregnancy test. We weren't planning on it, but were happy it happened. 8 months after that day our little ball of energy Nathan Andrew Eger was born on June 8th, 2008.

After he was born we moved up to West Jordan from St. George. In November of 2009 we decided since Nate was 18 months old we could handle another baby. We wanted him to have a sibling close to his age. I got pregnant in January of 2010 and Audrey Grace Eger was born October 18th, 2010.

Us now